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Straight talk sold at 3500 Walmarts advertise unlimited talk text & web but once you activate they tell you it's not unlimited web
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Rating: 1/51
I bought 2 sim cards from Straight talk from their website cost $14.99 Ea plus $5 shipping. I was lured in by their lime green with blk & white lettering stating "cut your cell phone bill in half feel richer" unlimited minutes texts & mobile web access nationwide anytime plus unlimited calls to 411. Well within approx 10 days of activation I received an automated call from ST saying I had over used my web and was in jeopardy of being cut off! I immediately called them asking about the unlimited web I thought I was getting and asked how much had I even used the representative replied that she couldn't tell me how much I used and how it was unlimited NAV and not unlimited web! What? I said that's crazy and switched my service that same day to another AT&T provider that let's you know how much web your using. Straight talk is a scam company and fraudivg the consumer and I'd like my money back I paid for the sim $14.99 plus $4.95 shipping and service of $45 unlimited plans x 2.
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SP on 03/28/2012:
That's strange. I have used Straight Talk for about 2 years now, and I have never had this issue. I go on the web a lot from my phone, never had any problems.
Jbeall on 03/28/2012:
You may not have an iPhone they mentioned that may be I wasn't completely logging out of an app when done? I have a few apps with alerts like eBay or Facebook like my emails do. maybe that's what they're referring to or that possibly I watch a bit of george carlin on Netflix maybe that did it not sure really but the fact that they couldn't tell me how much was too much to them was my deciding factor that I wasn't hanging around to find out if they were serious or not so I took my phone number I've had for a while and went to red pocket who allows 2000mg or 2g of web and also you can dial *777*1# to retrieve the amt of data used and how much remaining.
But yes I have a smart phone on the $45 plan unlimited every thing supposedly and yes last Thursday I got a voice message saying I'd used excessive web usage and was in jeopardy of being cut off! I called they said not unlimied web but unlimited NAV I said no where does it say in your advertisement anything about Navagation and she insisted and put me through to 3 others who said the same thing. Please call them yourself right now if you don't believe me. And ask about the unlimited web?!
SP on 03/28/2012:
I have a smartphone, Nokia E71. Since you already left ST, my info won't help, but maybe it will help others. One thing you can due to avoid using up data is to connect through wifi when possible. That way you don't use up their data.
I refuse to call ST customer service anymore. The employees are hard to understand, they don't seem to know what they are talking about, and really are no help. They cannot explain anything correctly. Twice my hubby had problems with activating his phone, and his experience with customer service was horrible. Hopefully you don't have any further issues.
Jbeall on 04/01/2012:
Believe it or not my complaint was heard after I went online and found this web site and submitted a form received this response:

Thank you for contacting Consumer Action, where we offer non-legal advice and referrals to individual consumers.  I'm writing in response to your complaint about Straight Talk.  Straight Talk is owned by TracFone, so we would suggest that you first try to contact their corporate offices, here:

F.J. Pollak, President and CEO
Tracfone Wireless, Inc.
9700 NW 112th Ave.
Miami, FL 33178
Tel: 305-640-2000

Writing to the President doesn’t guarantee that he will be the one to read your letter but someone in a higher position than customer service would see it and hopefully be able to help you. Before writing your complaint letter though, you should read "How to Complain" at the following page:  

You can also file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission at 

Additionally, you may want to contact your local news media.  By presenting the story to the local news media, it puts pressure on the company to remedy the situation faster because of the unwanted bad publicity it causes when the news station starts investigating

I hope you found this information helpful, and would you please help us better this service for consumers like yourself in the future by taking a quick survey? 

Thank you, and good luck!

