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Non Renewal for a 15 years customer
By -

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- I have been a customer of State farm Insurance in New Jersey for about 15 years. Along with Auto Insurance, I also have the Home owners insurance with State Farm. I chose State farm a while back because of their proximity in Parsippany and cheaper rates among other companies. All seems to go well till I submitted a claim few weeks back. I had rear ended another car. There was minor damage to my car and other car.

This is the second claim I know of for the past 15 years as State Farm customer. State Farm claim agents on the phone tried to prevent me from filing the claim, repeatedly indicating deductibles etc., Most disappointing of all, in a week my agent calls me to inform me in advance that State Farm will not renew my auto insurance citing all the tickets I had for the past 5 years and that the "trend" of my auto claims is alarming to them. This is by far most ridiculous reason considering, there are 2 claims in past 15 years. This is horrible way to treat a customer and branding someone as insurance fraud.

If medical insurance company withdraws insurance because of increasing health claims based on age and all insurance carriers selectively profiles their customer to unilaterally decide not to renew their long standing customers, what is the purpose of buying Insurance? To send a fixed sum into a black hole every month to support their huge offices and bureaucracy?

It is important for everyone to realize the dark side and the real business model behind State Farm insurance. While I can easily find another insurance carrier, I will make it a point to educate all customers on State Farm insurance's wrong practices. I am also considering legal action around lack of business ethic and accountability for their own line of business.

Mis-Quotes You To Reel You In!
By -

DO NOT GET A QUOTE FROM A SF AGENT!! After being with progressive for 4 years, and recently getting married, we wanted a joint policy that would save us some $. At the time my hubs was with State Farm, his agent ** told him to call her for a joint quote. So I did, and spoke to a ** (who was very pleasant to deal with) she quoted me approx. 198.00 p/month for both of us including renter's insc and rental reimb. (which progressive didn't give me at the time of a claim, so I was upset and looking to find someone cheaper... oops).

So of course I told ** to sign us up. Called progressive and cancelled. ** called and said all was done, she faxed the temp cards etc... all was good. Till she went over the breakdown with me over the phone and the total monthly payment was going to be 216.00!!!! Floored I asked what she was talking about... she confirmed it was the monthly payment. I said no ** you told me 198.00 (ish) a month, well yes but then you have to add the renter's insc and taxes!

I was absolutely steaming mad that I just left my insc. of 4 years for this MIS QUOTE! I told her, those items should have been included in any quote they give a customer... NOT AFTER the paperwork is all done. Well I left it, 2 weeks later we get a bill for 238.73!!! WOW. Now my husband says that HE is pissed (which is rare) to call ** and talk to her b/c she was the one he deals with etc. When I called she answered explained he wanted me to talk to her about the situation, which I went through with her. Towards the end she cut me off saying... ** was certified and able to handle any matter that we need dealt with so I will transfer you... REALLY!

You are the manager of your branch and you won't deal with your own customer? SO I spoke to heather, she said she would call underwriting and get back to me. When she did she said, they messed up and would fix bill and re send it... so you will pay 276.00 for the first bill!!!!!! What! Again she says 276. Two hundred and seventy six dollars I said? "yes, that's just for the 1st bill though". ** how the hell did we get to 276 when you quoted me 198.00 then it jumped to 216.00 now this? "Because we fixed the bill and it came to 276 for the 1st bill and the 216 for the rest".

Mind you all ** is on the phone also when this convo is going on. I said your not making any sense, ** perks up and says OK lets explain this again because I don't think you are grasping it. And we just told this to your husband as well and he isn't getting it either. I could have reached through the phone at this point!! When she got off the high horse ** clearly stated that the 1st bill was 200 DOLLARS and 76 CENTS!!! 76 CENTS... not TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX, like ** was saying.

When I hung up I called hubs, and before saying anything he told me about the same experience I had, that he was talked to like an idiot because he questioned the 276 figure. Right there I called progressive got a quote and it ended up being AND STAYING 50 dollars cheaper... I should have never left!! They might have screwed up a rental for me, but I have NEVER been spoken to like this from them.

Run as Fast as You Can From SNAKE Farm Insurance Co.
By -

BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- In May, 2007, I was rear-ended by a person insured by Snake Farm. My husband and I have been insured by Snake Farm for 20+ years (home, auto AND earthquake). Although Snake Farm quickly and without complaint paid for the damages to my vehicle as well as all medical bills resulting from the crash (I spent 13 months in agony due to the collision), I was offered a paltry $8000 for pain and suffering.

It became necessary to sue to get an an amount anywhere near appropriate in compensation. So, do you think Snake Farm would come to their senses and offer me a decent amount of money for 13 month of pain & suffering then? NOOOOO!!!!! Much, much better to pay a rude, crude, hateful, @itchy attorney somewhere in the neighborhood of $45,000 plus another $10,000 or so in expenses to fight it in court -- where they will most certainly LOSE since they've already admitted fault by paying my damages and medicals.

