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Loud! Starbucks Does Not Get It.
By -

Unbelievable. Usually when you ask to have the music level lowered so you can carry on a conversation it is at least mockingly attempted. This is unfortunately a regularly request because it is always too loud. Last night I was told I was the only one who complained, well one other guy she says. She went on to tell me the music was part of the atmosphere and she could not do anything about it. Again unbelievable. And she did nothing. Others have at least from time to time lowered the volume while I or friends were there. Not her. I have asked others if it is just me or is the music to loud. The usual response is, "What?" Exactly.

Once when I asked one of the servers if she could turn the music down she said "what" twice. I raised my voice to an almost yelling volume and said "Exactly"! So you might say these folks just work here. So I tried to convey my take on the volume to their district manager, ** I believe was her name. Unfortunately she went on and on about this and that and had no desire to even attempt change. Now here is an interesting little note - Once the district manager was having a meeting at the Benton store, Wow it was quiet. Once the meeting was over guess what? Yep, they turned the music back up to the same horrible level.

Guess they are the only one who need to communicate or do anything productive while in a Starbucks store. So now you are going to say 'Why don't you contact Starbucks corporate and tell them your opinion of the noise level?" Been there done that too.

First responses from ** the customer service representative was all of the why we can not do things. Not one "We will figure out a way to monitor the decibel level, figure a way to control each speaker for a balanced level", not one "We will set up a standard operating procedure for managers to ensure the sound levels do not impede a conversation, or a level where you do not have to yell." No not one positive thought or suggestion, not even a possible survey.

If any one a coffee shop closer to me I would go there and tell all my friends about it. I am even considering going to the Carl's Junior across the way. No loud music there. The only thing, and I mean the only thing that puts me back through those doors is the friendships I have made there. Oh and now they are considering alcohol. No wait I guess that might work. I guess you need loud music when you are drunk.

Tall Mocha Frappuccino in a Grande Reusable Cup - What's the big deal?!
By -

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- Since the person whom I am writing this about is the manager, **, at Hwy 59 & Grand Parkway on 19908 SW Freeway in Sugar Land, Texas I thought I would send this complaint to the corporate office. I visit this particular Starbucks weekly. When I go to the store I take my grande refillable insulated cup and ask for a tall drink – not a grande. Rather than the manager making the drink in my reusable cup, she makes it in a size tall disposable plastic cup - which defeats the purpose of my reusable cup. When she does this all the coffee flavoring is on the bottom.

If anyone else in the store makes my drink they make it to a tall specification in my grande cup. I am not looking for a free larger size when I visit the store, but I would like to be able to order a tall drink and get one that tastes right and not watered down because the mocha syrup sticks to the disposable plastic cup. The interesting thing is that she ends up pouring the remainder of the drink down the sink. What a waste. To top it off she never offers me my receipt (which I know in the past would get me a tall, iced drink for $2 after 2 P.M. on the same day). I have to ask for it.

In the beginning the manager used to try to charge me for a grande when I ordered a tall and when she found out I was not going to pay for a larger drink she started measuring my drink order in a disposable plastic cup. To top it off, she is always abrupt and rude to me whenever I come into the store…and that is my main complaint.

I have been going to Starbucks for over 10 years now and I have never experienced someone as rude as her. Since my latest run-in with the manager in August I have not been back to this particular Starbucks. I will not go back until something is done about this very rude and unprofessional manager. I would appreciate it if you could talk to her about her lack of customer service skills and that she should treat each customer with dignity and grace.

Motor Vehicle Officer/Referee in Drive-thru - 8/15/10
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I just had a very disturbing visit in this drive-through. Upon my almost entry into the drive-through a car flies in off of Anderson Lane, almost runs into me and then cuts in front of me and pulls up to the drive-through menu to order. I decided it was not fair that I had to wait behind this person who would have caused an accident had I not allowed them to cut in front of me. So I pulled up to the drive-through window to be rudely greeted by **. ** immediately began lecturing me about cutting in front of the other car and that he had a camera and saw me do it. I explained to him that I indeed did get in front of the car that cut me off and almost caused an accident doing it.

