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Horrific Customer Service
Posted by Abbak7292919 on 11/09/2013
Everyday I order more than $10 worth of food for 10 years from this Starbucks. However, this new employee decides to skip my order for more than 10 minutes. The sad part is 4 white customers received their orders before I have, a foreign black man.


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Errors in Order and Bad Customer Service
Posted by Amandasalgado07 on 10/26/2013
LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA -- As I go normally twice a week in the morning around 6:30 there has hardly ever been a problem except for this one time.

I ordered a tall iced green tea with light ice and and blueberry oatmeal. As I get my drink I noticed that it 3/4 full. I decided not to tell them about it but then as I get my blueberry oatmeal I notice in the bag all they had was the blueberries and a spoon. The item comes with other toppings as well. I ask the cashier and she ignores me the first time and then finally answers by saying we ran out. I wouldn't have bought the blueberry oatmeal in the first place paying full price for plain oatmeal.

Along with the bad customer service I didn't get the breakfast I was looking forward too and am very disappointed.
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Stolen Tablet, Unconcerned Employees
Posted by Gfrans01 on 08/24/2013
PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- A few minutes ago a thief walked off with my tablet PC from inside a small Starbucks with 4 security cameras. The store employees refused to help. They declined to call the police. They declined to review the security camera footage. They declined to be helpful in any way, shape, form or fashion. This is this what their company calls RESPONSIBILITY.

The store manager - eventually, reluctantly - allowed me to call the police while he filled out a one page form (for corporate use) and would not even give me a copy of it. A quick Google search tells me that this is an on-going concern, but Starbucks will not even post warning signs for their customers because this might "spoil" their experience.
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Posted by olie on 2013-08-24:
The cameras are there to protect THE STORE. Not the customer. Sadly, there is very little that requires Starbucks to allow you to view the tapes or even view them on your behalf.

How was it that the thief was able to walk off with your tablet?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-25:
There are some legal theories under which If you requested they call the police and they refused to call the police or obstructed your ability to contact the police they might be held liable for obstruction. As for the cameras, the police should be able to subpoena the footage to identify the perpetrator.
Posted by gfrans01 on 2013-08-25:
A moments inattention is all it takes for a 7" tablet to disappear into a purse or pocket. However, I was guilty of worse. I stepped outside for a smoke while trusting in my fellow man's good nature. Foolish me.
Posted by ilovemyson on 2013-08-25:
Most retail stores don't always have access to the cameras..Corp usually has to approve or get the footage from tapes or feeds, also I know my place of work will not call the cops for customers because we get charged for it if an actual employee calls, but we will allow you to use our phones to call but we won't place it for you. Starbucks would allow cops to view tapes after the ask the correct people.. Also how long were you at starbucks that you needed to actually go have a smoke?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2013-08-25:
how did the not allow you to call the police? I get that they were not going to call for you, but what was stopping you from using a cell phone or going somewhere else to call the police? I think it stinks that they wouldn't look at their video (if they even have the capability to rewind and review on premise) but ultimately they didn't care for your possessions any more than you did.
Posted by Jay on 2013-08-25:
Granted this is not Starbuck's responsibility. But to refuse any cooperation or assistance of any kind is deplorable. Starbuck's "we don't have to and we ain't gonna help" attitude is disgusting!
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-25:
You capitalized one word in your complaint - "RESPONSIBILITY". This indeed is the key to what happened.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-25:
Spot on Jay!
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-25:
Not Starbuck's fault or responsibility. 'Tis yours.

You need to review just what kinds of personal info you have on the tablet and take action to ensure you protect your identity, bank accounts, etc.

