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Inferior Quality
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Bought a Sterns and Foster Hearthstone queen mattress about 9 mos ago. What a mistake. Paid $1300 for this mattress that now sags so bad in the middle that you feel like you're rolling down hill. Now Sterns and Foster wants me to go through the dealer. I'll do that but if you're the manufacturer would you not like to hear what customers are saying about your product?

There was a time when I couldn't afford to spend this kind of money for a mattress and I remember a cheap $300 mattress that went 5 yrs before I noticed a sag in the middle. I will never buy this name brand again and as far as customer service is concerned..........WHAT A JOKE; buyer beware!!!!!!!
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Venice09 on 03/25/2012:
"..if you're the manufacturer would you not like to hear what customers are saying about your product?"

I have a feeling they already know.

Our S&F mattress and box spring have held up for 35 years. I cringe when I say that, but I haven't replaced it for fear of what I might get stuck with. Nothing is made the way it used to be. And your experience once again proves that a higher price tag doesn't necessarily mean better quality.

Go through the dealer as advised, and hope for the best.

Good luck.
S on 03/26/2012:
I owned a S and F mattress for years, when it actually made by them. When it finally had to be replaced, my mattress of choice was S and F.

I ended up trading that mattress in for another mattress set from another company and I paid about the same amount for my set as the person who made the complaint.

I even contacted S and F about the fact that this mattress was so hard and so uncomofortable. I can't remember what they told me, but they did not offer to exchange it.

I ended up buying a Sealy mattress set from Costco, which feels very much like my old S and F did. I believe that S and F's are made by Sealy now. I have also seen S and F mattresses sold by Costco as well. Costco gives you a two year warranty on any mattress they sell. As long as the mattress hasn't any stains on it, you can bring it back for a refund. After what happened to me with that other S and F mattress and not being able to get my money back from the mattress company I bought it from, I'm buying all my mattresses from Costco now. You sleep better knowing that you have those two years to bring it back, because what I've learned most about manufacturers warranties is they're only good if the company backs them.

Venice09, you're so wise not to have gotten rid of your old S and F mattress, because they're not made like that anymore.
ok4now on 03/27/2012:
Venice, let's review here. You better not give up that old S&F mattress. You love your Hotpoint "simple" appliance and are not sure what to replace it with. You need a new refrigerator and are hesitant...still thinking about the Samsung heard bad about that too. Hmmmm, what a quandary this is. I have the answer..are you ready?

After much research, reviews, Consumer Report ratings etc here is my recommendation. Go with the new GE Profile or Elite products. They are well made with very few problems. Mandatory with any new appliance (I know you hate this) is the extended warranty. This gives you peace of mind and protection. Plus it will save you big bucks if there is a problem. Seriously, just think about it.
Venice09 on 03/27/2012:
Nope. I won't risk going through what I did with my last warranty, which was indeed my last. As S said, warranties are only good if the company backs them, and there's really no way of knowing until its too late. It's not just my experience that turned me against extended warranties. It's all the similar stories I read from people in the same boat. I am sticking to my belief that anything worth buying doesn't need an extended warranty. Wow!.. I haven't had to say that in a long time. ;)

I have never owned a GE appliance. Most of my appliances have been Kenmore, which always served me well. But buying anything from Sears right now would be too much of a risk. I'm still sitting on all of my old appliances, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I'm not parting with any of them until I have no choice. I learned my lesson once about getting rid of something that still worked. That won't happen again.

GE is not on my do not buy list, so I'm open to that brand. But I still want basic models.
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Mattress problems
Posted by on
We purchased a Sterns and Foster King size mattress set when I retired. We were also moving at the time. Since we were moving, when the set was delivered we left it in the protective plastic a loaded it on the moving truck about a week after it was delivered. We started noticing a more than normal sag(our opinion)in the mattress after only one year. I tried to contact customer service online since we had moved more than 450 miles from the store where we had purchased the set. No luck. I tried calling and the computerized system several times but it kept asking me to push this number and that number until it just disconnected my call. Finally I e-mailed what ended up being a PR department or something. Anyway they forwarded my e-mail to someone that returned an e-mail stating I could start a warranty claim online. My problem with that was I needed a warranty tag from the mattress. I search both the mattress and box spring and found nothing. No warranty tag to be found. I reported the fact and since I have to tags for whatever reason I am instantly at a dead end with this company. I have no idea where the tag is or if was ever on the bed. I have the original receipt and delivery tags but no warranty tag so I guess I am stuck. Bottom line, we thought we were treating ourselves to a quality mattress set for our retirement and got one of the worst mattress and customer service deals ever! No one wanted to help all because of missing warranty tags.
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 08/13/2010:
Was the mattress turned according to the instructions? Most new two-sided mattresses require you to turn them at least twice monthly in order to stabilize the support...unless this is a one-sided, "no-flip" mattress.
hosejockey on 08/14/2010:
Yes it was rotated like it was supposed to be and that just put the sags at both ends and both sides.
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