We're in the process of changing insurance companies now. I don't know if any of them are any better, but I'll be damned if I'm going to send our insurance premiums to this piece of ** lawyer who is intent on putting me through hell and back just so that she can bill Snake Farm more than most families in this country make in a year.

I'll say it again: Snake Farm will take and take and take your money from now until the end of time, but if you ever need that "good neighbor", you'll find he's fled the country with every penny you've given him -- just like Bernie Madoff. They're thieves, they know it, and since their pockets are deeper than ours (because we were stupid enough to give them so much of our HARD EARNED MONEY), they don't give a damn what they put you through. They'd obviously rather pay a shyster attorney twice what they should be paying you than own up to their responsibilities. They're rip-off artists, and they delight in it.

What kind of NEIGHBOR?!!!
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- I have been with SF Ins for many years. My monthly premiums were auto drafted from my bank account. Over the past several years there were times they were unable to draft the money due to my payroll checks not being there when they attempted the draft. When this would happen, they called and let me know.

Well, Aug 4, my daughter and I were traveling to see family. There was a black, cow in the middle of my lane and I hit him. My car was totaled. No injuries, thank God. I called SF the following morning to file my claim. Several hours later I received a call from them stating my policy had been cancelled due to non payment. I was in shock! The woman stated they were unable to draft my payment in June and sent me a letter in July stating I had until Aug 1 to pay. I never received this letter. Where was the phone call, like all the ones I had received before? I always took care of it when it happened.

I had a very nice car and would never go without insurance, I also have a 6 year old daughter. I agree it is my responsibility to maintain my insurance. But when you have had a policy for 15 plus years with an agency and something is wrong, you should be able to expect a phone call telling you your policy is going to be cancelled or to confirm receipt of this letter. Mind you, it was one letter!!!

So, now I am stuck eating the total bill for my totaled car... I am so disappointed about this. I trusted these people to take care of my needs like they had for many years. Now, they will not rewrite a policy for me on another vehicle due to the lapse. They said I will have to get coverage through another agency, have good standing with them for at least 6 months, and they will rewrite me then. NO THANKS! I plan to find everyone I can with SF Ins and tell them to change immediately. Especially if it is with Larry Floyd Agency.

The woman who told me she was sorry and they could not do anything about this also stated she was new to that office in June. The woman who always called me no longer worked there. So, she dropped the ball and I get to eat it! State Farm, change your motto!

A Really Bad Neighbor
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- If you have not already been notified, we have decided to obtain insurance from another carrier. This includes our Auto policies, and our Home Owners policy. This decision was based on several factors. First, we were surprised how soon your company sent out a Cancellation Notice, only after 2 months, for which you seemed to indicate that we had not disclosed an incident that occurred last year to our daughters car, like road hazard doesn't ever happen to anyone?

Not to mention the fact, that this was disclosed to our agent here in Albuquerque, before I bought off on your policy, which by the way, we were only getting coverage for ourselves, and not our daughter, since she and her husband now have their own policy. Also, both of our credit has been immaculate for over 35 years, as well as our 35+ years of driving records. So my conclusion is your company does not deserve good drivers. I hope that you continue to drop the good drivers, like us, so that all you are left with are those other kind of drivers that you so much deserve, and will help businesses like yours, on their way out of business.

The other factors for our decision was that since I did not hear any other status from our State Farm Agents here from the Tim Gallegos office here in Albuquerque since 2 weeks ago as to whether we were going to be covered or not, we assumed we had NO coverage as of your of cancellation notice for May 27th, which by the way, was right in the middle of our vacation, and only allowed us less than 1 week to find another insurance carrier.

Thanks… that made us feel ever better during our vacation, as we were trekking around the country, not knowing if we had coverage or not. The only good thing is that it didn't take us long to figure out how STATE FARM really is to their customers. Also, just to let you know, I will be posting a copy of this letter on the internet, to let everyone know what a “really good neighbor” STATE FARM is. State Farm should drop its “like a good neighbor” slogan, as if this is the way “good neighbors” really are then I will have no part of your kind of friendship or any part of your business.

Loyal Customer Taken Advantage Of
By -

NORFOLK, NEBRASKA -- A little over a year ago on Dec, 24 2007. I was involved in an accident in a car dealers car lot. I had just gotten done with some last minute Christmas shopping, and when I left the store I decided to drive through the car dealers lot to see if there was anything of interest. I pulled down one lane of vehicles, and stopped, I looked at the price tag on one particular vehicle, than decided to back up, and leave the lot in the direction I came in. I looked in both side mirrors, and my rear-view mirror, and started backing up slowly.

