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No Cookies for Kids
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I stopped by our local Subway restaurant to redeem our free cookie coupons that expired on that day. We had 3 coupons: one for me and one for each of my two children who were with me in the car...the youngest child had fallen asleep in the car and my older child waited with him in the car in case he woke up while I ran inside the restaurant to get our cookies.

The Subway employee first scrutinized the coupons carefully, went into the back room with the coupons and finally returned to say that she could not honor all 3 coupons since the coupon stated "one per customer". I explained that my youngest child, age 2, was sleeping in the car which was clearly visible through their front window. I asked if it was really necessary to wake him up and bring him inside. She was adamant that she would only give me 2 cookies, even though there were 3 coupons and 3 people.

I got my older daughter out of the car; however, this employee who I later found out was a shift manager, would not honor the 3rd coupon. I asked again if I really needed to wake my sleeping baby, and she threw all three coupons back at me and said "NO cookies for you today...I was going to give you 2 but now I give you none." Shocked that we were arguing over 3 cookies, I informed her that I would be filing a complaint for the way I had been treated at this restaurant.

She was now refusing to honor ANY of the 3 coupons. I understand that rules are rules, but she could clearly see my son sleeping in the car less than 30 feet away. I feel that this Subway restaurant simply didn't want to honor the coupons, period. I now understand why Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds are so much busier than Subway restaurants...they understand how to be compassionate and accommodating to their customers, especially moms with young children like me. I will not visit this store again.

Subway Sandwich's: Employees/Customers
By -

So Subway, miserable Subway, everyone complains about Subway... obviously it's the end of the world right? We just can't get through the day without putting in a complaint about Subway. So anyway customers want to know why Subway employees are so rude right? And employees want to know why customers are so mentally impaired right? Well I can explain. The problem starts with the employer/owners hiring in minimal employees to work for minimum wage...why? Because that's less people they have to pay for work, which means these few employees are working 12 hour shifts everyday of the week...

On that note one Subway owner at least owns 2-3 stores so they feel sending their employees back and forth between stores are a GREAT way to avoid 40 + overtime. These employees are run into the ground working for pennies without seeing the light of day... No benefits + barely any customers tip their tip jars when they clearly work harder then the average server. I'd personally rather tip hard work over a hustler's smile any day.

From what I have witnessed customers are 90% of the problem. Seriously, you don't need a college degree to order a Subway sandwich. It's not rocket science. For example a customer is holding up a Subway line because he has 7 sandwiches but only informs the employee of one instead of making things simple accomplishing all 7 at the same time. If this were too hard or a problem for the employee to remember/ accomplish 7 sandwiches at once, which most have probably been there for years staring at the line up with the bane image burned into their brain..

There's no way they'd still be employed. Subway is not McDonald's nor is it a 5 star restaurant (Prissville) but apparently it's the Soup Kitchen considering everyone orders 7-10 sandwich's per person in the middle of lunch rush, Have phone orders gone out of style?

Not to mention half of those customers don't even know what the 7-10 people at home want on their sandwiches. "Cheese sir? Oh ugh let me call back...okay American. Veggies sir? oh ugh let me call..." [snip] after 5 times of that I'd lock myself in the cooler too. Write it down on paper NOT TEXT (what's wrong with you) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU STAND IN LINE. So it's not only employees who need to clean up their act. It's also the customers. Honestly it can be looked at through both sides of the glass. We all have effect on each other.

No help from headquarters or Regional office on RUDE employee
By -

APACHE JUNCTION, ARIZONA -- I visited Subway located inside the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Apache Trail in Apache Junction AZ on July 1st 09. I couldn't believe the rude behavior of the "customer service" representative behind the counter named **. I stood waiting to be served and I saw she was leaning and relaxed in the back (I thought she was socializing). After calling for service with no response, I stepped behind the counter so she could see me. She came out very angry, shooing me away, griping that I had no business standing where I was behind the counter.