I further told him I did not appreciate the lecture when he did not see what happened before either of us got to the drive-through menu. What ** did not see is that the car behind me jeopardized my safety to cut in front of me to the ordering menu at the drive-through. My complaint is this, ** had no business trying to referee a situation he did not have the facts on and it was extremely unprofessional of him to jump to conclusions about the only part of the situation he saw and then lecture me about an incorrect conclusion.

I even tried to explain to him what happened but he insisted on being rude, condescending and unprofessional. I could even see him telling his co-workers inside and laughing. He even had the nerve to yell at me as I was driving off "you're great, you're justified." I am not exaggerating as to his full unprofessional way of handling this situation. I am absolutely astonished that any professional person would behave this way.

It is 100% inappropriate and unacceptable to be harassed at the drive-through by an employee. I am quite disturbed by his behavior and I would really appreciate some sort of confirmation that this incident is being taken seriously. I am sure no one at Starbucks would be proud of this sort of representation.

From a Starbucks Employee
By -

MARYLAND -- I have worked as a Supervisor for the largest Starbucks in the US for over 3 years now. And I have found Starbucks to be a love hate relationship. As I am sure a lot of the regular consumers have too. Every day I come to work with a smile and try to meet the customers needs as best as I can. Some days my job is easier than others. But the other days I can't wait to escape. I love seeing customers walking out the door with smiles on their face and drinks in their hand. But I can't tell you how many times customers have come in and demanded refunds because the drink doesn't taste like it does at their neighborhood Starbucks (I work on the busiest highway in the US).

I assure them that my baristas have made the drink correctly but if they would like I personally would make it again. Most reply with "I drink these every day so I would know." I would love to say to them "I make over 300 of these a day I'm sure it's made right!" Most agree. Others are rude and ignorant enough to insult me and my employees. Sure sometimes baristas make mistakes.

But as a consumer do you think that sometimes you are a little too critical? OK my latte isn't 170 degrees it's 165 or o my god even 160 degrees. Or I can't believe you didn't put whip cream on a nonfat mocha my Starbucks knows to put it on anyway. But really take a second and put yourself in the shoes of the worker, when you have customers coming in complaining to you for 8 hrs straight most of the time about something you know you did correctly even the best associates are going to get a little frustrated.

I love working at Starbucks serving the average coffee drinker. And I love talking with my customers that come in every morning. But there is a select few out there that drink Starbucks daily and think that because of that they are the all knowing king or queen of Starbucks and they can critique every Starbucks with a fine tooth comb and should they find one imperfection are the first to cry foul. Listen Starbucks is a one of a kind experience. Not one of those experiences is going to be the same but should you come into my store on a busy Sunday afternoon and I am on the BAR you will experience a once in a lifetime experience. I promise you that.

American Freedom
By -

CONNECTICUT -- The cost of freedom to do business in America, to make and keep your business profits in America, to speak your voice in America, to be educated in America, to choose and practice your own religion in America, to vote for your democratic representative in government in America, and to select the brand of coffee you will buy in America is extraordinarily high. Americans die to pay the cost of those rights. Many many soldiers have given their lives to pay that price. Families have lost fathers, sons, sisters and brothers in the global effort to keep terrorism off American streets, to preserve our way of life - a way of life that Starbucks depends on to make bundles of money from the American people.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that - as part of Starbucks plan to maximize profits from Americans - they refused to send coffee to our soldiers fighting in Iraq. Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to STARBUCKS because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the troops there. STARBUCKS replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, but that STARBUCKS does not support the war, NOR ANYONE IN IT (!), and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee.

For all of you who are disgusted by this selfish and vulgar display of anti-Americanism, I call on you to boycott this company Starbucks. The coffee comes from countries who are constantly at war, not to mention the genesis of much of our drug traffic in America, and Starbucks has no qualms about reaping the profits from them! Please do not buy Starbucks coffee anymore.