Then all of a sudden I felt like I was running over something. I looked in all my mirrors again, and turned around to look behind me, but did not see anything. I than decided to get out of my pickup to see what was wrong, and to my amazement there was a small vehicle crashed in to the side of my pickup right behind the cab. I got out to see if he was OK, and to ask him what the heck happened, and he said he was making a u-turn in the lot, and he said he saw me, and was waiting for me to stop. We called the police, and they investigated it.

They said on the report that the other vehicle drove in to me, and it was reported to state farm in that manner, and when they interviewed me I told them the same thing, an I expected that it would probably be at least a 50-50 deal on the damages, as it was not on a public roadway, and it should have been a no fault accident. But instead they said it was my fault because I was backing up. I argued with them, that the damage was not to the rear of my vehicle, but to the side, and it was so obvious that he drove in to me, and probably was not paying any attention. They would not reason with me at all.

I have been a loyal customer for over 25 years, have my home mortgage through them plus other policies. I think that the other driver just had liability on his vehicle so they made it my fault so he would not get stuck with all of the cost to repair his vehicle, we both had State Farm Insurance, the other driver was a young driver, and probably was a higher risk, and good ole me, had never had any major claims so why not lay it all on me.

So it cost me 500.00 Deductible to get my pickup fixed, and the other driver did not have to pay a dime I threatened to sue over the deal, and the adjuster said, well do what you have to do, but the courts would not favor me because I was backing up. I was just totally frustrated over the whole deal, and just let it go, but every time I think about it or discuss it, it just reminds me again that there is no such thing as customer loyalty any more, and you have to look out for your self or you are going to get the short end of the stick.

Extremely Frustrated With the Agent and Claims Handlers
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Rating: 1/51

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- I was in an auto accident on the 11th of one month. I was at a stop sign and had clear sight of no traffic coming from my left. The road had a hill to the left and the car was not in sight. As I proceeded through the intersection another vehicle came flying over the hill at an accelerated rate of speed. The area was residential where the speed limit was 25 mph on both roads. He struck me on my left rear quarter panel, the Jetta Sun around almost landing in a ditch. My left rear tire was bent into the axle. All the air bags went off.

When the policeman got there, the other person lied and said they were only going 25 mph. State Farm totaled my car and two months later I hadn't received the money. The other guy was also State Farm. He was in an older Accord. He received his money in 2 1/2 weeks. State Farm wouldn't disclose the total amount of damages. But when I called the body shop a few days later, he said he was up to about $3500 but had one more air bag to price.

State Farm wouldn't send an adjuster and took the body shop's estimate. They wouldn't send an adjuster to rate the speed of impact. Then they screwed up the car rental and it took repeated calls to finally get my money. The amount of damages couldn't have been greater than 70 or 75% of the value. I was very disappointed with my agent than with customer service.

Horrible Customer Service on Car Accident
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Rating: 2/51

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN -- I was hit by an uninsured 19 yr old on January 24th of this year. I have been trying to settle this for almost 7 months now! I had to call my agent for updates and was given different numbers to call for info, this is not MY job!! I pay the extra for uninsured motorists, but I am the one getting all the crap. I had to go to Urgent Care 2 days after the accident because of a shoulder injury. I have been trying to settle for pain and suffering with some guy named **, but it takes up to 2 weeks for him to get back to me.

I called my agent ** and told him how unhappy I have been and will not renew my policy and he didn't even try to keep my business... REALLY???? I know I probably won't hear back from anybody, but 7 months to settle?? 4 months to find out he didn't have insurance?? UNACCEPTABLE!!!

State Farm Is NOT a Good Neighbor
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BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- State Farm is NOT a good neighbor. They were not there for me and my family. After being with State Farm for over 30 years and spending over $150,000.00 on house, 3 cars & umbrella insurance State Farm screwed me & my family. After I expressed my concerns with the Collision Shop and State Farm that my 2009 Toyota Corolla should be totaled. They repaired my vehicle $134.00 short of totaling it.

Now I have a car that has no value. I can't sell it or trade it in. This is how State Farm treats a loyal customer after 30 years and spending $150,000.00. Everyone needs to know what State Farm has done to me and my family. Please DO NOT use State Farm for your personal or business insurance needs. What they have done to us...they can easily do to you.

Shop Around!
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CIRCLE PINES, MINNESOTA -- If you have a State Farm auto insurance policy, shop around now because you may be paying too much! I was. I have been a State Farm customer for over 24 years. In May I paid $515.29 for 6 months of coverage on my 2000 GMC. In July, when they found out I got a DUI they didn't bother raising my rate, they just cancelled me. Progressive knew I had the DUI and picked me up for $539.50 for 6 month policy. I wonder how much I have been overpaying all those years when I had a clean driving record. You can be sure from now on I will be comparing coverage and rates every few years.

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