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Very High Billing, Two Months to Change My Rate Led to High Bills and Service Interruption
Posted by Maureennoel on 06/27/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- An acquaintance of mine was putting some pressure on me to be a Stream Energy representative in Ga. After overcoming all if my objections I reluctantly agreed to be a customer, it was more to save a social relationship than because I thought it was a good idea. It had all the earmarks of a pyramid scheme and red flags were going up but I was in an awkward position and felt what could the harm be to use their gas service.
I felt pressure to sign up another family member who also felt it wouldn't really be a big deal to have a different gas provider. Boy were we wrong!

My family member called right away to say she thought the billing was very expensive in comparison to her old provider, I was paying around 50-60 a month so I felt alright about the service. The bill crept up and up. I started getting bills for 150 then finally 245. I called and it turned out the raised my therm rate to the variable and I was paying a month to month of just over a dollar/ therm. My fault I guess I must have missed that. I called to change the therm rate and the locked me into a year long contract at about half what I was paying, the operator said, " this should make a big difference in next month's bill." We'll next month I was still billed at a dollar per therm, I called and was told that although I was locked in for a year it would take them two months (two billing cycles) for them to process my rate change. Now I was stuck paying a dollar per therm for 4 month ( December, January, February, March). My bills were huge and although I kept calling they were still "processing" my therm rate change. Really?

My bill for March showed very high consumption compared to all my other usage, I wonder if it was an "estimate" which they are allowed to do if they "can't read the meter." I can't know for sure but it seems like more than a coincidence that there was so consumption the last month of the high rate. So, my bills got very high and we got behind, they shut off our gas for being $86 behind. I never saw a final termination notice or anything stuck to my door, just all of a sudden no hot water. I called and paid them $100 the next day, still no hot water. I called them back and found they had not scheduled a reconnect even though they had received payment on-line. I was told they could get my gas reconnected by Monday (gas was turned off Tuesday night). I was floored that they shut off service for $86, no one knocked on my door to ask for payment, and it is so punitive that they have my family living with no dryer or hot water for 6 1/2 days. When I think of all the payments I have made to them for very moderate gas usage it is just horrible. Again, a day after I paid them they had still not even scheduled a reconnect with Atlanta gas light, so if I hadn't called how much longer would I have been made to wait for service for the lousy $86 (which they had received in spades for the two extra months of overcharging me). Horrible experience, I feel so ashamed I put my other family member through this as she has had loads of other trouble with her bill from the beginning.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-28:
Since gas is considered a public utility you might want to file a complaint with your state's Public Utilities Commission.
Posted by John on 2013-06-28:
I have been a Stream Energy customer for over 2 years. I am in pa and not ga and started as an electricity customer but have now added gas since they offer gas in pa at this time. I have had no problem and have saved money while at the same time supporting a friends business. That sounds like a win win to me. I am now considering actually getting involved with the business as well.
Posted by satisfied customer on 2013-06-28:
I have been a Stream Energy customer for over 5 years in GA. We have always saved on our gas bill and if you monitor it properly and pay your bills on time, you would have the same experience. No matter what the utility company, if you don't pay your bill, they will cut off your service. Don't blame this on Stream. Don't blame your friend. Pay your bills on time.
Posted by Bill on 2013-06-28:
I have been a Stream Energy customer for over 2 years and have had a very positive experience with the company. Their customer service department is very easy to work with and I have saved money. I get email and regular mail to remind me that my contract is up and I choose the best priced fixed option.
It sounds like you neglected to re-lock in your new fixed contract and for that you can't blame the company. Take some personal responsibility and quit blaming others for your own mistake. I get so sick of hearing other people blame everything on somebody else.
Posted by Martin on 2013-06-30:
I will only say all my customers have been happy, if ou signed up for variable and did not check your rate then you probably should have signed up for a longer term, say six months. Good luck and keep up with your rate.
Posted by Robert on 2013-07-02:
I have been a customer of Stream since 2006. My experience has been fabulous. I have saved 10s of thousand's of dollars on my home and properties' energy bill since then. Also Stream does straight billing vs. seasonal billing. As any adult, I have had to be responsible and take ownership of my utilities. By the way Stream does not read your meter - the service company does. That is why it took two months to process the change - that, again, is not up to Stream.
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I Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate them... They Are So Difficult to Communicate With
Posted by Curiousgeorge00 on 03/21/2012
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- All I had to do was switch my apt address to another apt (in the same complex) and it has been a headache ever since. First I had 2 light bills, they never canceled the first one b/c they don't transfer services Idk.. then they changed my service plan (That was ridiculously priced) for no reason.. all I wanted to do was change my address!!! and when I called to fix that idk what they did but eventually I had 3 accounts with them... then I called again and it was finally fixed except they charged me an early termination fee and a start up fee... so I called again and they finally fixed it... but it shouldn't take me calling wasting at least 5 hours total of my life trying to explain to different people whats going on and why they messed up.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-03-23:
You might find this website useful: https://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/complain.shtml
Posted by mlh513 on 2012-06-09:
First question: did you contact your incumbent utility to report your move? Stream Energy has nothing to do with your bill. Remember, you have to deal with the incumbent to get things straightened out.
Posted by Virginia on 2012-07-18:
Stream Energy has the worst customer service ever. I was billed for service on a house we sold that the buyer had paid! After talking to them, writing letters, and emailing, they told me no problem, there would be no charge. Then two years later Stream turned me over to a collection agency. Called numerous times, talked to four supervisors - FOUR! no one can assist me because the account has been sold. Collection agency can't change anything unless the original company tells them to change it. What a racket! Don't sign up for Stream!
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Unreasonable service disconnect
Posted by Shockedcustomer on 10/29/2010
DALLAS, TEXAS -- my opinion of Stream Energy has been radically altered all due to actions by Stream Energy. I awoke this morning to find my electricity service disconnected. After the initial shock and realizing this should not have happened.., for I had paid last months bill on time and the present month bill due date was still days ahead, I called their customer service. In summary my service was disconnected because of approximately $112 they claim I owed from the previous month! When asked why this was not stated on last month bill or the present bill I had in my hand, nothing was said!! Thus I have decided after almost 3 years of service with Stream Energy, I am in the process of finding a new energy service! I cannot believe that for $100 they would have the audacity to disconnect my service! So long Stream Energy I am through with you.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-30:
They never said it was a mistake or said they'd send you a corrected bill? That would be a good reason to go with someone else.
Posted by mlh513 on 2012-06-09:
Even though this is an old comment I am compelled to comment because information like this is completely false. Stream Energy CANNOT TURN ANYONE'S POWER OFF!!! The only provide the electricity. The incumbent utility shut off the service.
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Con Artists
Posted by Lynnn on 09/17/2010
DALLAS, TEXAS -- My mom has a contract with them. They are horrible!! They claimed that we wrote out 2 hot checks, which is not true!! I called for my mom to get to the bottom of this because her bank stated they never sent the checks through!! So, a supervisor gets on the phone and asks me to fax the bank statements to prove there was money in the bank at that time and I did!! I called back and they claimed I never faxed the information!!

