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Easy Rebates that aren't
Posted by T_jeffus on 03/19/2007
OHIO -- I submitted my rebate information on January 21, 2007. I received an aknowledgement of receipt email from the Staples rebate people. The advertised time frame of the rebate is supposed to be 4-6 weeks. On January 22, 2007 I received an email stating my rebate is being processed.
I waited until March 8th, that's 6 1/2 weeks after they told me it was being processed, to send an email inquiry about my rebate.
I got a canned response from a customer service drone that said:

Thank you for your rebate inquiry. We are pleased to inform you that your submission has been received and validated, and it is in the final stages of processing. Your rebate check should be mailed in the next 15 days. Please note that the check will be printed on a postcard and will not arrive in an envelope.

We appreciate your participation in this promotion. If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please contact us at Staples.rebates@parago.com. We are always happy to help.

You can also track the status of your rebate, using the Tracking Number above, at http://www.StaplesEasyRebates.com.

Rebates Customer Service

I sent a reply that went ignored. then I sent another inquiry on March 16th and got the same old crappy canned response.

I finally talked to a customer service person who gave me more of the same dreck. I requested to speak with a supervisor and he said he would put an expedite on my rebate, but it would still be at least 2 weeks before I see it.

This is the second time that I have had trouble with Staples Easy Rebates. They advertise 4-6 weeks for fulfillment and so far it has been 8 weeks and they are telling me it will be at least 2 more weeks.

How long will the retail public put up with this nonsense?

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Posted by Skye on 2007-03-19:
Stop bothering them and let them do what needs to be done in order to process rebates. Just think how many rebate requests they receive and have to validate as authentic and not multiple copies. You'll get it when you get it. Just think of the big surprise you will get when it finally comes to you!!!
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-19:
I just received a rebate from www.staples easyrebates.com. It took 3 months. I wasn't bothered because the rebate site on line tells you the status of it. You just have to be patient.
Posted by t_jeffus on 2007-03-21:
If they told people up front that it would tale 2 to 4 months to get a rebate, I don't think most people would put up with that.
Their posted time frame says 4 to 6 WEEKS. All I want is waht they said they would do. How do you suppose your creditors would like to wait 2 to four minths for you to pay them?
You can all bite me!!!!!
Posted by Skye on 2007-03-23:
Grow up, and bite yourself.
Posted by Steve on 2012-12-30:
I will no longer buy anything from Staples that involves a Rebate. Their hope is that you will forget about the rebate you are due. Twice, they failed to send my rebates. If they want to compete, they should offer products at what is called a "SALE PRICE". You would then pay the price you are willing to pay, and not get livid when they fail to fulfill their end of the bargain. I have always been able to find the same or lower prices elsewhere for items they offer at Easy Rebate prices, and with much less frustration!
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Staples Online Rebates
Posted by Tw46 on 04/10/2005
I have done 4 or 5 rebates through their online process. It's great. No sending in upc's. You do it all online. They are great at communicating. They send you an e-mail to say your request has been accepted and then another e-mail to say that your rebate has been mailed.

This is a great idea, and they give great service. Kudos to Staples.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-10:
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Rebates - Staples scam
Posted by Thad on 01/22/2005
I purchased a Sony 2 gig USB storage device with a $30.00 rebate. I came home and applied for Staples "Easy Rebate". They sent me an email stating that it was invalid. I checked my receipt carefully at the numbers. They are correct. Now I guess I have to jump through hoops to get them to pay up. I am now a "former" Staples customer.
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Posted by x64 on 2006-06-23:
Or you could just call the staples store and have them refund your card $30 like a normal person would do.
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Lousy customer service
Posted by U3RhcGxlcw0K on 10/16/2004
SURREY -- The following is what I sent to Staples. It'll serve nicely as my review.


I have just returned from visiting the South Surrey Staples in BC for the second time in 3 days. The first time I went in to get an item shown in the Staples flyer sent to my home. The store was out of stock. I was told there could be no rain cheque and that I should come back in a couple of days. So I did. Again there was no stock. Again no rain cheque. Now it happens that Staples carries a nearly identical item which has a regular price $1 more than the sales item's regular price. I discussed this with the store manager, asking that he make the substitution, particularly since his staff had now cost me 2 trips and that he claimed Staples has a policy against rain cheques. This store manager refused, but made the preposterous offer of a much smaller discount on the nearly identical item. This is the very definition of appallingly bad customer service.

