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Totally Amazing
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TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a Samsung printer/copier/fax from Staples. I had problems with it and had to use the Samsung warranty. I broke again right after it was repaired. It was out of Samsung warranty so I had to deal with the extended warranty. I called them, explained it and they said they would sent out another copier in 7-10 business days. I was advised they would give me a printer to use as part of the warranty when I purchased if I needed to get my printer repaired or replaced. They told me that was false.

I got frustrated and told them to keep their printer. I then thought I should get the printer and use it as a backup. I called back, advised I wanted the printer to be sent. They said fine, and it never came. I called back and ask where the printer was.

They said the file stated I didn't want the printer. I explained I had called back and told them to send it. They told me they would and I could expect it in 7-10 days. It never came. I called back and they said they had decided not to sent the printer. They thought it could be fixed. I was dumbfounded. I spent 1 hour 28 minutes on the phone explaining that it could not be fixed and I had already received approval for another printer twice before. I spoke with a supervisor who told me he would send out another printer.

Today I got a call from the warranty company. He advised me that they decided not to sent another printer that maybe it could fix it over the phone. I hung up on him. I am throwing the printer in the trash and will never ever buy another thing at Staples. I doubt others are different, but I was lied to right from the beginning in this Staples store and will not do business with them again.

Staples Does Not Stand Behind Their Own Products
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased two Staples Nexia mesh office chairs on August 18th 2012 for our home office. On October 12th the mesh on the back of chair started coming out of track. The chairs are very seldom used. Staples refuses to take back chairs so we may purchase better chairs from them, because it's been longer than 14 days. I don't understand a company that won't stand behind its own product. Don't ever buy office furniture at Staples, because after 14 days it's your problem. I could understand it if it was another manufacturer but this is a product with Staples name on it. I guess they don't think much of their own products.

I have since seen reviews of this same chair online, and it was about this same problem with mesh coming loose on back. Most reviews said this chair was a piece of junk and they received no help or understanding from Staples. I'll never buy anything else at Staples; there's too many other places selling the same stuff with a much better return policy and much better attitudes.

Never Again!
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Rating: 2/51

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- I went to the Staples in Cedar Rapids to get some toner for my printer. They are a bunch of crooks! I had to wait 20 minutes just to get someone to pay any attention to me. By the time the manager comes out, he's screaming at me like I did something wrong. He was literally screaming at me for 45 minutes while customers and employees watched. Nobody helped me. It was humiliating. The manager's name is Arthur. Do not buy from him. When they finally brought the toner out I said, "No thanks." I will NEVER go into that store again.

Treat Associates Just as Bad As Customers
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FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I currently work for Staples and today I had an incident that made me realize that I am not at a very good place. I have been at my current store for 3 years and have had 3 different GM'S which makes me wonder why are they leaving, but now I know. They are not there for the customers, but for their own agenda which involves them getting bonuses. They force us employees to force people to purchase protection plans, and if we don't sell protection plans we are not seen as valuable.

It gets worse also when you work in an environment where the store manager is cruel. In my 3 years, I never cried over my job like I did today. I was threatened about losing my job because I left my cashier area to go help a customer who was feet away from me. He got in my face and said never ever, ever leave this area, that is grounds for being fired, but turned around and acted like an angel to another customer. Don't get sucked into the Staples hustle. Some of us are really for the customers while others are there to get more greedy.

Mailmate Shredders & Product Replacement Plan
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- STAPLES Mailmate shredders are not reliable. I would never buy another one. I bought one last year and within the year, it broke right away. The replacement shredder also stopped working in two months. When I went back to Staples to replace the second one, they said that model has been discontinued. It was still within 1 year since the purchase and since the product replacement plan does not take into effect until 1 year from date of purchase, I was told to call Staples service department... in the end they asked me to ship the shredder to Staples for repair... the cost of shipping was not worth it.

I waited until the product replacement plan took into effect this week... Went back to Staples to inquire about replacement... I was told that when the first one broke and I was given a replacement shredder that the product replacement plan is now null... Totally does not make sense... I thought the replacement plan is activated after the one year Staples warranty is up. Bottom line... DO NOT BUY STAPLES BRAND SHREDDERS NOR ANY PRODUCT REPLACEMENT PLANS... THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT!

