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Great, Informative Help Selecting Proper Printer for Small Business
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Rating: 5/51

WYOMISSING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been in the market for a new printer for our small business for about a year and a half. I have compared printers online and still was not sure which I should buy. I have always bought HP products so I was inclined to stick with them. I did not seek help when I went to Staples because my past experiences when I've needed help have not been good at all. They seemed to be cashiers roaming the store hoping no one asks them any questions, and when they do, they were not knowledgeable about any of the products. So this morning when I went in to buy cartridges for the printer that needs replacing, I browsed the new printers yet again.

A sales clerk saw me looking a particular printer and came over and told me that they have had returns on almost all of that particular printer sold and asked what exactly I needed in a printer. I told him and he directed me to an Epson printer. It was one of the cheaper printers so I inquired what made the next one ($100 more) worth the extra money. He explained the differences between the two and instead of steering me towards the one that was $100 more, he told me that for what I would be using it for, the cheaper one was actually a better fit for me.

That salesman's name was **, Tech Sales Supervisor at the Wyomissing, PA store. He was the most courteous, helpful, informative salesperson I have ever encountered. They were out of stock of that particular printer in the store and he offered to order it online for me and ship it to us. I however, came home and ordered it myself. I felt relieved to finally have made an informative decision about which printer to buy after trying for so long to figure it out myself.

Thank you **! I hope the right people at the Staples Home Offices read these reviews and reward employees for their superior service. I hope you move up in this company. You certainly have the knowledge and the people skills to go far in life!

Irresponsible Operations Manager and Salesman
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Rating: 1/51

CUPPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- Very bad experience! I came here because we had a gather with my friends in this area. I went to buy 3 gift cards to give to my friends. After I paid and signed, they started to activate them. But they could not activate the 3rd one. Without asking my permission, the cashier canceled my 3rd gift card, and then his manager came out and void the cancellation. At last, they charged me all 3 gift cards' price, but only 2 are activated. Then they told me that they could not do anything.

They could not active another gift card to me, so I was angry and said that I wanted my money back. (I don't want to buy the gift cards here.) They said that I could not return the gift cards unless I came another time when their manager and their banker was at work. I lived very far, so I refused to come another time. I wanted it settle down this time. To me, you either give my money back or give me a 3rd gift card. The cashier and his supervisor said that their operation manager had more power than them, and they called the operations manager (named Carrie **) many times. The operations manager refused to come out to meet me to settle this down.

I am pissed off by their behaviors. They even let me call my credit card company to cancel the transaction, but the bank didn't have the right, but Staples should do that; or after the transaction posted, I disputed. I understand the banker's explanation. But Staples people said that their system could not void my transaction, so I could not even dispute the transaction later they have my signature. I must come back once and that's the operational manager's decision. Till here, it's already one hour passed.

Finally, their operations manager told them that they could void my 3rd gift card's charge. They wasted my time, and they could not give me an satisfying solution. Later I called Staples Customer Service to complain this and they told me that they could not do anything. In other retail stores or online store, they could easily solve this kind of problem. Why does Staples use this suck system, stupid policy, irresponsible salesman and operations manager? I am sorry for this tedious and not logical review, because I way too angry. I will never ever come back to any Staples!

Price Match Guarantee? Not So Easy
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERDALE, NEW JERSEY -- Visited Riverdale NJ Staples: Found a camera (Samsung ST150s) in store. Found the same color/model on Best Buy website for $20 less, so the clerk asked manager if they could price match. Manager said no, because this was an in store item, there was no way to verify if Best Buy had it in the store. So I hit the check out button on my phone, and amazingly, the Best Buy website stated the store at the next traffic light indeed had it in stock, and I could pick it up "now" for the lower price.

We showed the manager, who said (in the rudest, most condescending tone of voice) that I would need to go to Best Buy, get a circular, and bring it back. Only then could they match an in store items price. I asked what if item was not listed in circular? Manager shrugged, "that's our policy, can't be helped". I said, "it would be easier to purchase from Best Buy", and I walked out. (Bought camera in the color I wanted at Best Buy 5 minutes later.)

After reviewing the Staples posted policy, it does not clearly state what you would need to price match in store price, circular or otherwise. But I know that competing stores accept each others coupons on my smartphone and Best Buy's own site lets you save the URL or print out from competitor. Why did the manager say "no way to verify in store at that price", and then when confronted with evidence of in store/in stock lower price, demand a circular? For a camera Staples wasn't supposed to have!

Why is it my job to bring a competitor circular to management! A price listed on website for an item VERIFIED to be in stock, in store, should be more than enough!