Her attitude provoked me to respond by telling her that she should be in front waiting on customers instead of back there chit chatting. Her response was filled with the worst 4 letter words that you could hear while telling me she was on a break eating. She went on to tell me that it was none of my business whether she was eating or talking and it went on. I couldn't believe her behavior and mentioned I would be speaking to the manager. Her response was "Want the number"?

She didn't let it end there. As I went through Wal-Mart shopping, she was spotting me and pointing me out to her co-worker and laughing. She had an obvious disregard for being reported and now I know why. I have called headquarters several times and filed a complaint. I was always told they would forward to the owner of that store and will get a response in 3-5 days. Never have I gotten a response.

After several attempts - they gave me the # to the regional office and I have also called several times and left messages for a call back explaining my situation. Again, no return call. I can see now why this girl ** was very confident in behaving barbarically - there is no accountability and she obviously knew it.

I am very frustrated with the Headquarters, Regional offices and the owner of that Subway (I know he has received several of my messages) because I have been a business owner and also in customer service. Although I don't necessarily believe in "the customer is always right", I do believe that as a customer service representative - a person should always maintain a professional demeanor.

Not sure if it's the day and age or if it has something to do with the area (I come from New England where customer's being treated with respect has always been the policy), but I do want to take this opportunity to express my disappointment in Subway at the executive level for hiring such rif raf. Shame on the owner of this subway - ** has no business in customer service.

How About An Employee Complaint?
By -

CENTERVILLE, OHIO -- After reading some of these (and laughing hard) I decided I had to comment. Let me start by saying to all those who jump on customer service that more than likely you haven't been on our side of the line. It can be frustrating when 30 people show up at once and want 5 sandwiches each. I can't speak for all stores but we never have more than 3 people on the line. Do the math. It takes a minute, the customer gets upset that the guy in front of him had a list of 14 subs and then takes it out on the employees.

And cell phones... Most places have no cell phone signs. Our store does not. Wow. Now you have people telling you to wait while they talk about the date they just had and then ask 4 people what kind of subs they want. Meanwhile there's a line now. I could go on and on all night long here. The point is this: our job sucks. Most of us don't want to be there making dinner for people who are only going to look at us a sub par human beings because we work in food service.

So before you jump on the web and trash Subway or its employees think about what we have to deal with day in and day out. And to those people who make it a point to brighten our day as we make your food... Thank you. Your understanding and patience is a breath of fresh air.

P.S. Anyone wanting to order more than 4 or 5 subs from 11am- 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm call in advance!!! It's not fair to make someone who wants one 6 inch wait 15 minutes while you go through your list of sub after sub. There are other people in the universe. I know it's hard to get used to...

Ordered a simple BLT 4/18/2009
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- This is a copy and paste of my complaint to the HQ. I am not a complainer. Nearly never anyway. I just came back from at 3336 West 10th street Indianapolis IN 46234. I had pulled into the drive through. I asked "Is the BLT on the 5 dollar menu?" She nodded yes. I said "I will have that then please." She said "what would you like on that?" I replied, "It's a BLT. you know...Bacon" and nodded my head motioned my hands of what the continuation default ingredients would make a successful BLT sandwich.

I can't believe this. I can't say this sort of thing has never happened in life before in some way or form or another, but it's always a sort of Twilight Zone episode that leaves your head spinning... I am dumbfounded. Not only was I borderline starved from not eating in 24 hours, but I ordered a BLT. I was looking forward to this BLT. I love BLT's. I was going to share the BLT with my dog. We would have enjoyed it together very much. I love my dog too. Not as much as my half of the BLT that we would have shared however. I would cherish my half while he normally inhales his...

Instead: I opened the ** bag and there was 6 slices of bacon in between the bread of a 12 inch footlong!!! What the ** was this B thinking?! A BLT is a BACON LETTUCE AND YESSS TOMATO!!! My apologies if I sound rude in any way to the innocent person who has to be entertained by such letters, but in all honesty, I think I am bordering my 10 minutes of glory on the news. Can you help me? In lieu of not hating your franchise for life and telling everyone I know not to go there because of the skills aptitude of the workers, will you make right right?

