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RENO, NEVADA -- I bought a truck from Street Dreams Auto Sales. Like all dealers they are a pain in the butt. They offered us a price that was too much for what the vehicle was worth, so I walked out. The next day they called me back to re-negotiate. They still did not hit the price that I was looking for, but they took a few thousand off the price. I said OK and bought the truck. I bought the truck for "AS IS". I understand that concept but the truck had multiple lights out and nearly and empty tank of gas. my trade in truck was running great, including all lights working and a FULL tank of gas. I would think that these little things would have been taken care of at another dealership. When I asked them about the gas, they gave me a $10 bill. That's it!

Then to top it all off, they tried to make me open the bank account with the bank that the vehicle was being finance through, which required a $100 deposit. Not only did the lazy people try to get me to do their job, but also pay the $100 fee. Do not ever buy anything from these people.
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