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Great, Informative Help Selecting Proper Printer for Small Business
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Rating: 5/51

WYOMISSING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been in the market for a new printer for our small business for about a year and a half. I have compared printers online and still was not sure which I should buy. I have always bought HP products so I was inclined to stick with them. I did not seek help when I went to Staples because my past experiences when I've needed help have not been good at all. They seemed to be cashiers roaming the store hoping no one asks them any questions, and when they do, they were not knowledgeable about any of the products. So this morning when I went in to buy cartridges for the printer that needs replacing, I browsed the new printers yet again.

A sales clerk saw me looking a particular printer and came over and told me that they have had returns on almost all of that particular printer sold and asked what exactly I needed in a printer. I told him and he directed me to an Epson printer. It was one of the cheaper printers so I inquired what made the next one ($100 more) worth the extra money. He explained the differences between the two and instead of steering me towards the one that was $100 more, he told me that for what I would be using it for, the cheaper one was actually a better fit for me.

That salesman's name was **, Tech Sales Supervisor at the Wyomissing, PA store. He was the most courteous, helpful, informative salesperson I have ever encountered. They were out of stock of that particular printer in the store and he offered to order it online for me and ship it to us. I however, came home and ordered it myself. I felt relieved to finally have made an informative decision about which printer to buy after trying for so long to figure it out myself.

Thank you **! I hope the right people at the Staples Home Offices read these reviews and reward employees for their superior service. I hope you move up in this company. You certainly have the knowledge and the people skills to go far in life!

Irresponsible Operations Manager and Salesman
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Rating: 1/51

CUPPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- Very bad experience! I came here because we had a gather with my friends in this area. I went to buy 3 gift cards to give to my friends. After I paid and signed, they started to activate them. But they could not activate the 3rd one. Without asking my permission, the cashier canceled my 3rd gift card, and then his manager came out and void the cancellation. At last, they charged me all 3 gift cards' price, but only 2 are activated. Then they told me that they could not do anything.

They could not active another gift card to me, so I was angry and said that I wanted my money back. (I don't want to buy the gift cards here.) They said that I could not return the gift cards unless I came another time when their manager and their banker was at work. I lived very far, so I refused to come another time. I wanted it settle down this time. To me, you either give my money back or give me a 3rd gift card. The cashier and his supervisor said that their operation manager had more power than them, and they called the operations manager (named Carrie **) many times. The operations manager refused to come out to meet me to settle this down.

I am pissed off by their behaviors. They even let me call my credit card company to cancel the transaction, but the bank didn't have the right, but Staples should do that; or after the transaction posted, I disputed. I understand the banker's explanation. But Staples people said that their system could not void my transaction, so I could not even dispute the transaction later they have my signature. I must come back once and that's the operational manager's decision. Till here, it's already one hour passed.

Finally, their operations manager told them that they could void my 3rd gift card's charge. They wasted my time, and they could not give me an satisfying solution. Later I called Staples Customer Service to complain this and they told me that they could not do anything. In other retail stores or online store, they could easily solve this kind of problem. Why does Staples use this suck system, stupid policy, irresponsible salesman and operations manager? I am sorry for this tedious and not logical review, because I way too angry. I will never ever come back to any Staples!

Price Match Guarantee? Not So Easy
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERDALE, NEW JERSEY -- Visited Riverdale NJ Staples: Found a camera (Samsung ST150s) in store. Found the same color/model on Best Buy website for $20 less, so the clerk asked manager if they could price match. Manager said no, because this was an in store item, there was no way to verify if Best Buy had it in the store. So I hit the check out button on my phone, and amazingly, the Best Buy website stated the store at the next traffic light indeed had it in stock, and I could pick it up "now" for the lower price.

We showed the manager, who said (in the rudest, most condescending tone of voice) that I would need to go to Best Buy, get a circular, and bring it back. Only then could they match an in store items price. I asked what if item was not listed in circular? Manager shrugged, "that's our policy, can't be helped". I said, "it would be easier to purchase from Best Buy", and I walked out. (Bought camera in the color I wanted at Best Buy 5 minutes later.)

