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Loyal Customer Taken Advantage Of
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NORFOLK, NEBRASKA -- A little over a year ago on Dec, 24 2007. I was involved in an accident in a car dealers car lot. I had just gotten done with some last minute Christmas shopping, and when I left the store I decided to drive through the car dealers lot to see if there was anything of interest. I pulled down one lane of vehicles, and stopped, I looked at the price tag on one particular vehicle, than decided to back up, and leave the lot in the direction I came in. I looked in both side mirrors, and my rear-view mirror, and started backing up slowly.

Then all of a sudden I felt like I was running over something. I looked in all my mirrors again, and turned around to look behind me, but did not see anything. I than decided to get out of my pickup to see what was wrong, and to my amazement there was a small vehicle crashed in to the side of my pickup right behind the cab. I got out to see if he was OK, and to ask him what the heck happened, and he said he was making a u-turn in the lot, and he said he saw me, and was waiting for me to stop. We called the police, and they investigated it.

They said on the report that the other vehicle drove in to me, and it was reported to state farm in that manner, and when they interviewed me I told them the same thing, an I expected that it would probably be at least a 50-50 deal on the damages, as it was not on a public roadway, and it should have been a no fault accident. But instead they said it was my fault because I was backing up. I argued with them, that the damage was not to the rear of my vehicle, but to the side, and it was so obvious that he drove in to me, and probably was not paying any attention. They would not reason with me at all.

I have been a loyal customer for over 25 years, have my home mortgage through them plus other policies. I think that the other driver just had liability on his vehicle so they made it my fault so he would not get stuck with all of the cost to repair his vehicle, we both had State Farm Insurance, the other driver was a young driver, and probably was a higher risk, and good ole me, had never had any major claims so why not lay it all on me.

So it cost me 500.00 Deductible to get my pickup fixed, and the other driver did not have to pay a dime I threatened to sue over the deal, and the adjuster said, well do what you have to do, but the courts would not favor me because I was backing up. I was just totally frustrated over the whole deal, and just let it go, but every time I think about it or discuss it, it just reminds me again that there is no such thing as customer loyalty any more, and you have to look out for your self or you are going to get the short end of the stick.

Who Do I Contact to Resolve a Complaint About an Agent?
By -

GARLAND, TEXAS -- My wife was involved with a wreck a few months ago and has run out of energy to fight anymore, but I haven't. My wife was backed into while she was in a parking lot and the people involved have been spinning lies ever since. Unfortunately my wife got pretty much zero info about the other party which has given them an opportunity to lie their rear ends off. The person driving the Hummer was not the owner but because my wife did not get the driver's license of the person at the scene they have magically reassigned who was driving. The owner now says that my wife rear ended her.

My wife returned to the accident site shortly after the accident and talked with the manager of the restaurant who saw the whole thing. In fact he said the girl that hit my wife had just quit her job with his restaurant and stormed out backing into my wife. My wife provided his information. We received mail a couple of weeks later that indicated that the other girl was not at fault. We inquired and found out that the witness was not even contacted. He was called at the restaurant and a friend of the girl who backed into my wife intercepted the call and informed the investigator that the manager hadn't seen anything but that she had and it was all my wife's fault.

We contacted our agent who has apparently been sitting on his hands the whole time and he said he'd look into it. Both my wife and the other party are both covered by State Farm. He got back to us and said the investigator was rude to him and ended up hanging up on him. Now this is a fellow employee with State Farm that he called and she hung up on him. My wife called her and my wife was told the case was closed. My wife appealed to the woman that her witness hadn't even been contacted and the representative replied that the case was closed.

My wife replied that she was going to file a complaint and the representative told her in an impolite way to do whatever she felt she had to. We managed to get the case reopened and all sides provided taped statements including the restaurant manager but the investigator still found for the other party, saying that she discovered the manager was a personal friend of my wife and his testimony was apparently not seen as valid.

The assertion that they are personal friends is completely false, my wife only met the man after the accident when she went looking for witnesses but apparently the girl who ran into my wife still has friends at the restaurant who are lying for her. We were told by the investigator that she was told (apparently by these lying twenty something year olds) that the manager was her personal friend.

The investigator is at least incompetent if not worse. How do we go about getting justice, particularly how can we make a complaint against this agent/investigator that has been repeatedly been given the facts but refuses to correctly dispense justice? We live in Texas, the Dallas area.

Lied to and Cheated
By -

VIRGINIA -- On 9/21/2007 my wife was in an accident in our 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. A homeless man had jumped in the street and she swerved to avoid hitting him, resulting in 2 blown out tires, 2 damaged rims, and some body damage. A few days later we were contacted by the dealership doing the repairs, and were told that out tires were on national backorder and could take several weeks to come in. This was on September 25, 2007, and I promptly called the State Farm claims office to advise them of this. A lady named Rose, on team 53, told me that they were already aware of the issue, and not to worry because our rental car was covered until the tires came in.