This is how you learn.
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The Cold Truth About Starbucks
Posted by Lavenderlady19 on 08/21/2013
DUNKIRK, MARYLAND -- I ordered a Grande iced tea at the Dunkirk, MD, Starbucks and indicated I wanted just the tea in one cup and a cup of ice in another. Employee proceeds to hand me a cup one-third full of tea! I asked her to please fill it up, and she said: "Then you will be getting two teas for the price of one." First of all, Starbucks prices are totally out of control. Second of all, since when does the consumer only get one-third quantity of the full amount paid for? The truth is, Starbucks makes big bucks at your expense by adding a full cup of ice and one-third cup of beverage. The same holds true for some of the coffees where the cup contains mostly foam instead of coffee. It really Starsucks, if you know what I mean.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2013-08-21:
The very reason you wanted the ice separately was to have the cup filled with tea, but that's not the level of tea you are suppose to get. When i used to bar tend, every now and then someone would ask for a cocktail normally served in a cocktail glass, to be put in tall glass. The same applies, as they figured we wouldn't notice or care that if made proportionally to the different glass, they would get double the alcohol. Well we did care and those customers weren't pleased with their watered down libation. Bottom line, a mixed drink has a recipe, 1 shot alcohol, then fill with mixer. Starbucks has the same formula, x-amount for tea, then fill with ice. Like a bar, their business is the selling of the drinks, so unlike a family restaurant, there isn't going to be free refills or "doubles".
Posted by CU on 2013-08-21:
I am not a SB fan, I wouldn't drink their coffee for free! But in this case, she was right. You are asking for two cups, twice the ice and twice the amount of tea. If you divided the tea and the ice between the two cups, you have two servings.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-21:
If their prices are "out of control" then maybe you shouldn't shop there anymore.

This sounds more like you were trying to get over on them by sneaking in some extra tea. This old trick has already been figured out and compensated for by the retail establishments.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-21:
The employee was correct. You would be getting more product then you typically would with your method. Portion control is key to an business that serves food or drinks. It was obvious what you were trying to do, and you got called out on it.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-08-21:
Because it is called 'Iced' tea, therefore you are purchasing a cup of tea with ice. So, you did get what you ordered and you were charged for what you ordered. In the end, you got a free paper cup while only paying for one.
Posted by lavenderlady19 on 2013-08-23:
Well that's funny you all should say that, because I contacted Starbucks corporate office, and they AGREED with me and are promptly contacting the Starbucks in question to "correct" them. They are also sending me a compensatory $10.00 gift card. I think you all are missing the point: A THIRD of a cup of paid-for beverage is unacceptable. Three-quarters full is reasonable with ice to top off. Since when going in a restaurant and ordering a coke, do you receive a third of a glass of soda and two-thirds ice? It makes not sense, but plenty of "cents" to Starbucks as the profit margin is out of control.
Posted by Cindy on 2013-11-05:
The clerks evidently must be trained to make responses like that. If I were we're working behind the counter I would naturally fill the cup up and give her a cup of ice and forget it. Of course if it were a daily thing, I might suggest, we aren't supposed to do that because of the price if cups. If she's willing to purchase a second cup. Those fancy emblem cups are probably expensive too.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Gracewatson88 on 08/17/2013
I had the worst customer service experiences for Starbucks store #10437 at 03:22pm on 8/16/2013. The cashier was very unfriendly and rude. I ordered a plain bagel and requested it to be toasted. The cashier totally forgot to give it to me, I waited about 15 minutes and asked where my bagel was. She just looked at me and ignored me. I think she should get fired.
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Posted by Kiwister on 07/22/2013
WHITTIER BLVD. BY COMMERCE THEATER, CALIFORNIA -- I Went to Starbucks, and all I ordered was a Caramel Frappacino. 4-5 people were in line after me and when they ordered their drinks theirs came before mine. I had to wait 15 minutes for one drink and the workers seemed to not care. They were all dozed off and talking to each other.

When I went up to tell the guy what happened to my drink? All he had to say was " oh sorry I forgot" [snip]. It was horrible and that worker should be fired. I wanted to speak to the manager but no surprise the manager wasn't there. And when I asked for my money back the guy took at least 3 minutes just going into the cash register. He had to call someone else to open it. They didn't offer any gift card, free drink, coupon or anything like that ! All they said was sorry. I RECOMMEND NO ONE GO THERE. HORRIBLE, BAD, JUST AWFUL SERVICE.
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Bad Drinks. How Hard Is It To Foam Milk?
Posted by Kristyfur on 05/31/2013
MAPLE VALLEY, WASHINGTON -- I work nearby went there everyday for 2 years I might have gotten maybe 10 good drinks at the most. It was frustrating I usually had to have it remade which wasted my 30 minute break. Most the time however I just started dealing with the foam less drink. But for the price and the big name of a Starbucks drink, the baristas should know how to properly foam a drink. And it applies to many locations.

