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Like A Horrible Neighbor, State Farm Ain't There
Posted by You slacker on 01/29/2009
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- In 2007 I was involved in a serious auto injury. The young man at fault had State Farm insurance.

I had an appraiser look at my vehicle, which had the front end smashed up and the frame bent, and determine the loss of value on my 1 year old vehicle. The estimate was a bit over 10 grand and it was faxed to team forty something. After standing my ground and insisting they pay, all they would offer was a fraction of the value. They gave me excuse after excuse.

Well along came one of those DVD's in mail from a personal injury lawyer. Since I would need surgery, I called them and had them handle my case.

So far State Farm has agreed to pay about half of my loss of value and agreed to pay all of the defendant's liability limit.

My advise for anyone dealing with State Farm and you have an injury... GET A LAWYER!

Everything I have heard and read about these tight wads is true. They want your premiums like there's no tomorrow but when it comes to settle, they want you to believe your claim is worthless.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-30:
I think it varies from office to office. My ex's State Farm office was horrible about paying anything. Mine is wonderful and I have been with them 29 years. I'm sorry you had to sue. That sucks. I have a feeling, in this economy, we are going to be reading a lot more of the "getting blood out of a turnip" stories about insurance companies.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-01-30:
and that lawyer will take huge percent of what you finally are given.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-01-30:
"So far State Farm has agreed to pay about half of my loss of value and agreed to pay all of the defendant's liability limit." It sounds to me like they are giving you all the insurance that the other driver has. If the other driver only has $15,000 in insurance coverage then that is all you are going to get from them. State minimums on car insurance are inadequate for anything more than a fender bender. Your insurance policy should provide you with underinsured motorist coverage (unless you opted not to pay for that) and you will need to claim the excess under your own coverage.
Posted by hubbard53 on 2009-01-30:
state minimums are rediculous. It is a crime that they allow them to be so low
Posted by lobo65 on 2009-01-30:
State farm stinks. They would be the last company I would ever use. They screwed so many people down here on the gulf coast that their name is close to being a curse word.
Posted by You slacker on 2009-01-30:
Madconsumer, My Lawyer will get 1/3rd. It was about the money, but not after State Farms reply to my vehicle which lost its value by 14,000 and offered a firm 3500. If they were that cheap on metal and plastic, how do you think they would be toward me on my surgery, pain and suffering etc.etc.? That's right, cheap.

Spiderman, let me give you an idea. His liability is 100,000 and they are paying it. You know why? Because I got a lawyer. They knew the second they were put on notice that they were gonna deal with someone they can't screw, that's why. Even still I'm pissed that my truck is worth a lot less because of their customer and they don't wanna pay up.
Now we are going after my insurance Co on my 300,000 underinsured. I'll let ya know all the details after all is said and done.

Insurance companies: They don't mind taking your money, but when it comes to pay up on the stuff that really matters, they want to keep as much of theirs as possible and give you, their customer, as little as possible.
Posted by You slacker on 2009-01-30:
Here's more food for thought.
State Farm had a chance to deal fairly with me.
I'm 95% sure if they had agreed or even tried to come close on my diminished value, I would have dealt with them concerning my injuries. This would have probably saved them some money, maybe not. Point is, I didn't ask for any of this, I have a partial permanent disability of 12% and after days of rehab, I still can't do all the things I used to and to have a company, who's in the risk business, try and somehow disqualify me from receiving what I'm fairly entitled to by no fault of my own really pisses me off and so... instead of crying, fighting, scratching and pleading with them to hand over what's fair, I'm gonna make em pay me and my lawyer for their troubles.

Ever remember when you did something dumb and after you did it, someone comes along and says, "I told you so."?

Maybe State Farm likes to hear that saying when they end up paying more later, rather than try and be fair upfront.

I rank insurance companies right up there with our government.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-09:
What really sucks are states allowing total Fly By Night insurance companies to exist. State Farm is bad enough but still better than most others.

