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security deposits
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CAPITAL REGION, NEW YORK -- No business could stay in business on an eminently successful plain, if it skimmed others'

Since there are two sides to a coin, we'd like to hear the other side so fair judgment could be rendered.
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no deposit for you
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TROY, NEW YORK -- Before my lease was up, Starr's super went into my apartment and cleaned it. I hadn't yet turned the key in. My husband had given him permission to go in and paint (they claimed people were moving in immediately and my husband was stupidly nice). They didn't give me ANY of the security deposit, citing that it cost that much to clean my empty 600 square foot apartment.
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melissa.messner.ni1q on 04/26/2004:
Check with your local apartment association, or housing development office. I know here in Michigan, it's illegal for a management company to keep your deposit for cleaning. They can keep it for damages, but they aren't allowed to say that they kept it for "cleaning fees." I don't know if any other state has that same law, but it sure doesn't hurt to look into it! Good luck!
Zakk on 04/26/2004:
You should have been allowed a chance to clean it yourself, but since your husband gave them permission to enter (even though it was to paint) he may have voided that out. Check and see, but clearly you should have had the chance to clean before they applied your deposit.
fones on 08/21/2004:
99% of residents at our properties live up to their end of the deal and thus get their security deposits back in full--with interest when applicable.
fones on 08/22/2004:
Two sides to every story?

Where's the other side?
AnDang on 10/04/2005:
We took him to court and won. The judge found he acted in error, awarded us the entire deposit back plus a 25 dollar court fee. I would encorage anyone having this sort of problem with Mr. Starr to do the same. Stand up for yourself and what is right.
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Beware your deposit
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ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Company's move-out cleanliness requirements are utterly unreasonable, and engineered to enable landlord to keep deposit. Do not rent from above landlord if you want a mellow place to live, with amicable move out arrangements. Do not expect to see your deposit again. Apartments look clean and welcoming when compared to others on the market, but don't be fooled. You will rue the day you signed the lease.
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fones on 08/21/2004:
Unfortunately, when you live like a pig, you're apt to be treated like one.
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