Starkist Tuna

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Solid White Tuna More Like Chum!
By -

Sunkist solid white tuna is no longer white. It is mixed with nasty trash parts of the fish I have opened many cans recently and some smell foul the tuna looks like a can of cat food!! I have purchased this company solid white tuna for over 20 years and I'm so disgusted by what I have recently found in the cans and it wasn't just one can it was multiple cans from different times of purchase. I love eating tuna. But I'm switching companies.

And after the health inspection reviews and lack of recalls canning In unhealthy conditions. Bad company bad company!! No more tuna from you guys!!

Quality of Product
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Rating: 1/51

GLOBAL -- I have always purchased chunk lite tuna on the off chance there is slightly less mercury in it than solid white tuna. Most often I have bought Starkist, but Starkist has managed to put so much water in the can and so little tuna it is now just Tuna Soup; almost impossible to drain unless one presses it through a sieve. Then there is laughably little tuna for all the trouble. Even less expensive generic brands do much better. they have lost another customer.

Biting into scales
By -

Just read the other reviews and was trying to see if anyone else had experienced this problem. I usually buy another brand but bought this due to being on sale.
I bit into what I thought was egg shell and spit it out.
Once again, I bit into it and realized it looked like fish scales.
As I went through with my fingers to check, there were fish scales throughout.
Very upsetting, and hope it is not like that with many more.
Just wanted people to check closely so that especially no children have this experience.

By -

I totally agree. I have never had any issues with tuna before but this time. UGH...I found a 1" by 1/4" bone in my tuna. I don't think Charlie would be too happy. I know I am not.

StarKist Still Says "Sorry, Charlie"
By -

I've been reading complaints about the inferior quality of solid white canned tuna fish, and lately I've been noticing the same thing. So last night when I opened four cans of StarKist solid white tuna in water, I was a little worried about what would be inside. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all four cans actually contained solid white, non-mushy tuna, and no bones! Also, it didn't have an overly fishy smell and tasted great.

I was a little disappointed that the cans have been reduced from six ounces to five ounces, but the quality of the tuna more than made up for the difference.

I've been using StarKist for years because of all the major brands it was the one with the most consistent quality, and also the only one with no bones. I realize the bones are harmless, but if given a choice, I'd rather have my tuna bone free.

After all these years, it's nice to know that StarKist is still rejecting Charlie, the tuna with good taste, for the tuna that tastes good! Sorry, Charlie.

Pieces Of Bone In Tuna
By -

I have always preferred Starkist over other brands of tuna but lately on several occasions I have had large pieces of bone in the canned tuna (albacore) that I have bought. Looks like the quality of Starkist is going down.

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