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Terrible Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -- I have to say if this was my first trip to Subway, it would have been my last. Me and my friend had to go to Wal-Mart to pick a few things and was going to grab something to eat while we were out. We decided on Subway since we haven't eaten there in a while. And so happens Subway was located inside Wal-Mart. There was an employee pushing chairs and tables up against the wall when we arrived at about 7:15pm. There was another employee sitting at a table talking to the other employee sweeping and mopping. There was a line of customers. And one employee behind the counter doing a mediocre job. I asked the employee if we were going to be able to sit after we ordered. And the employee yes just pull a table out. That employee had to get it done before they left. She wasn't very pleasant in their words. The employee sitting at the table decided to get up and head to the back of the store. Then when it was our time to order that employee behind the counter decided to hold a conversation with the employee that was sitting at the table earlier while they put on their gloves. The conversation more or less 5 minutes. Then the employee that was sitting at the table earlier emerged from the back and proceeded to ask me about my sandwich. As I was telling her what I wanted on my sandwich I noticed the cucumber's was frozen. I said they were frozen when I noticed them as the employee placed them on my sandwich. The employee then put more of the frozen cucumber's on my sandwich. It was like the employee didn't understand what I was saying. I was speaking plain clear English. The employee that was behind the counter turned and acted like my friend wasn't even standing there. My friend stood there close to 5 minutes before his order was taken. All in all it seemed like the employees did not want to be bothered with serving customers and that they were doing us a huge favor in letting us spend our money there. As we were sitting there eating I noticed a mother trying to cross a wet floor to the fountain drink machine with her son. There was only one wet floor sign on the wet floor and it was in the back of the store. Where there should have been at least one or even two more signs in the store on the wet floor since the store had all the tables pushed to the walls.
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Churro on 02/13/2012:
Subways are pretty inconsistent. The last one I visited was manned by a bunch a tweekers that looked like they came straight off the set of LA ink. I just turned around and headed for Jesey Mikes.
ok4now on 02/14/2012:
You will never get a great hoagie or sandwich at Subway. Having said this I occasionally eat there because the location is convenient and the price is cheap. They are just another fast food joint. Don't expect more.
andbran on 02/14/2012:
I would not expect any sandwich shop inside a walmart to have great service
traceylynn on 02/15/2012:
Subway has been going down-hill for years. they used to be really good, have quality ingredients, and was a good value. Now.....not so much. The bread is ( for better word) cheap. Mostly air fluff. The meat is over processed and the cheese is skimpy. The veggie portions have been shorted. I would rather pay a fair amount for the sub and have a decent quality then pay a cheap amount and get what they are serving. Cheap is not better. I would gladly pay more for a higher quality product, which if why I tend to buy local if possible. Big chains are going downhill and local helps boost the economy :)
ok4now on 02/16/2012:
Domino's Pizza is the same. They advertise a cheap price but give you nothing. Their toppings are a joke. As you said I would rather pay more and get decent quality. They lost me as a customer.
Mark on 03/23/2012:
I used to work at a Subway when I was in my early twenties. As young as I was, I was one of the older people that worked there. The problem with Subways are that they are mostly, small, individually owned stores that don't take in enough money to train, and keep good managers. Most of the time, the stores are left in the hands of ill-trained, young assistant managers, who may even be teenagers. That can not expect people that immature to supervise other youngsters, maintains a high level of customer service, and quality product. With new competition from other places serving subs, Subway will probably drop off the map, very soon.
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I will never go to subway again...
Posted by on
I was at the university plaza Subway in Waterloo, Ontario... and after that experience, I now have the thought of it in my head whenever I think of Subway. There was a nice elderly man listing what he wanted on his sandwich when the employee asked 'mustard and mayo?' where the man said 'no mayo, just mustard'. When the employee started to put the mayo on after he mustard, the old man said 'whoa whoa whoa, no mayo, I said I didn't want mayo' where the employee glared at the old man as if it was his fault, said no apology, and scraped off the mayo with attitude. When the old man paid, the employee didn't even say thank you or sorry. Then, when the old man left, he started to make fun of the old guy to another employee right infront of me.

Then, my order: when I paid, again, no thank you, but instead he totally ignored me and was too busy making fun of the old man that when my receipt had printed, I waited, said excuse me, and still nothing. So I reached over and around the counter, grabbed my sandwich and cup... And the employee still didn't even notice. When I sat down, only one table was occupied, every other table was dirty... It was 4:15 in the afternoon. So I was thinking that they didn't even clean up from their noon hour rush, and probably still wouldn't clean up for dinner; that is disgusting. Upon opening my sandwich, the bread was evidently old as it was cold and hard, and better yet... It was burnt so it tasted gross.