Do not send flyers to my home with false advertising. Do not make me pay for the privilege of repeated wasted trips to view your empty shelves. Do not treat me as if I should be grateful when/if you get around to stocking your shelves with advertised goods. Do not expect me to shop at your stores again. Most of all, do not expect me to keep this story to myself. I will share it with many friends and colleagues, urging them to take their business elsewhere.

I hope you are not so foolish as to believe you have somehow saved money by treating me this way. On the contrary, you have lost my future business and you can be certain that my story will influence at least some of the people I tell to shop elsewhere.

For the record, the item in question is Item Number 489650, a Nylon CD Wallet for 92 CDs, on sale for $13.96. For argument's sake, lets suppose that $13.96 is pure profit for Staples. Do you not think your treatment of this customer will cost you at least that much in future profits? I suggest that this event will cost you at least ten times that, and probably far more.

Clearly your store manager knows nothing about customer relations. You would do well to replace him with someone that does and to educate your staff as to the necessity of happy customers in the retail business. Reminders that Staples has competitors and that they are treating their customers better than Staples would not be out of place. Now I have many other choices as to where to go to buy that CD wallet. I will definitely be purchasing one or two of them in the imminent future and Staples refusal to sell me such an item means one of your competitors gets the business - if they treat me well, I will purchase more items in the future from them.

Now, I will look around for other venues in which to tell my story. Perhaps some Internet forums. Of course, the easiest place to begin is my employer's internal electronic forums, since we have a special vendor recommendations forum for just this purpose. I can easily reach 4000 people with such a posting.

Good luck, Staples. The retailing business is tough enough without driving away customers.

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Posted by RDL123 on 2006-03-16:
You are of course right. Please note that I currently am a 2.5+ year staples employee and had you been at my store you would have been treated in a much better manner.

However, staples has the unfortunate habit of hiring people for management positions that lack the ability to do the job. My first store was and still is involved in the training of a lot of the managers in the area I am in. I've seen many manager-trainees flow through in my two years. Some are great.. others are not teachable. Saddly, as an associate and even for our managers..its rough getting them removed from positions. Staples is too proud to remove them from thier positions..or extend thier training untill they can do the job.

This unfortunate habit involves hiring people with outside experience. It makes me horribly mad. Working with the company for two years should get me a Lead position (which is like a supervisor spot). All I know is staples, its the only job i've ever had so the EASY service model is engraved in my head. But they hire outside the company. Point is... depending on what store you visit service will be different and will ultimately rest on how the management is. If the management is crappy.. the associates will reflect that. While yes...they should suck it up and all that good stuff... they dont. Humans dont do that.. In the end.. the bad practices will cost Staples customers and employees. But I digress, you were treated horribly and the profit we make on those is probably about no more then 5 bucks. Had I been that manager you'd have gotten the similar item or whatever corp. picked as a substitute. Keep in mind however. We deal with alot of customers. 90% of them are happy and can be satisfied with online ordering or something of the sort. Those other 10% walk into the store with a stick up thier rears. You (from what I can tell) are not one of them.. But it only takes one to set a persons day on a very fast one way trip down a mountain. In a perfect world the associates shouldnt allow it to hit them personaly.. but it happens again i'm gonna bring up the human factor. The best thing a customer can do is stay calm and help find ways around the problem (as you did with offering a sub). If all fails.. just stop going to that store and send an email to our home office. On the flip side.. if you recive super service.. do the same please. Many people dont hesitate to fire off complaints and moan and groan.. but its mighty rare that a store with great service gets compliments. I've mentioned before.. one bad customer can make the day bad.. well.. one good compliment about the store or even an associate (even if its just one person) will pick up the store to where a whole slew of bad customers cant make us stop smiling. This goes for any retail store... not just staples.