Posted by IknowAlittleAboutThis on 2009-04-02:
State Farm Agents have no authority on the amount or when a claim will be paid. This is all up to the claim office. Now how fast your claim is handled or how much help you get from your agent is all on them and their staff and this can vary a lot!! The amount paid on a "totaled" vehicle is the amount that it would cost to purchase amother one in the exact condition of the totaled vehicle before it was determined totaled. They do not pay, nor does any other company, what the vehicle is appraised for. (the only time a vehicle will recieve an appraised payout is when it is written based on an appraisal (usually classic or antique). If the vehicle is brand new, get the GAP insurance on it until the car is paid off, then you will get closer to the full value.
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Not Paying on a Legitimate Claim
Posted by Joll1157 on 03/11/2014
A customer of theirs backed into my sons car at a gas station. Got out of their car, gave my son their name, cell number and my son got the license plate. Before he could get any more info, this person left the scene. My son went to the local police station and filed an accident report. I called our insurance co. Told them about this. The customer service representative checked on her computer and confirmed that the info my son gave her matched identically to what she saw as the owner of the car and that they are insured by State Farm. A claim was filed with them. They have dragged their feet for almost 5 weeks without any settlement. Their customer never filed a counter accident report even though the police contacted them saying one was filed against them. They have 3 different stories that they have told. The simplest one, and the only one that State Farm seems to think is the best to support their side is their customer saying " I didn't do it ". Let me ask anyone out there reading this. .. .have you ever gotten out of your car at a station and given a stranger there your name and cell number for just for the heck of it? Maybe this is standard practice for State Farm, not paying legitimate claims, I mean you need to get the money from somewhere to cover the costs of all those TV ads. here is the latest, the final lie from the person who hit my sons car and state farm insurance who is backing this em ef ing you know what. He alledgedly didn't have permission to drive the car so they are not responcible to pay the claim. How did he get the car, the keys and a credit card for the gas? Now I have to pay the deductable to cover damage caused by someone else while they and state farm walk away scott free and after 9 weeks of stringing us along.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-03-12:
I suggest consulting with the police department and asking about filing hit-and-run charges against the driver.
Posted by Ralph on 2014-03-12:
It is probably too late now, but you can check the gas station and see if it has video recording.
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State Farm and my 2007 BMW 328xi
Posted by AUA777ER on 01/24/2014
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On October 28th 2013, I was rear ended by a 70 yr old guy in a brand new Buick LaCrosse. The damage was so severe that the truck lid was stuck shut, passenger rear door was buckled, whole quarter panel was twisted and the fuel tank vent system was breached. Many warnings lights was on, parking sensors malfunction, fuel tank system warning, etc. The car wasn’t drivable.

The insurance carrier of the person that rear ended me is State Farm.
I filed a claim thru my insurance company (Esurance) and with State Farm. Esurance claims representative called me back and said he wanted to make sure State Farm is handling this because they’re the party at-fault and is 100% responsible.

While I cannot talk about the injuries I have per my attorney, I will tell you how State Farm handled the repair of my 2007 BMW 328xi.

I brought my car to North State Custom bodyshop in Bedford Hills, NY because they’re trained and certified by BMW to repair their cars. I told them only OEM parts can be used to repair the car. I made it a point that they need to contact me and discuss before repairing the car as I know it doesn’t look good.
A week later I get a message on my answering machine from State Farm saying the car is repairable and it costs aprox $9,000.

I called State Farm back and like expected, no one picked the phone up and they want to have a voicemail left.
Aprox 2 weeks later, more damage was found during disassembly. The bodyshop had to make a supplement twice.

I called State Farm and again no one picked up the phone. I stayed on the line and demanded someone pick up this claim right now.
The lady who read out my claim said my car was flagged for a total loss and it costs $13,600 total for the repairs. She went on to say she doesn’t know why they repaired my car because it was supposed to be a total-loss and she doesn’t know who authorized the repairs.
I told her I need copies of all the documentation and records on this.

She kept telling me she’s not authorized to do that and will have to send me to my claim representative Chona [snip]. Her position is total-loss department.
I finally got thru to her and she told me my car is only $900 away from total-loss but it was flagged for a total-loss. She said they use 75% rule to determine if the car is a total-loss.
I told her the car blue book is only 12-13 grand. She tells me they don’t use the ‘blue book’ way and they have a different system of valuing the car.
I asked her what the car’s value per State Farm is. She told me they value the car at $17,300.
I said why wasn’t it not totaled then?…because the damage is severe and there’s frame damage.

She basically stonewalled me at this point and said because it’s only $900 away from total-loss and went on to tell me it didn’t meet the total-loss per the car age and value. Said they’re taking 100% responsibility for this accident and handling this case, thus telling me good luck at this point.
State Farm closed the claim saying there’s nothing they can do about this now.

Esurance has keep their claim open because the problem with State Farm is not resolved.

To date I have not received any copies of documentation and explanation on how they came up with that value of $17,300.

I got a copy of the estimate papers and it shows that recycled and parts from a similar year model is used and new parts are substituted with aftermarket parts and not all parts are new.