This has ruined Subway for me, and now when I think of Subway or it's brand, or relate that ridiculous experience that could have so easily been solved. I will never go to a Subway again.
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sabletaz on 10/01/2011:
That's too bad that you had a crappy experience at your local subway. My local Subway in Cornish, Maine is great they are always polite. They greet you when you come through the door. They pay attention when you order so they get it right the first time. Very clean there, always when I go in.
jktshff1 on 10/01/2011:
university plaza.....uh where is that?
trp2hevn on 10/01/2011:
Come on jkt, I'm sure that there is only one city that has a "university plaza". That's a shame that your local subway is bad. I have a good one near me too. And today started "ANYtober" (at least in my area). Any regular footlong sub for $5. Last "FebuANY" I was starting to become a regular there.
Starlord on 10/01/2011:
Our local Subway is not participating in the national promotion, and have a sign on the door stating this.
trp2hevn on 10/01/2011:
Sorry to hear about that Starlord. At least they have a sign letting you know before you waste your time standing in line.
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Subway Sandwich's: Employees/Customers
Posted by on
So Subway, Miserable Subway, everyone complains about Subway.. obviously it's the end of the world right? We just can't get through the day without putting in a complaint about Subway. So anyway customers want to know why Subway employees are so rude right? and employees want to know why customers are so mentally impaired right?... Well I can explain. The problem starts with the employer/owners hiring in minimal employees to work for minimum wage ..why? because that's less people they have to pay for work, Which means these few employees are working 12 hour shifts everyday of the week..On that note one Subway owner at least owns 2-3 stores so they feel sending their employees back and forth between stores is a GREAT way to avoid 40+ overtime. These employees are run into the ground working for penny's without seeing the light of day.. no benefits + barley any customers tip their tip jars when they clearly work harder then the average server. I'd personally rather tip hard work over a hustlers smile any day. From what I have witnessed customers are 90% of the problem. Seriously, you don't need a college degree to order a Subway sandwich, It's not rocket science. For example a customer is holding up a Subway line because he has 7 sandwich's but only informs the employee of one instead of making things simple accomplishing all 7 at the same time. If this were to hard or a problem for the employee to remember/ accomplish 7 sandwiches at once, which most have probably been there for years staring at the line up with the bane image burned into their brain..There's no way they'd still be employed. Subway is not McDonald's nor is it a 5 star restaurant (Prissville) but apparently its the Soup Kitchen considering everyone orders 7-10 sandwich's per person in the middle of lunch rush, Have phone orders gone out of style?

Not to mention half of those customers don't even know what the 7-10 people at home want on their sandwiches. "cheese sir?" "oh ugh let me call back..okay American." "Veggies sir?" "oh ugh let me call.." [snip] after 5 times of that I'd lock myself in the cooler too, Wright it down on paper NOT TEXT (what's wrong with you) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU STAND IN LINE.

So it's not only employees who need to clean up their act its also the customers,Honestly it can be looked at through both sides of the glass, we all have effect on each other.
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andbran on 03/23/2010:
I don't understand most people either. if I have multiple orders I make a list before I leave the house. I don't why anyone thinks that's a hard thing to do.
Anonymous on 03/23/2010:
So, is this a complaint about Subway or about customers of Subway?
PepperElf on 03/23/2010:
hell the subway on base had a rule that orders for more than 3 sandwiches had to be called in or faxed in.

and when we did a subway run we wrote down what everyone wanted, etc.

