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Very Disappointing
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ROXBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered two air springs for my '92 Town Car on 24 April 2006 and installed them upon arrival. These springs were purchased with the understanding and in good faith, that they were 'backed with a lifetime warranty' as shown on their website (I have a snapshot of that webpage showing exactly that). Just recently (late December 2013), the air springs failed causing leaks and a complete loss of air during an overnight park.

I talked to one of Strutmasters' representatives (not to be named) in the warranty department and advised him of the spring failure. I told him that I had talked to Arnott and they advised me that the warranty needed to be handled from the point of my purchase, namely Strutmasters, LLC, DBA at the time of purchase.

The representative at Arnott had advised me that Strutmasters should honor their warranty to me and there would be no problem for Arnott to honor that same lifetime warranty to Strutmasters. The Strutmasters representative asked me to provide documentation.

I e-mailed him the proof of purchase documents as well as pictures of the failed parts. He said he would talk to their supplier (Arnott Industries), the same Arnott representative that I had talked to, about it. I furnished the Arnott representative's name and extension to the Strutmasters' representative. He advised me that he would e-mail or call me the following day, with the verdict, which he did.

His reply was: "I spoke to ** at Arnott [sic] and he stated that he told you that any warranty on the bags will have to be handled through us since the purchase was made through us. Per our warranty. He stated that his warranty will not overrule ours. He mentioned that he knows that different vendors carry their product and each one may have a different warranty on the product. But that at the end of the day, the warranty will be handled by the company that you purchased the component from, going by that companies warranty guidelines.

"As stated yesterday, we don't warranty air products because of their short life span and so many things that can go wrong with air. We still sell them from time to time if this is what the customer wants. But we try to get the customer to convert the vehicle to springs. Some do, some don't. The life that you got out of these bags is better than most cases. Sorry we can't help. It was nice talking to you. Have a Happy New Year."

I might add that when I removed the failed springs, I found the DOM clock on the springs indicated a date stamping of October 2003. These springs sat on someone's shelf for ~2.5 years before my purchase and installation, hardly a great recipe for the longevity of rubber parts.

I have not had any further contact with Strutmasters after receipt of the 'You're out of luck e-mail'. It appears there is no reason to, that is why I am posting here in hopes that others will not buy into their products and fall into their 'gotcha' trap. Buyer beware!

Strutmasters Customer Service, or Lack Thereof
By -

After ordering my kit from Strutmasters back in early March, 2010, I was only to learn that they were "out of stock" on almost everything but the struts. No one bothered to inform me of this when I placed my order. When I didn't receive my parts, I called, only to be informed that they were out of stock and should be in within 2 weeks. I was told to call back which I did.

When I called back, I was told that they were still out of stock and there were a number of orders waiting for the same parts. I was told they would definitely arrive to me by mid-April and promised that the representative would look into this and call me back. She never called back. I forgot about it for a couple of months and called back again to find out what was going on. I was transferred from person to person and finally got someone who could look up my order. She told me she would have to "look into it" and said she'd call me back.

Being wise to this, I said that was what the last person promised and she never called back. This person PROMISED she'd call back within 30 minutes. I never heard from her. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and like clockwork, received a call from Strutmasters the next day. (File a complaint if you want them to ACTUALLY call you back!!)

Now they say they shipped me the parts. Not true. I explained that their own people said there were multiple orders waiting on these parts and that she needed to go back in their system to look it up. She said it was unfortunate, but no one there had documented my account the multiple times I had called previously and they had no record of my calls.

Get everyone's first and last name if you must deal with them!! They actually had the nerve to get testy on the phone with me to boot. TERRIBLE customer service. If these people worked for me, they'd be fired so fast their heads would spin. I would NEVER allow this to go on in my company. Unbelievable. I would NEVER recommend doing business with this company. Use them at your own risk. You've been warned.