Then, another supervisor tells me I don't have to fax anything, they will investigate it in three to five business days and let me know if they are going to credit my moms account or not!!You see, they charged her twenty five dollars per check plus an extra 5% on her next bill.

For now on, we pay only using a debit card therefore they can't say the money was not there. I will be so glad when her contract ends!! Worst customer service ever!!

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Posted by awhilliard on 2013-07-08:
I am amazed @ the unprofessional audacity of those asking for information to which they have no right ~seriously? Send me a copy of your bank statement to prove you have $ in your account?
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Not A Happy Customer
Posted by Lilshorty1 on 03/15/2010
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had an account with stream energy electric company but I canceled my account recently due to the bad customer service I received. I spent a lot of money with stream energy monthly. My bill ran me about 300.00 to 500.00 monthly but I never complained about the bill because I knew electric was something I needed and couldn't go without so I paid my bill every month, It would be late every month but I paid the full amount monthly.

I got hung up on, interrupted when trying to talk, talked over, no respect at all and when trying to speak with managers, got hung up on over & over and some of the managers treated me the same way as the representatives did. The managers kept apologizing over and over and wasn't doing anything but making the situation worst, it wasn't a resolution to the problem because if it was I would still be a customer right now.

I am a collections representative myself and I don't treat my customers that way, I treat them with all the respect because I put myself in their shoes and treat them the way I would want to be treated. What do that tell you as a company for a customer to leave your company paying that amount of money per month. The bad thing about it, they wasn't trying to do anything to keep me as a customer, they was willing to let me walk right out of that door without trying to save my business, and that's what I did, walked right out that door into another company that customer service is what I expects because I had them before.