After reviewing the Staples posted policy, it does not clearly state what you would need to price match in store price, circular or otherwise. But I know that competing stores accept each others coupons on my smartphone and Best Buy's own site lets you save the URL or print out from competitor. Why did the manager say "no way to verify in store at that price", and then when confronted with evidence of in store/in stock lower price, demand a circular? For a camera Staples wasn't supposed to have!

Why is it my job to bring a competitor circular to management! A price listed on website for an item VERIFIED to be in stock, in store, should be more than enough!

Incompetence Combined With Indifference
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Rating: 1/51

This is not about a specific Staples store, but about their online service. I purchased a bookcase from them to be delivered Thursday, 5/24/13. Staples at one time had daily delivery, but now apparently that's limited only to businesses while us peasants must make do with weekly deliveries. Even so, had they delivered it as promised and as I instructed them to do there would have been no problem. However, I had asked them to ring my neighbor's bell since I would not be home at the time of delivery. Instead, they rang my bell, said "oh well, see you next Thursday" and left.

I am 74 and unable to put together a bookcase. My son-in-law was visiting that week and he likes putting things together. Had they delivered as promised there would have been no problem. When I called Staples that night I was told it would be delivered the next day, but when I called on Friday, was told, "oh no, you need to wait until next Thursday". I explained the situation and was met with indifference so requested they cancel the order. It had been their screw-up in the first place, they could have corrected it in the second place, but the same indifference I saw in the incompetent delivery I also experienced on the phone.

So instead of at least paying attention when I requested cancellation, they delivered it - to my neighbor - the following Thursday. At this point, I would have to pay someone to put it together for me. I had to wait on the phone 20 minutes to speak to another indifferent voice so that I could, for a 2nd time, cancel this order. Now I have to ask my neighbor to let them in to pick up their stupid bookcase. I will purchase one the next time my son-in-law is in town, but it won't be from Staples.

DON'T BUY Staples Warranty Unless You Read the Fine Print and Understand All of It
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Rating: 1/51

SIREN, WI, MINNESOTA -- We bought an HP laptop with the warranty from Staples. The salesman (assistant manager) recommended the warranty we purchased and thinking he was selling us the warranty we needed for this specific computer. Key print on laptop started wearing off within 6 months, took back to Staples, said warranty does not cover "key print missing"; that is a cosmetic problem and you can still use computer without printed letters on keyboard. Honestly, who can, for memory, recite each row of keys? OK, accepted that, kind of, but then screen cracked just sitting on a table; had shut laptop down and unplugged for pending severe thunderstorm that never happened.

Next morn plug in laptop and started up and "ink blotch" on screen. I can honestly say it had not been hit, no animals or kids around, just husband and myself. When we bought warranty we were told it covered screen breakage. Took to Woodbury Staples and were told the warranty we purchased does not cover screen breakage only phone support. Our salesman had recommended this warranty and we weren't aware Staples warranty would be different from doing an extended HP warranty. Did not read the fine print. We should have been advised to buy the "accidental warranty" or HP 3 year extended warranty.

Why does Staples sell warranties if they don't honor them other than for extra $$$. Folks at Woodbury Staples have always been great when shopping in the store. BUT Staples warranties are the worst for any kind of coverage. One of the tech staff told me Staples needs to do some work on their warranties but nothing has been done each time warranty is reviewed.

Frustrating when you buy an $869 laptop and another $300 for the warranty to have this happen and no coverage with warranty. Staples did say they will prorate our warranty and they will help me select a new computer and apply the prorated $$ to my new warranty. This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and we will let others know how Staples does not cover the warranties they sell.

Nightmare Shopping Experience at Staples, Eastbrunswick, NJ Store
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Rating: 1/51

EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing this in regards to an unpleasant shopping experience I had at the East brunswick, New Jersey Store. On March 14 I was at the store to buy some items and saw an advertisement for a sale on a 64gb Sandisk USB drive. I was told by the sales guy to take the label to the register and someone would get the item. The USB drive was priced 129.99 and with instant rebates came up to 59.99. I went home, opened the package and gave the USB drive to my son and told him it was big enough to hold 10 movies. My son looked at the capacity and said it's only 16gb and not 64gb. I immediately looked at the wrapper and it clearly stated 64gb.

