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Staples Extended Warranty Problems
By -

I purchased the extended warranty on a printer, based on the salesperson's statements to me that if I had a problem with the printer I could bring it back to the store for an immediate replacement. As I was purchasing the printer for my home office, and did not want to be without a printer if it broke, this sounded like a reasonable option. I purchased the two year "Date-of-Purchase, Technical Support & Protection Plan" for $29.99. When I had problems with the printer six months later, and could not fix the problem using telephone tech-support, I attempted to exchange the printer at the store.

The store manager refused to abide by the terms of the warranty as they had been explained to me. When I questioned the manager and a salesperson about what the salespeople were telling their customers, I was told to leave the store or be arrested. I chose to leave the store and conduct my own investigation into what the Staples salespeople are telling customers to get them to buy the extended warranties. I posed as someone interested in purchasing a printer and visited six Staples stores in the Denver area, two in the Orlando area, and five in the Portland, Oregon area.

I found that all the salespeople misrepresented what the true terms and conditions of the extended warranty were. If it had been a small percentage of salespeople misrepresenting the terms and conditions, it may have indicated improper conduct on the part of individuals. However, when the sales pitch misrepresenting the terms and conditions is detailed and consistent from Orlando to Denver to Portland, it is my opinion that this represents a pattern of a business intentionally trying to mislead or defraud its customers. If you have had a similar experience contact me at

Online Ordering - EXCEPTIONAL Service
By -

ONLINE -- I am still in shock today after my experience with an online order with Staples. I had an old day planner a while back that I really liked, and could not find a brand name/etc on it. I spent hours searching for it on the internet, and finally figured out the brand/item number. I then found out it was available through online ordering through several office supply stores and places like Amazon and Ebay. The least expensive ended up being for me to order it through Staples and pick it up in the store to avoid delivery fee.

After placing the order late on a Tuesday night, it was ready to be picked up in the store early Thursday morning. I got home and opened my package to realize to my disappointment I had ordered the wrong item by accident because the description was extremely similar to what I wanted. I called the customer service number on my invoice, (and was connected immediately to a representative without any waiting) and told her I must have hit the wrong button when ordering, and asked what my exchange options were. She said she could do a return over the phone, and ship the item I really wanted to the store tomorrow.

Then.... she said "we will credit your card for the return item, but please keep it compliments of Staples." DO WHAT?? "So, I don't have to take it to the store and exchange it for the new one?" "No, we will take care of the return and please keep it compliments of Staples." It was around $17. Let me tell you.... I really needed a break like that after the horrible day I was already having. I used to shop pretty equally at Office Depot and Staples, but from now on, all my business is going back to Staples for offering such a nice gesture. They didn't even make the mistake upon ordering... I DID!!! And I admitted it. I just still can't believe it. Kudos to Staples!!!

Staples Warranty Is a Shell Game
By -

MESA, ARIZONA -- We purchased the extended warranty with our second HP printer from Staples, Inc. When the printer developed an ink level problem, we contacted Staples to initiate the warranty process. Staples took the info and said we would receive a replacement printer within 10 days per the warranty. We received a refurbished HP Photosmart Premium printer which was the only HP Photosmart being made at the time. We installed the replacement and it worked just fine for 10 days, then one morning it was unable to connect to our wireless system.

We then had to contact the product replacement company that had provided us with the replacement, called Encompass, which was also a Staples, Inc. company. They said they would replace the replacement. More than 10 days passed and we called Encompass again. They advised us that they had many shelves of this printer but none were ready yet. The supervisor authorized an upgraded printer and we were told that we would receive a return call asking for our approval of the selected upgrade. We never received a call or email.

We called back after two days and were told that another HP Photosmart Premium printer had been shipped the previous day. We received it in a few days and attempted to install it. The 2nd replacement printer was much worse than the first. Not only wouldn't it connect to the wireless system and computer, it kept printing multiple copies of unrequested reports, using up paper and ink and then jamming.

Long story short. It's now mid-July, we still don't have a working printer and Encompass tells us we must wait for them to receive the first replacement printer back so they can troubleshoot it. In the meantime. Staples calls and a customer service representative offers us $170 debit card to Staples to resolve the issue. We call back the next day to accept the debit card, only to be told that they can't do that. They can't transfer me to the same representative and to call Encompass.

