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Posted by Winnie898 on 09/23/2013
I'm not sure what to say, at this point I got in a car accident that the accident which was not my fault the other driver his insurance is State Farm. That insurance didn't help me in any way. State Farms lack of customer service is not acceptable. didn't not care if my car was riding or not. didn't want to get my car repair done.

I will not recommend this company to anyone.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-09-25:
I suggest filing a claim through your insurance and let them duke it out with State Farm.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-09-25:
If you're not their customer, of course they're not going to help you. Your best bet will be to get your insurance involved. They'll help you get your car repaired and then go after State Farm for the money.
Posted by CU on 2013-09-25:
Their job is not to protect your interests, it to protect their own, and the interests of their insured. Your own insurance company should be advocating for you. You mention their lack of customer service, but you are not the customer. What is your own company, to whom you are paying permiums, doing for you?
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-25:
Did you do through your insurance company? It puts the consumer at a distinct disadvantage to attempt to negotiate a claim through someone else's insurancy policy. Usually, you will get the cold shoulder. Good luck.
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Dropped After 30 Years
Posted by Johnboy2992002 on 08/21/2013
HERKIMER, NEW YORK -- I have been a customer of State Farms for over 30 years I had a claim in 2008 when my roof leaked and caused damage in my home it cost them a little over 2,000.00, but then in 2011 I live by a college and college students damaged my pool which I put in another claim which was over 4,000.00 but the police found the person that destroyed the property and the insurance company was reimbursed. Then with 2 weeks notice they tell me that they will no longer insure our home.

Why do we have insurance? We have paid for insurance for years from our "good neighbor" not to hear "sorry your not longer insured". I would pull all my insurance from them the only reason I am staying with them for autos is because I have grandfathered insurance for my vehicle so the only way they can cancel is if we don't pay the payment, other wise, I would leave them in a heart beat. I would think twice and ask about their policies regarding cancellation.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-08-21:
I bet your car insurance will go up now that you don't have the multi-policy discount anymore.

With insurance companies, it's not about how loyal you've been to them or how much you've paid in premiums, it's about how much they've had to pay you. The bottom line is that they're happy to take your money, but they don't want to give you any of theirs. Two big claims like that (even though one was reimbursed, you still had to file the claim) in a few years would make any insurance company nervous.
Posted by John McGowan on 2013-08-21:
Even if my it goes up I will pay the premium cause they have full glass, emergency roadside, and so many other loaded things that it's still worth keeping
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-21:
I agree with clutzy insurance companies don't like multiple claims in a short period of time. The irony is it is better not to file a claim with an insurance company if it isn't something major. By major, I mean several thousands. You are in a gray zone, $2000 isn't exacly cheap.

I remember my mom had a $1200 claim for roof damage, and the insurance agent advised her it might be better not to file a claim and just pay it.

The moral I see is save your home insurance for when the house burns down or some other catastrophe occurs. I can understand that would be a hard pill to swallow.
Posted by john mcgowan on 2013-08-23:
Then why do we need insurance put the premium in a bank or safe deposit and save for your own catastrophe by now I would have enough to build a new home myself without the ins Co making a fortune on me and I get cancelled?
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No Warranty on Parts Used for Repair
Posted by Hhflowersm on 08/14/2013
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Last summer I got t-boned by a teenager driving her mom's car and who was visiting Kansas City. Luckily no one was hurt and luckily (or so I though at the time)...she had insurance. When I mentioned my accident to my fellow Officers at Leavenworth and told them I was glad she had insurance a few laughed because I mentioned State Farm... the phrase "don't hold your breath was used a few times".

At the time I will admit that I was pleased with the way they handled everything... not as expeditiously as USAA (my insurance) but oh well. Repairs were made, back driver's side door was replaced... and I though nothing of their warnings until a few weeks ago. The interior locking mechanism for the door, a new part and one that had never failed in any of my doors before went bad. I use this car for work and drive to and from the base by myself...rarely do I carry passengers.