Next day evening I went to the store and explained them that I was sold a misrepresented item. The sales guy contacted his supervisor who at that time wasn't at the store. To my dismay I was told that there is nothing Staples could do and I have to raise this issue with the manufacturer. He wasn't even willing to take the item back. The manager's name is **. He was arrogant, disrespectful during his conversation, had no interest in listening to my complaint and spoke without any responsibility.

What is shocking and unacceptable is the store manager telling me that once the item is opened nothing can be done. Does he expect customers to open their items inside the store and verify, validate then and there itself. Or maybe I wasn't a white to be served better. Is this how Staples treat their customers? Does Staples leave all the dirty work of following up with the manufacturers on faulty issues to the customers? Customers like me shop with some trust and faith at Staples hoping that they are sold items that are genuine.

It would have taken 5 minutes for me to call Sandisk and hopefully have the issue resolved. But this is not my problem and not my business. I wanted Staples to address this problem. And also have the store manager apologize for his nonsensical talk. I complained about the incident to the Staples customer relation dept. They seem to be worse than the store manager. They came back with a standard answer, "It's Staples policy and they cannot make an exception". Obviously suckers cannot fix a policy that is flawed and that's why they still have a job at Staples. Shame...

Superlatives for Ft. Lauderdale General Manager Robin
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- If every Staples Manager was similar to Robin, there would be no reason to shop at any other retailer, except Apple... Here's the copy of the mention of this Staples manager who always goes above and beyond to please her customers including me.

Purchased this "business" printer at Staples on Commercial Street in Fort Lauderdale. Great news first. The General Manager, Robin, at this Staples is A+++. Without her, I would not be using my purchase now. Now the bad news... Hewlett Packard.

I called three separate times, as I was disconnected twice and hung up on the third time when I requested being transferred to the USA or a Supervisor. I was connected to a total of six persons in Costa Rica and one in India. All of the ones in Costa Rica basically said I had a "communication issue". The issue, I tired quickly of repeating my phone number and name over and over. They could not understand my primary language spoken English. They kept referring me to others... No answers.

Next called the President's Office in Palo Alto and spoke with a woman (I will withhold her name here) there who told me my question was a tech question and considered "business". All business tech questions are "outsourced" to Costa Rica. Interesting, I lost 1 hour and 42 minutes getting no help from HP. I called Staples and let them know I would be returning this HP purchase. Stellar Manager Robin said she would help me. She doesn't even use MAC, but "Googled" the answers for me while I stayed on the phone with her. Within 5 minutes, my very simple "tech" issue was resolved.

I won't buy HP again. They can have the best products in the world (which they don't), but without competent, efficient, professional customer service/tech, I will pay for American, English speaking, talented tech folks at Apple and the like. I would hate to bother Robin or her staff again hoorah, Staples.

Warranty Is a Joke/Management Lied to Customer
By -

MCALESTER, OKLAHOMA -- I bought a Hp 3n1 photosmart printer on 2/2010. I am having trouble with the wireless connection and the printing quality. I purchased the extended 2 year warranty on the original sale date of 2/2010. I was told as purchasing the warranty from "T" if any issues arise, "Staples will fix it at Lawton, OK, at our repair center, if they cannot fix the issue, they would send me a NEW HP printer or give me an instore Staples credit for the purchase of a new one." IS what the assistant manager said to my face and smiled. HE LIED!!! LIED!!!

I contacted the Lawton, OK, repair center to file a claim. The lady ran two troubleshooting tests, and had no luck. She said I would be receiving a replacement/REFURBISHED printer. I asked, "is it new?" She said, "no." She had known idea what brand, the condition, or any information on it. It would come from a company call Encompass. Gave me a number to call. It would come with a 90 warranty. I asked, "why not send me a new one?" She said, "we don't do that. The warranty is known fulfilled." Then, I asked, "where is my instore credit so I can get a printer of my choice?" "Sorry," she said, "you were told wrong information."

