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Issues With Claim For Roof Damage Due To Hail
Posted by on
CONYERS, GEORGIA -- Had hail damage to my roof on my home. Adjuster came and confirmed. I had already had a couple estimates but he adjuster's own estimate was about a thousand too little but said if the contractors actual costs are indeed higher to just submit the final invoice after the work is completed and they would adjust the difference. Well after the work was done I never could get the adjuster to return my calls. I have received the amount that the adjuster originally estimated for. I then contacted and faxed the information to State Farm's office My agent gave me of which the initial conversation over the phone indicated they were going to adjust for the difference. a few weeks passed and I called on a status on the claim, everyone I talk too says the claim is paid and no adjustments have been made nor are they willing to do so or even discuss it.

I am now filing a complaint with my states do nothing insurance agency but I am also going to switch to a different insurance company right away.
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IknowAlittleAboutThis on 04/09/2009:
Really the only thing you did wrong in all of this was cash the check. A claim is not closed until payment has been rendered. by taking and cashing the check you agreed to the settlement amount for the claim. That is just how these sort of things work, not just with insurance companies.
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Dropped after claims
Posted by on
What's the point of having insurance if the insurance companies don't want you to put in a claim? Thought that was the whole point of having coverage! State Farm decided to drop us after two water damage claims that we put in. Both damages were caused by the condo owner above us. When we talked to our agent and adjuster they assured us that these two claims wouldn't affect us and that they were going to go after the people above us. The whole insurance industry is a scam.

They want our money, but when they have to pay out they get rid of you. We'll be moving all our policies to a different company.
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GothicSmurf on 01/24/2008:
With two claims, you'll be paying a higher premium. Even though it was caused by the people above you, there's a good chance the insurance company wasn't able to subro. Since you've had two claims - I didn't see a time line. Two claims in how long? A month? A year? A week? That makes a big difference. If you've had a number of homeowners claims in a certain period you are a risk.

You can thank those who used their insurance policies as a maintenance policy.
Angry and Upset on 01/24/2008:
We had a claim in 2006 and another one in 2007. State Farm told us that they were going to subrogate for the second one, but no such effort was made by State Farm. I understand that you become high risk even after one claim, but the point here is that State Farm was not being honest with us. All along they assured us that our premium was not going to be affected, that they were going to subrogate. We made sure with our agent, before we put the claims in, that our record was going to remain intact. We thought at the worst that our premium might increase a little bit, but based on the conversations and assurance from State Farm, did we not even consider that they could drop us! I think we wouldn't have been this upset with State Farm if they just been straight forward with us from the beginning.
FoggyOne on 01/25/2008:
We had only 3 claims in over 30 years of coverage (2 small ones and 1 water damage). They canceled us too. Our agent was totally worthless, actually worse than worthless because they didn't even try to fight for us. I called State Farm in Tempe and talked to an underwriter and our policy was reinstated with a higher premium (that is no problem because it seems our house is 'higher risk'). The only thing our agent did was give us the names of ripoff insurance companies that charge 4 to 5 times as much as a normal policy for less coverage. If I hadn't called State Farm underwriting direct we'd be paying a lot more. Also, no other 'regular' insurance company would touch us because SF canceled us. The insurance companies know they have consumers in a very tight bind and take every advantage of it. I am thankful there was at least 1 person (the underwriter I spoke with) who seemed to have any idea of good business practices.
tnchuck100 on 01/25/2008:
15 years ago my father-in-law had State Farm auto insurance for 25 years and never had a claim, accident, or ticket. They canceled him because "statistically he was due for an accident".
Anonymous on 01/25/2008:
Chuck -- "statistically he was due for an accident" -- That has to be a joke. Insurance companies are pretty math savvy and that statement is about as incorrect as saying the earth is flat or saying dang this slot machine is due to pay off.
Principissa on 01/25/2008:
That's like your HMO calling up and saying to a person, "statistically you are due for a cold or broken leg so we are dropping you for not going to a doctor or hospital." That's some messed up logic they used on your FIL.
tnchuck100 on 01/25/2008:
Stew, that was not a joke. I'm as serious as a heart attack. That IS what they told him. This is first hand information.
nickles on 04/17/2008:
Good for you. I have done the same thing with State Farm. I guess when you make so much money you forget about the people who allow you to have a job. What would happen if people decided they did not need insurance. We pay for the "what if" what happens when they what if never happens. The insurance company continues to get rich from customers paying premiums.
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Ease and speed of processing claim
Posted on
SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I've had State Farm for auto coverage for as long as I've been driving (about 20 years). In that time I've filed 2 claims with them, the first several years ago for an accident, and the most recent yesterday.

As I was leaving for work yesterday morning, I found that, some time overnight, my car window had been smashed and my portable GPS device stolen.