That was the last we heard on that topic, until the evening of October 15, when the insurance company called to tell us that our rental car limit had been reached, and even though the expected delivery date of our tires wasn't for another few weeks, we had to turn in the rental car on the 15 (this, by the way, was after the rental car company had closed). We took back the rental car the next day, and since then have had to rent another at a personal cost to us.

State Farm now claims that they had advised us that the rental car limit was a max of $900 regardless of the length of time it takes to repair the car. They even had the nerve to tell us that we should have chosen a cheaper rental car and then we would have had it for longer. The rental car that THEY GAVE US was a Jeep Compass for $46/day, that being the closest match to the vehicle that we had.

Another option was never offered, and a rental limit was never discussed, and we were only informed of the limit on the day that the limit was reached. Prior to that, the only statement they had made about it was on September 25, stating that we would have a rental car until our vehicle was fixed.

Now we're left scrambling to find alternative repair options, while paying unexpectedly for a rental car out of our own pocket. They refuse to own up to their mistaken statement, and are "sorry" that now the extra cost is coming out of our pocket, when they could have easily informed us about a limit in time to get a cheaper rental car and look into using a set of tires that weren't on backorder. I have spent hours on the phone with various people who are good at saying "sorry" for the mistake, without actually owning up to the mistake or offering to cover the rental car as they originally promised to do.

Overall, it has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had, and it is disappointing to pay premiums for 10 years only to have a problem like this. Unless they change their stance, I will never do business with State Farm again. Buyers beware.

Auto Accident with another State Farm insured
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MINNESOTA -- I was recently involved in a car accident in a parking lot; the lady that hit me was also a State Farm insured. The car accident occurred on the week of Thanksgiving, so it was very busy in the parking lot at the grocery store. I carefully looked to make sure it was all clear, then I began backing out. I backed out slowly as it was so busy, and as I backed I looked right, left, right and there was a lady backing toward me. I stopped, but only had about 4 seconds before she hit me, not enough time to do anything. She was in the lane across from me, but north one stall. I got out of my car and asked her if she saw me, she replied no.

While my agent has been very polite through the whole thing, the State Farm adjuster spoke to me as though I were stupid. I would have thought this was the other ladies rep, since we have the same insurance, perhaps it was! The adjuster actually told me that I should have been able to do more... I should have stopped sooner, she even said that perhaps I should have looked left, right, left instead of right, left, right. All the points that I started backing first, I backed out slowly whereas she backed out more quickly, and I STOPPED, meant nothing. They found both of us 50/50. I can't help but think that things would have turned out differently if we had different insurance companies.

I spoke with a lawyer who said I should not back down as I was only 10-20 percent at fault, and 2 different police officers told me the same thing. Yet State Farm will not back down. A manager called and apologized for the rude adjuster, but his apology meant very little when he went on to say that the average claim is one every 13 years, so my 10-year history with State Farm and not having a single claim means very little. I have 2 auto policies, homeowners, a separate jewelry policy, a retirement account, and was working on adding a life insurance policy when this happened.

At this point I'm so frustrated I'm not sure what to do. I hate State Farm but really like my agent, who did try to help out through this whole ordeal. If they are going to be such jerks over a small claim how are they going to be when I actually have a larger claim?? The adjuster said I probably don't recall all the details as they occurred, and kept saying that regardless I should have done more to prevent the accident. Then when I discovered there was a video of the incident, I'm thinking I'm going to get an apology since the video shows it as I said, but NO!

They just keep telling me I still could have stopped sooner!!! What is the point in having insurance when their main objective is to pay out as little as possible? They're looking at losing a customer over $250?! It's not the money that's making me SO MAD, it's the principal. I am NOT 50 percent at fault and refuse to accept their finding that I am.

Taking Money From Another Account
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Had State Farm auto insurance. At the time I went on vacation it was time to renew. My mother sent a check in for me with my info they needed. They cashed it and started to charge my mother recurring payments from her account. I called and had them correct this. Told it was corrected. Then in January my mother's account was overdraw by 358.00 dollars. They charged her account again twice! Every bill that went through got drafted!! She doesn't have State Farm!!!

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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I'm not sure what to say. At this point I got in a car accident, that the accident which was not my fault. The other driver, his insurance is State Farm. That insurance didn't help me in any way. State Farm's lack of customer service is not acceptable. Didn't care if my car was riding or not. Didn't want to get my car repair done. I will not recommend this company to anyone.

Anything to not pay a claim...
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Rating: 1/51

I understand that things like this happen, but this is about credibility and people knowing that they should be doing the right thing. About a month ago while out during my lunch break my car was 'dinged' by a car that parked next to mine. The ding was so big that while walking past the rear of my car to get to the drivers side I could see the damage. I was of course surprised and I looked at the parked car next to mine and there was a significant amount of the paint from my car (a huge chip of it) along with another minor amount of the paint on his door. The driver of the other car did not leave a note so of course I took pictures and contacted my insurance.

State Farm was able to track down the owner/driver of the vehicle using the plate information that was provided in the photos. Fortunately for me (or so I thought) was that he has State Farm as well. He denies being at the place of business where the damage was done. That lie didn't pay off as I have pictures of the damage as well as pictures of his license plate and the insurance company would have had no way to contact him otherwise.

