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Their "EASY Help Rebate" operation isn't Easy or Helpful...
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Rating: 1/51

BALDWIN, ALABAMA -- Bought a laptop with a $50 rebate. Computer arrives and I went to the Staples EasyHelpRebate site in order to fill out the rebate form. The form popped up that I needed the serial number. No problem, I had it. But form wouldn't let me insert it, so I began a CHAT with their customer service person in hopes that she could get their system to accept the S/N.

At once, her response was for me to contact Hewlett Packard. WTH?? Not only do I not have a HP rebate form, but calling HP is a lesson in frustration. After 27 minutes of trying to encourage the girl to please do the Staples rebate form, I lost it and told her to issue a pickup and give me a credit.

Comically, she directed me to their CS phone number, which was an 18 minute hold time... all this for $50? I sent Staples a message telling them to either call me to take rebate info, or I would challenge the charges with VISA. NO response from them. Staples has lost a customer for life...

Phony Rebates
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Rating: 1/51

ALL -- They had a stack of 10-ream paper boxes with a price marked of $24 after "easy rebate." When I later looked at the rebate form to mail in, I noticed that the rebate required you to take it via their new Visa credit card, which was pre-loaded with the rebate amount. And they naturally wanted your email address, like all companies do, in order to send you spam and resell it to other spam retailers.

But forcing you to accept a new credit card is a complete sham rebate, since we all know how credit cards work, and who wants another one? I am very disappointed that Staples has now joined the pack of dealers who keep finding new ways to rip off customers with underhanded "rebate" schemes.

Thanksgiving Black Friday Deception
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Rating: 1/51

PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON -- Staples ran a very deceptive ad effective 8 pm. Thanksgiving Evening, that was featured in the Black Friday circular in our local newspaper. Keep in mind that I'm not a Black Friday Shopper and don't like to fight the crowds. After enjoying a wonderful meal, I decided to take a chance and ventured out into the cold to take a chance on this supposed great buy. This great buy was a Toshiba Laptop with Intel Core i3-3120M processor. The sale price was 299.99 (normally 549.99), a savings of $250.00.

I arrived at 7:15. The line at the outside of the store was not that big. I was not that far back. Store representatives came outside around 7:30 and announced that the Toshiba laptop that I wanted to buy was not available, due to the manufacturer not fulfilling their allotment to the store. Bull!

When I asked for a rain check, they said no, but to come back tomorrow morning. No way. Fool me once, shame on them, fool me twice, shame on me. I feel as though Staples used a deceptive ad to lure people to their store hoping you would buy something else. Shoppers, do yourself a favor, pay a little more and spend your money where the business puts the customer first and doesn't lie to them. I am sticking with Costco.

Excellent, Helpful and Prompt Service!
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Rating: 5/51

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Staples Store employee, Althea, was very helpful, courteous and prompt. I needed 50 pamphlets immediately! Fedex store employees said I had to have my request sent to the company outsource and receive within 24hrs! That would not have worked. Because I needed the pamphlets on the spot. Well, Althea at Staples was so willing and creative. She was able to produce what I within 15 minutes! She did it with excellence, creativity, with a smile, and a life-saving attitude! Althea, at Staples Store Number 1683, deserves a pay increase. She always get compliments from the customers and her manager.

By the way, Mark **, Althea's manager, deserves a pay increase or a "one time bonus" as well. Staples Store 1683 keep up the good work and customer satisfaction. At Staples Store 1683, in West Palm Beach, FL, the customers are always right and awarded!

Patrick Was Extremely Helpful - Unfortunately I Needed 14 Mophie Juice Pack Battery and You Only Had Three.
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Rating: 5/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Patrick ** waited on me and I needed 14 of the Mophie juice pack powerstations - you only had three, but Patrick told me we could order and we did. Unfortunately this was on a Thursday and they could not be delivered until following Wednesday and I needed sooner. Patrick went above and beyond by calling other stores and trying to help me but the other stores only had three also and by the time I had to drive to all the stores - It would not be worth it, so I had to go to Amazon and they shipped overnight. However Patrick did such a great job!!! Just wanted to let you know he did all he could.

Returns Fiasco
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I am submitting this complaint after having contacted Staples'€™ Office of the President team of customer relations representatives. I spoke twice with ** and was promised a call back from his supervisor ** which never materialized. My experience was with the Staples store in West Los Angeles on Santa Monica Boulevard. I purchased a Western Digital external hard drive at a different Staples location and within the 14 day return policy period (8 days) I brought the unopened drive to the Staples store, with my receipt, for return. The cashier called over a store manager to approve the return.

