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State farm not fair
By -

MARRERO, LOUISIANA -- The day after thanksgiving my car was struck by a client of State Farm while I was sitting at a red light. After giving my version of what happened 3 times to 3 different people, I asked when can I get a rental car so I could be able to get around. I was told that they had to wait for the estimates to come in on all 3 of the vehicles involved in the accident (I am covered by progressive, the other 2 by State Farm including the at fault driver).

The investigation concluded that I bore no responsibility and was not at fault, amazing huh? I was sitting at a red light.. was told that I should go to my insurance comp. and get a rental through them. Their client had minimal coverage and there may not be enough to repair my car, pay my medical expenses (yet to be incurred) and cover a rental car fees. It has been 5 days and I refuse to go to my insurance company. They also offered me $1000.00 as a settlement along with $3000 set aside for medical expenses. I declined... to be continued.

Leaves A Michigan Family Walking In The Cold
By -

MICHIGAN -- This information is EXTREMELY condensed to share the jist of our problems, and to avoid using names, and too many details. On Jan. 15 2009 the engine of our car caught fire. As of today 9.21.2009 our car still has not been fixed, and has been sitting in a repair shop for the last 30 days because it's undrivable. The jist of our problems include State Farm using parts from a junk yard to effect repair of our little $5,000 family car.

The car has not run properly since the day it was returned to us by the first mechanic, and two dealership mechanics have not been able to resolve the issue, and keep telling us the damage is not a result of the fire, and sending us a bill. When it was State Farms decision to make the initial repairs. In spite of my protest State Farm went ahead with repairs, and since I've gotten the car back it has been returned to the original mechanic 4 times.

It's been to a Second dealership mechanic to replace the PCM, where it was diagnosed by a Ford Dealership with a drivability issue, but the second mechanic stated the car ran fine, and returned the vehicle to us. When the car was returned to us. We were told it was "FIXED" which was a lie. The car stalls, it did not shift gears properly, and it fails to start in cold weather.

On the 4th return visit, the mechanic said he was sick of dealing with us, and that our piece of junk car was not working properly due to lack of maintenance. not fire damage. I strongly recommend people avoid using State Farm Insurance, because IF you should ever have to file a claim. You will not have a say in how the car is repaired, or replaces. You will not have a say in what parts are used, and no one from the company will give a crap when it all falls apart, and your stuck walking to work after paying 5,000 cash for a car that is now worthless 1 year after buying it. And if there is ANY one able to offer suggestions on how I can fight this company please contact me.

Ease and speed of processing claim

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I've had State Farm for auto coverage for as long as I've been driving (about 20 years). In that time I've filed 2 claims with them, the first several years ago for an accident, and the most recent yesterday. As I was leaving for work yesterday morning, I found that, some time overnight, my car window had been smashed and my portable GPS device stolen. I went back to my place, and called the police to file a report. While waiting for the officer to arrive, I called my insurance agent, about 8:30 am. After a short automated message, I was connected to an agent.

I explained I needed to file a claim for the broken window and missing GPS. She verified all my information, and the details about the loss and let me know that I would be contacted by someone from the claim team, who would review my claim and coverage. She provided a claim number and contact number for the Team that would be handling it. After getting off the phone, I located the number of a mobile auto glass company, and called to schedule the needed repair. After that, the officer arrived and I filed the police report.

By 10:00 am I received a call from the claim agent, who again reviewed my information, took specific details as to the model of my GPS and all the damage done to my car. She assured me my claim was covered, less deductible of $250. She asked if I needed help finding a local window repair, I let her know I had already scheduled one. She stated that my GPS would be replaced by their contract replacement service, who would order and ship the device. I would just need to fax them the receipt from the window repair, and they would apply it against my deductible.

By 1:30 I received a call from Coordinated Claims, to verify the model of the GPS device I had. They confirmed that it was available, and verified the address to which it would be shipped. I was directed to fax the window repair receipt, which I would not have until Tuesday, and they would contact me again to finalize my claim. After having the window repaired Tuesday morning, I fax the receipt to CCS around 12:15. By 2:30 I received a call back. After the cost of the window repair, I did have to pay an additional $90 towards the deductible for the GPS (it cost $700 for the unit).

All being said and done, my claim was accepted and approved in just a bit over 24 hours, and my replacement GPS is on order, and should be arrive within 3 - 5 days. It's really great dealing with a company that handles claims so quickly and efficiently. My previous claim experience was just as positive.

Underhanded Actions
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Claimed on home insurance, legitimate claim. Hard time was given, and treatment by the claims department was rude. I am cancelling home and car ASAP. Buyers beware.

Robbery/Victim Treated As I Were The Robber/Perp
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- My RV was broken into/severely damaged/valuables stolen while setting beside my home. State farm agent filed 3 claims, 1) RV insurance 2) homeowners ins 3) fire insurance. As of this date: my homeowners deductible has been raised to a 1% or 1,875.00. My vehicle history shows a total of $12,000.00 (Total of 3 claims) comprehensive claim. I tried to move one of the vehicles to farmers insurance, won't take me, the $12,000 claim made me not insurable.