I went back to my place, and called the police to file a report. While waiting for the officer to arrive, I called my insurance agent, about 8:30 am. After a short automated message, I was connected to an agent.

I explained I needed to file a claim for the broken window and missing GPS. She verified all my information, and the details about the loss and let me know that I would be contacted by someone from the claim team, who would review my claim and coverage. She provided a claim number and contact number for the Team that would be handling it.

After getting off the phone, I located the number of a mobile auto glass company, and called to schedule the needed repair. After that, the officer arrived and I filed the police report.

By 10:00 am I received a call from the claim agent, who again reviewed my information, took specific details as to the model of my GPS and all the damage done to my car. She assured me my claim was covered, less deductible of $250.

She asked if I needed help finding a local window repair, I let her know I had already scheduled one.

She stated that my GPS would be replaced by their contract replacement service, who would order and ship the device. I would just need to fax them the receipt from the window repair, and they would apply it against my deductible.

By 1:30 I received a call from Coordinated Claims, to verify the model of the GPS device I had. They confirmed that it was available, and verified the address to which it would be shipped.

I was directed to fax the window repair receipt, which I would not have until Tuesday, and they would contact me again to finalize my claim.

After having the window repaired Tuesday morning, I fax the receipt to CCS around 12:15. By 2:30 I received a call back. After the cost of the window repair, I did have to pay an additional $90 towards the deductible for the GPS (it cost $700 for the unit).

All being said and done, my claim was accepted and approved in just a bit over 24 hours, and my replacement GPS is on order, and should be arrive within 3 - 5 days.

It's really great dealing with a company that handles claims so quickly and efficiently. My previous claim experience was just as positive.
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MRM on 06/12/2007:
With regards to GPS in cars, I see a lot of cars with GPS on the windshield and a thief can see the GPS in plain view. I would hope that the GPS be put away in glove compartment when not in use.
Anonymous on 06/12/2007:
Unfortunately I had become complacent with leaving my GPS in the car, when it took seconds to disconnect it and take it with me. This was fueled by the fact that I park in a gated underground garage. I always removed it from view, and placed it low between the seats, but obviously that was not enough.

The officer that took my report told me that almost all the auto burglary calls he had handled this year have been for GPS devices.
SAJ on 06/12/2007:
Let us know if this incident affects your rates sometime in a future billing cycle.
Anonymous on 01/24/2008:
Just as a late follow up to this post.

I have had two billing cycles on my insurance policy since this claim, and my rates have actually gone down. This claim did not adversly affect my policy in any way.
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Underhanded Actions
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Claimed on home insurance, legitimate claim. Hard time was given, and treatment by the claims department was rude.

I am cancelling home and car ASAP. Buyers beware.
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Claims Adjuster - Katrina (Last Name Unknown)
Posted by on
This alleged State Farm claims adjuster called me and refused to provide basic identification information that would allow me to validate that she indeed was a representative of State Farm Insurance. Have no idea if she was attempting to steal personal identity information or what? Have contacted State Farm Insurance CEO for remediation.

