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Stoked Up Service
By -

N. CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I took my 2004 VW Touareg in because a few of its computer system indicator lights had started sending false warnings and I wanted them fixed. Everyone seemed very nice and solicitous and I went on my way. I later received a call telling me how important it was that I not only fix the indicators but also perform: 1. Brake Flush 2. Mass Air Flow Meter Service 3. Rear Brake Pads Replaced 4. Throttle Body Service.

The service representative started to argue with me when I questioned all of this so I asked that he call my husband and go over all of this with him as this sounded like a bit much. When he called my husband, he did discuss the indicator lights but failed to mention all of the flushing and fluids etc. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, they got the "little lady" in there and thought they would service her but good! In the end, it turns out they did not even fix the items they said they did work on that day.

Since then we have been to another VW dealer and found none of that was necessary... I was going to let it go but just received a reminder in the mail to come in and get it all done and just want to warn others out there to be careful and know what you need before going in there!!!

Selling Wrecked Cars
By -

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I was in a situation where I needed a car very quick; my wife was taking our one car to her new duty station in Florida. I made the mistake of going to Stokes Volkswagen, then I made another mistake in trusting them. I was assured that they had found a great deal, they continued to warn me not to buy a similar car from anyone else, because they had seen so many people come into their shop with VWs that had major problems.

So when they said they had the car inspected, and even before I bought it, they inspected it again. I asked if it had been in any accidents, the salesman said he "did not think so". After I drove it off the lot, I started to notice things about it that seemed like it had been in an accident. There was a lot of road noise coming from one of the doors, and the bumpers didn't quite line up properly. I decided to check it out, and sure enough, it had been in an accident, and it was a dealership that had done the repair, I can only guess it was Stokes, because on the cars history it was sold just after repairs were made.

I talked to Stokes; they said, "it was sold as is" when I mentioned that I asked if it had been in an accident the seller told me "I said 'I did not THINK so.'" The vehicle was sold with a completely clean title, but the damage done to the vehicle was substantial; Stokes chose not to include any of the repair history when the vehicle was sold. I was told "you should have done more research before buying the car from us."

Stokes VW caused $8000 damage
By -

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On March 27, 2006 I was on my way to Florida, when my car started to hesitate and stall. I called a tow truck. The tow truck driver informed me that the nearest Volkswagen Dealer was over 50 miles away and asked if I would like to take the car somewhere else. I insisted that it only be repaired by a Volkswagen dealer who knew how to repair my car. I left the car with Stokes Volkswagen of North Charleston, SC for a week to be diagnosed and repaired. They stated that it was the timing belt that caused the problem. I asked them to replace any other parts that they thought should be replaced due to wear since the car was in their care and being taken apart anyway.

It cost over $1200 dollars to repair the car. I drove the car home and it seemed OK. It did seem to be a little off, but I assumed it was break in of new parts and trusted the “Expertise” of the Volkswagen dealer. Within a month of very scarce driving and under one thousand miles the car gave the exact same problem. Seven hundred of the miles were to bring the car home from South Carolina.

I towed the car to Burlington Volkswagen who diagnosed the car with timing belt problems again. They stated that it would now cost over $8000 to repair the car again, due to the car not being repaired correctly from Stokes Volkswagen. The service manager at Burlington Volkswagen spoke to Stokes Volkswagen and they said they would not pay to fix the car.

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