How can I be the victim of a robbery and destruction of property and be made the victim of the insurance company too. I have asked my agent.. No response.. Bad treatment.. Bad result.. Something has to be available for me to do to correct this. Help!!! Add insult to injury. Loss of RV use for 1 and 1/2 years. That's how long it took to get RV usable. Job was never finished. I am now finishing it myself out of pocket. Police have never found any one. They have fingerprints.

How does the State Farm insurance claim process work as a Team?
By -

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- When my husband got into an accident with a driver insured with State Farm a SF agent called and left a message on our phone that anyone on Team 3 can help him file a claim. The problem is that no one person appears to be in charge of the claim on this team. This team acts dysfunctional. There is no harmony, no agreement among these team players. Each phone call and each letter from State Farm is from a different team member. It is ridiculous to repeat how the accident occurred when a new team agent calls. This info should already be in the claim file. One team agent said get an estimate of damages from a repair shop of your choice and that State Farm will pay for the car damages.

I got the estimate and the car is a total loss so the agent said a claims adjuster will inspect the vehicle and to give the adjuster the estimate from the auto repair center. But right after that phone call another team agent called and said SF will not pay for the car damages and that SF is going to investigate the accident. I find this confusing because I don't know whom to believe. Another team agent wants to set up an appointment for the car inspection, but another team agent said my husband is responsible for the accident and wants reimbursement for their client's damages. Who has the authority to make decisions on this claim?

Fraudulent To Call Themselves Insurers (In My Opinion)
By -

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- If you have State Farm as your insurer, I highly encourage you to change coverage. They will find any reason NOT to pay your claim. A few weeks ago a driver lost control of his vehicle and ran through my house. The driver said that someone "cut him off in traffic". To State Farm (the driver's insurer) this means that it wasn't really the driver's (insured's) fault. So, they are refusing to pay any of my home repair. Leaving the $ 4000.00 damage up to me personally.

Last time I checked, a driver is supposed to be in control of his vehicle at all times. State Farm knows this, there is no "other vehicle" that was involved in the accident. However, State Farm insists that it was the Phantom Vehicle's fault and they refuse to pay. NEVER NEVER engage in business with them. You will be sorry. I had State Farm coverage for much of my life. But, I promise you (and them) that I will never use them for coverage again!

Issues With Claim For Roof Damage Due To Hail
By -

CONYERS, GEORGIA -- Had hail damage to my roof on my home. Adjuster came and confirmed. I had already had a couple estimates but he adjuster's own estimate was about a thousand too little but said if the contractors actual costs are indeed higher to just submit the final invoice after the work is completed and they would adjust the difference. Well after the work was done I never could get the adjuster to return my calls. I have received the amount that the adjuster originally estimated for. I then contacted and faxed the information to State Farm's office.

My agent gave me of which the initial conversation over the phone indicated they were going to adjust for the difference. A few weeks passed and I called on a status on the claim. Everyone I talk too says the claim is paid and no adjustments have been made nor are they willing to do so or even discuss it. I am now filing a complaint with my states do nothing insurance agency but I am also going to switch to a different insurance company right away.

Dropped after claims
By -

What's the point of having insurance if the insurance companies don't want you to put in a claim? Thought that was the whole point of having coverage! State Farm decided to drop us after two water damage claims that we put in. Both damages were caused by the condo owner above us. When we talked to our agent and adjuster they assured us that these two claims wouldn't affect us and that they were going to go after the people above us. The whole insurance industry is a scam. They want our money, but when they have to pay out they get rid of you. We'll be moving all our policies to a different company.

Auto claims with State Farm
By -

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- This remark about State Farm dates back to 1999. I had an accident on black ice, while driving to work on Interstate 78 West in NJ, around Springfield, NJ. I was going at the lowest speed possible--under 10 mph, and everyone else was as well, since the road was very slippery (the state trooper told me later that the road should have been closed). Someone in front of me put on his brakes and I tapped mine slightly, then completely lost control of the car and slid around in a 180 degree turn, and was hit by an oncoming tractor trailer sliding down the hill. I was hit so hard that I hit my head against the driver's window.

I don't remember much about it because I think I passed out. I came to to find the car resting against the divider. I had done a 360 degree spin and my Dodge Stratus had been hit very hard, but I walked away without a scratch, incredibly. However, my car had terrible damage--over $12,000 worth, and it should have been totaled as it was only worth $10,000. It was repaired but I had to take it back again and again. First, the inspector did not notice the gas pedal was broken--very loose. I was the one who picked up on that. Then I started having leaks. The front passenger side of the car would fill up with water when it rained.

I finally got someone who found that the body seams of the car were falling apart--literally coming apart, from the impact of that crash with the tractor trailer. I was, by the way, found entirely at fault by State Farm although I WAS NOT CITED by the state trooper, nor was the truck driver who hit me. I ended up trading in that car for another one. State Farm charged me a surcharge of 40% for an accident that was totally unavoidable--my only fault was being there in the first place, but I was trying to be a good employee and get to work in Jersey City, NJ.

Later on, I contacted an attorney about what had happened and he had formerly taken a case to court against State Farm and won. Apparently they have a history of terrible coverage and customer service practices, not to mention coverage when you have repairs after an accident. I would never again use State Farm.

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