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Straight Talk
9700 NW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
1-877-430-2355 (ph)
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Straight Talk Won't Correct Their Error
By -

FLORIDA -- We purchased a Straight Talk phone card for $45 at Walmart. A friend had given us his old phone because he had gotten a better one to use with this service. He also has Straight Talk. I came home from the store and got online to speak to a representative of Straight Talk. Explained to him that we had just purchased a card and wanted to activate the phone we were given in my husband's name and transfer his existing phone number to the new phone with Straight Talk. The representative said he understood and he started the process.

At this point everything was fine. I gave him the information he requested when he asked for it. He then gave me a whole new phone number and I told him we wanted to transfer an existing number, he said we would take care of that after he was finishing what he was doing. He finishes and again I tell him we want to transfer the existing number. He said fine, that it would be an additional $45 to do this. He had put the $45 card on that phone that the friend had given us and it was left in his name. I explained again what I wanted done and he refused to do it unless I brought another card, since he had already used our card to re-activate our friends account.

I have spoken to several people at Straight Talk to fix this situation and I have gotten absolutely nowhere. They all want me to pay another $45 for a new card, since the card I purchased was applied already, not to where it was supposed to go but where they put it and won't fix what they did. Our friend has also spoken to them and explained what needed to be done, but nothing.

This morning I get an email telling us that the payment of $45, which is for 30 days, which we purchased on 2-06, is due again on 2-14, since the service is up on the 14th. This whole thing is a mess and there is no one I can find to talk to it about who can fix it. I just wanted them to give us what we asked for and paid for. They made the error and they refuse to fix it.

Customer Service
By -

They can barely speak English, then say they understand what you're saying and they don't have a clue. If I hadn't already spent $200 on my phone, I would change asap. No one there has a clue what's going on. I would go on and on but I have already spent 2 hours on the phone with Customer Service and still not close to having my problems resolved.

All these companies think they are saving money by going to another country for customer service where I'm sure my problems could have been taken care of within 5 minutes, not over 2 hours. Please learn from my stupidity before going with a cell company that does not have someone in the USA that you can speak with.

Straight Talk Has Been Great for Me
By -

I have had Straight Talk for almost a year now with no problems. I have switched between the $30 card and the $45 dollar card on different months. I was with AT&T for a long time, and I was paying $60 a month for unlimited talk and text. When I saw the Straight Talk phones, I told my husband that we could both have unlimited talk, text and web for $30 more a month than what I was paying for just one phone.

We went and checked out the phones, my husband got the cheapest phone, I believe that it was about thirty dollars. I got the slider phone, which ran me about eighty dollars. I put our cards on the phones, and have had no trouble. I live out in the country, where the other cell phone service providers don't put towers. I have not have any trouble with this service, and my phone has met my needs. I am thinking about upgrading to the new SMART phone that they have available.

Everything About Straight Talk Is CRAP
By -

I purchased 2 phone bundles...LG290C phones with $30 cards. It was supposed to be overnight shipping, I got them 4 days later and when I opened the 2nd box, I found out the battery to the phone is the wrong one. That was Saturday on the 18th. So I called them, the first representative said to send back the phone and they will correct it. I asked them why should I pay to send back a phone that you guys sent the wrong battery in error? So she transferred me to her supervisor.

The supervisor gave me a ticket number and said they would send me a replacement battery. I was told that I would receive it in 3-5 days. It has been 4 days now so I called to see if it has even been shipped. "It is still processing" and was told because of the busy holiday season.

OH WHATEVER! I can order from any company and receive what I order in a reasonable amount of time. You cannot convince me that they are so busy they cannot send out a simple battery in a matter of 4 days. I am currently an AT&T customer and the service is great. I was just looking for something a little cheaper and that is why I chose Straight Talk. I am now rethinking my decision and just might stay with AT&T.

I am so disappointed with Straight Talk, it is unbelievable. If they would have made those deals available at Wal-Mart, I would have bought it there and just skipped this whole process. Their customer service and shipping service is found left wanting. I just hope to get through this process soon and be done with the whole thing!!! Do not order from Straight Talk's website. You will not get overnight shipping which cost $14.95 and you will spend anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours on the phone trying to make sense of what they are telling you!!! BEWARE!

If You Buy a 30.00 Card Within 13 Days, All the Minutes Are Gone, When You Didn't Use the Phone.
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- I have bought a 30.00 card from Straight Talk three times. Each time the card never last more than 10 to 13 days. I do not use the phone often. I rarely get any calls. It is impossible for the minutes to be used. It does no good to call, I am unable to understand anyone in Customer Service. There is not an available itemized list of your call to check. Basically I have been cheated three times. I am very unhappy with this service.

Straight Talk aka Straight Scam
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Recently purchased a Straight Talk phone with unlimited minutes for $45. They advertise they use the Verizon Network which makes you believe you are getting bang for your buck. Boy was I wrong. The phone drops more calls than any phone I have ever had. It only works if yourself and the person you are talking to are stationary. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

Better Than I Expected
By -

If you are thinking of Straight Talk, avoid the negative reviews and do the research for yourself. I did and I couldn't be happier with the service. Their $45 unlimited use plan is helping me save more than $50 a month and no overage fees - take that AT&T. The ST Verizon network is solid and has wide-reaching abilities so even in Miami, I have yet to drop a call. No contracts, a great selection of affordable phones, and it can't get any easier than Walmart for the pick up. People will complain that the internet isn't fast enough or that the customer service sucks, I haven't had any problems. I freely recommend Straight Talk to everyone!

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