The store manager examined the packaging, which was never opened or even touched by me, and decided he needed to completely destroy the packaging and compare the serial number on the drive case to that on the packaging. When I questioned him on why he found it necessary to destroy the tamper-proofed packaging, he responded that it was policy. The examination of my product took several minutes and was done in plain view of other customers at one of the cashier stations in the front of the store.

While the product was being examined by the store manager, I asked him what would happen if the serial numbers did not match as a result of an error made by the product manufacturer. His response was that Western Digital did not make mistakes, so that was impossible. The store manager'™s examination validated that the product serial numbers did match and the return was accepted. My complaint and concern stems from the very real possibility that something did not match through no fault of mine.

The sealed product was now very much unsealed, I was humiliated in front of other customers by the actions of the store manager done in plain sight, and I was very angry that I was made to endure this waste of my time. If Staples cannot trust the tamperproof packaging of their manufacturers, they need to take that up with their vendors, not take it out on their customers. Telling me that it was not possible that a mistake in packaging could have been made by their vendor is just plain fantasy and I very much doubt that their vendors would support them in their statement that a mistake is impossible.

The office of the president customer relations representative assured me that he would: forward my complaint on to both the district and regional managers, follow up with me and share what corrective actions were taken and work to make certain that other Staples'™ customers were not subjected to the same treatment shown to me. I have no idea if item 1 was completed, but I waited 8 days to hear back from Mr. ** before calling him back for status. I told Mr. ** I would not be shopping at Staples until I was comfortable that my complaints were properly addressed.

This incident could have been much worse had there been a serial number mismatch, but I do not want to wait for that to happen to me. Staples needs to protect themselves from shrinkage and theft while at the same time respecting and valuing their customers and the customer experience. Staples chose only to worry about themselves in my experience paying absolutely no attention to their customer. I choose to give my patronage to businesses that value me as customer. I was concerned that the store manager might be a rogue employee so I reported my experience to the corporate office.

What I discovered is that the treatment I received was acceptable all the way up the corporate ladder. Bye, bye Staples and hello Office Depot, Office Max, Best Buy and the like.

Delivery And Customer Service Disaster
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MEDINA, OHIO -- Last Wednesday, I purchased a desk (in-store) from Staples. The desk was not stocked at their store, but I paid and they told me it would be delivered by Friday. The associate who placed an online order for me neglected to mention that they used a third party delivery service and also neglected to mention the terms of delivery itself. Perhaps, I should have asked.

On Thursday, I received a call at 1:00 p.m. from their delivery service asking what they should do with the desk. I called them back at 3:00 p.m. and was told, "We will tell the driver that you're home." They then proceeded to hang up the phone. So, I thought, "Gee, maybe they'll deliver my desk!" No such luck.

I got a call at about 7:00 p.m. from Staples telling me that my order was delayed and that it would be delivered the following day. I stayed on the line to talk to a customer service person, who informed that I would need to be available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for delivery and that they do not call ahead because the companies that they contract with aren't required to have cell phones.

I sat at home from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday and called customer service at 4:30 p.m. because I still did not have a desk. I expressed my distrust in their ability to deliver my desk and the customer service representative assured me that it would be thereby 5:00 p.m. In fact, she told me that the driver stopped by my home at 4:00 p.m. the previous day.

Funny, because I was home and no one ever came. She apologized but said that it would be thereby 5:00 p.m. I finally left my home at 5:02 p.m. without a desk. I got another automated call around 7:00 p.m. saying that my order was delayed but would come on Monday. It was at that time that I cancelled my order.

On Monday, a delivery driver left the desk on my doorstep and left me a voice mail message on my phone. I had to call him back and come back to pick up the desk because I cancelled the order. Apparently, no one told them. I called customer service again and spoke to a supervisor.

She assured me that I would not be responsible for the package and that the driver should not have left it there. She acknowledged that he should not have just left the desk and that I did in fact cancel my order. The driver came back to pick up the package, well at least I assume it was the driver. He didn't knock on the door, a man came out with a dolly and loaded the desk into a brown unmarked van.

I thought everything was fine, until today (Wednesday) when another driver from the delivery company came to pick up my 11, yes, that's ELEVEN desks. I have no desk and certainly did not order eleven of them. So, back to calling customer service, again speaking to the same supervisor from Monday.

