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Tires and Tune Up
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GLOUCESTER TWP, NEW JERSEY -- I dropped my truck off on Sat. the 19th for 4 brand new tires. They called me back a couple hours later and was ready. I asked for a price for a tune up and he got back to me with a price and I approved the work which was at 10:00 am. I drove back over there at 12:45 and seen my truck in the parking lot with the hood up and nobody working on it. I asked the manager what was going on and he said with a laugh they were giving the wrong spark plugs... I said "Oh well I will wait, can't take long". I stayed for 2 hours and still no one working on the truck.

I walk over to it and an employee comes over to me and I asked what are these spark plugs laying on the truck and he told me they were the new ones, the right ones. He said the truck should be done in about an hour. So I waited and still nothing going on with my truck. I call my wife to pick me up because of this not being ready and finally call the company at 3:30 PM and that is when everything blew up in my face.

Apparently when they took the spark plugs out, they broke one of them off inside my engine. This happened earlier around 10:00 am, but the manager reluctantly did not tell me this while I was there. They call me at 5 and say nothing they can do till they get a fresh new eyes on it Monday to figure how to get it out. Well, now this is Saturday, I lose my truck for faulty unauthorized, probably not Ford certified mechanics and they do not reopen till Monday. I probably didn't need this tune anyway but they did one.

This company had no remorse in what it has done or does not care about the public as they blatantly lied right to my face on the problem. They charge you for things that you DON'T need or it is overpriced and will do anything to tell you that all problems are yours and they are just trying to help. Who pays for my rental vehicle, loss wages etc?? Stay away from STS. Bad company with an obvious problem on doing something as easy as a tune up...

Don't Use for Auto Repair
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KERHONKSON, NEW YORK -- If you need tires or an oil change, this place is probably okay. However, if you have a problem with your car that needs troubleshooting, this is not the place for you. The air conditioning in my car was not working when the car was idling. It only worked when the car was in motion. They told me that it needed Freon. They did that for $183. At that point the air conditioning did not work at all. They told me that it needed a new compressor and a filter. That job cost me another $850.

When I got the car back I still had no air conditioning when the car was idling. They told me to drive it a couple of hundred miles to get the Freon into all the parts. I did that to no avail. I took the car back and they finally figured out that it needed a radiator fan switch and that was the reason it was not working when idling.

It would seem to me that, at that point, they would comp all the labor. Not them, they charged me an additional $250 for the fan switch. The bottom line with these folks is that they sort of know how to do the work, but they do not know how to troubleshoot very well. On top of that, they charge $95 an hour for labor and another good mechanic in the area only charges $65 an hour, so STS is quite high on labor charges. My advice is to go ahead and use STS for oil changes and tires, but pass on auto repairs.

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