Strutmasters Stay Away...Bad News
By -

ROXBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I am a mechanic and do installs mainly for Cadillacs. I regularly purchase Arnott suspension products, but I heard of Strutmasters, stating they were the best... Wrong! I received the front struts and they are poorly constructed - made with a garden hose to absorb noise. The struts they state are bolt on with no modifications, one of the struts came in and the holes were not even drilled to put on the vehicle. I called them and told them they were not drilled and was instructed not to drill them. Later I received a call from ** who is the manager, and stated to drill them because they would not send another set.

After a week, I have an unhappy customer because the rear shocks are coil over spring. Well the rear coils are poorly made, so the coils creak when going over any time of road, the rear of the car looks like it could tow a boat and the car handles poorly!

I have called Strutmasters for over 2 weeks, with no responses. This is concerning because they claim to have a lifetime warranty, but how can a customer receive this if they don't support you after 3 weeks of your order being placed? I highly stress - do not purchase from them. They are great to you when you place your order, but after that, good luck reaching these guys.

Poor Product
By -

I purchased the air ride replacement springs and shocks for my 2002 Buick LeSabre. The kit arrived on time and contained all parts to include two springs, two shocks and two "isolators" with mounting hardware. The directions were spot on in removing the old hardware. The instructions stated to mount the isolators with the included bolts that were about 3/8 thick and 3 inches long. Only problem was, the hole where the isolators mounted was almost two inches in diameter. If I used the bolts as directed, the isolator could move.

I ended up using three-fender washers ground down a bit to fill the hole and was able to bolt the isolators with confidence they would not move. The rest of the installation was easy. The rear of the car rides a little rough, but if I keep the gas tank 1/2 full or more, the ride is not too bad. It is a much better ride than before the installation. The back of the car rides about four inches higher than normal. Looks funny, but it works.

I have had the conversion installed for about eight months. Now, the right spring makes a grinding sound. I checked it out and found the top of the spring does not fit flush with the upper mount. The end of the spring has cut the rubber mount and is scraping against the metal of the car. I had to remove the spring, heat it up and bend the end down. I know this voided the warranty, but I fixed the scraping sound. I would not recommend this conversion kit.

Stay Away From Strumasters
By -

ROXBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- After installing, kit front-end was sitting on bumps stops (very low). Contacted Strutmasters, after being run around to 7 different people and never having any of them return my calls, it took over a month to finally get them to send another set of front struts. Then they wanted me to pay shipping for replacements and for ones being returned.
When I got new ones, we found out they had sent me incorrect struts in the first place.

The kit is very cheaply built and their customer service is the absolute worst. I also found that they for some unexplained reason, charged me an additional $250.00 that we are still arguing about because they say that they didn't, but my credit card bill says they did. Legal action may be needed to correct this so watch out for Strutmasters.

Stay Away - No Customer Support, Emails Ignored, No Affiliate Program
By -

ROXBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Do not order from them! They have the worst customer support - they do not get back to you when you have questions! If they do get back to you, it's a month later! Do not join the affiliate program that they advertise on the website! They give you your link codes, they say to put them everywhere. When you do make sales for them, they say they do not have an affiliate program and that all sale are void!

They take almost a month also, or just ignore your emails, they disconnect you from live chat and they give you the runaround on the phone. With customer service just for the affiliates, their customer service for sales is worst! I will never order from them, ever!!

Rear Air Suspension For 2004 Envoy
By -

Well my Envoy SUV rear-load leveler failed, I order from Strutmasters a spring and air kit and rear shocks. They arrived in five days, their instructions are sketchy at best. After reading the instructions I begun the repair, what was under the vehicle did not even come close to the instructions. I did managed to get things installed, but I had questions.

I called their tech support left a message, it hours for them to get back to me. I told them how poor and outdated the instructions were, they said that their company lags in getting things updated. They could not really answer all my questions, they forwarded to the maker of the air baffles for more answers, which I did get. Everything seems to be working well, but you better be mechanical savvy, because their instructions and tech support are kind of lame.

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