I want to make it clear that whatever choice you make for your shoping is your choice of course. But remember that every 2-3 years management is replaced. Plus, assocites come and go. A store that was crappy 2 years ago may be great and upbeat with awesome customer service. If its one thing Staples mangement can do.. is weed out weak links. Even if they are the ones that put them there in the first place.....

Posted by ChronicShopper on 2006-04-20:
oh come on! If Staples didn't have the product in stock, what are they to do about it? It could have been on re-order; but that takes a few weeks. It's not false advertising...It's the harsh reality of life.
Posted by x64 on 2006-06-23:
90% of sale items in the flyer can be ordered and shipped overnight to your home or business. If this particular item was *not* available for order, the associate could have found a store ANYWHERE within the company that had one to ship you one out of their inventory. If absolutely no store had one (for whatever reason), then a substitution is available, which involves a comparable item given to you at the same price. This manager clearly had no idea what they were doing. I would have given you the item you asked for, along with a few coupons for your trouble. I hope you sent an email to the corprorate office about this event, because the problem lied solely with the manager you dealt with.
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Staples: Tech Service or Sabotage?
Posted by Mwalster95 on 10/27/2011
MCMINNVILLE, OREGON -- I took my computer in to McMinnville, OR Staples for a $9.99 "speed up". When I picked it up, they told me every thing was fine. I got it home and didn't have access to any files or programs. Like they had all disappeared. Took it back in. After a week, they called and said that the computer had a virus. The files and programs were there, just hidden by a virus. Hmmm, no virus sited when they did the initial "speed up." Suddenly they want $150 to clean up the virus. I don't think so. Could this be deliberate sabotage? I certainly hope not. But at any rate DON'T TAKE YOUR COMPUTER TO STAPLES for any kind of work.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-27:
I hope not, too. But it does sound suspicious.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-27:
Stop back and let us know what the "fix" is.

A $9.99 "speed-up" does sound like a lure to get you to pay for other services.
Posted by griffin21 on 2011-10-28:
From the Staples site: "We'll boost the speed and performance of your PC by removing trial ware, adjusting key settings that may be slowing it down, and disk defragmentation and cleanup."

You should be able to perform those tasks yourself, minus the mysterious "key settings adjustment".

To remove unwanted program, go to Control Panel -> Program and Features, right click on the (unwanted) program you wish to uninstall, then select Uninstall.

From (My) Computer, right click on a hard drive, then select Properties. From the General tab, there is the option for Disk Clean up. From the Tools tab, there is the Defragment now option.

The question is, having done that, do most consumers know what exactly they have sped up?

As for "adjusting key settings", unless they overclocked the hardware, I can't really think of what they could do to even negligibly increase system performance.
Posted by griffin21 on 2011-10-28:
As for viruses, you should not be hearing that from someone else. Protect your own machine.

I am currently using Malwarebyte Anti-Malware (got the 3-license pack) and Avast Anti-virus (using the free version right now - my 3-year family pack license expired not too long ago). My uncle's machine was infected (web browser was basically hi-jacked) shortly after the anti-virus license expired, but I re-installed this combo and cleaned the machine. Easy, no problem.

Sometime though, viruses can devastate your machine (the data), so do your best to keep them off in the first place. Do your research, read the reviews ... find a reputable, effective (free) software that makes a good impression on you.
Posted by Kahula35 on 2012-03-03:
The marketing on the Staples Tune Up is kind of misleading and a pain to Techs. In reality the Tune Up will "speed up" boot times and may make a machine run faster but it doesn't actually increase the actual speed of a computer. However it's just easier for Staples to be more generic about what it does do.

The Tune Up or "speed up" as this customer calls it, doesn't actually fix much on the computer. After all it's a 10 dollar service that takes as long as an hour or more to run. Pretty good bargain for the price if you don't know beans about computers. Sometimes the Tuneup is even free during certain promo periods.

It doesn't take a masters in marketing though to see that the Tune Up is a promotional tool to get customers into the store to recommend other services. As I said the Tune Up doesn't really fix a whole heck of a lot in a computer. It's basically a registry sweep, defrag, and some other tweaks to speed up boot time and cut down on startup programs that eat up system resources.