I do not want to return to that store again. I would not be happy with the BLT I ordered alone either. I would be happy however with the BLT originally ordered and a restitution sandwich of my choice for making me lose my sanity for 20 minutes and having to write this letter to you explaining you need to have a regional update the owner or deal with it if it's one your stores.

Bad Customer Service, Disgusting Hygiene, Disrespectful Towards Customers
By -

, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I frequented the Subway location at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia PA (next to Target) quite a bit only because of its proximity to me and have witnessed some very disturbing practices. For one, this Indian lady that works there (I believe it is the owner, unfortunately she does not wear a name tag) is so rude, practices bad hygiene and rips off her customers. You will know who she is because I have only noticed 3 people work there, a young guy who is way cool, a younger girl, and then this middle aged Indian woman I am complaining about.

I observed this woman make a sandwich for the person in front of me, she laid her plastic gloves on the counter and once she was done ringing her up, she re-wore the gloves. She then proceeds to open the oven before she makes my sandwich. Yuck! How many times did she re-wear those gloves? How many items did she touch, money, credit cards, unsanitary items before she made my sandwich? A new pair of gloves should be worn just prior to making a sandwich if you are both the sandwich maker and the cashier.

The re-wearing of gloves when handling the sandwich making and money, is a clear indication about how little importance is paid to sanitary practices when they cut up their vegetables. You may end up with e-coli or some other kind of infection. I personally have experienced a stomach ache twice after having a sandwich from this Subway location.

On another occasion, just yesterday 6/11/08, the same woman asked if she could help me. I ordered a 6-inch roast beef sandwich. I usually order double meat, but decided to go easy this time. I saw her put down 3, half pieces of roast beef and this was considered a serving. I asked her about it and she said "Well sometimes the slices come big and sometimes the slices come small."

So basically if the slices are 1/2 pieces you will not be given the adequate amount of sandwich meat to equal 3 regular size slices. This is a complete and total rip-off. I then asked her for double meat and she, out of the goodness of her heart, decided to add one extra piece of roast beef.

So all and all, I actually received 3 1/2 slices, less than a serving of double meat. I paid for a serving of double meat and it is not what I got. During this same trip, there was a lady in front of me that was unsure what sandwich to order, well this same woman looks over at the cashier and laughs, obviously making fun of this customer.

On a different trip to this Subway between 6/03/08 and 6/06/08, this same woman had just about finished making the sandwiches for the 2 young ladies in front of me. When the customer asks her if she could get mustard on her sandwich the woman appeared annoyed and had to walk to the back room to get it. I would consider the mustard to be a very popular condiment and should be side to side with their other condiments and sauces.

When the young lady finished paying for her sandwich, she asked the woman if she could heat it up in the microwave for 10 seconds. The women asked "Why?" Why else would you want a sandwich in the microwave? Anyway, she said she had to wait, and proceeded to ring the following guys order instead. Now, he only had 2 sandwiches, but it took her a while to ring him up, she was most definitely stalling.

The young lady thought that she had placed her sandwich in the microwave and was concerned that it had been in there a while. Her friend finally said to this woman, if she could please remove her sandwich from the microwave, that it was probably burned by now. The young lady was upset and understandably so. At that point, this woman stopped what she was doing, removed a vat of what appeared to be cucumbers from the microwave and finally placed her sandwich in the microwave.

When these young ladies left, she made a comment about them to the customer she was ringing up. Poor customer service, disgusting hygiene, disrespectful towards customers, rip-offs. This is what this location, Subway on 11000 Roosevelt Blvd. Philadelphia, PA next to Target offers. Please be warned! I will never go back.

I don't know what it is but I have had bad experiences at the other two Subway locations. At any rate, please take your business elsewhere, to another Subway location that is worthy of your business or other sandwich shops such as Quiznos. I have been to Quiznos many times and have never experienced any problems.

