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Unethical Refund Policy and They Sell Products They Don't Have.
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Rating: 1/51

LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- On December 13, 2014, I paid Staples $1028 CASH deposit they required to purchase a new laptop. They promised delivery in 3 business days. The sales persons name was Mike. His manager was also involved in this transaction. I received an e-mail informing me that the order had been canceled on 12/22/2014. So, I made a special trip to the store where I purchased the laptop on South Fla Ave in Lakeland, Florida and Mike assured me that the order had not been canceled and that it would in fact be delivered on 12/26/2014 and he promised he would call me on that day.

I received a phone call on 12/29/2014 from Mike informing me that the order had in fact been canceled and that I needed to come in and look at the available options. December 30, 2014, I went to the store to get back my CASH deposit and was informed that their corporate office would mail me a check within 2 weeks maybe, by their team supervisor, Brian [snip]. At this time, I was also told by another employee that they had personally told Mike several times that he should call me and inform me of the cancellation. This person was present when Mike promised the 12/26 delivery and that he would also call me on that day.

The team supervisor gave me a phone number to call for the Staples office of the president and called and spoke to a person named Erica at extension 31515 in customer service at length. She asked for my number promised to call me back the following day. I repeated the number to her twice. I have yet to hear from her and I have left several messages.

I am a local business man and have dealt with all kinds of businesses in the last 32 years and I have got to say that these are the shadiest bunch I have dealt with in a long time.

They will have use of my money for a month or longer because they could not deliver a product THEY sold me. I didn't even go in there to buy a computer but they sure painted a pretty picture so I bought it. What a bill of goods huh? I need to purchase a computer but they have my money so I can't.

Coverage Plan
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I purchased a printer on 10/28/2011 and when the sales person asked me if I wanted to purchase the coverage plan for 2 years, I asked if the 2 years started after the 1 year warranty that printer was under, sales person told me yes it was, so I would have a total of three years.

Fast forward to the present, I brought the printer into the Staples store on Alafaya Trail, Waterford Lakes and went over to the Easy Tech support desk. I showed the tech the printer and told him that I was receiving a message error that implied something was stuck in the printer and I couldn’t find it. The tech asked me for my receipt, called someone because the date was 2011, came back and told me the printer was still under warranty. The tech couldn’t figure what was wrong with the printer, so he told me to call the 1-800 number for Customer Service and they would assist me.

I called Customer Service all ready to receive my postage free box to send out the printer for the support people to fix and was told that my warranty had expired. I went over the whole conversation that I had when I brought the printer into the store and all Customer Service could say to me was, “I’m sorry, but your coverage started the day you purchased your printer, not a year later.”

I went on to tell her the story again, where the tech called and asked if the printer was under warranty (which he said it was), so I said, “the sales person sold me a protection plan under false pretenses and the tech person wasn’t truthful when he told me the printer was still under warranty – you’re Customer Service, what are you going to do to correct the situation?” A sorry was all I received!

I called the store, talked with the manager and told him that I never shop at Staples, I was in another store nearby and decided to go in and look around. He told me I was under the old coverage plan… And that matters how? This incident confirms why I don’t shop at Staples and never will again! I’ll shop where I always shop – Best Buy – where the sales people are honest with the customers, because they want you to come back.

Computer Service - Virus VS. RAM?
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Rating: 2/51

YUMA, ARIZONA -- I was truly hoping that we could depend on Staples to clean up our computer when it was running so slow. We travel in our RV, and I wanted to give Staples a try so we could continue using their service as we travel. We took the computer in and asked them to "clean out the unnecessary garbage and the start up folder," and diagnose what was causing the freezing and slow performance. They did nothing to clean out the unused programs, and their diagnosis came back that the computer had 2 viruses, even though Norton was installed and active on this computer. They charged more $$ to purchase a plan giving us the privilege to bring it in to take the viruses off for the next year. Because I was out of town, my husband believed them and went ahead with their advice. A month later, when we landed in FLA, and the computer was still doing the exact same thing it had always done....freezing and slow....I took the computer back to Staples here. This time, the service department said it is obviously a RAM issue, and needs to have at least double the RAM put in. Another $200 expense. There was NO question on my part that this computer DID NOT have viruses. I KNEW that was not the problem. You have lost a customer now. I had been warned of the lack of knowledge and poor quality of Staples' computer service department, but wanted to give it a try. I did.

NOTE: I rated this 2 Stars, rather than 1 Star, because the Service Person here was wonderful; but I'm not putting more $$ into this computer after paying for unsuccessful service in Yuma and paying for unnecessary Virus Protection that did not solve our original issue.

Best Customer Service Ever!
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Rating: 5/51

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I can't thank Ed Ahumanda enough. I had an issue with my All-in-One computer that I purchased at Best Buy... It was a touch screen and it became obsessed and would do things on its own... I took it to Best Buy, it was under warranty, and they couldn't figure it out and quoted "we've never seem this" and said it must be a hardware issue and it was going to cost me a lot to fix it.