The Tune up does NOT remove viruses or fix major driver or other errors on the system but it will report on them.

Having done hundreds of Tuneups I can tell you many machines came to me in pretty messed up shape. Sometimes I could release a machine after a tune up with the customer happy at the speedier machine but most often the Tune Up didn't do a whole heck of a lot because other major problems were there or there was a virus/malware at work.

Does Staples purposely infect machines in order to drive business? Absolutely not at least from what I saw but I can't comment on all Staples across the globe of course. However sometimes the Tune Up can exacerbate problems on a machine for a couple reasons.

1. The Tune Up will run updates to the OS. Some people turn these updates off and if done there can be a lot of them. If there is a virus on the system the updates can cause issues in some cases.

2. Some rootkit viruses or other forms can resit cleaning attempts and therefore the Tune up itself may be seen as hostile to the virus.

3. Or maybe the Tech just botched something which caused an error on the computer and never checked their work. It's a sad reality of cheap services.

The Tuneup generates very little profit for Staples but it's not a scam. I would wager probably about 40-50% of the Tune Ups I ran generated extra legitimate work whether it be virus removals, memory installs, configuration jobs, etc.
Posted by Huey on 2012-05-17:
I took my laptop in because my speakers stopped working, they installed this tuneup crap without informing me. It was clear when I dropped off my comp. they were only going to check to see if the speakers had a virus, and now, I cant save word dox r axcess them. They want 150.00 to remove the tune-up crap!! yes it sounds like I was lured and now have to pay to get their junk off.
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Beware Staples Rebate Offers
Posted by Staplessux on 01/24/2009
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Got a $10 Staples rebate card in the mail that has not worked at any retailer that I've tried. Customer service and store management could not answer why the card doesn't work, and offered no other solutions, so I've had to file a complaint with BBB. I'm not surprised to find that others here have had similar problems, because it seems to me that the company is (intentionally or otherwise) routinely ripping people off.

My advice is file a BBB complaint, and perhaps they will see a pattern.
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Posted by Ju_ju_Bee on 2009-01-31:
ok...big problem with visa/mc rebate cards is people not knowing how to use them. Cashiers are ringing them up for the full amount of the bill, let's say $89, when the card may only have $25 on it. It declines the card for insufficient funds. The cashier has to put in $25 and swipe the card, then ask for additional tender.
It's not the cards or Staples fault. It's untrained cashiers having to deal with unique circumstances. Take a chill pill.
Posted by Staplessux on 2009-02-02:
Chill pill? I don't think so. I never tried to charge more than was on the card, so blaming me and/or the cashiers won't work. All customer service had to say about why the card didn't work was "I don't know, it should have."
Posted by Ju_ju_Bee on 2009-02-11:
so it's the cards fault if you are lazy and don't want to keep track of whats on it...omg...are you this crazy when somebody thoughtfully gives you a visa gift card? it's the same idea...you really need to chillax