though I learned quickly to go there before 1100 cos if you went at 1100 the line would be forever
Anonymous on 03/23/2010:
I have never experienced a mean subway employee they are courteous and good at what they do at my location.
Anonymous on 03/23/2010:
Wallyworld, consider yourself lucky, then.
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No help from headquarters or Regional office on RUDE employee
Posted by on
APACHE JUNCTION, ARIZONA -- I visited Subway located inside the Walmart Supercenter on Apache Trail in Apache Junction AZ on July 1st 09. I couldn't believe the rude behavior of the "customer service" representative behind the counter named Dawn. I stood waiting to be served and I saw she was leaning and relaxed in the back (I thought she was socializing). After calling for service with no response, I stepped behind the counter so she could see me. She came out very angry, shooing me away, griping that I had no business standing where I was behind the counter. Her attitude provoked me to respond by telling her that she should be in front waiting on customers instead of back there chit chatting. Her response was filled with the worst 4 letter words that you could hear while telling me she was on a break eating. She went on to tell me that it was none of my business whether she was eating or talking and it went on. I couldn't believe her behavior and mentioned I would be speaking to the manager. Her response was "Want the number"?
She didn't let it end there. As I went through Walmart shopping, she was spotting me and pointing me out to her co-worker and laughing. She had an obvious disregard for being reported and now I know why. I have called headquarters several times and filed a complaint. I was always told they would forward to the owner of that store and will get a response in 3-5 days. Never have I gotten a response. After several attempts - they gave me the # to the regional office and I have also called several times and left messages for a call back explaining my situation. Again, no return call. I can see now why this girl Dawn was very confident in behaving barbaricly - there is no accountablility and she obviously knew it.
I am very frustrated with the Headquarters, Regional offices and the owner of that Subway (I know he has received several of my messages) because I have been a business owner and also in customer service. Although I don't necessarily believe in "the customer is always right", I do believe that as a customer service representative - a person should alway maintain a professional demeanor. Not sure if it's the day and age or if it has something to do with the area (I come from New England where customer's being treated with respect has alway been the policy), but I do want to take this opportunity to express my disappointment in Subway at the executive level for hiring such rif raf. Shame on the owner of this subway - Dawn has no business in customer service.
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User Replies:
goduke on 08/05/2009:
$50 says the owner asked Dawn about it and she gave a very different version of the events, and he closed the books on it.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Oh, to be Dawn for a day. I would have GIVEN you the most tasty sammie that you ever had.
If the service is bad then leave. You had no business going behind there nor sassing her about the chit chat.
Get over yourself for you initiated the rude verbal exchange. JMHO
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
No soup for you!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/05/2009:
You really shouldn't have gone behind the counter. She may have been on break which she is certainly entitled to. She should have been more professional, but you did initiate it.
i_am_canadian on 08/05/2009:
Perhaps Dawn was the manager.
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
She might even have been slightly frightened by you coming into employee never know.
i_am_canadian on 08/05/2009:
For all she knew you could have been a robber, you had no business going behind that counter.
Eloise on 08/05/2009:
Mscantbe wrong, Best Answer!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/05/2009:
whoo hoo...thanks Eloise
outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
I merely stepped behind the counter opening so she could see me. She came at me with such an ugly vengeance...I responded with the chit chat comment but it should have ended there and not turned into what it did. If I was the owner of a store, I would certainly want to know what kind of help I'm hiring and that kind of behaviour would never fly. Yes...I'm guessing she is a corporate daughter or something.'s a shame business owners are not expecting more these days. May be a day and age thing..
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
She went overboard, no doubt about it. Cursing from an employee is verboten..completely. I'm sorry that Subway corporate didn't handle this like professionals.
outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
Well, I made my last attempt with headquarters today and got a much better response. The rep I talked to was pretty outraged herself at the whole incident after reading the notes on file and made a few phone calls on my behalf. I have been assured I will be receiving a phone call from whoever is responsible for that store. It might seem like a petty issue to some, but to those who witnessed the was outrageous and definitely warrants a complaint.
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
Glad you got some resolution. Not all Subways are like that, needless to say. The girls in the one I go to work like absolute dogs, and they are always helpful, sunny and giggly.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
" was outrageous and definitely warrants a complaint."

A meal coupon and an apology should suffice, correct?
Did you let management know of your deeds?
outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
Actually, myself and other family members like subway. They are always pleasant and greet you as you walk in the door in most all of the subways. That is why it is important for me to get the message of my experience to this owner. He needs to do better at hiring especially in this economy where there are hundreds of people in that area who are anxiously waiting for the opportunity to be employed.
Eloise on 08/05/2009:
Boki, the ones at my store are the same way. They even put up with my kids building their own sandwich.
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
outraged, indeed. Subway corporate doesn't want some employee screaming the F word, amongst other stuff, at can be sure of that.

BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
Oh I'll bet your kids are cute as bugs building their own sammiches!

I love to watch kids at buffets...they'll put like a piece of pizza, maybe a chicken leg and some gummi bears on a plate. Add sprinkles. :D
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
It is much harder to be a "sandwich artist" than it is to build a burger plus you are dealing directly with the public which at times can warrant an employee earning hazard pay let alone the working conditions.
It takes two to Tango.