Staples Refusing To Sell To Customers Who Won't Buy Their Service Plan!
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I had an appalling experience in not one but TWO different Staples stores yesterday, and I feel I have no choice but to formally notify you of this matter, as it has made it impossible for me to EVER shop in a Staples store again. I also will be asking my friends, family, and corporate associates to switch to one of your many competitors as well.

Staples featured an Acer laptop advertised in the Sunday newspaper insert yesterday (3/8) for $449. Now, clearly, this was a very low price on a laptop. This laptop typically retails for the price of $599 at Staples. Upon reading this early Sunday morning, I drove over to the nearest Staples store, which was store 0019 in Milltown, NJ. I was in the store just after the store opened (the store opens at 10:00am, and I was there no later than 10:05).

Upon my arrival, I found an associate who informed me that the laptops were in stock. However, before he would get me one, he proceeded to try to sell me his "protection plan". Now, for a number of reasons, including my own knowledge of computers as well as ready access to free computer repair services, I declined this. The sales associate indicated that it was OK, and then walked away to, I assumed, get my computer. He returned with the store's general manager who again proceeded to aggressively push the protection plan onto me. He was EXTREMELY rude, implying that I was "cheap" and for not adding the plan.

He walked away when I finally maintained I did not want it. Then, I heard him call the sales associate over and told him something. Moments later, the sales associate informed me that the laptop was not in stock after all. Just to summarize the timeline... it was available. I declined the approximately $150 protection plan would have boosted the price of the laptop to the regular sale price, then suddenly it was unavailable. They also refused to contact any other Staples stores to help me find out whether it was available elsewhere.

I then went home and called a 2nd Staples store, this one in East Brunswick (store number 1755). I asked the gentleman who I was transferred to in Electronics if the Acer laptop was in stock. He checked and came back to say they were in stock. I told him I live less than 10 minutes away and could be please hold one for me as I was on my way. He indicated that he could not hold a sale item, but that the store had multiple laptops and they should definitely be there when I arrived. So I immediately left, I arrived exactly 8 minutes later at the location.

I walked in and found the exact person who I had spoken to 8 minutes earlier. The store was virtually empty. I asked him if I just spoke to him about the Acer laptop and he confirmed that he was the person. I asked him if they were indeed in stock, and he indicated that they were. I then asked if he could please go get one, because I definitely wanted one. And then, before he goes back to get one, he asks me if I want the service plan.

I suppose I should have lied and said yes and then said no when I had the laptop in my possession, but I did what I thought was the right thing, because I could not imagine that this guy would try to pull this same scam only minutes after implying there was plenty of stock of this item. I responded, "No thanks... I went over this all at the last store, I know what it covers, and I am not interested."

He said "fine" and walked away. 2-3 minutes later he walks back and, just like the last store, the inventory suddenly has vanished. I angrily confronted him regarding our conversation and, half smirking (obviously knowing that what he was saying had no truth to it), he implied that all of them had been sold in the last 8 minutes. Mind you, when I arrived, the store was nearly empty and no one was checking out buying any laptops.

I was and remain STUNNED at the lack of customer service that is being displayed in both of these stores. For all I know, this type of "bait and switch" is being done at Staples stores across the state and across the country, and as a freelance journalist, I believe that it is a story that merits more investigation. You cannot make it a standard practice to deny people products because they will not pad your profit margin with questionable (and supposedly completely optional) service plans.

I cannot believe that, in this economy, Staples would so readily shun previously loyal customers (I had shopped your stores for years, as its roots, I believe, are in New England, where I am originally from). Our dollars are limited, and there are MANY other places to go for the same items that Staples sells at similar, or lower, prices. To that end, following the service I received at this second Staples store, I walked right next door to the Best Buy, paid only slightly more, got a vastly superior laptop, and was treated with the respect that the sales teams at these two Staples stores could use a lesson in.

I can assure you that none of my friends, family, and work associates will be frequenting ANY Staples in the future, at the very least.

Used Merchandise Sold as 'New'... Error on Credit card... Poor Help
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Rating: 5/51 - Consumer improved rating by 4 stars

MAINE -- I bought a "new'' computer for $550 and it arrived in a box that did not have that smooth cardboard box. The box had nips and punctured holes and a weathered look to it. Additionally, the computer base had what appeared to be fingerprints on it. Within the 14 day return policy, I took the computer into the store with a receipt, showed the manager the box and he said they did believe it was not a used computer and refused an exchange. The computer had a one year warranty. Electronics can be funny. They can be defective, have been dropped, abused, but it may not show up for a year or two later.