She said that she would call the delivery company and tell them to stop coming to my home. I asked her about the eleven desks, she said I only ordered one. I told her I wanted to know when I would be refunded the amount and to make sure that I was only charged for one desk. It's now 4:36 p.m. and I haven't heard back from anyone.

The customer service people are polite but useless. The delivery company should have their contract revoked and I will never shop at Staples ever again. The situation is still not resolved and I'm pretty upset. So, the "easy button" that they advertise is complete crap. There was nothing easy about my encounters with Staples.

An Example of Professional and Courteous Service
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Rating: 1/51

READING, MA 01867, MASSACHUSETTS -- As you well known from the content of E-Mails recently sent to Staples CEO Ron Sargent, I had a most unpleasant (read: stressful) experience when I purchased the Altra Chadwick Collection (Desk, Hutch, Filing Cabinet) of office furniture from the Reading Staples Store. It was just one misstep after another. The phrase "a comedy of errors" best describes the action on the part of Staples personnel.

Constant dialogue between me and Staples staff along with a series of trips between my apartment in Burlington and the Reading store took the better part of a week before SANITY prevailed and I started to feel that finally we were getting somewhere and that CLOSURE was in sight.

Sanity arrived in the person of **, the Sales Manager in your Reading store, who took control of the situation. Staples is indeed lucky to have ** in its employ. He is a man who literally "goes to the wall" to ensure that the customer has a positive experience when shopping at Staples. He sensed my frustration, anger and dissatisfaction at all that had taken place. Furthermore, he was most reassuring when he said that everything would be taken care of. To with he said: "Mr. **, we are going to start all over again." TIME BEGINS NOW.

At that point he cancelled the entire order, namely Order # **, and accordingly, credited my American Express Credit Card. He then proceeded to create a NEW ORDER (# **) which included charging me for the cost of assembling the furniture once it was delivered to my apartment. He said over and over again that he would literally track the Order and would keep me informed as to its "progress".

I was given an Oct 4th delivery date. Two of the items namely the chair and the filing cabinet arrived several days prior to that date. True to his word, ** called my home to confirm the delivery of the chair and filing cabinet. Furthermore, told me that when the balance of the order (i.e. desk and hutch) arrived I should call Apollo Retail Specialists, the company that was going to assemble the items, and schedule a date and time when they could send someone to assemble my Altra Chadwick Collection.

Just as ** had indicated, the desk and hutch were delivered on Oct 4th. I immediately called Apollo @ (866)770-0022 to arrange for assembly and was told, in no uncertain terms, that they had to be PAID first before they could schedule an assembly date. I informed Apollo that Staples had charged me for the assembly. I gave them the order's transaction # and said that it was my understanding that Apollo and Staples could work out the details regarding the remittance of payment to Apollo. I was then told (by Apollo) that's not how they do business. At that point I sensed that it was an exercise in futility to try to reason with the Apollo representative.

Accordingly, I ended the conversation and immediately called the Reading store and asked to speak with **. After telling him of the situation with Apollo, he said "hold on, I'll get back to you." Within a matter of a few minutes ** called me and told me to call National Assembly Service at (866)826-6622 which I did whereupon I started speaking with a very pleasant sounding woman by the name of **. I provided her with transaction # as well as the Item #s of the various pieces in the order.

She then asked me if Tuesday, Oct 8th would be a convenient date for her to send a technician to assemble the items. I checked with my "Executive Secretary" and was assured that Tuesday, Oct 8th was acceptable. The whole exchange with ** unlike that with Apollo was most cordial (and professional). I then called ** and told him that an assembly date had been set. Furthermore, I thanked him for all of his efforts in helping to bring CLOSURE to this whole affair.

Postscript: I cannot say enough about **. When all appeared to be lost, he "stepped up to the plate" and provided courteous, professional service that provided a most satisfactory remediation of what had been a very stressful, non-professional handling of a customer's request for adjudication of (for lack of a better way of saying it) LOUSY, MIXED UP, UNCERTAIN SERVICE.

Lied - No Consolation
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Rating: 1/51

BURLINGTON, IOWA -- I faxed the following to corporate - no response. On Saturday Jan. 12th while returning home I decided to stop at a Staples in Burlington Iowa to see if they might have a Nexus 7 16gb tablet in stock. I spoke with the person in the computer department and he informed me that they were sold out. He did volunteer that they had a truck "come in"™ and there might be some in that shipment. I asked him if he could check.