We call Encompass, they tell us to call Assurant Group, who is also a Staples, Inc. company but they have the same 800 phone # as Staples, Inc. and around and around we have gone, seemingly endlessly. We have been in contact with a dozen reps and a supervisor from Encompass and no one will take responsibility to help resolve this case. I ask you, is this warranty that we purchased in good faith worth anything? Is this customer service? Is this how consumers should be treated? I say, "NO!" It's time for Staples to step up and do the right thing!!

Staples - 8225 S. Gessner Rd Suite A, Houston, Tx77036 - Never Going Back
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I found out that Staples was doing free PC tune up for desktops and laptops. SO I took my desktop on December 23rd to Staples at above location and was told that it will be more than an hour. So I left my PC there and decided to pick up next day. I went the next day December 24th (Xmas Eve). The manager on duty could not find my PC. He finally figured out that they gave my PC to worng customer. I could not wait and had to go to work in the afternoon. They promised to deliver my PC, which they did at my brother-in law's place.

After I came back from work in the night, I connected my PC and found it not working (not turninig on). I could not do anything as Staples was closed for Xmas. SO I took the PC back to Staples (on December 26th) day after Xmas, and the Technician there (who originally tuned up my PC) said it seems like a volatage problem and he will need to do detail analysis. I told him that it was working when I dropped the PC so they must have done something with it, which they denied. Again I could not wait as I had to go to work, and I was promised by the techninican that he will drop off the PC at my work (I worked late hours that day).

He did call me once in the evening that he is on his way and will call me when he gets close. He did not call me thereafter. So I called the store the next day (December 27th) and asked why my PC was not delivered. The rude manager there argued with me that it is delivered. I told him that the PC was not delivered and I need it ASAP. He then told me that he will call the employee and find out what is going on.

Right after few minutes, the employee calls me on my cell and asks me why am I playing games with him. He warned me that he will call the police if I take my PC again to that store. I was really mad at this and could not answer back to the rude employee as he had my PC. I went to the store and told the manager about what the employee told me but the manager ignored it and said the PC will here in few minutes.

I could not do the important work that I needed to do for three days without my computer and instead of apologizing for that the manager took the employee's side. I would never recommend this company and its services to ayone after what I have gone through. This was my first and last business with Staples. If you don't know customer service then you do not deserve customers.

Staples: See It Through an Employee's Eyes
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- As a worker of staples, you're probably wondering why am I writing a complaint about my place of work. I have worked there less than a year and already realized how evil the actual cooperation is. I stepped into staples for my first interview. As I walked in, I noticed the manager, arguing with a customer using vulgar language. Whether or not the customer deserved it, no one is to speak to any one else in such a tone. After all, a manager was promoted to that position due to their excellent customer service skills.

Is this the proper way for a person of authority to act? Of course we're all humans and lose self-control at times but you are there to set an example. I was astonished by this behavior. After a few months passed by into my starting of the job, I began to get sick. I have a few health conditions. I was forced to call out. I did call and tell them I am willing to provide a medical note even though I am not required to. I never heard the end of it. The managers then began to gossip about it. I was infatuated but decided to keep my cool.

Two months later, I was in er. Unable to actually call out because I was unconscious they had another temper tantrum. I provided medical notes for them the very next day. Again, I never heard the end of it. Staples says they care for their employees and are flexible when in reality, they can give two cents about you. The only way they would sympathize with you, is if you actually die in front of them. Even then they'd be upset and wonder why you didn't call out instead. It's a loss lose situation.

Onto the way they speak to their employees. It's as if you are second class citizen. No, worse. You are nothing but a smudge on their mirror. The dirt between their toes. They will disrespect you in countless way and make you feel as if you are below them. Let's face it. Yes they are a manager but last time I checked, they were a human being just like everyone else. There's an "open door policy" at staples. It's where you can speak "freely" to your managers. They began this to stop others from forming a union.

they even showed a video going against unions.]this system they have is total **. The managers are unapproachable and terrorize you. That way you're afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself. When you wish to speak to them, they also "don't have the time" or "can't do it right now". And this is how they expect to keep workers. I admit it I have loved my co-workers but my soul has been sucked out of me. Staples, my dear soul succubus staples. I hope you burn to ashes.