Second, he was a no show to the appointment that he set up with State Farm to have his vehicle inspected. Gee, maybe enough time to have his door buffed out and my paint removed from his door? Long story short, they sided with someone who definitely lacked credibility and denied the claim stating that there were no witnesses. They also denied making a claim on my comprehensive insurance (to waive the deductible) because they said the damage was done by another car door, just not his car door. How convenient!

To a certain extent I understand their point. If there were no pictures, if the other gentleman had been more credible by not lying about being at the scene and had he shown up for his inspection I would be able to see how State Farm came to this decision. To me, State Farm was fighting to avoid paying out and I am the casualty in their decision. My State Farm agent did his best to have this decision reversed, to no avail. Unfortunately he lost a customer with more than one policy because his parent company wouldn't pay an $800 claim.

Poor customer service
By -

20634 BISCAYNE BLVD -- On Friday, January 14th 2011, I called this State Farm Location for a quote. After speaking to ** (agent), I decided to sign up with her for insurance as she gave me a quote I liked, considering I had a past suspended license and that I am under 25. I gave her my credit card number to finalize the charges and she assured me we are all set. I had cancelled my insurance with the prior company knowing I have a new company. On Monday when I checked my online account and saw no charge was posted, I tried to call them several times - left messages - but no answer - I assumed that due to the Martin Luther king day, they were off and the payment was delaying. I kept calling since - no answer.

Today 01/19/2011 after several messages, I was able to get in touch with another agent ** who was able to transfer me to ** within a few seconds (suddenly she is available on the phone...) - When I told her who I was, she immediately knew who I am. She put me on hold, only to get back to me and tell me State Farm didn't approved me as I had in the past a suspended license.

Why would you let someone cancelled their insurance without having a 100% confirmation he was approved. I am 7 months pregnant driving with no insurance for the past few days - without knowing - Just because ** didn't answer my phone calls. All she needed to do is a courtesy call stating I was not approved or at least answer my calls. I do not recommend this company to no one, if you want to have a reliable company. Thanks god I was able to find a new company which right away insured me, and now I can finally relax.

Non Renewal for a 15 years customer
By -

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- I have been a customer of State farm Insurance in New Jersey for about 15 years. Along with Auto Insurance, I also have the Home owners insurance with State Farm. I chose State farm a while back because of their proximity in Parsippany and cheaper rates among other companies. All seems to go well till I submitted a claim few weeks back. I had rear ended another car. There was minor damage to my car and other car.

This is the second claim I know of for the past 15 years as State Farm customer. State Farm claim agents on the phone tried to prevent me from filing the claim, repeatedly indicating deductibles etc., Most disappointing of all, in a week my agent calls me to inform me in advance that State Farm will not renew my auto insurance citing all the tickets I had for the past 5 years and that the "trend" of my auto claims is alarming to them. This is by far most ridiculous reason considering, there are 2 claims in past 15 years. This is horrible way to treat a customer and branding someone as insurance fraud.

If medical insurance company withdraws insurance because of increasing health claims based on age and all insurance carriers selectively profiles their customer to unilaterally decide not to renew their long standing customers, what is the purpose of buying Insurance? To send a fixed sum into a black hole every month to support their huge offices and bureaucracy?

It is important for everyone to realize the dark side and the real business model behind State Farm insurance. While I can easily find another insurance carrier, I will make it a point to educate all customers on State Farm insurance's wrong practices. I am also considering legal action around lack of business ethic and accountability for their own line of business.

Run as Fast as You Can From SNAKE Farm Insurance Co.
By -

BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- In May, 2007, I was rear-ended by a person insured by Snake Farm. My husband and I have been insured by Snake Farm for 20+ years (home, auto AND earthquake). Although Snake Farm quickly and without complaint paid for the damages to my vehicle as well as all medical bills resulting from the crash (I spent 13 months in agony due to the collision), I was offered a paltry $8000 for pain and suffering.

It became necessary to sue to get an an amount anywhere near appropriate in compensation. So, do you think Snake Farm would come to their senses and offer me a decent amount of money for 13 month of pain & suffering then? NOOOOO!!!!! Much, much better to pay a rude, crude, hateful, @itchy attorney somewhere in the neighborhood of $45,000 plus another $10,000 or so in expenses to fight it in court -- where they will most certainly LOSE since they've already admitted fault by paying my damages and medicals.

We're in the process of changing insurance companies now. I don't know if any of them are any better, but I'll be damned if I'm going to send our insurance premiums to this piece of ** lawyer who is intent on putting me through hell and back just so that she can bill Snake Farm more than most families in this country make in a year.

I'll say it again: Snake Farm will take and take and take your money from now until the end of time, but if you ever need that "good neighbor", you'll find he's fled the country with every penny you've given him -- just like Bernie Madoff. They're thieves, they know it, and since their pockets are deeper than ours (because we were stupid enough to give them so much of our HARD EARNED MONEY), they don't give a damn what they put you through. They'd obviously rather pay a shyster attorney twice what they should be paying you than own up to their responsibilities. They're rip-off artists, and they delight in it.

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