So, I called the repair shop that called State Farm so they would approve the replacement part purchase and installation. The repair shop called them and left messages 4 times until State Farm finally got back with me and told me that the part was no longer under warranty; it was normal wear and tear. I argued that the other locks (not damaged in the accident) did not go bad (original and working for 7 years) and that their part went out in 15 months and that they promise a lifetime warranty on the repairs. No luck.

So folks...if you get your car repaired under the "insurance protection" of this "honest" company... well just hope and pray something will go bad quickly...I would hate that something like your brake system, your steering, etc which you use normally, might go bad. It will take some work but I should be able to fix the part myself, but you don't want be going down the road and have the "normal wear and tear" bug hit you.
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Posted by Kparce26 on 07/30/2013
SF, CALIFORNIA -- I made the worst mistake by changing from AAA to Statefarm. In trying to save some money I am now dealing with un-efficient Statefarm employees.

I transferred from AAA to Statefarm May 2013. Unfortunately, my vehicle got vandalized (keyed). Following this incident I contacted my agent and he submitted my report online. The next day an adjuster was contacting me. After giving him all the information he schedule me to meet with an inspector at a Statefarm location near my home. I did just that. The appointment wasn't even kept in it's time b/c the inspector was busy. Why schedule an appointment, if the client is not seen in time? Anyhow, he took photos of my
vehicle, gave me a business card with the information pertaining to my claim. He informed me that someone would be contacting me the following day around noon or the latest 1pm. No call! I called today to find out what was going on so I can drop off my car to the shop for repair. To my surprised I was transferred over to the investigative department. Why? Because as my agent told me "they are doing this to you b/c your policy is new and you chose an out of network body shop". "if you had chosen a body shop of Statefarm, they would nor be giving you any problems". The lady that I spoke to was rude, and informed me that she needed to call me back to schedule a recorded statement. I don't mind at all. I was on the phone with her. Why not get it done immediately? To add insult to injury, she told me that because my car was drivable it could take weeks or months for this to get resolved. All the while my husband continues to pay for our vehicle's and renters insurance every month. So, I have to continue driving around in my vandalized vehicle with my children. This is such an inconvenience and headache. Why should I get penalized for some scums actions? My husband and I also have to pay a deductible of $500. So, what's the hold up in the process? All I want is to get my vehicle repaired. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-30:
State Farm also doesn't want to be penalized by a suspect claim (new policy and out-of-network service provider).
Posted by Kparce26 on 2013-07-30:
Wether or not my policy is new, when I got Statefarm my agent inspected both vehicles to write up my insurance coverage and my vehicle was intact.

I have no control over things that could possibly happen to my vehicle while being driven or parked. Sometimes vehicle accidents happen, sometimes cars get stolen, windows broken or cars get vandalized. Things like this are out of peoples control. They can happen. I choose an out of network service provider b/c my husbands co workers suggested this place. They gave him great recommendations of the type of work and customer service this shop provides. So, what's the problem? What's so suspicious? What would be the penalization? I believe we have every right to choose the shop where we want to take our vehicle to get repaired. My husband received word of mouth by people he trusts that this is a good place. So, b/c we choose to go to a NON STATEFARM shop it's "suspicious"?! I guess the problem really is that we chose not to give our business to a Statefarm shop. We read reviews on everything, and trust our family, friends and co-workers when they suggest places to eat, shop for certain things. So, why would we not listen this time when we got this shop recommended. I don't know why I should even explain all of this to make the point that I just want to get my vehicle repaired. The policy is getting paid to cover anything that could happen to our vehicles at any time wether my policy is new or old. Point blank!!!!!!
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Typical Non Payout for Hail Damaged Roof When Needed Full Replacement
Posted by Melnmic on 07/02/2013
GRANBURY, TEXAS -- Typical non payout from State Farm. Reputable roofing company stated I needed a full replacement of roof do to hail damage from major storm and tornato. State Farms adjuster that only works for them called for 500 sqaure feet of patching on a 2500 sqaure. A patch job of that size roof you would see the patch a mile away. The ironic thing is the man was a ac/heating contractor before becoming an adjuster. After asking him simple roofing questions like how many shingles in a bundle ect.... he had no clue!!