...I've gotten a staples rebate card...forgot what I had charged on it..called customer service and they gave me a list of charges I had made to it..all the way down to the $2.25 I spent for a coffee a dunkin donuts.. either you freaked out on the customer service agent and they shut u down or you're grossly overstating your case..
remember you get more flies from honey then vinegar..
Posted by Staplessux on 2009-02-12:
There were no freakouts or shutting down, just "I don't know why it didn't work" and a bunch of excuses. I guess you can believe it or not believe it, suit yourself. Anyone else who shops at Staples can also read my comments along with the rest of the reviews and decide for themselves.
Posted by Trybeingme1684 on 2009-03-10:
Question for you Staplessux, have you done rebates through any other company. . . because guess what. . .EVERY SINGLE COMPANY USES THE SAME CARDS NOW!!!! Read the instructions that come with the card. It's people like you that put associates in a bad mood.
Posted by Staplessux on 2009-03-10:
Thanks for that info. I won't be using any rebate cards from now on. If you're in a bad mood, it's your own damned fault, so suck it up.
Posted by Alanna on 2013-09-08:
I have the same problem with mine. Also, why are the comments so sure of the user being a moron? My card has never worked and when I call they tell me to wait a month and try again--now they are deducting $3 per month for not using it! This is a legit issue with Staples and particular cards. The last time I tried to use it was for $20 less than the amount on the card and as the instructions say to use it. It's not user error if it won't work on websites, restaurants or shops.
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Color copies
Posted by Salz118 on 06/16/2008
MILLTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I just came home from the Staples store in Milltown, New Jersey. I went there to make four color copies. The representative for the copy area had to be paged several times before she came back to her post - only to tell me that small orders are self service ONLY. That meant she couldn't be bothered helping me navigate their new scam - putting money into a copy credit card which needs to be inserted into the copy machine. I asked how much each color copy is. The rep said forty nine cents. So I put two dollars on the card. When I tried to print the fourth page, there was not enough money on my card because the rep failed to tell me tax was also charged. So I asked if she could make the last copy instead of having me put another dollar on a card I may never use again. She flatly replied, "No."
She certainly wasn't too busy as I only noticed about three other customers in the whole store but they had FOUR people behind the counter and only one of them was actually working the register.
Everyone's poor attitude and customer service is WHY that store is always empty. I assure you that I will NOT be humiliated by these snotty teenagers ever again - and I am so mad right now that I'll be telling this story for a week. If it keeps only one other customer from this disgraceful excuse for a business, it'll be my public service.
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Posted by beza on 2008-08-26:
Why wouldn't there be tax? Do you originate from NH and forget that other states tax consumer products? Why wouls Staples generously pick up the tax on everyones copies? As for this "scam" of needing a card I feel you are largely misinformed about this new process. First you are more then welcome to place your credit/ debit card in the machine and only be chargd the exact amount for you purchase. Secondly the card can be used for anything in the store, so your saying you will never purchase more than 80 - 90 cents worth of product in the store again? Thirdly the reason this new system is in place is because CUSTOMERS took advantage of an honor system policy that was in effect before. For example someone makes 10 color copies but says they are black and white or they make 100 copies and say there's 75. Customers also would play around and waste paper and toner with copies they would simply toss. As for the four Associates doing "nothing". Are you sure about that. Maybe the copy center associate had jobs running that don't require her to be staring at the copies being produced. Maybe there was tech work going on, maybe someone was on break, or a back up cashier. Not every associate is trained in the copy center - so maybe they were simply unqulified to perform your request.
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Staples.com Gift Cards Not Usable
Posted by JB912 on 12/31/2006
I went to a Staples store to purchase a toner cartidge, they did not stock it in the store. No biggie, they offered to order it there, but since I was in a hurry, i figured I would just order it online that the next day. I did this then tried to use a cash card that I got from a return and a gift card I was given-both were from Staples and both said Staples.com on them. The problem is, you can not use either on there web site! So, I 800 number, again, there was no way possible to use either card. I was told that I have to go into the store to use them. I told them the store does not stock the item. It didn't matter, I had to go back to the store, to place the order for something they do not stock in the store in order to pay with the cards. The nearest Staples is 30 minutes away. That is why I shop online! No where in the store does it tell you this. Online you do not find it out until you finish your order.

Time to shop elsewhere.

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Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-01:


Please note: StaplesĀ® Gift Cards are only valid at StaplesĀ® stores and cannot be redeemed by phone or online.

It's pretty clear on the website. Only took me 2 or 3 clicks.
Posted by Extended Warranty on 2007-01-01:
"I was told that I have to go into the store to use them. I told them the store does not stock the item."

Was that the point that you expected they would magically accept them?
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-01-01:
I can understand your frustration. My wife has a few iTunes gift cards she wanted to use to buy something from the Apple store (the new shuffle). If you go to iTunes.com, the first page they advertise is their mp3 line of players with links to buy them. But for some reason they gift cards can't be used to buy a player. Only music/movies etc. Doesn't make sense...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-01:
Good shop elsewhere, Brenda found it in two or three clicks. Staples does not need a customer that cannot read properly or someone that is too lazy to click on the mouse more than once.
Posted by JB912 on 2007-01-01:
Brenda, you are correct, if I go online to purchase a Staples giftcard it says that you can not use it for online purchases. Of course if you make a purchase of merchandise online, as I had said, it does not tell you that it can not be used for online purchases until you are done shopping and try to pay. If you purchase the card online, it says it can not be used online for purchases. If you are in the store, and I not only looked in the store but asked the clerks and manager, it is not posted. The workers in the store were nice about about it and agreed with me that it was a problem (seems I was not the first to complain).