In addition Katrina (Last Name Unknown) 301-620-5840 was extremely rude and unprofessional. Have contacted State Farm Insurance CEO for remediation about that also.
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trmn8r on 09/11/2011:
Are you expecting a call from a State Farm claims adjuster?
drugdoc121 on 09/11/2011:
And to add on to trmn8r - wouldn't a call to your local office or even corporate suffice? What is contacting the CEO going to do? Isn't that a bit much?
lexophiliac on 09/11/2011:
Some people prefer to eschew the stairs in favor of the elevator.
Fufu487 on 09/11/2011:
I agree. A simple call to the local office would most likely be sufficient. The CEO probably won't bother with this.
Nohandle on 09/11/2011:
What type of basic identification information were you seeking from the alleged State Farm claims adjuster? I've been a State Farm customer for many years and would be interested in some details.
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Cheated by State Farm
Posted by on
My car was hit by a State Farm insured and I was turned over to a State Farm claims adjuster after having to make 2 calls to the agent of the insurer. Since I was told that I could either take my vehicle to one of State Farm approved shop or get one of their ajusters to look at my vehicle, s damage, I opted to have an adjuster to look at my vehicle. Prior to the adjuster showing up at my home I took my vehicle to one of State Farm approved shop for a separate estimate of damages. When the adjuster showed up to look at my vehicle I had to end up showing him the estimate from the shop of their choice because he could not understand why their estimate were different. The adjuster then stated to me, that "Black was Black and White was white in his book and he would not pay for tint in an estimate. When I called the Claims ajusters supervisor and stated the problem to her, she got very rude and said, I could take my vehicle to a shop to get it repaired and they could "consider a supplemental claim but not necessarily pay for tint to paint my car back to the way it was. I asked for another ajuster of their choice to re-examine my vehicle since I felt that the first ajuster apparently must have been new or just didn't know what they were doing and I was told their estimate was final that if I didn't like it.. Well it was too bad because there was nothing I could do about it.
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Soaring Consumer on 03/11/2010:
I suggest that you contact your insurance company about this and leave them to duke it out with State Farm.
bcd on 03/11/2010:
Is the tint an aftermarket modification?
skelly39 on 03/12/2010:
They have to put you back to preaccident condition. Period. If you had tint, they owe you tint. Soaring-if the OP doesn't have collision coverage, their insurance company isn't going to do squat for them. OP-contact your state department of insurance.
Bodyman on 11/11/2011:
The tint that they refer to, is "color tint", which often times with metallic type colors, or "pearls" is sometimes necessary if you need to blend into an adjacent panel. In this situation, if the you're vehicle were a straight color, without a pearl, or metallic, the color tint would likely be unnecessary, unless the shop you brought it to has painters that are unqualified, or have inadequate training to properly mix the color. If you are getting the vehicle repaired, what is the big deal? The shop will deal with the insurance company with a "supplement" if they find that it is necessary. Often times, the shop has the ability to assume that something is necessary. Making that assumption, doesn't necessarily mean that it is something that will HAVE TO be done. Let the vehicle go to the shop, and if the shop truly needs the labor time to "tint" the color, then they will just call the insurance adjustor, and it will be taken care of. I have been in the body, and paint industry for 15 years, and understand all of this. Don't argue for arguments sake, until the body shop disagrees with the estimate from the insurance company.
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State farm not fair
Posted by on
MARRERO, LOUISIANA -- The day after thanksgiving my car was struck by a client of State Farm while I was sitting at a red light. after giving my version of what happened 3 times to 3 different people, I asked when can I get a rental car so I could be able to get around. I was told that they had to wait for the estimates to come in on all 3 of the vehicles involved in the accident ( I am covdered by progressive, the other 2 by State Farm including the at fault driver ).The investigation concluded that I bore no responsibility and was not at fault, amazing huh?..I was sitting at a red light..was told that I should go to my insurance comp. and get a rental through them, their client had minimal coverage and there may not be enough to repair my car, pay my medical expenses (yet to be incurred) and cover a rental car fees. It has been 5 days and I refuse to go to my insurance company, they also offered me $1000.00 as a settlement along with $3000 set aside for medical expenses. I be continued
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clutzycook on 12/01/2009:
Have your insurance company deal with them. If you have collision coverage, they'll pay you and then they'll go after State Farm. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.
Critical_level2 on 12/01/2009:
You are correct. I have been involved in this type of accident before. I went to my insurance company. They paid to get my vehicle fixed, paid my rental and then went after the other company to get their money back. My rates did not increase at all. Let Progressive pay for it and they will take State Farm to court if need be to get their money back. If you take them to court, it will take much more time and money to get it settled.
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/02/2009:
What everyone else said - you need to go ahead and let Progressive get involved. There might be a time limit on your policy for reporting an accident - you don't want to find out later you need your coverage to kick in and because you waited too long you are denied coverage.

If the other driver doesn't have enough coverage, that is his fault, not State Farm's. And they are only going to pay to the limits of his policy - they will not pay a penny more, no matter how much of a loss you incur. And that leaves you to go to court on your own and sue the other driver. And since they are carrying minimum coverage, chances are good they have few assets to sue them for.

I know it seems wrong to have to go to your own insurance company when it's not your fault, but that is why you have insurance. Call Progressive today - and ask for "Flo". Good luck!
ronbat1 on 12/02/2009:
clutzycook on 12/03/2009:
You know, I was rear-ended a little over two years ago. It totaled my car. I tried to get my insurance company to help me out, but all they would do was give me the number for the other guy's insurance company. Fortunately, they were cool and paid for the rental and gave me (what I felt) was a fair settlement for my car once it was determined to be a total loss. Had I known back then what I know now, I might have pushed my insurance company a little harder to give me a hand.
Anonymous on 12/03/2009:
I have State Farm and I've never had to deal with the other guy's insurance company. I would just call up my agent, tell her what happened, give her the other guy's insurance info and let them duke it out. I guess it also helps that I've known my agent for like 20 years. Who knows.
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How does the State Farm insurance claim process work as a Team?
Posted by on
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- When my husband got into an accident with a driver insured with State Farm a SF agent called and left a message on our phone that anyone on Team 3 can help him file a claim. The problem is that no one person appears to be in charge of the claim on this team. This team acts dysfunctional. There is no harmony, no agreement among these team players. Each phone call and each letter from State Farm is from a different team member. It is ridiculous to repeat how the accident occurred when a new team agent calls. This info should already be in the claim file. One team agent said get an estimate of damages from a repair shop of your choice and that State Farm will pay for the car damages. I got the estimate and the car is a total loss so the agent said a claims adjuster will inspect the vehicle and to give the adjuster the estimate from the auto repair center. But right after that phone call another team agent called and said SF will not pay for the car damages and that SF is going to investigate the accident. I find this confusing because I don't know whom to believe. Another team agent wants to set up an appointment for the car inspection, but another team agent said my husband is responsible for the accident and wants reimbursement for their client's damages. Who has the authority to make decisions on this claim?
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 08/07/2009:
Is there a police report? Who does it say is at fault?

