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Identity Theft Thwarted
Posted by Saddlepalmusic on 03/03/2014
LAYTON, UTAH -- While checking emails one afternoon I noticed a receipt that had been emailed to me from a purchase on that very day. Problem was I had not been in the store that day so I called and talked with the manager who was very concerned that this had happened. He took all my information and as I waited for him to call back I realized that it was my daughter that had used my rewards card. The clerk asked if she had a rewards card and when she said no she provided them with my phone number which automatically sent the receipt to my email. I immediately called James back and had learned how far he had already gotten in to solving this problem.
In my opinion, I believe that James went above and beyond in such a short amount of time that he deserves a big pat on the back!
Because of this kind of attention that was given in such a short amount of time to what could have been a very serious problem, I will ALWAYS shop Staples first!
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Posted by Pete on 2014-03-05:
I bought a cell phone with a huge rebate at Staples. When I tried to get my rebate I was told it was already used. I took everything (packing, phone, receipt, etc) back to Staples (Camp Hill, PA) and the manager called the rebate center and could not get a straight answer out of them. Then the manager took by rebate material and took the money out of the cash register to make up for the rebate! I was happily surprised.
Posted by trmn8r on 2014-03-05:
Is sending such an email for a rewards purchase a "feature"? Was there information in the email (CC #, etc) that could lead to identity theft?
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Had A Great Experience In The Store With Manager & Tech Guy.
Posted by Lori.ketcho on 03/03/2014
60 S RT. 17 NORTH PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- I went to the store with my daughter's TI 84 calculator that was no longer working. I bought it in the summer but could not find my receipt. Rob Dowling, the Tech Sales Supervisor worked with me first and then got Timir Patel, the Sales Manager involved.

Timir was able to look up my purchase using my credit card info. Even though my purchase was more than 6 months old AND I didn't have my receipt, Timir was able to exchange the calculator for me and only charged a nominal extra fee to my card.

Both Timir and Rob went "over and beyond the call of duty" to take care of my current need. Both gentlemen were quite courteous, patient, and kind towards me which let to a VERY pleasant experience in your store. So kudos to Timir and Rob for taking such great care of me and leaving me feeling real good about Staples.

I work on the corporate side of Staples here in Englewood NJ and I just wanted to inform your team of my wonderful experience in the Paramus store. Thank you. Lori
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Great Individual Help And Excellent Teamwork
Posted by Alan.hope on 02/24/2014
NORTH ANDOVER MA 01845 -- Congratulations to Henrique Da Costa, Matt Clarkin and Edward Lajara
for the excellent advice that each gave to have a corrupt hard disc firstly
diagnosed, tested and then replaced.

The repair was critical as my son needed his laptop for his exams.
Each person showed concern for the importance of the repair.
Each person provided appropriate input to the solution.
Finally, all three acted as a team to provide a solution to the problem
Thank you all for the service that you provided.
Alan Hope
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Gujjubiker on 02/22/2014
SALISBURY, MARYLAND -- At the cash register, the check out girl was not friendly and made some comments upon asking a question. I tried to get the attention of the store manager, but he was in no mood to deal with it professionally and threatened me that if I kept complaining about her he will call the cops. I was shocked and politely asked manager that why can't I complain? He immediately picked up the phone and dialed 911 and asked for the officer to be sent at the store. The manager said to me, that I am welcome to stick around the officer will be glad to escort me out. I left and promised myself never to go to Staples. I even filed my complaint to corporate but never heard from them either.
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Posted by Hodge on 2014-02-26:
You've got to be leaving something out of this story. Managers don't call the cops for no reason.
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Faulty Rebate (Again)
Posted by Cant.cache.me on 02/18/2014
FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I recently purchased a $55 box of printing paper from Staples.com because they were having a deal where if you bought it that day you'd get a $35 Visa Pre-Paid card as a rebate. I bought the paper, printed a receipt from my online purchase and waited for my paper to arrive. Staples estimate was that it would take about a week to arrive at my home, though I was very surprised when it arrived a few days later. I then went to submit my rebate information with their “Easy” Rebate Center. The first thing they asked for when I got to their site was my rebate offer number. They listed three different places that you could find the number, namely, on the e-mail order confirmation I received after placing my order online, my printed receipt that I printed after making my online purchase, or on the packing slip that came with the shipment. I had already filed my receipt and didn’t want to have to go searching for it so I decided to look up the number in the confirmation e-mail. After scouring through the e-mail I could find no trace of the rebate number. I decided that I’d look on the packing slip that came with my box of paper. Again, I couldn’t find any rebate number. I pulled out my receipt that I had printed and luckily there was the rebate offer number. I entered the number and the necessary information and submitted the information.