Totally Amazing
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a Samsung printer/copier/fax from Staples. I had problems with it and had to use the Samsung warranty. I broke again right after it was repaired. It was out of Samsung warranty so I had to deal with the extended warranty. I called them, explained it and they said they would sent out another copier in 7-10 business days. I was advised they would give me a printer to use as part of the warranty when I purchased if I needed to get my printer repaired or replaced. They told me that was false.

I got frustrated and told them to keep their printer. I then thought I should get the printer and use it as a backup. I called back, advised I wanted the printer to be sent. They said fine, and it never came. I called back and ask where the printer was.

They said the file stated I didn't want the printer. I explained I had called back and told them to send it. They told me they would and I could expect it in 7-10 days. It never came. I called back and they said they had decided not to sent the printer. They thought it could be fixed. I was dumbfounded. I spent 1 hour 28 minutes on the phone explaining that it could not be fixed and I had already received approval for another printer twice before. I spoke with a supervisor who told me he would send out another printer.

Today I got a call from the warranty company. He advised me that they decided not to sent another printer that maybe it could fix it over the phone. I hung up on him. I am throwing the printer in the trash and will never ever buy another thing at Staples. I doubt others are different, but I was lied to right from the beginning in this Staples store and will not do business with them again.

Staples Does Not Stand Behind Their Own Products
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased two Staples Nexia mesh office chairs on August 18th 2012 for our home office. On October 12th the mesh on the back of chair started coming out of track. The chairs are very seldom used. Staples refuses to take back chairs so we may purchase better chairs from them, because it's been longer than 14 days. I don't understand a company that won't stand behind its own product. Don't ever buy office furniture at Staples, because after 14 days it's your problem. I could understand it if it was another manufacturer but this is a product with Staples name on it. I guess they don't think much of their own products.

I have since seen reviews of this same chair online, and it was about this same problem with mesh coming loose on back. Most reviews said this chair was a piece of junk and they received no help or understanding from Staples. I'll never buy anything else at Staples; there's too many other places selling the same stuff with a much better return policy and much better attitudes.

Never Again!
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Rating: 2/51

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- I went to the Staples in Cedar Rapids to get some toner for my printer. They are a bunch of crooks! I had to wait 20 minutes just to get someone to pay any attention to me. By the time the manager comes out, he's screaming at me like I did something wrong. He was literally screaming at me for 45 minutes while customers and employees watched. Nobody helped me. It was humiliating. The manager's name is Arthur. Do not buy from him. When they finally brought the toner out I said, "No thanks." I will NEVER go into that store again.

Treat Associates Just as Bad As Customers
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I currently work for Staples and today I had an incident that made me realize that I am not at a very good place. I have been at my current store for 3 years and have had 3 different GM'S which makes me wonder why are they leaving, but now I know. They are not there for the customers, but for their own agenda which involves them getting bonuses. They force us employees to force people to purchase protection plans, and if we don't sell protection plans we are not seen as valuable.

It gets worse also when you work in an environment where the store manager is cruel. In my 3 years, I never cried over my job like I did today. I was threatened about losing my job because I left my cashier area to go help a customer who was feet away from me. He got in my face and said never ever, ever leave this area, that is grounds for being fired, but turned around and acted like an angel to another customer. Don't get sucked into the Staples hustle. Some of us are really for the customers while others are there to get more greedy.

Mailmate Shredders & Product Replacement Plan
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- STAPLES Mailmate shredders are not reliable. I would never buy another one. I bought one last year and within the year, it broke right away. The replacement shredder also stopped working in two months. When I went back to Staples to replace the second one, they said that model has been discontinued. It was still within 1 year since the purchase and since the product replacement plan does not take into effect until 1 year from date of purchase, I was told to call Staples service department... in the end they asked me to ship the shredder to Staples for repair... the cost of shipping was not worth it.

I waited until the product replacement plan took into effect this week... Went back to Staples to inquire about replacement... I was told that when the first one broke and I was given a replacement shredder that the product replacement plan is now null... Totally does not make sense... I thought the replacement plan is activated after the one year Staples warranty is up. Bottom line... DO NOT BUY STAPLES BRAND SHREDDERS NOR ANY PRODUCT REPLACEMENT PLANS... THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT!

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