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Poor Quality Watches
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Rating: 1/51
BRONX, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Stuhrling Original Watch from TJ Maxx in Palm Springs, CA. The watch was about $200.00 not including tax. I got the watch home to my house in Los Angeles, CA and noticed that the wording on the face of the watch was misspelled! The word "original" was missing the "L"! I contacted the company via email and after going back and forth numerous times. They wanted me to pay to ship it to them to fix and or replace the watch. I was also supposed to pay to have it insured. After complaining a little more I was told that they would waive the $20. shipping fee they were going to charge me. I would still have to pay to have it shipped to them as well as insure it.

The watch is obviously poorly made and not worth buying. I ended up returning it to my local TJ Maxx. I asked the clerk what they were going to do with the watch and she said it was going to be put back in their case to be sold! I said to her that some other poor unsuspecting soul was going to notice the same thing and all she said was, we don't have a warranty with Stuhrling. DO NOT BUY THESE WATCHES!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/15/2013:
You're lucky that you didn't let this go any further, in my opinion. Sounds like cheap garbage. Thanks for letting everyone know.
ChuhBaca on 03/15/2013:
Well, the problem with this is you bought it at TJ Max. Those stores deal in items that are sellable, but still have slight cosmetic defects. That misspelling is likely why it was sold at TJ Max to begin with.
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Poorly Made Watches
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I received this watch as a Christmas gift on 12/2010. I found the leather band to be very hard, making it difficult to conform to the wrist. As someone who owns several time pieces my watches do not get worn very often. So I was surprised when after my 5th time wearing the watch it completely came apart while winding it. What I found even more disturbing was the lack of customer service I got when I called the company to return the defective product. They told me to send it back with a check for $20. Being an ex-New Yorker where the company is located I decided I would take it in myself. To my amazement I got the same poor treatment and was told the repair would take up to six weeks. I will never purchase another watch from stuhrling again. DO NOT PURCHASE STUHRLING WATCHES. THEY ARE POORLY MADE AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVEN WORSE. SHAME ON SHOP NBC FOR SELLING THIS COMPANY AND ITS PRODUCTS TO THEIR VALUED CUSTOMERS.
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Skye on 04/15/2011:
But they are willing to repair it, you just don't want to wait six weeks.

Let them repair it, might as well get to use it, and hopefully this repair will be what it takes to get this watch to stop falling apart. Or can you just get a refund?
trmn8r on 04/15/2011:
Six weeks is a long time, if you could find someone else to do it faster, for the same or lower price. If not, it might be wise to go ahead and have it fixed. What are your options at this point?
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Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I purchased a watch on line (how stupid of me) from Shop NBC. The watch is made by Stuhrling Original. The company claims that they are a Swiss company that its roots are in Switzerland and begin in 1800. The oldest Stuhrling used to work for the best watchmakers for its time… Too good to be true. Got the watch, wore it 2 days and it started tarnishing. Rust like spots appeared all over the watch.

Turns out - the watches are made in Hong Kong; the company is in New York...
The response from the company was - use your return form to send the watch back- That is it! Not an apology nothing. I will return it of course and get my money back – hopefully.

BE AWARE – THESE WATCHES ARE POOR QUALITY AND NOT WORT EVEN $10. How disappointing! What a misrepresentation.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 07/17/2009:
When you send it back, make sure that you have it sent with signature required. Otherwise they may claim they never got it and not refund you.
katsnme on 11/28/2009:
Two years ago this Xmas I bought two Stuhrling Original watches for myself and my husband. The came delivered in very elegant boxes with all sorts of paperwork. The watches were much heavier than expected, but I figured they were automatic so that was why. My husband just wears his to work. I wear mine all of the time doing all sorts of things. Within a week I noticed the discoloration that appeared to be tarnish. Much later I realized it was a coating of gold color that was peeling off. I loved the watch and figured it was my own fault for wearing it all of the time. Recently I thought I should have it looked at to make sure it was clean inside and that no water had leaked into it causing rust inside. I took it to an upscale jewelers that had all watches sent out to a watch expert who would dismantle the watches and let me know it if it needed cleaning. Well, what a shock I got when the watch was returned with a note that he would not fix it because he could not guarantee his work because that all of the workings inside were made in CHINA! I was furious. I wrote to the company and to the website where I bought the watches to complain. I got a reply from Stuhrling that had no apologies - just told me to return the watch to this New York address and they would return it to me looking brand new. Of course they told me to include $20 to replace the watch band. SURE! Send the watch back and never see it again! This stinks of FRAUD! Anyone else have this problem?
Ansaga on 07/17/2013:
I feel for you because I gave my husband a Stuhrling Original for our anniversary, thinking that this was a great watch - the seconds of the watch broke and I felt so embarrassed! My husband told me I was giving him a fake when I had all the paper work and that the watch looked expensive but was crap! They make it seem so high quality but didn't even last for a month. What puzzles me is that they did not even indicate where it was made. Really shady!
Ammar Elmousa on 10/30/2014:
I bought a Stuhrling watch from Amazon back in November 2013. The design is very good and the watch has been functioning flawlessly since I began wearing it. This company has some interesting watch designs. What I have learned from the web is that they manufacture their watches in China. But still, good quality.
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