I've learned a good drink from Starbucks is few and hard to find. BETTER TRAIN YOUR BARISTAS STARBUCKS!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-31:
You had 10 good drinks out of maybe 350-400? That is much more patience than I have, and a lot more willingness to pay for a subpar product.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-06-01:
Maybe your expectations are too high. It is what it is. Too many people think that if you pay more you get better. That is not always the case. I drink Coca Cola and probably way too much. I prefer bottles instead of cans even though it costs more. I think it tastes better from bottles. Some of the bottles are extremely good and some are just so so. The point I am trying to make is that you should enjoy the foamy ones and put up with the no foams or not use their services because it looks like it will never change.
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Starbucks makes bad business decision to change scones
Posted by Megcurtis1 on 03/23/2013
UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -- After a five month break I returned to Starbucks for a latte and my favorite blueberry scone and find they have replaced it with an item that doesn't even resemble a scone. It is half the size, tastes like a piece of dry cake with no flavor. The clerk was rude when I asked about it and service took forever. I will be taking my business to Peet's Coffee from now on. Starbucks prices are beyond high and quality has gone down hill steadily for the last year.

Bad business decisions and poor customer service chase away customers!

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Posted by ok4now on 2013-03-24:
I agree. Starbucks prices are way too high and they let the quality go down. Just saw a 60 Minute interview with Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz who admitted their coffee markup was over 400%!! They are raking in the profits with these prices. Good for you taking your business to Peet's
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-03-24:
I used to go to Starbucks all the time, until I calculated what I was spending and decided it was cheaper to make coffee at home. But a few weeks ago, I decided to treat myself. I got a bagel with cream cheese and a latte and was shocked at the price. Over $6! I don't think I'll go there again.
Posted by deappleby on 2013-08-02:
I have tried several of the new products from the Starbucks owned bakery. They are quite unremarkable and unworthy of being served at Starbucks stores. I know the products can be improved. I hope Starbucks takes seriously their reputation for serving quality products and get Boulange(sp?) to improve the quality of what they are sending to your stores.
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Customer Service
Posted by Bburdett06 on 02/12/2013
RENO, NEVADA -- I recently went to the Starbucks on Roberta Lane in Sparks/Reno Nevada and typically not a fan. I ran Dutch Brothers coffee for some time and am a big advocate for cheerful talkative employees which I find rare at Starbucks. I was pleasantly surprised that a young man named Zachary and a woman with red hair who's name I didn't catch were so pleasant. Asked me about my day, made sure they got my drink correct, and were overall just very upbeat and nice. The nice is what I want to point out. It was very refreshing as well as greatly appreciated after a 12 hour clinical day headed to the library to study till midnight. These two particularly Zachary deserve some kind of compensation
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Posted by Robinryan25 on 11/09/2012
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- On 4 November I visited Starbucks Sheraton 500 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130.

I purchased 1 latte, 1 orange juice, 1 brownie and a packet of glazed almonds from station 01. The invoice number was #7100 and I was charged a total of $43.98.

Only the two drinks were listed, but not itemized at all. I did not look at the invoice until later as I had to catch a plane.

I feel very disappointed that I was overcharged by at least double the amount of my purchases, and that things were not correctly itemized on the docket.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-09:
didn't the price seem high when you paid for the items?
Posted by Suzy on 2012-11-10:
When given a total that has you paying more than $10 per item did you not think to question it at the time? I sure would have. Also weren't prices listed for you to see when you ordered? I wouldn't have paid until I knew how much each item cost when given that high a total.
Posted by Ben There on 2012-11-10:
The OP probably didn't notice the price on the receipt at the point of purchase; maybe the employees told her one price and charged her another.

Since you often don't have to sign anything anymore at Starbucks, you have to take their word for it. I admit I don't always scrutinize every receipt I get from Starbucks... I just assume the prices are within range of the 8 million other Starbucks I have gone to. It might make me a bad consumer, but it still does not give the Starbucks the right to overcharge the OP for 2 drinks and 2 snacks. Even at hotel/airport prices that should still be about $5-6 bucks for each item.

The OP should contact the manager of that location by calling the hotel and/or dispute the charge with her credit card and let the hotel prove those items cost that much.
Posted by Heymetoo on 2012-12-26:
Hey I was overcharged at the same location while I traveling on business. Not nearly the amount you were though. I was in a hurry to get to a business meeting and got a breakfast sandwich and coffee. I thought my bill was a little high. Later that day I looked back at my receipt and saw they charged me for a different breakfast sandwich and drink. They are a very disorganized location and I wonder how many other people in a hurry get ripped off.
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