Signed, My Daughter and former Subway employee.
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
They make good sammiches.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
I was so relieved when she left that place, Boki. It was right off of the highway. They had no male employees working at night so sometimes my Daughter would have to "close" by herself. Luckily she wasn't there the two times that it was robbed!!!
madconsumer on 08/05/2009:
you had no right going behind the counter. you could have shouted out and got her attention.

froma health point of view, you violated the health code. non employees are not allowed in any service area.
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
zz, almost anywhere is vulnerable now!! I don't know if you caught it but I mentioned that 16 dollar stores of various kinds have been robbed her since the first of the year. Freakin' dollar stores!

I'm so glad your daughter wasn't there when it was robbed and sorry for anyone else's daughter who was. :(
bargod on 08/05/2009:
I remember a few years ago at a Subway in a neibouring city had a 19yr old girl working by herself late a night. It was robbed and she was killed.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Thanks Boki. The Dollar store by my Mom has gotten "hit" numerous times. Don't for a minute think that they don't have a nice little piece of change for the crook, though.
outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
Read the intitial complaint. I did call for her and she did not answer. I saw her relaxing in back and simply wanted her to see me as well. I did not walk back there or cause the kind of trouble you're suggesting. There is also no way she thought I was a robber as I was politely calling to her to notice me from where I stood which was not directly behind the counter but only at the opening that led behind the counter. Stick to the real issue...
outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
That comment was for "madcomsumer"
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Out1, were you ever served?
Dawn was very rude and unprofessional BUT you had no business 'baiting' her with the chit chat, quip.
outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
The chit chat comment came AFTER she came out and attacked me verbally. I only paid for a milk my 4 year old wanted. I certainly would not have wanted a sandwich from her at that point and never will be going in there again anyway. My level 1 violation did not justify her level 10 violation for more than one reason..
Soaring Consumer on 08/05/2009:
I suggest that you also file a complaint with the management of the Wal-Mart. Since Wal-Mart owns the lease to the in-store restaurant, they have the ultimate control over their facility and have the capacity to kick Subway out.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Yeah SC, that'll happen.

Okay Out1, you win on the strength of not eating anything from there. Good luck and enjoy your meal coupon from corporate. (VH)
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Hey outraged, Apache Junction is well known for all the tweakers that live there. Put two and two together.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
MethHeads or Crackheads?
Are you calling Out1 one of those names? Hasn't she been verbally abused enough by, Dawn?
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Methheads, and I wasn't calling outraged that. I was referring to the employee.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
I know. I was being sarcastic.....Again.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Us Zonies refer to Apache Junction as Acrackie Junction, or Dysfunction Junction. The people out there are a class all in their own.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
I've been through there on the way to Bisbee. It is in the middle of Nowhere, AZ.
andbran on 08/05/2009:
I would have just gone somewhere else. don't they have a Mcdonalds there as well?
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
Andbran, the Subway employee's dealer probably works at Mcdonalds.
madconsumer on 08/05/2009:
best answer andbran!!
jktshff1 on 08/05/2009:
No offense, but I'm glad I'm a Southern boy and don't have to deal with a guy like you from new england. Sounds like you were typical, I am more important that anything else jerk.
outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
1st of all jktshff1, I find several things wrong with your comment. You start off "no offense" and then finish with a real offensive remark. I'm not a "guy", I'm a female and I had my 4 year old with me at the time when she started swearing at me. And I simply stated that when I lived and worked in NE, the level of customer service was very high. I moved out West and noticed a big difference. I also stated that I wasn't sure if it was an area difference or just this day and age. I don't think that qualifies me as a stuck up New Englander but I do think you're comment qualifies you as an ignoramous (southener or not)
PepperElf on 08/05/2009:
"I stepped behind the counter"

You stepped behind the counter when you weren't supposed to. When you were told not to be there you were rude & obnoxious.

At least you are honest about how horribly you treated the worker. But that's not saying much.

This should be retitled ASAP to:
No help from headquarters or Regional office on RUDE CUSTOMER.

When you are rude to them first, you can't play the victim card & pretend the employee was an evil demon out to get you. The employee gave you back EXACTLY what you gave her. As far as I care she deserves a raise for having to deal with people treating her like poo - especially the customers who treat her like poo and then pull the "well you deserve it" attitude.

outraged1 on 08/05/2009:
PepperElf...I think they have an opening as Subway in AJ. They are looking for people just like you.
PepperElf on 08/05/2009:
and I'll be honest...

about the 4 year old...