He went to a computer terminal and said yes they are in this shipment. I asked if it was possible that someone could retrieve a tablet from the shipment. He then called the manager and spoke with him. He explained that it is secured because of the value of the items on the pallet. And that once the seal is broken everything must be checked in which could take hours. I explained that I lived a one hour drive away and could return the following day on Sunday. He wrote down my name on a note requesting a tablet to be held for me until 3pm on Sunday.

On Sunday morning I called the store and spoke with someone else that knew of my noted request. I told him I would be driving to the store to purchase the tablet. He informed me that the pallet had not been opened yet but should be by the time I expected to arrive at 2pm on Sunday. At about 2pm I go into the store and the customer service counter expecting to purchase the tablet. I was informed by the clerk that I had spoken with on the phone previously that they had not started unpacking the pallet. He then paged the manager on duty. I explained to her that I had been told the tablet would be available at that time.

She replied that "sometimes it takes days to unload the truck"€™ and showed no sympathy that I had just driven 60 miles to get there. She said that "€˜no one should have told you that tablets are on the truck"€™ and that "€˜they do not know what is in a shipment until they unpack it"€™. I lost it! I told her it would be the last time I ever set foot in one of their stores and was sorry I had spent hundreds of dollars with them in the past.

I am a business owner. I purchased my business in 1989. I know what a bill of lading is. They know what is on that truck - every thumb tack. They would not be able to acquire insurance without knowing exactly what is on each shipment. There is no "€˜truck" €™- it is just pallets in the warehouse. They would not tie up a truck for days "˜while they unload it."€™ She insulted my intelligence. Then she insulted her staff by stating they should not have told me the item would be available. She offered no consolation and suggest I return to their store in 3 to 4 days to see if they have the item in stock.

Misleading information
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Rating: 2/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a new Dell computer (i580-1839NBC) from Staples store #357 on 1/30/12, and paid an additional $99.99 for the Premium PC Setup Package. I also at the same time purchased a Microsoft Office Home and Student package (3 PC) for $109.99 ($149.99 minus 40 dollars off w/ computer purchase) because the Easy Tech, **, informed me that I needed to purchase it to get Microsoft Office. I subsequently discovered that this computer came preloaded with Microsoft Office, and that I really only needed to purchase a product key. The difference between what I purchased and the product key is approximately 20-30 dollars.

I contacted the store on 2/12/12 and asked Easy Tech ** why he sold me the more expensive option. He informed me that "the difference is not significant." It's significant to me. I found his demeanor insulting and demeaning. I then spoke to the store manager, **, who informed me that I needed to return the whole desktop computer to the store and they would delete the software, and then refund me the difference. I don't consider that a viable option, and I suggested that I would return the CD software package, and offered to delete it myself off my computer. I said I would be willing then to accept store credit for the difference in price.

He told me that that would "mess up his inventory". I know for a fact that he could do that if he wanted. ** implied he was doing me a favor agreeing to the conditions of the refund. I told him that for me it would mean dragging a desktop computer with my files and personal information on it back to the store, leaving it, and depending on ** to delete the Office Package. I also tried to explain to him that ** was the one who had opened the Office package since he installed it, and that he should have known that Microsoft Office was preloaded before he opened it. He should know his inventory. And it's written right on the carton!

I did not see that myself because once I had agreed to the Premium Setup package, store staff placed the carton behind the counter. I have already had issues with ** previously regarding installing my wireless connection. The first night I bought the computer home, the computer would not recognize my wireless router. I called Staples, and talked to ** since he had set up the wireless card. His response, "I really don't know much about wireless". He did say that my router was obsolete. I informed him that it was two weeks old.

Finally, after 2 hours with Verizon, (never heard anything about problems with their routers) and then 3 hours with Dell, they managed to reconfigure my computer remotely. (I can't say enough about their service, it's great. But I did have to use my software support time.) They hadn't heard of software problems with any Verizon router either. They did say that the Staples store tech should have been able to help me. So I really don't want ** working on my new computer. I would be happy to simply return my unused 2 PC portion of my Microsoft Office package, and get a store credit for the difference, provided that I do not have to return my computer.

I will simply eat the $99.99 I spent on the Premium PC Setup at Staples, which was wasted money. No help with my wireless problem, ** simply installed a USB adapter for my wireless (I expected a PCI), and now I find out that Office was already loaded. If this is not resolved, I will never buy at Staples again, and will tell everyone I know about how they mislead their customers.

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