A week later I got a call from my bodyshop saying my car is fixed. It was in the shop for over a month, it needed over 100 manhours to fix it.
I asked them who authorized the repairs because I never gave the go-ahead and the car was supposed to be totaled. They looked at me like they’re in shock.
They told me the State Farm appraiser told them to go ahead and repair the car.

I found out State Farm sent the check directly to the bodyshop, very disappointed no one contacted me about this.

I had to return the rental car and pick up my car, it was close to closing time at the body shop and it was a Friday. The shop told me the car frame had to be pulled back to specs and the damage was so severe that the car that hit me probably did not use any braking.
On the drive home, I hear a whirring noise under the car. Sounds like a wheel bearing or the transfer case. When I go highway speeds, there’s bad vibration. The car never did this before the accident.

I noticed there’s areas of the car that was not repaired to the way it was before the accident, such as the trim on the top of the bumper has a slight curve to it and it wasn’t like that before the accident. Also the gap between the trunk lid and the bumper is bigger than before while the top part of the trunk lid is flush with the quarter panels. The replacement battery they used in the repair of the car is smaller than the OEM battery.

On the morning of January 22nd, I turned the windshield defroster on and made a right turn getting onto the parkway, I heard a cracking noise a few minutes later. There’s a long crack on my windshield starting from the bottom of the driver’s side and runs all the way to the bottom of the passenger side up a slight curve. Upon examination of the windshield from the exterior, there’s no impact point or damage that could have caused it to crack.
At this point I’m thinking since the frame was pulled, it stressed out the windshield thus causing it to crack eventually.
I contacted Esurance about this and the claims representative told me they will contact the bodyshop and ask them if they feel the frame pulling has caused this to happen. I know the shop will try to play it down.

I filed a complaint with the Insurance department on this already.

I contacted my insurance (Esurance) and they’re trying to find out who dropped the ball at State Farm. But so far no luck because State Farm is not returning calls. I told them (Esurance) they need to push harder and get State Farm to fix this because the car should’ve been totaled.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-24:
Assuming it has around 100k miles on it. The retail value of the car is about $14k-$16k depending on the options. Trade in value is less. Most dealerships and I'm assuming car insurance places go by the NADA black book, which isn't available to the general public and is updated every two weeks or so. KBB and NADA almost always have different values.

Anyway it sounds like the car wasn't repaired properly and State Farm really dropped the ball from the sounds of things. I doubt they'll be willing to write off the car after it's been repaired, but they do have an obligation to have the car repaired correctly, which wasn't done. You may want to have your lawyer get involved if State Farm is stonewalling you.
Posted by Paul on 2014-01-24:
Your issue at this point is not that the car was repaired, in my opinion. That's a done deal and I don't see that being undone. The issue is why it was not repaired correctly, and getting that corrected completely to your satisfaction. In my opinion your main beef should be with the body shop. As far as parts used, I'm not sure if you will prevail there.

I've had SF for 35 years. Once I was the victim of a hit and run that did $8000 damage to my 280ZX turbo, worth about $15000. I took the car to a shop of my choice (as you did), and the SF appraiser did all the interfacing with the shop. If I wanted to know something, I checked in with the shop. Like you, they found additional damage, and the frame was bent.

That car came back driving better than it did before the accident. The BS owner had told me this would be the case, and he was right. The body work was first rate. I'm sorry your experience was a bad one. I'll admit, part of this could be because you are the not at fault client.
Posted by Shaun on 2014-01-28:
I wonder why esurance didn't take a more active part in the process? Normally many insurance companies will even when the other person is at fault.

It may have been that no one actually dropped the ball but State Farm ultimately decided it was more cost effective to repair. It's important, though, that you hold North State Custom to the quality of work they should have provided. If there is concerns, you may consider going to a third-party body professional to inspect NSC's work. If you do, have them put their opinion in writing so you have something to argue with.

Best of luck.
Posted by OrlandoJR on 2014-01-31:
why are the poster made at state farm? That is not their insurance company. It is in State Farm and their customers interest to low ball and stone wall on claims.

It appears as if the poster did not have collision coverage, which is one of the problems when you have accident. If he did, Esurance would have taken a more active part. Instead, he had to deal with State Farm, who could decide to simply stall or not pay the full amount.

I agree the real problem appears to be the quality of the repairs.
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Taking Money From Another Account
Posted by Mothernatrsdautr on 01/18/2014
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Had State Farm auto insurance. At the time I went on vacation it was time to renew. My mother sent a check in for me with my info they needed. They cashed it and started to charge my mother recurring payments from her account. I called and had them correct this. Told it was corrected. Then in January my mothers account was overdraw by 358.00 dollars. They charged her account again twice! Every bill that went through got drafted!! She doesn't have State Farm!!!