I will never recommend anyone to stream energy nor will I ever go back to that company as a customer. Some advice to your company, I hope you guys get yall stuff together because the way you guys customer service people are, yall are going to loose a lot of customers because no one wants to spend a lot of money with a company and nobody treats them with respect or appreciate them as a customer. I would call in to try to make a payment arrangement on my bill when I was having a hard time paying my electric bill but they would not give me a payment arrangement because of a disconnection notice I got within a month but what do they expect, we are in a recession and people are having hard times right now.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-16:
As long as I get my service and they get their money me and my electric company get along fine. I don't understand complaints that say that they treated me bad, they don't care, blah blah. They want their money for the power they supplied. That's all.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-03-16:
It might sound harsh, but if you are late every month and that requires them to send out late notices and then they have to field several phone calls from you each month, then you are right - they don't want your business.

Whatever profits they would have made on your account are eaten up with the extra costs of dealing with your calls and late payments. That's just the way a lot of businesses look at it these days.
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Say NO to Stream Energy
Posted by Kimmierocks on 08/19/2009
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have been a loyal customer to Stream for almost 3 years now. Recently I purchased a new home and had my electicity service transferred to my new home. I received two bills for my previous address for the same month. The last bill was the final bill and I was billed for only 7 days. To my surprise when I opened my bill and found a huge increase. According to the meter reading, I used twice the amout of kwh in 7 days than I had the entire previous month. I called to request a re-reading of my meter only to be told to contact Oncor, that they are the ones who read the meters. I contacted Oncor but since the electricity was no longer in my name at the previous address, they couldn't do a re-read. I was told to contact Stream and make a formal complaint. I made my formal complaint and went and re-read the meter myself. I even took witnesses and took pictures of the meter! I received a call from a Stream representative a few days later about my complaint only to be told that there was nothing they could do, and he continued to insist that it wasn't Sream's fault and the usage is consistent with the past. When I told him I had proof that the meter was read incorrectly he started spewing off numbers as if to confuse me. Bottom line is, Stream Energy lacks customer service skills and will screw you in a minute if given the opportunity! I do not recommend this company to anyone!
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Posted by zxcvbnm on 2010-03-10:
Oncor ALWAYS reads your meter, ALWAYS, and then they pass the meter read to stream. If you say you didnt use that, would it be stream´s or oncor´s mistake? right.
that is WAY out of stream´s representatives´s control, they have what oncor provided them with, and if they request oncor to have your meter checked it takes a far too long wait, therefore the best for you and for everybody is to contact oncor directly, its not that the representatives hate you and want your money and see you without power sleeping in the car...that is NOT the case, in fact sometimes they truly want to help but theres nothing they can do... they can not go in person and read the meter... and if the system shows what it shows... come´on.
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Stream Energy is a ripoff
Posted by Anne w on 07/01/2009
TEXAS -- Stream Energy is a joke. A former client persuaded me to switch to their electric service and when my contract expired last summer, they didn't bother to notify me and my rate went through the roof. When I called to complain, the customer service representative just laughed. I then locked into a 2 year rate plan which is now about 3 cents higher per KW hour than the going rate. Not only did they not return my email inquiring when my current plan was over and could I switch rates, but when I called today and talked to a supervisor, he was extremely unprofessional and totally unsympathetic. As a realtor, I'll instruct my clients not to switch to Stream and will do my best to tell everyone I know NOT to go with this company. They are the worst!
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Posted by PepperElf on 2009-07-01:
contact the ftc or a lawyer
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Rates That Keep Increasing
Posted by Donnakmidnight on 03/03/2014
In 1 month the rate they charge per kwh went from 0.0988 to 0.1087 per kwh. Ridiculous rates. My electric bill increased 100.00 because of this rate change. Most other suppliers change rates every couple of months. Will never switch back to Stream Energy Pa. Stay far away.

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Very Difficult Signing Up On The Site And When You Call Customer Service Had A Difficult Time As Well
Posted by Rgbenja88 on 01/25/2014
Trying to sign up I want you to pay a deposit of $100 for your energy. Never heard of having to pay a deposit on energy. Very very very disappointed in your company.
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All around great! Saved lots of money!
Posted by Whspanthers1096 on 01/23/2014
A friend of mine who worked for Stream asked me to switch over to support his business and so I did and I was pleasantly surprised to find I saved lots of money on my energy bills. Before my friend told me, I didn't even know I could switch. Glad I did!
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