I wanted a second opinion, so I brought it to Ed at Staples... it's where I had purchased my laptop from years ago. Ed figured out the problem in 5 minutes. The touch screen was the issue, not the hardware. He was able to disable it for me to go back to Best buy and deal with it. I also brought my laptop into Best Buy to see if they could fix my USB port, the laptop had fallen with a thumb drive in it. Best Buy told me it was unfixable and that it would be better to just buy a new computer. Fast forward a couple months, and my laptop hadn't been used, so when I turned it on, it had over 48 updates and I couldn't do it. I called Ed at your location, and he remembered me (that was a good feeling) and said he's take a look at it.

That very same day, he called to let me know the bad new... it wasn't working, but with a new hard drive it could. He fixed my laptop, upgraded it from a Vista to Windows 8 (he said it was a good enough computer to be able to do it AND fixed the USB port without a problem. Now I'm back up and running thanks to Ed. If I ever have any issues - I'm returning to Ed. He always answers my questions and gives me the solution not just the "Hard Sell"... even the little of questions.

Expert Knowledge of "Easy Tech" Sr Certified Tech Billy Yates
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Rating: 5/51

TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- I was struck with a deadly VIRUS a week ago. My internet provider is Comcast. I pay each month for computer assistance. I had called 1-800-COMCAST for assistance ... I was attached to a tech in Fla. This person may have been a politician by the way she danced around my problem. She finally said she could not me - So she transferred me to a Tech in Texas... that person could not help either and transferred me to Kentucky ... It gets better - I was transferred to the Philippines ... no luck then to NJ - they tried but no luck - so I was transferred to Missouri, then back to the Philippines again. There I spoke to a tech that tried to help. I had told each of the spots I was transferred to that the female in Florida had started a service ticket and told me it would cost $199 to have a Service Tech come to my home in New Jersey. Back to the Philippines, this Tech was very helpful and tried to do something. But when he checked there was no info concerning my problem. I was told it would cost an additional $99 to expedite the home visit. This all happened over the course on 1 Hour and 10 Minutes. A total of $298.

I then hung up and went to STAPLES!!! What a good move. There is where I met Billy Yates. He saw that I was extremely up set. He spoke to me and not at me. He explained the policy of the store for repairs. He suggested the best plan and after his explaining what it covered, I choose that plan. Billy had found almost 200 affected items on my computer. I my estimation, Billy Yates is a Doctor of Computers. The expertise that he showed was nothing less than spectacular. Knowing exactly what to say to the customer, calming the customer and reassuring the customer that "All will be OK" - Boy, what a Representative for your Organization. I would put Billy Yates in the Outstanding Employee of the Month status.

Paul J Knowles
Toms River NJ 08757

Don't Try To Call Them Ever...
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Rating: 1/51

WHITEHALL, OHIO -- Called the nearest Staples Center to me, here is a little play by play.

Phones are busy please hold - 3 min.

Staples Employee 1 - "Hello, blah blah blah, can I help you"
Me - "Yes I'm looking to see if you guys have a printer cable in stock?"
Staples Employee 1 - "Yeah, hold"

Back on hold - 5 min.

Staples Employee 2 - "Hello, were you on hold?"
Me - "Um yea, I was looking for a printer cable and the lady said hold"
Staples Employee 2 - "Let me see if I know who that was"

Back on hold - 5 min.

Staples Employee 3 - "Hello, blah blah blah, can I help you"
Me - "Yes... I am trying to see if you have a printer cable"
Staples Employee 3 - "What kind"
Me - "A serial cable - (cut off)"
Staples Employee 3 - "No we don't"
Me - "You don't have any serial cables???"
Staples Employee 3 -"O, you said serial cable, one second"

Back on hold 2 min.

Staples Employee 3 - "We have a USB cable?"
Me - "I'm looking for a serial cable for a printer"
Staples Employee 3 - "What's the printer name"
Me - "It's a serial cable it doesn't matter what the printer name is"
Staples Employee 3 - "O, do you have a part number?"
Me - "No... I'm just looking for a serial cable for a printer"
Staples Employee 3 - "Yea, we don't have that. Bye"

Call ends.

How can an office supply store not know what a serial cable is? Why did it take 3 people before I could even say what kind of cable I was looking for? Why did I not know I was being transferred? Where is the store review for that store? Can I talk to a manager? No...they just hang up.

Great, Informative Help Selecting Proper Printer for Small Business
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Rating: 5/51

WYOMISSING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been in the market for a new printer for our small business for about a year and a half. I have compared printers online and still was not sure which I should buy. I have always bought HP products so I was inclined to stick with them. I did not seek help when I went to Staples because my past experiences when I've needed help have not been good at all. They seemed to be cashiers roaming the store hoping no one asks them any questions, and when they do, they were not knowledgeable about any of the products. So this morning when I went in to buy cartridges for the printer that needs replacing, I browsed the new printers yet again.