Hotline Counselor - Consumer Action

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And ST is supposed to be mailed a full refund for my sim and service plan. So they said 4 to 6 weeks so I'll update my post once I received it.
john on 04/23/2013:
I liked straight talk... right up to the point they turned my data down to slooooowwww. Then they told me... no problem just buy a new 45.00 card your speef will come back....Wrong. when the biggest retailer in the usa can lie and miss represent the truth blatantly it should come as no surprise that the government is not incontrol. ... money,greed, and corporations and the fact that might makes right.
Straight talk could simply say you get 1 gig of data at full speed and then charge you if you wsnt to psy for more. But lets face it. .. your going to sale a lot more people misleading them rather than telling the truth
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Straight Talk has been great for me
Posted by on
I have had Straight Talk for almost a year now with no problems. I have switched between the $30 card and the $45 dollar card on different months. I was with AT&T for a long time, and I was paying $60 a month for unlimited talk and text. When I saw the Straight Talk phones, I told my husband that we could both have unlimited talk, text and web for $30 more a month than what I was paying for just one phone. We went and checked out the phones, my husband got the cheapest phone, I believe that it was about thirty dollars. I got the slider phone, which ran me about eighty dollars. I put our cards on the phones, and have had no trouble. I live out in the country, where the other cell phone service providers don't put towers. I have not have any trouble with this service, and my phone has met my needs. I am thinking about upgrading to the new SMART phone that they have available.
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User Replies:
MRM on 12/29/2010:
I've just checked out Straight Talk website and they have good selections of phones. Unfortunately, they don't carry Android phones, which is the swiss army knife of phones.
angelawinters on 01/01/2011:
your right, I do not believe that they have android type phones. They do have a smart phone like a blackberry, and they have another smart phone, and it has the qwerty keyboard. They used to have a touchscreen phone, but no longer carry that.
SantaZ on 02/15/2011:
I also switched to Straight Talk due to it being so much cheaper. In all honesty I'm more than happy with the phone selection considering how much I'm saving, while still having AT&T coverage. I've just got a regular samsung, which does all I need to it do (probably more, but I'm only a talk and texter)while my husband has the E71, which looks to be a very capable phone. I must mention though, this phone can only be used with their unlimited plan (which is why I don't have it too :) ) I suspect there will be far more smart-phone choice coming our way with Straight's the way the world is going.
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Everything about Straight Talk is CRAP
Posted by on
I purchased 2 phone bundles...LG290c phones with $30 cards. It was supposed to be overnight shipping, I got them 4 days later and when I opened the 2nd box I found out the battery to the phone is the wrong one. That was Saturday on the 18th. So I called them, the first representative said to send back the phone and they will correct it, I asked them why should I pay to send back a phone that you guys sent the wrong battery in error? So she transferred me to her supervisor. The supervisor gave me a ticket number and said they would send me a replacement battery. I was told that I would receive it in 3-5 days. It has been 4 days now so I called to see if it has even been shipped. "It is still processing" and was told because of the busy holiday season. OH WHATEVER! I can order from any company and receive what I order in a reasonable amount of time. You cannot convince me that they are so busy they cannot send out a simple battery in a matter of 4 days. I am currently an AT&T customer and the service is great. I was just looking for something a little cheaper and that is why I chose Straight Talk. I am now rethinking my decision and just might stay with AT&T. I am so disappointed with Straight Talk it is unbelievable. If they would of made those deals available at Wal-Mart I would of bought it there and just skipped this whole process. Their customer service and shipping service is found left wanting. I just hope to get through this process soon and be done with the whole thing!!! Do not order from Straight Talk's website. You will not get overnight shipping which cost $14.95 and you will spend anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours on the phone trying to make sense of what they are telling you!!!! BEWARE!
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Alain on 12/24/2010:
Stick with your A.T.&T., pay a bit more, and be happier.
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If you buy a 30.00 card within 13 days all the minutes are gone, when you didn't use the phone.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TENNESSEE -- I have bought a 30.00 card from straight talk three times. Each time the card never last more than 10 to 13 days. I do not use the phone often. I rarely get any calls. It is impossible for the minutes to be used. It does not good to call, I am unable to understand anyone in customer service. There is not a available itemize list of your call to check. Basically I have been cheated three times. I am very unhappy with this service.
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Tezrien on 05/13/2012:
I would bet you text a lot. If you read the card it tells you that each outgoing AND incoming text costs one to two minutes each. That sure would make your time fly. It's why we just pay the extra $15 for unlimited and don't worry about it. We've been using ST for 2 years now and have yet to have a service related issue.
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Better than I expected
Posted by on
If you are thinking of Straight Talk, avoid the negative reviews and do the research for yourself. I did and I couldn't be happier with the service. Their $45 unlimited use plan is helping me save more than $50 a month and no overage fees - take that AT&T. The ST Verizon network is solid and has wide-reaching abilities so even in Miami, I have yet to drop a call. No contracts, a great selection of affordable phones, and it can't get any easier than Walmart for the pick up.

People will complain that the internet isn't fast enough or that the customer service sucks, I haven't had any problems. I freely recommend Straight Talk to everyone!
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 03/01/2010:
Good post
trytrytryagain on 07/08/2011:
I, too, was initially delighted with my StraightTalk phone. You need merely be patient, your number will come up. Then there is nothing you can say, do, plead, beg, or bargain to regain reasonable service from this system. It will be time to buy another cell phone.
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Straight Talk aka Straight Scam
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Recently purchased a straight talk phone with unlimited minutes for $45. They advertise they use the Verizon Network which makes you believe you are getting bang for your buck. Boy was I wrong. The phone drops more calls then any phone I have ever had. It only works if yourself and the person you are talking to are stationary. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

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User Replies:
samsung1 on 05/22/2010:
knows what talking about
redmx3racer on 05/22/2010:
My T-Mobile contract expired a few months ago and I have been giving Straight talk a try out-seems a good way to save $$ when $50/month gets you unlimited calling, texting, and net. So far it's a little iffy-I don't have as good of reception in certain areas where I got good coverage with T-Mobile, but that's normal it seems when using 2 different carriers. And they don't actually advertise they use Verizon, at least not on their boxes, calling cards, or website, or in-store displays I have seen-they do however mention that they use a "major carriers" network. I have not had much of an issue with dropped calls in good coverage areas. For me-the jury is still out on if I keep this service or not-it's saving me money, but it's also like a step backwards as far as the phone itself goes-and I got one of the more expensive phones they offer.
ken on 01/08/2012:
Only phone models ending in "C" (mostly basic phones) use Verizon. Others use AT and T or Trac Fone, hence the bad coverage. Straight Talk does not advertise that they use Verizon's or any other particular network. We use Straight Talk and it saves us a ton of money, and has acceptable coverage (we live in a rural area).
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