I noticed they've added a little plug for the military on their website, to ameliorate the publicity they've received for their anti-American gaffe. Don't be fooled. Anyone can put words up. Follow their actions. Watch to see if they actually walk the walk. (Note their Social Responsibility letter - saving Mother Earth, but abandoning our freedom fighters abroad! - is "currently on hiatus")
Thanks for listening!

Star Employee at Starbucks
By -

I just want to give a big thumbs up to Employee ** at the Starbucks near my work. I was in line waiting to place my order and although I did not notice but apparently the guy in line in front of me had pulled into the handicap parking space before coming inside. When it was his turn to order the lovely ** says to him " I noticed that you pulled into the handicap stall outside but I see no placards nor do you appear to be handicapped". The wonderful gentleman then replies that he is only going to be a minute. ** then says "I'm sorry but your going to have to move your car before I can serve you". The dude is dumbfounded and says "are you serious?" ** says "absolutely".

The lovely gentleman then leaves mumbling something about never coming back. I gave the guy a big **-eating grin as he was leaving and said "that's karma dude". I (and a few other customers) also gave ** a well-deserved congrats for doing that. She said she does it to everyone that parks in those spots without proper placards which is quite often apparently. The world needs more **s. That is all.

Terrible service from a Starbucks rude employee.
By -

MIAMI -- This morning I went to a Starbucks store at Biscayne Blvd & 69 St. in Miami, FL. to buy a Chai Tea about 8:45 am, 01/02/2010. I am very displeased with my service at Starbucks this morning, I asked for a Chai Tea Latte but I got a regular Chai Tea "Tazo®" ($1.45 + tax) and I was charged for a tall Chai Tea Latte ($2.95 + tax). When I went to ask the employee about it, he answered With a rude manner, "I DO NOT HOW MUCH I CHARGED YOU" then he turned his face "with a bad attitude" to his friend he was talking to.

Employee Weighs In...
By -

As a longtime Starbucks Coffee employee, I feel that part of my job is to make sure that people understand our company and what we try to provide. It is evident from your comments that many of you have had isolated experiences that have so enraged you (over coffee?) that you feel the need to Starbucks-bash. Here are some things that I think you should consider.

  1. If you EVER, for ANY reason, are unhappy with your Starbucks drink, whether that be after the first sip or the last, Starbucks has a "just say yes" policy in which the employee on shift will provide you with a free drink coupon. If the employee doesn't offer one, go ahead and ask. He or she will not say no, and you'll get what you want.

  2. In response to the African-American man who was offended when an employee called him "bro", GET OVER IT. That is a term used by young people EVERYWHERE and of EVERY race to greet each other. Starbucks Coffee is known for its relaxed environment, and the employee was just trying to be friendly to you. If you want to be called "sir" become an officer in the Military or something. Anyway, ten bucks says the gentlemen who got called sir was OLDER than you. If you had a problem with THAT employee's treatment of you, take it up with him, not the company. They're not going to fire this kid because you're overly sensitive regarding your race...


Dirty store and employees being inappropriate
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Rating: 1/51

AVONDALE, ARIZONA -- I was in the Starbucks on 105th ave and Indian School Rd. It was around 10 am on a Friday, it wasn't busy. There were no napkins on the station, but the huge bag of napkins were left on the station. There was trash all over it and coffee stains. A guy and a girl was standing by the drive-through window, giving each other back rubs and neck massages. I have meetings here for my group all the time. I'm going to rethink where I bring my group, this location was so close to all of us to meet at on a regular basis. I guess I will have to find another location. I will keep checking back to see if things change.

Working for Starbucks
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- They tell you that they promote from within. Yet that hasn't happened in the Lake County Il stores since I've worked here the last three years. Every time an opening comes up they promote managers from the local mall out of a jewel store. Not only are they not trained but of course all females. You would think upper management would of caught on by now. Plus how funny it is that our district only shows up at our store if we're lucky once every six months.

Store managers are afraid to tell the truth in the reports because they know they will be fired and replaced by another out of the mall. It's all too bad because I know that's not the way they want this to really work. Just too many people looking the other way. Make the NUMBERS - that is what counts.

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