A few days later I received an e-mail from their rebate center telling me that there was a problem with my rebate information. They claimed that the rebate number that I had entered didn’t exist in their system and that I must have either made a typo or that rebate offer didn’t exist. “Ok”, I thought, “I’m human, I make mistakes. I could have easily mistyped the number”. Upon further inspection I discovered that I had not mistyped the number, but that my rebate didn’t exist in their system. As could be expected, I was not happy. I attempted to chat with a customer service representative on their website, but their chat window has got bugs or something. I could read everything that the representative was typing to me, but I could not type anything to them in response. I was forced to write an e-mail and explained the situation. I received a response about a week later informing me that their system is on the fritz and that it has been sending out random “invalid” notices to people. The e-mail also mentioned that according to their records a rebate had been mailed February 3 and should arrive at my house in 7-10 business days. Today, ten business days later, I received a paper card in the mail with the following message on it:

“Dear Consumer,
Thank you for participating in the Multipurpose Paper Ream Case promotion. Unfortunately, we could not honor your request due to the following reason(s):
Invalid Purchase Date”

I am very disappointed with Staples and their rebate system. I remember many occasions, usually around Christmas time, when my father has attempted to buy things from Staples, both online and in store, that had rebate promotions with them. He was never successful at receiving one of those rebates. I guess I can say this for Staples, they are consistent. I for one am tired of dealing with such an unorganized and dishonest company. I have contacted their customer service again and am currently awaiting a response, but I will never buy anything from Staples again and would urge others to do the same; unless, of course, you enjoy getting cheated of your money, but that’s up to you.
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2014-02-19:
I don't know their return policy, but if you can I would return the box of paper to them and get my $55 back.
Posted by Paul on 2014-02-20:
I don't see how they cheated you out of your money. First, you still have the opportunity for this to be resolved. Second, you got what you paid for.
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Kyle Made My Computer Decision Easy
Posted by Kedipf on 02/15/2014
Staples treated me right as customer. Kyle made me feel special. I went in to look at computers and walked out with one! He was very helpful and answered all my questions. He was a lot of help.
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Jason Lopez Is the BEST Staples Manager of All Time!
Posted by Theneedlewielder on 02/14/2014
WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- I took the time to call Staples, wanting to leave a compliment but that's not possible, just this is I guess. No more people to people anymore -

Jason Lopez (Manager) handled a problematic printer breakdown, warranty, exchange total snafu situation regarding ridiculous Cannon quality and mistakes when everyone else handling the issue was clueless and didn't care. He was a pro when all other Staples people, warranty dept's could not get the job done, at all and didn't care. He is a master of multi-tasking like I've never seen a man do before - making him an anomaly as we all know about men and multi-tasking! Kudos to him for being great at his job, fulfilling customer needs quickly and efficiently and treating us like we are humans and not numbers. Jason should be promoted and/or paid more - he is that good.
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No Help!!
Posted by Zootown on 02/11/2014
MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- Went to my local Staples today and no one would help me find what I was looking for!! I got the few things I needed and started searching for the last thing I needed for my company (calculator paper) which is in 2 different locations of the store. The paper I needed that is normally located by the calculators was not there. I walked by a group of 4 employees chatting in an aisle several times. I would have asked for help but couldn't get a word in edgewise. After about 20 minutes of walking the store, walking by the employees and walking the store again I put back all the other things I was going to buy and walked out VERY frustrated!!!
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Wonderful Service
Posted by Louieze on 02/10/2014
BRAINTREE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Mark d on Sunday February 9 went beyond his duties to help me in returning a tablet which was under manufacturers warranty. I called myself and got no where then mark took over and took the time to contact them for me. He did not have to do this, especially since I was frustrated about the situation , and perhaps not as reasonable as I should have been. He was very kind and that helps a customer who is upset calm I think this young man will go far in life
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Excellent Service
Posted by Emattesich on 02/07/2014
I went in to have my virus shield checked. Excellent service from Dustin West, an employee. He checked the whole computer, ran a virus scan and defragged. He couldn't have been more helpful. He knew exactly what to do and was cheerful and patience with someone like me who isn't particularly computer savvy. Will certainly recommend Staples in the future.
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