Staples Rebate
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WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Don't go to Staples and think you will get your Rebate in 2 week like I was told.. I was told I could get a rebate in 2 weeks by doing it on the internet. But when I tried it said I would have to mail it in. I called Staples HQ. And was told that they would take care of it - I did not have to mail it in. But when I called I was told the check was in the mail. Seeing I did not get it they was putting a stop payment on it and sending out a new check. This is from 1/12/09. It's 6 weeks later and was told I would get the new check by Feb 27th. It's poor service.

Gift Cards Still Not Accepted Online
By -

It's 2009, yet Staples still does not accept gift cards online. If you poke around on the Internet, you'll see that this has been a complaint for 2+ years, and lots of people have observed this problem. There's even a very funny YouTube video about this. When I called the number on the back of the gift card yesterday, they encouraged me to call the Customer Relations department.

When I spoke to the Customer Relations department this morning, the gentleman I spoke to made it sound like this was a rare complaint, and something they have no plans to fix. I encourage all of you to call and make sure Staples knows this is NOT a rare complaint. The Customer Relations department is 800-338-0252. Thanks!

Beware: Managers Lie!
By -

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- On November 8, 2008, I called the Staples located at 1540 SW 8th Street in Boynton Beach, Florida to ask if they had Windows Vista Home Premium. They said it was in stock and was $129. When I got there and bought it, it was $255. After saying, "Hey, wait a minute! That's not the price I was told", the manager (a woman) came out and said she quoted for an upgrade price and was wrong. She gave me $40 off the product (making it $215). (Note: It is still even cheaper on Amazon than with their discount.)

I reluctantly paid for it and took it home. Upon arrival, I saw the seal was broken (it was used). They gave me the 32-bit version of Windows Vista. (Windows Vista has 2 disks available, a 64-bit version and an older 32-bit version). The 32-bit version is sold at even much further discounts on the internet. It is an older product. Few people want it. The 64-bit version does both 64-bit and 32-bit. Nevertheless, I couldn't use the 32 bit version for my machine.

So the Staples at 1540 SW 8th Street in Boynton Beach, Florida did the following: (1) uses 'bait and switch' tactics by offering low prices to lure you in; (2) sells you pre-used products that are outdated so they make higher margins. This clearly shows a store management with an extremely low ethics and care to the customer. My suggestion, stay away!

Color Copies
By -

MILLTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I just came home from the Staples store in Milltown, New Jersey. I went there to make four color copies. The representative for the copy area had to be paged several times before she came back to her post - only to tell me that small orders are self-service ONLY. That meant she couldn't be bothered helping me navigate their new scam - putting money into a copy credit card which needs to be inserted into the copy machine.

I asked how much each color copy is. The rep said "forty nine cents." So I put two dollars on the card. When I tried to print the fourth page, there was not enough money on my card because the rep failed to tell me tax was also charged. So I asked if she could make the last copy instead of having me put another dollar on a card I may never use again. She flatly replied, "No." She certainly wasn't too busy as I only noticed about three other customers in the whole store but they had FOUR people behind the counter and only one of them was actually working the register.

Everyone's poor attitude and customer service is WHY that store is always empty. I assure you that I will NOT be humiliated by these snotty teenagers ever again - and I am so mad right now that I'll be telling this story for a week. If it keeps only one other customer from this disgraceful excuse for a business, it'll be my public service.

NEVER Buy a Staples Warranty via Easy Tech Force.
By -

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy a Staples Warranty via Easy Tech Force. I am absolutely disgusted with the $300 "warranty" I was sold that was supposed to protect me in the event of my laptop being damaged. As a small business person, I gladly paid the $300 feeling like I had peace of mind in case something happened. After a spill, I took my laptop computer to Staples for repair or replacement. I expected an answer within a few days and it's been more than a month and they JUST made a damn decision that is my laptop needs to be replaced.

In the meantime I was forced to buy another laptop (from anywhere other than Staples) and they added salt to the wound by forcing me to accept a gift certificate to Staples that is the full value of my laptop (instead of reimbursing me cash). So I'm out the cost of my new laptop, the $300 I paid for the warranty and being forced to spend nearly $1,000 from a store I hate.

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