A sales clerk saw me looking a particular printer and came over and told me that they have had returns on almost all of that particular printer sold and asked what exactly I needed in a printer. I told him and he directed me to an Epson printer. It was one of the cheaper printers so I inquired what made the next one ($100 more) worth the extra money. He explained the differences between the two and instead of steering me towards the one that was $100 more, he told me that for what I would be using it for, the cheaper one was actually a better fit for me. That salesman's name was Justin Hoffman, Tech Sales Supervisor at the Wyomissing, PA store. He was the most courteous, helpful, informative salesperson I have ever encountered.

They were out of stock of that particular printer In the store and he offered to order it online for me and ship it to us. I however, came home and ordered it myself. I felt relieved to finally have made an informative decision about which printer to buy after trying for so long to figure it out myself. Thank you Justin Hoffman! I hope the right people at the Staples Home Offices read these reviews and reward employees for their superior service. I hope you move up in this company. You certainly have the knowledge and the people skills to go far in life!

Irresponsible Operations Manager and Salesman
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Rating: 1/51

CUPPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- Very bad experience!

I came here because we had a gather with my friends in this area. I went to buy 3 gift cards to give to my friends. After I paid and signed, they started to activate them. But they could not activate the 3rd one. Without asking my permission, the cashier canceled my 3rd gift card, and then his manager came out and void the cancellation. At last, they charged me all 3 gift cards' price, but only 2 are activated. Then they told me that they could not do anything.

They could not active another gift card to me, so I was angry and said that I wanted my money back. (I don't want to buy the gift cards here.) They said that I could not return the gift cards unless I came another time when their manager and their banker was at work. I lived very far, so I refused to come another time. I wanted it settle down this time. To me, you either give my money back or give me a 3rd gift card. The cashier and his supervisor said that their operation manager had more power than them, and they called the operations manager (named Carrie [snip]) many times. The operations manager refused to come out to meet me to settle this down. I am pissed off by their behaviors. They even let me call my credit card company to cancel the transaction, but the bank didn't have the right, but Staples should do that; or after the transaction posted, I disputed. I understand the banker's explanation. But Staples people said that their system could not void my transaction, so I could not even dispute the transaction later they have my signature. I must come back once and that's the operational manager's decision.

Till here, it's already one hour passed. Finally, their operations manager told them that they could void my 3rd gift card's charge. They wasted my time, and they could not give me an satisfying solution. Later I called Staples Customer Service to complain this and they told me that they could not do anything. In other retail stores or online store, they could easily solve this kind of problem. Why does Staples use this suck system, stupid policy, irresponsible salesman and operations manager? I am sorry for this tedious and not logical review, because I way too angry. I will never ever come back to any Staples!

Totally Great Sales Associate to Do Business With
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Rating: 5/51

READING, MASSACHUSETTS -- Yesterday I brought my lap top to Staples because it would not turn on. they examined it and told me that the battery was no longer any good. since I had purchased an extended warranty, they said I was entitled to a one time replacement, and to call a number they gave me. I did this at home and was told I was not entitled to one. I then returned to the Staples store and had the most pleasant experience I've ever had bringing anything back.

The sales associate I dealt with was one of the most helpful I've ever encountered anywhere. his name was Kevin homes and he spoke to someone on the phone explaining telling them ( as I had told him ) that since I had been told by the person who sold me the computer about one year ago that I was covered by the extended warranty 'for everything' , that I should be entitled to that coverage for the battery. he spent quite some time convincing the person on the telephone of this and was eventually successful.

This man not only has a great degree of technical expertise but also a natural knack for making one feel respected, well treated and comfortable during the experience. He took the time to explain things in detail in a way that a person with not too much computer savvy could understand, and he even remembered me from another time that I had been in! totally respectful, this is the type of person that makes me glad I bought my computer from you guys rather than some wholesale outfit

Kevin, you are of high value to your company and your personality and perseverance have won them a customer for life. Thanks again
Dick Ruiz, Stoneham Mass.
rare person, extremely rare

Price Match Guarantee? Not So Easy
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERDALE, NEW JERSEY -- Visited Riverdale NJ Staples: Found a camera (Samsung ST150s) in store: Found the same color/ model on Best Buy website for $20 less, so the clerk asked manager if they could price match...manager said no, because this was an in store item, there was no way to verify if Best Buy had it in the I hit the check out button on my phone, and amazingly, the Best Buy website stated the store at the next traffic light indeed had it in stock, and I could pick it up "now" for the lower price...We showed the manager, who said ( in the rudest, most condescending tone of voice) that I would need to go to Best Buy, get a circular, and bring it back: only then could they match an in store items price. I asked what if item was not listed in circular? Manager shrugged: that's our policy, can't be helped".

I said, "it would be easier to purchase from Best Buy", and I walked out. (bought camera in the color I wanted at Best Buy 5 minutes later.)

After reviewing the Staples posted policy, it does not clearly state what you would need to price match in store price, circular or otherwise...but I know that competing stores accept each others coupons on my smart phone...and best buys own site lets you save the URL or print out from competitor...

Why did the manager say- no way to verify in store at that price, and then when confronted with evidence of in store/ in stock lower price, demand a circular? For a camera Staples wasn't supposed to have! Why is it my job to bring a competitor circular to management! A price listed on website for an item VERIFIED to be in stock, in store, should be more than enough!

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