Ok, I go into Staples again on Nov 28. A Samsung 24" monitor was on sale for about $100.00. The store had about 7 of them on a high riser in the store, none on the floor. I asked 3 salespeople for help to get one down to buy it, all 3 said they would get someone. After about 20-30 minutes of waiting, I walked out. Now there are issues with not being credited $50 after opening up a Staples card and making a purchase. I used to shop at Staples every other week for years. Those Staples boxes used to be .25 when they first open, that's how long I bought many computers, GPS, other items. Not going into a Staples again.

Update 06/12/2015:

Went to Staples about the issue, they took care of it. Made me very happy. Excellent customer service. Something happen that was out of the whelm of Staples

Item Not in Stock at Store; supposed to Ship to Home
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Rating: 1/51

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I saw an iPad on sale on Sunday 12/7/14. Basically the store was empty but waited for the lone salesperson to help me. He said they did not have the item (of course) but he could order it for me and will be delivered to my home. Great. When he was confirming, the price had magically went up $75. I said I only want the item for the advertised price, which he asked the manager if they could do and they complied. It was to be delivered 2 days later. After 3 days I called the customer service number and she said my item was on backorder and they don't do backorders so I need to go into the store to process a refund. Stupid.

When I arrive at the store, the obviously sick girl at the register said she can't refund my money for an item I don't have. After explaining to her that is the problem...I'm not going to get the item....she informed me I have to call the same customer service # that just sent me to the store!! What? I have never heard of such nonsense! The manager was no help except to apologize. They said it would be done in two days. Four days later, still no refund and when I call again they now say it was submitted but the refund will not arrive for 10 business days.

This company is so awful. I will NEVER shop there and of course I am telling everyone I know to not shop there. They all seem to know that already. I do not know how they are still in business. I hope I get my $300 before they shut their doors though!!

Staples Upholds a Policy of Discrimination
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Rating: 1/51

I (an American citizen) ordered a scale online from Staples and received an email confirmation of my order. Staples usually takes a long time to ship but it is free so I never complain about that. But after quite a few days I start to wonder where my scale is. I log into my account and see that the order was cancelled. I was never informed of this cancellation - I even checked my spam folder - it was just cancelled. So I Chat Live to find out why and I'm told I need to call their 1800 number.

I do and after a few transfers I finally get someone that tells me I used an international credit card to order and they only accept American credit cards. WHAT?! That is ridiculous. Why would you only accept American credit cards? It was a Visa card, not exactly foreign. It is technically an "American" credit card as it was issued in Puerto Rico which is a territory of the United States. My husband, (also an American citizen as are all Puerto Ricans), opened the Visa account in Puerto Rico. Why would Staples insist on such a discriminatory policy? Perhaps in the future I will have to verify my citizenship in order to purchase tape and cardboard boxes online. Shame on them.

Price Match Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

Bought software from Staples and contacted them via chat live regarding a price match. Started the chat with my order# and the price I saw elsewhere. I even added the link for the price to speed things up. The price match was rejected, so I added the next best price, which happened to be Over 30 minutes later I was asked by the representative to provide an order# if I order and the price match as approved. Over 30 minutes later and they didn't even figure out that I already ordered.

Anyhow, I got the chat log emailed to me and now, 5 days later, I am finding out that Staples reneges on the price match. Maybe, because I complained about the poor customer service (chat session). I will flag the purchase as fraudulent with my credit card company. I will not buy from Staples again and can't believe that Staples will not honor the price match it gave to me in writing. Check your credit card if you were told that they will price match for you.

Beware of Staples
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Rating: 1/51

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- They have a service they sell from about $135 to about $150. You THINK you get a complete cleaning of your computer, blasting out and/or discovering any hidden viruses, and removing them...NOT SO! ALL THEY DO is perform ON A ONE-TIME BASIS the exact same thing that Norton, McAfee or Malware will do for you (and with those three, you get so many years to do it over and over) but with Staples, you just get it done once.

What do they do for their $135??? Just run a virus check on the most superficial level. I thought (should have made it clear) that they would back up the files, blast the computer clean and reload those programs back but they said, "err no, you didn't pay for that..." When I asked "what did I get?" they said "we just run (essentially a virus check)."
Don't spend that amount of money for a virus check.

Getting a Paper Put Into a Folder for a Project!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LONDONDERRY, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- First I will preface by saying I have been to the Manchester NH location and they are polar opposite... I went into Staples this am. They were not busy and I asked if the clerk was busy - he replied no. My request was to punch holes in the report and put the spiral binder on. The clerk was rude and gave me a hard time - that I should call first, that he will do it for me today. HE WAS DOING NOTHING!!! WHEN I GOT THERE!!!

This guy Ian is a lazy employee and just did not want to do it. He did it and I left and was so angry by his rudeness that I forgot to drop off my UPS and buy packing supplies. I drove to the Manchester NH store and had the opposite experience. I think I will find another option to using Staples!!!

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