This definitely sounds like a disorganized mess.
moneybags on 08/07/2009:
File a claim w/ YOUR insurance company and they will hash it out and fight w/ SF. Or, you can write SF and let them know that your attorney is investigating them and their tactics, and your claim. Or, you can sue them yourself. Or, you can contact your state Insurance Commissioner.
comrade on 08/08/2009:
To Soaring Consumer:
No,there is no police report and no witnesses stopped at the accident. That is the reason one of the SF agents said my husband is responsible for the accident - because there is no police report and no witnesses.
PepperElf on 08/08/2009:
that's weird.

when I had an issue with my car I called state farm up and told them what happened...

some jerk had thrown a rock through one of my side windows. I gave them the police report number.

I wasn't even in the same state as my insurance agent...and they looked up to see who was local to me (and open cos it was Sunday morning) to schedule the repair.

no trouble whatsoever.

and you could have gotten a police report for the accident. all you had to do was call the police and report it
comrade on 08/10/2009:
To moneybags:
I went on a website to find out who is at fault in this auto accident. The answer states that the other driver is at fault so we decided to sue the driver and State Farm and we will take the online response to court to prove that the other driver is at fault.
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Fraudulent To Call Themselves Insurers (In My Opinion)
Posted by on
MOBILE, ALABAMA -- If you have State Farm as your insurer, I highly encourage you to change coverage. They will find any reason NOT to pay your claim. A few weeks ago a driver lost control of his vehicle and ran through my house. The driver said that someone "cut him off in traffic". To State Farm (the driver's insurer) this means that it wasn't really the driver's (insured's) fault. So, they are refusing to pay any of my home repair. Leaving the $ 4000.00 damage up to me personally. Last time I checked, a driver is supposed to be in control of his vehicle at all times. State Farm knows this, there is no "other vehicle" that was involved in the accident. However, State Farm insists that it was the Phantom Vehicle's fault and they refuse to pay. NEVER NEVER engage in business with them. You will be sorry.

I had State Farm coverage for much of my life. But, I promise you (and them) that I will never use them for coverage again!
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User Replies:
saj80 on 04/15/2009:
File a claim with your homeowner's carrier. Yes, it will cost you your deductible, but if your carrier finds that State Farm's driver was at fault, they will subrogate against State Farm, and if successful, will get your deductible back for you.
IknowAlittleAboutThis on 04/16/2009:
You are correct that you must maintain complete control of your vehicle or you are at fault. The only time this doesn't apply is when your car is hit by another vehicle. The vehicle that hit your home, at fault or not, does have property damage coverage. Did you have your insurance help you put in the claim? Was a police report made?
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Will Not Pay!!
Posted by on
HERMITAGE, TENNESSEE -- On Dec. 13, 2007 my small retail business store was burglarized. I received a claim number on Dec. 19, 2007. To date, my claim has not been paid and State Farm is trying every trick in the book not to pay the claim. I have provided State Farm full disclosure of all my business financials for the past two years. After I provided them with all my financial information I thought they would go ahead and settle the claim. They turned around and ask me to make a statement under oath. After another delay stunt I hired an attorney because I do not trust State Farm. I told the adjuster that I had no problems making any statements under oath and I wanted to get this done asap because the delay has continued to hurt my business due to the loss of inventory. I learned today that they scheduled the meeting for May 22, 2008. By that time my claim will be a 153 days old. I know that a lot of the things aimed at me were in retaliation because I made several complaints to the corporate office. I have been a State Farm customer for 19 years. When a company that makes billions every year treats there customers with no regard you wander how they stay in business. I just want to pull my hair out because it seems that State Farm has set out to put me out of business.

I have taken my business else where and I hope that other people will do the same. I am in the process of writing a testimonial book about State Farm and their bad service. If anyone would like for their story to be printed please email your story to

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User Replies:
nickles on 04/18/2008:
Department of Insurance
Anyone that has not filed a claim with your Dept. of Insurance in your state, should do so. They might be able to help. It also gives the dept. the chance to log complaints against the insurance companies that are acting in bad faith
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