People like this should be banned from owning a Subway franchise! We should boycott this place. I warn you against going to this location, but if you do, be vigilant when dealing with this woman. The more people that experience what I am complaining about, the more voices there will be and something will finally be done. Mind you, I am not writing this because I have a personal vendetta against this Subway location, but when you receive the same consistent, reprehensible treatment time and time again, it is time to spread the word.

Any Foot Long for $5.00
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Rating: 1/51

NANUET, NEW YORK -- Any foot long for $5.00 advertised on TV and in the store. However, there is an exception to the rule. Specialty sandwiches are charged more even though there is no disclaimer to that fact on TV or in the store...............

We called customer service for Subway and got someone who basically told us too bad, tough ****. We told her that we were charged $9.50 for a pastrami sandwich even though it was clearly marked any foot longs for $5.00. She told us that it was a specialty sandwich and that there was a disclaimer in the store in fine print. We said that there wasn't any such disclaimer in the store. So she basically told us that it was out fault and nothing was resolved to appease us.

Do They Think We're Stupid?
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Rating: 3/51

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- I was wondering if anyone else noticed that Subway has a unique way of cheating you out of value?

Whenever I order a 6" sub, there are a certain amount of tomatoes, scoops of tuna, meatballs, etc...each and every time. The amount never changes, unless you order double-meat or extra this or less of that. But in general, they are like clockwork in their preparation.

The catch is whenever you order a 12" foot long sub, which is in essence 2-ea. 6" subs. You would think the proportions are just double (2x). Wrong. They actually scale back on the amount of tomatoes, scoops of meat, etc...For instance, a 6" sub always gets 3 slices of tomatoes. However, like clockwork, when they prepare a 12" sub, they trim it down to 5 slices. I've noticed the same with the scoops of tuna and the amount of meatballs. It's not by accident either. They do it each and every time. This sneaky practice is not limited to this particular location either, as I have witnessed it in other cities and states.

Solution: If you are ordering a 12", simply ask them to cut it in half BEFORE they begin to make the sandwich, which is something they always do after making it anyway. This way they are forced to give you the proper amount of toppings you are being charged for. It may not seem like much, and perhaps insignificant to most, but over the course of a day, month, year, just think how much that adds up to.

Seafood and Crab Missing
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I was a regular visitor to Subway, for one purpose only; the Seafood and Crab sub. I would get it just with some cheese and lettuce. Sounds plain, but it was delicious. It started out at the Subway by my office, where they wouldn't have it once in a while. They never told me that Subway was discontinuing it. It wasn't until I visited another store near my home and asked the person working the counter what was going on. That's when he told me that Subway wasn't going to carry it any longer. Apparently not enough people were ordering it and they had to throw the leftovers away quite a bit.

I haven't been back to another Subway since they stop selling it and don't plan to. I will really miss that sub and will anxiously await it's return (if ever).

Seafood Sub Was Eliminated
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Rating: 4/51

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- I can't believe after nearly 20 years on the menu the seafood sub is being eliminated. It's not like they made it with real crab and lobster, but the sauce and the sweetness made for a really good sandwich. Arby's for me always made the best tuna sub, the Subway version tastes bland. While I may occasionally still visit for an inexpensive meatball or an italian sub, I really think this sandwich was you're market edge over the competition. Quiznos, has better meat options and better ways of toasting the sub, Jimmy Johns, has better combinations of meats, and when it comes to size and variety, many local establishments in town do it better and some provide better salads, french fries, and other side dishes. Not to mention the baked subs from pizza places.

The seafood sub was a winner, and you should have thought to diversify the combination rather than eliminate it. Take a customer poll and see if it's desired, if so bring it back soon! Note you're poll should include what percentage of Subway purchase is the seafood sub, mine is about 30 percent, one other reviewer was about 90. I go to Subway about 30 times a year, sometimes more when you have the special price months.

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