This man was giving repair estimates on roofs and had absolutely no idea what he was doing. After dedutable I ended up with no money for repairs. I am taking them to small claims court now. If I were you I would stay clear of State Farm.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-02:
My brother had a substantial roofing damage claim with SF after Hurricance Irene, and the adjuster and SF treated him very fairly.

You claim non-payment is "typical". What evidence do you have of that? If I felt that, I would look for a different insurance company.

How many shingles in a bundle isn't important. How much area a square covers, and how many square per bundle are.
Posted by melnmic on 2013-07-02:
he knew niether sir/mam and you cant just change insurance companies and claim prior damage. and yes since this bad experience with SF I will be changing insurance companies
Posted by 25 yrs in the biz on 2013-07-02:
I've never met a roofer who didn't want to replace a roof. That's how they make their money. Think about it. As for a patch job, well, an insurance policy is designed to replace the damaged area. There is absolutely nothing in the contract that requires they match your other shingles. You can file a claim in small claims court. You'll lose. As for how many shingles are in a bundle, doesn't make a bit of difference. How many squares is what is measured. That info is placed in an system called Exactware/Exactimate. That system calculates what is needed. Claims adjusters don't calculate based on look/see/guess work. Do you honestly believe a roofer who makes a living putting on roofs has estimated more roof damage than a company with over 81 million policies and over 30,000 claim representatives? I think State Farm knows a little more about roofs than your roofer.
Posted by melnmic on 2013-07-05:
Posted by 25 Years in the Biz on 2013-07-06:
You're welcome! Glad to provide you the much needed, free advice. There's lots more where that came from, just ask.
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State Farm Insurance is dishonest and the most greedy company in the country
Posted by Ensof on 07/01/2013
State Farm Insurance is dishonest and the most greedy company in the country. They never recognize their mistakes, never pays for the damage properly. They protect only traffic offenders, but not their honest customers. They do not pay enough and easy violate the legal rights regarding thepayments. Stay away from them.
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Like The Grim Reaper State Farm Is There
Posted by Rockdoll_71 on 06/15/2013
MT. AIRY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had a head on collision and was almost killed. To make things short, I got $18,000 out of this lying, disgusting, worthless insurance company. Every time one of their lying commercials come on, I have to turn it, as they all blatantly LIE. When we needed them, they put us on hold, gave us the run around and didn't do much of anything. On the commercials, they sing that stupid jingle and someone magically appears. Wow....nothing like that ever happened to me the 22 years I was with them. They are liars. They do nothing for their customers except take take take.......
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-06-15:
In situations like this, you really need a lawyer to light the fire under their behinds. My sister was injured in an accident last summer and if she hadn't gotten a lawyer, they would have screwed her over like they tried to do in the beginning.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-15:
How is this related to a 2001 Ford?

Half of your complaint is about commercials. What are the actual details of how SF let you down? You had a head-on accident and you were almost killed. You got $18,000 for something (car, injuries, other?) Was fault assigned? What didn't SF do?

You made things "short", but as a result I have no idea what happened.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2013-06-15:
How much insurance coverage did you carry with them? If you only had minimal coverage then you will only get a minimal payout. Was the accident your fault of the fault of the other driver? If it was the fault of the other driver then you should be looking to their insurance for compensation. If the accident was your fault, the other driver will be looking to your insurance for payout first. Is the $18,000 a settlement of all claims or just the expenses that they have paid out so far? You probably ought to have a personal injury lawyer look at this if you haven't already settled the case.
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State Farm Says Stick It To Medicare
Posted by Derlf on 06/11/2013
HOMOSASSA, FLORIDA -- Went to mediation today could not believe when we were told take the lowball settlement wait a couple months and get medicaid to pay for your operation. They admitted the accident was their clients fault but are only paying so much because we live in a low income county. Don't think it's right that the tax payers should get the bill when it's their clients fault.. This is wrong in so many ways . And I would think illegal but their above the law and can basically do what they want .Just thought people should know who their dealing with if you have a claim grab your ankles cause it's gonna hurt.