I also understand the reason for the policy, but it is repairable. The reason for the policy, which was not stated to me but I can figure out, is due to theft. People steal the numbers and then would use them online after someone actually paid for it. This is easily fixed by using a method that Circuit City does, and put a scratch off number on the card that would be required for online purchases. The other simple solution, would be to post a sign in the store-hey its Staples, they can make there own signs.

Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-02:
I got a Staples giftcard for Christmas and it says right on the back that it can only be used in store.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-01-02:
I don't get why you didn't just order the darn thing when you were there, use your cards and be done.
Posted by jeffosoft on 2007-02-20:
Order at the store kisok and pay at the register
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Staples Does Not Stand Behind Their Own Products.
Posted by Cjriverdog on 10/14/2012
NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased two Staples Nexia mesh office chairs on August 18th 2012 for our home office. On October 12th the mesh on the back of chair started coming out of track. The chairs are very seldom used. Staples refuses to take back chairs so we may purchase better chairs from them, because its been longer than 14 days. I don't understand a company that won't stand behind it's own product. Don't ever buy office furniture at Staples, because after 14 day's it's your problem. I could understand it if it was another manufacturer but this is a product with Staples name on it. I guess they don't think much of their own products.

I have since seen reviews of this same chair online, and it was about this same problem with mesh coming loose on back. Most reviews said this chair was a piece of junk and they received no help or understanding from Staples. I'll never buy anything else at Staples; there's too many other places selling the same stuff with a much better return policy and much better attitudes.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-14:
I view the situation this way - when I purchase something I am agreeing to accept its design and materials used. Therefore I (try to) research furniture, appliances, cars, home electronics, etc as much as possible prior to purchase. I also occasionally try to remember to check the returns policy, because it is only certain purchases I anticipate returning for various reasons (eg may find it cheaper at a store I plan to visit).

In this case, it is the quality of the materials used and/or the design that you don't like. After the return period, a company "stands behind" its products with a warranty, but in the vast majority of cases not a return policy.

IMO, the falure of Staples to take back this used item after the end of the return period is not an indication of falure to stand behind its products. If the mesh is covered by the warranty, they should fix it. Just my .02
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-10-14:
Per their website. The chairs in question have a one year warranty. It's also only rated for 3 hour usage at a time for a person who weighs 225 pounds or less, which seems curious to me. But anyway, if you contact the number on the owner's manual you can probably make a warranty claim.

I think Staples will stand behind their product, you just have to go through the proper channels. You're outside of the return window. But the product is still under warranty.
Posted by Kahula35 on 2012-10-18:
All furniture at Staples has 14 day return period. The return period has nothing to do with manufacturer or anything. It's a matter of reason. Once a chair is assembled it cannot be resold therefore it has to be destroyed or sold deeply discounted. In other words a return on a chair at Staples which has been opened represents a loss for the customer.

However you have a warranty which has nothing to do with the store. If you contact the warranty department they will help you. It's out of the stores hands at this point.
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Why I don't shop at Staples anymore
Posted by Nagsan on 09/26/2012
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I am small business consultant and used to shop at Staples to pickup laptop, desktop, priters & accessories etc for my clients. I used to shop there so often (1 to 2 times a week) that most of the staff personally knew me. Then a "new" manager was assigned to the store and that's when the problems begin. I was at the Staples store at Potomac Yard, Alexandria VA and they had a system on Clearance on the Floor and I picked it up at proceeded to pay for it. As usual I was harassed for Extended warranty of $200 for $400 system. Common sense would dictate that it would absolutely make no sense to buy an extended warranty for the system at 50% of the cost. I just played along as I was used to the game and in the end refused to buy the warranty. I gave my rewards card number and the Asst Manager pulled out my company name and noticed that I had the word "Computer" in the company name. At that point she informed me that since I was a reseller she would not sell me the computer. I though she was joking as I had bought from her 100 times before. But she called the "new" manager and he agreed with her and gave me the number of the President Office at Staples (which is also the same BS customer service to placate irritated customer, no action is ever taken) to file a complaint but refused to sell me the system. I informed him that the store was in Crystal City, Virginia where more that 80% businesses are computer consultants selling to Federal Government, if he had these policies he would have no sales but the "new" manager would NOT budge. I walked out of the store empty handed and my purchases of $25K to 30K per year with Staples are now zero and I constantly encourage all my clients NOT to shop at Staples and buy their Toners and supplies online from Amazon at much cheaper prices and better customer service.