So, it boils down to this, I am getting some type of printer that was someone else's problem and a short warranty that they don't honor... No instore credit, or new printer, or nothing. I am out money for something I have no idea on what I will be replaced with and I have no idea if it will be compatible with my network. This the second time I have had issues with Staples. DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THEM. I tried call the customer service toll free number to report this, they never did pick up after 10 minutes...

Staples Is Like the Rest of Them.
By -

I purchased a new two hundred dollar HP printer from Staples about a year ago. While paying for the product I was informed that they also sold an extended protection plan for an extra $30. The Staples employee (who was some sort of manager) told me in specific terms that if the product broke, I could return the printer “no questions asked” and would receive a “gift card for the original purchase price”.

Two months ago the printer started showing errors when I installed new print cartridges, so after a hour of trying to fix it, I lugged it back to the Staples store I bought it from. There I was informed that Staples had no responsibility over the product or the plan and that I had to call some third party company. So I called, expecting to have someone go over what kind of problems the printer was having, but instead the third party company said that they were going to ship a refurbished printer out. A little more than a week later I received a refurbished printer body and instructed to take pieces off my original printer and add them to the refurbished one.

Not only did the refurbished printer have the same problem as my original but its screen had missing pixels and it made a loud humming noise while it was on. Fast forward another three weeks, three more phone calls, a fourth party company to replace the refurbished printer, and a second non-working refurbished printer. I just got off the phone with 1-800-Staples who informed me that the original problem was with a part of the printer not covered by warranty or the plan, but now that I had received a refurbished printer the plan was void.

Staples lied to me to my face while I was in the store, differ responsibility for the products and warranties they sell, and associate themselves with third party vendors who have no intention of helping you if it means that they might have to take a loss.

This is not an attack on Staples, I have been a very loyal customer for year (can't stand BB's customer service), but this is the first time I have had to utilize the protection plan that I paid for (have bought maybe 6 all together) and I feel as though I have been abused. Please be careful.

Every third month is broken
By -

STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I bought my laptop in the Staples & they offered me if I want to buy one more year extra insurance, and I got it. They told me if my laptop break they'll fix it, and if it's break more than 3 times, they'll replace it. But guess what? My laptop broke 5 times :/ Still didn't get any replacement. It's always same problem (black screen, shutting down by itself)...

Every third month my laptop is broken and I'm dropping off to the Staples so they can fix it, and they were keeping my laptop 3 or more weeks, which means, they spent more time with my laptop than I did. Anyway, last time I insisted for replacement, they told me I need to speak with someone else. They can tell me anything about it, so they gave me the number of some supervisor from Staples. I called and explained what was the problem, and lady goes like "Can you take battery from your laptop, and plug in, then start your laptop, then shut it down, then put a battery", then this and that…

So of course I told her "I'm sorry I can't fix it. I can't test it. Even people from service couldn't do anything about it. They were just fixing temporary..." So I told her I want to speak to somebody else about replacement. Then I got so, some guy on the phone, and I explained to him everything, every detail, but he told me that I can't get any replacement because my laptop was fixed two times at the HP and 2 times at the Staples... and I go "so??"

Then he told me my laptop should be fixing 5 times at the Staples, then we can talk about replacement. OMG. I was totally upset, 'cause they really don't care about it. They don't care about anything. They just care how to sell it to you & that's all - later just forget about them.

Anyway, I drop off for the 5th time my laptop to the Staples, and told them they should fix it as soon as possible, 'cause I have to go to Europe (in 20 days) & stay there for a 4 months & I need it as soon as possible. I call them today and they said my laptop should be fixed in 3 weeks... They are CRAZY!!! I said "I don't care anymore, just want replacement!!!" So they are supposed to call me. I'M NOT GOING TO BUY ANYTHING OVER THERE!!! I'm not going to make step in that store!!! Bad, bad, bad.

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