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The experience I had with Student Works Painting not enjoyable. I am a former manager. They start you in the program with recruitment being a sit down with a district manager and a start up cost of $380. To sign a contract (which no signed copy was returned to me:and others)(district manager gets 4% of your take) than the company takes 25% on top of that 4%... So were now at 29% of pure profit dollars going to the company.(For an average business up to 400000 over the summer break) now they send you off after a seminar too book work. Which by the way is really hard to do when 29% of the prices don't hold any value except a cheesy warranty. Now I booked 10000 and produced 7000 of that at the beginning of the summer. And as opposed to the company releasing the money so that I could leverage my business to hire more cold callers too find more work.. They hold on too it. Not sure what the logic is there. But now without seeing any money (also with a broken leg) I refuse to do more business until some is released. Bottom line is I got to the end of my summer and I was paid 2000 on 10500 that I had booked and produced. 1300 Of that 10500 was paint and supplies. The rest went to student works..When they were only entitled to 3045 plus the admin fee of 1200 75 for life insurance and 150 for shirts. 5070 Is what should have come out not close to 7000.

Its a scam. There is no trust in the company as far as I'm concerned. I could not get my district manager to help at all. And he made false promises about the money being released.

I should have known better from the beginning when I heard of a event that had happened within the company with other managers. So a successful manager had become a district manager and brought 20 other managers into the company. She/he is entitled to that 4% as the district manager. A lot of those 20 people/businesses did 75000 that year 75000x.04X20= 60 000 lets just say the district manager was fired and all of the money skipped a step in the company....Not very fair...

During my training seminar a successful manager was "stolen from" and had words with the owner. I should have taken this as a warning...
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Starlord on 12/04/2009:
What kind of training did you get? Your post is difficult to understand. This reminds me of when I was 19 and got a job selling encyclopedias. The Sdent Works name would not make me confident I would get a quality job, as I once worked for a house painter, and there is a lot to learn about the painting business. It is learning to estimate a job, as well as many other technical skills that you just can't expect picking a kid off the street and saying, "Kazaam, you are now a painter."
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My Experience
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MARKHAM -- This job has no security whatsoever. One week you could be working 60 hrs and the next week there could be no work for anyone. I would not recommend this job if you want constant and predictable employment. For example, in May I was working 60 hr weeks; but in June I only worked 20 hrs. Some weeks or every other week there will not be enough work for everyone. This means that other co-workers will compete [unfairly] so that they will have work when there is not enough to go around. They will only use one coat of paint (even though the customer paid for two coats). Coworkers will even buy their boss gifts and take their boss to the cabin to screw other workers over. If you are planning to work for Student Works Painting I would recommend that you watch your back because you never know who is going to screw you over.

Also, the boss is disorganized. For example, almost every paycheque has been late. One paycheque I received a week later than the original date. If you are living paycheque-to-paycheque I would not recommend this job unless you have generous landlords or roomates, can used credit card, or your savings.

If you are applying to student works I would recommend that you keep track of the hours that you worked, keep track of your cold calling bonuses and any other bonuses. I say this because me and my partner that I painted with did not keep track of this for the first two weeks and I had no way of proving that my boss owed me money. My partner and I were working 60 hr weeks but only got paid for 40 hrs.

If you think that your hourly wage will be higher than $12, that is not necessarily true. Mine was around $14, but as I got more efficient the manager decreased the hours budgeted to a specific job. For example, when I started work a house to paint would be budgeted for a week (for two people). But by June the manager would expect us to do it in one or two days. As we get more efficient, our wage does not necessarily increase. The manager expects us to do more work in less time.
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madconsumer on 08/07/2009:
as with all contract jobs, you work when there eis work to do. if you want or expect permanent hours, try walmart or mcdonalds.
Frenchie on 08/07/2009:
No home owner should hire a company such as this, not only do they generally not have insurance but most important the workers including you do not know anything about painting. It is a trade to be learned.

Do you know the various coatings for different surfaces, what about surface preparation? How about the proper cutting (thinning) of a product to make it flow? Do you putty the holes and cracks, etc, do you pre prime that area.etc? I could go on and on as our family has been in the painting business for over 100 years and there is much to learn and know.

Hate to be rude but you got what you deserved and the homeowner got what he/she deserved -- a poor paint job.

If you wish to counter my remarks be sure you know what you are talking about.
Dice on 12/06/2011:
@ Frenchie

You should learn what your talking about SWP has insurance and all managers are trained in all aspects of the trade including prep. Just because one manager neglected this doesn't mean the company supports poor quality work. I am happy to refer my residential jobs to SWP when I am too busy with commercial work. In my experience the guys at the paint store who complain every summer about losing business to them are the ones who shouldn't be running a business in the first place.

If you are worth your salt, there will be more work than you can handle.

In the slow times the best are still employed and the others get pushed to the wayside.
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Great Experience
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I have been working with Student Works for 4 years now and I am entering my 5th year. To summarize these 4 years I would say I have gained an incredible experience in running my own business. I have priced and booked jobs over $15,000. No other opportunity will give you the sales, marketing or HR experience you will get with Student Works. Not to forget customer service. I have had more than 98% customer satisfaction rating which helped me get more business each year I continued with Student Works.

I also have to highlight the income. I have earned over $15,000 each summer while I was in school which wasn't a bad deal at all. I do need to mention that if you pursue this opportunity purely for the income you will not do well. I am sure you will find some past managers complaining about having a bad experience and it is because they were only interested in the income side. Yes you can make great income, but you will have to work hard and the hard work comes first. If you do not put the effort you will not get the income. It is that simple and every person that has gone through the recruitment process understands this.

I would definitely recommend this company to any student looking for a great opportunity or any homeowner looking to get their house painted!
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Anonymous on 06/06/2010:
Interesting username.
PepperElf on 06/06/2010:
Wait... The OP is basically an employee of the company...

and is recommending them to others

Isn't that called an advertisement?
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CALIFORNIA -- About 2 years ago I hired Student Painters although I am very confident that above supervisor, most likely they are well paid and like any other company. The supervisor was about to enter is senior year, he said, as a Business major, but in CA, jobs are hard to find and he knew that. I did not get bids because he was proactive and asked me to walk around the house and showed me flaws. I was considering having the trim painted due to two places of potential dry rot. The two guys of which one was not a student, did a good job. They use only also a very reputable brand which seems to be losing business and I think that that is because I went to the local store after for a can of paint and was shocked at how much higher their prices have gotten. A friend agreed that that paint company has gotten very overpriced.
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Anonymous on 02/09/2007:
If you have potential dry rot I believe it's better to replace the wood instead of simply painting over it. Eventually the rotten wood will have to be replaced so why wait?
HondaCivic4DEx on 03/05/2007:
I was not aware of this. The next time I have my handyman come over, I will ask him to look. He recently got his contractor license which is difficult to get.
HondaCivic4DEx on 03/11/2007:
PassingBy I had my handyman come over. There is no dry rot but since the paint is no longer covering the trim area, he installed the same type of sealant that is on another trim panel which is sheet metal and the ends were caulked off so I need to wait 24 hours and apply some vinegar to the metal and then I can buy trim matching paint to make it all blend in. Therefore, my full front side will not see dry rot.
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