After reading the New York Times article dated Sep 9, 2012 about these same Staples practices, I felt vindicated and hopefully the Staples management will soon realize that it makes NO sense to walk a "paying" customer in order to sell an overpriced warranty BUT who can understand the Logic of the "SMART" marketing heads at corporate office.
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Posted by Rosie M Banks... Wooster on 2012-09-26:
That is why I buy most of my items online, I hate the checkout BS. That clearance item is bait I'll bet, I wonder how many times they have made excuses not to sell it until they got a warranty buyer? One of the reasons I don't shop at Sears for anything is the pressure at checkout. No thanks!

These places need to appreciate that you walked into their store in the first place. Because there is always Amazon.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-26:
Part of me (the part that pays taxes) is somewhat relieved that the federal government won't be paying $800-$1000 or whatever the OP charges them (if that's indeed the case) for a $400 computer. But I do agree that the Staples manger was in the wrong and more than likely was indeed to trying to holdout to bundle the computer the lucrative extended warranty.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-09-27:
The store was correct. Now that the OP knows the policy, he can just buy computers there without using his reward card. This has nothing to do with whether he bought the extended warranty.

I owned a booth in a flea market where I sold sports merchandise, NFL hats, license plates etc. One company had the exclusive franchise to make NFL hats, and required a $10,000 initial order--beyond my means. There are a number of this company's outlet stores in my area. I would buy 8 or 10 hats at a time in such a store and resell them for more at my booth (but still less than market price).

Several times, the store refused to sell any hats to me because they thought I was reselling them. They discounted the hats at the outlet stores for regular customers, not for another business to snatch them up and resell them for more. Nothing wrong with that.
Posted by Kahula35 on 2012-10-18:
Staples was correct in this scenario. Staples is contracted by the manufacturer's to sell to consumers. We have many re-sellers that come in to our stores and abuse coupons, rebates, and clearance to resell. We catch them from time to time and it usually creates a problem but it's in the contracts. Most likely the previous manager was letting it go and the new manager was sticking to the policy. Not uncommon.

As to a clearance computer it means Staples is selling the item most likely below cost. Thats part of the deal and a big reason why they aren't supposed to sell to re-sellers. I had a guy trying to buy up the entire stock of a deeply clearanced projector once with the sole intention of re-selling and I flat out rejected him on the phone. He was livid but frankly its the policy and it had absolutely nothing to do with protection plans. Generally we sales staff are glad to be rid of Clearance items because they are almost impossible to sell extras on anyway because it just brings deal hunters in.

As it is most re-sellers get real creative in their purchases and they almost never use rewards. Some will spin all kinds of weird stories to cover up what they are doing and while we know we can't refuse them so long as they don't let us know what they are doing.

In the grand scheme of things Staples isn't going to really bend for you in that scenario because a Clearance computer really is just a loss for them. SOmeone who is not going to resell the item will buy it and I bet it was eventually sold without a plan on it.

The NYTimes article is a joke based on typical conspiracy thinking. While I am sure the pressures of basket selling drive some Staples employees to pull tricks it's not at all the norm. Many customers buy computers at Staples without plans. Yeah it sucks for the salesman but it's the way of life. 90% of consumers are cost consumers with no store loyalty anyway and we all know this. We take a shot at your business because thats our job but if you reject then thats it. Staples is actually downsizing it's retail operation anyway to focus online so all this "plan hysteria" really is just a smokescreen...
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