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Posted by Ynotgoetz on 12/04/2013
EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- Dec 22 2012 we left on a 28 day cruise, (50 th anniversary) returned home Jan 17 2013. We noticed a big increase in propane, Feb the same thing. March 4 utility room floor was buckling we then found a hot water pipe spraying hot water into the 8 inch insulation, which it melted. Called plumber fixed pipe, called agent they had serve pro come dry out the crawl, two days later adjuster shows up he says we won't cover this ( reason it's a maintenance problem) so we contact state insurance commission, what a joke, the CEO of State Farm he sends in another adjuster, we won't cover this it should been reported earlier (but we were not here) end of story. I have been with this company 41 yrs first claim filled. Total bundled premiums 3 K per year. This denial of coverage cost me 16 K out of pocket. This company has many complaints against it in this state
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Who Can Authorize a Rate Increase, a Local Agency or Corporate HQ?
Posted by Jorgcm on 11/17/2013
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN -- When my bill goes up there was never an explanation if it's a rate increase or expected savings either due to increasing deductibles or agreeing to using "In Drive".Should I not be entitled to hear any change on premium first from the Corporate HQ prior to seeing it on my bills? Is it possible that your agent does not know how to factor out any increase/savings from your regular monthly charges?Do you agree with his answer " I do not know what the real savings were....or I don't know how to figure it...." but he knows how much rate increase six months from now, explicitly accurate on each of 2 cars? Don't I have legal rights to know the truth and only the truth?
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Unwarrented Cancelation of Services
Posted by Angie839 on 11/14/2013
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- State Farm Insurance has given me the run around for two months while trying to switch insurance companies. After finally getting it straight and getting on the insurance. We were informed today we were getting cancelled because they can not obtain a "Letter Of Experience" from our last insurance company. We had contacted our old insurance several times and they have no idea what this letter is. We have given State Farm the number of the old insurance company and have asked them to contact them so we could get it fixed. We sent them all the paperwork we could obtain but still got cancelled. Of course we had sent them a payment and they accepted it so now we have no extra money to pay another agency to obtain insurance. The insurance agents name is Michael [snip] and they are based from the Lansing office.
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State Farm Insurance Refused to Pay Claim
Posted by Treedok on 11/14/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have been with State Farm insurance for over 40 plus years. I carry auto, property, and life insurance policies with this company, and recently I had a property claim filed with this company. State Farm has now taken to operating a less than up front business, upon filing my claim I was forced to go thru my agent and several adjusters and finally was directed to a so called underwriter who informed me that some 10 years ago there was a very small clause change in my property policy. This clause change would require me to list all unscheduled personal property and then insure it up to 80 percent of market value, which would increase my premium by a significant amount. Bottom line is that after being run around for several weeks State Farm refused to pay the claim, yet they have no problem billing me monthly for coverage.

I am suggesting anyone dealing with this company seek alternative coverage or else get an attorney to read your policy carefully.

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Good and Bad
Posted by Sidhettich on 11/03/2013
QUITMAN, TEXAS -- My Agent in Quitman TX was Great he did all he could do. They are great people. But as State Farm corp. office SUCKS!!!!. They cancelled my auto insurance for a claim they never paid. They ask me to put all my insurance together so I did and then cancelled my auto and never told me even my agency, he did not know. I had no insurance for 3 month and did not no. When trying to talk to the corp office they referred me back to local office. Hell they tried to get answers as well but could not.

So as I see it the local office GREAT State Farm Insurance SUCKS I would not recommend them to anybody not even my worst enemy.
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Posted by Winnie898 on 09/23/2013
I'm not sure what to say, at this point I got in a car accident that the accident which was not my fault the other driver his insurance is State Farm. That insurance didn't help me in any way. State Farms lack of customer service is not acceptable. didn't not care if my car was riding or not. didn't want to get my car repair done.

I will not recommend this company to anyone.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-09-25:
I suggest filing a claim through your insurance and let them duke it out with State Farm.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-09-25:
If you're not their customer, of course they're not going to help you. Your best bet will be to get your insurance involved. They'll help you get your car repaired and then go after State Farm for the money.
Posted by CU on 2013-09-25:
Their job is not to protect your interests, it to protect their own, and the interests of their insured. Your own insurance company should be advocating for you. You mention their lack of customer service, but you are not the customer. What is your own company, to whom you are paying permiums, doing for you?
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-25:
Did you do through your insurance company? It puts the consumer at a distinct disadvantage to attempt to negotiate a claim through someone else's insurancy policy. Usually, you will get the cold shoulder. Good luck.
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