And you will have to come out of your pocket to get your own medical help or like they suggested defraud the tax payers and make them pay state farms bills.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-06-11:
by accepting the payout you did, waives your rights to future payments and closes the claim. this is how 'snake farm' wiggles out of paying what is owed.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-11:
Who told you to take a "lowball settlement"? Your lawyer?

I am a fan of State Farm, as a long time customer, but in the situation you are in you definitely need a lawyer to advise you. I hope you had one.
Posted by Wondering on 2013-06-12:
Why didn't you turn this in to your own insurance company, let them do what you pay them for and then they will subrogate against the at-fault party. It's simple, insurance companies are bound to defend their insured. That's the contract. Your company would do exactly the same thing in a case where you were at-fault. That's how the entire insurance industry works. Study up.
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Posted by Mikemorales5158 on 06/10/2013
WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA -- My son bumped into another car and there was no damage to either vehicle. But, the older gentleman said he was going to file a claim anyway. We drove my son's car to State Farm so they could see that there was no damage to our car. A claim was filed and the gentleman's car was repaired without us being advised of the claim repair, which if we had known we would have contested it.

When my son went to get a quote from another insurance company, the quote was very high due to this accident on his record now. When my son's record gets cleared of this accident we will be leaving State Farm. Their Customer Service SUCKS.!!!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-06-10:
What kind of repairs did the guy have done, if there wasn't any damage?
Posted by Adjuster on 2013-06-12:
First of all, you have no idea if there was damage or not unless the vehicle was placed on a lift and the bumper clips were and undercarriage was inspected. Clearly, there was damage or there would have been nothing to repair. Your son admitted fault, there's no reason to discuss this further with you. When you sign a contract with an insurance company, you hand over the right to make ALL decisions concerning claims. NO COMPANY WOULD DO THIS ANY DIFFERENTLY. Your failure to understand the insurance industry is not State Farm's fault.
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Extremely Rude Demanding Investigator
Posted by Ilkk2 on 06/09/2013
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Witnessed an auto accident. To be a good citizen, gave info to police at the scene. Do not know either party involved. State Farm investigator called and began a series of questions. I asked her for her name and what state/city she was in. She became belligerent stating "she would ask the questions, " also said " no one ever asked me that before, why are you asking?".... I do not know which party she was representing.... Told her all info was given to police.
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Posted by Jeff on 2013-06-09:
OHH no....If she said "She a asks the questions" to me, I would have told her "oh yeah? then get a subpoena" and hung up on her
Posted by Jeff on 2013-06-09:
You're under no obligation to talk to anyone other than the police, and in court if you're subpoenaed.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-06-09:
sounds like they were tyring to protect their insured by all means. they are sleazy to say the least. next time, tell them to get the police report, your statement is in it.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-09:
On the plus side, the State Farm employee certainly seemed to take her job seriously. But she came at you with " "she would ask the questions, " and then got defensive about it, then I probably wouldn't talk to her either. Telling here to talk to the police was the best thing you could've done.
Posted by In the biz on 2013-06-12:
Granted, the fact she was so defensive is unprofessional and makes her not very likable. That said, the purpose of the questions is due to the fact police reports are notorious for being written up incorrectly. There are multiple counties in every state that do not properly train their police officers on how to write a traffic accident report. That's the purpose for verifying your statements. Police reports are NEVER the bottom line. They're just another piece of the puzzle. You're not helping anyone out by refusing to cooperate with the insurance investigators.

To the poster who wrote, "sounds like they are trying to protect their insured"...yes, that's what you pay your insurance company for. That's the contract and the obligation of insurance. You seriously don't understand that or think that's a bad thing?
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-06-12:
We clearly have an OP who was not remotely involved with the accident. He just happened to be a witness and offered a statement to the officer responding. Now many of our fellow citizens wonder why most people don't want to get involved and simply ignore the situation. There you have it.

I would have given that lady adjuster a piece of my mind. I don't care what company she was representing. She was tying to get the facts together and if she thinks browbeating someone to get it, she has another think coming in my case.
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