I honestly think seeing how her mother treats employees will have more of an effect on how she acts later then will a random encounter of swear words.
PepperElf on 08/05/2009:
No thank you.

I do not want to work in any job where a customer will force her way behind the counter and then treat the employee badly.

Because if I had been the person working there I would have told you to leave.

I am a nice person, but... I do not tolerate anyone who treats me badly and then pretends their actions are my fault.
Eloise on 08/05/2009:
Pepper, Best Answer!
spiderman2 on 08/05/2009:
"There is also no way she thought I was a robber as I was politely calling to her to notice me from where I stood" somehow I doubt that you were politely calling to her since you admit that you thought she was in the back socializing. The woman shouldn't have talked to you the way she did, but frankly, you had no business going anywhere but on the customer side of the counter.
Littleanna on 08/06/2009:
out still lives in a nicer area than I do. If you were to try that around here you would get cut along with a cussing.
Ytropious on 08/07/2009:
You should have just left! At that point walking behind the counter for a dang sandwich isn't worth it, just take your money else where, it ain't that hard.

Also are you aware most subways are FRANCHISES? Meaning the manager/owner calls the shots, corporate probably can't make him fire anyone. A lot of the subways around here are run by families, so it could have been the owners daughter, knowing full well she won't get fired. I would have treated you the same way. Rude customers = rude employees right back.
Fufu487 on 08/10/2009:
Also, keep in mind that headquarters can't always update you on the situation. So calling 7 or 8 times may not have helped as much as going into the location itself and asking for the manager.
myownindependence on 08/28/2009:
Despite the fact that you should not have been so close to behind the counter, but it doesn't exactly justify the employee's rudeness and disrespctful attitude towards. Especially when your 4 year old kid was with you at the time. It shows that she lacks the ability to maintain her professional attitude, as well as not being able to act appropriately and mature in front of your child.

Also... this employee has got such nerve to just started pointing and laughing at you just because you were reporting to subway about her unprofessional attitude towards you and your child. I don't see how she got the right to just do that to you in public like that. That type of attitude should never be tolerated.

Lastly, for future reference, I can guarantee you that whoever filed a complaint about a particular subway restaurant, there's only a handful of people who actually get responses back that is considered as helpful. Oh and just so you know.... chances are.... the headquarters probably can't really do too much about it, most likely because of these 2 reasons:

1) each subway restaurants are being runned by indepently runned and the headquarters couldn't really do too much about on how it's being run...


2) The headquarters are actually cowards and trying act professional to hide the fact that they don't really care about anything or anyone else except themselves and trying to earn money. And they don't really want to deal with any of the problems, and if THIS was the case, then they would most likely try to erase the complaints in order to maintain their reputations...

Basically, what I would suggest is that you shouldn't really have bothered the headquarters about it considering that nothing will really change, so I would recommend that you simply start eating at another location.
klobbersaurus685 on 09/21/2009:
I'm with most of the people on here. You started the situation. You expected a TEENAGER to be the adult.
You are at fault and I don't feel one bit bad for you
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How About An Employee Complaint?
Posted by on
CENTERVILLE, OHIO -- After reading some of these (and laughing hard) I decided I had to comment. Let me start by saying to all those who jump on customer service that more than likely you haven't been on our side of the line. It can be frustrating when 30 people show up at once and want 5 sandwiches each. I can't speak for all stores but we never have more than 3 people on the line. Do the math. It takes a minute, the customer gets upset that the guy in front of him had a list of 14 subs and then takes it out on the employees. And cell phones..... Most places have no cell phone signs. Our store does not. Wow. Now you have people telling you to wait while they talk about the date they just had and then ask 4 people what kind of subs they want. Meanwhile theres a line now. I could go on and on all night long here. The point is this : our job sucks. Most of us don't want to be there making dinner for people who are only going to look at us a sub par human beings because we work in food service. So before you jump on the web and trash Subway or its employees think about what we have to deal with day in and day out. And to those people who make it a point to brighten our day as we make your food.... Thank you. Your understanding and patience is a breath of fresh air.

Ps - Anyone wanting to order more than 4 or 5 subs from 11a-2p and from 5p to 8p call in advance!!!!! Its not fair to make someone who wants one 6 inch wait 15 minutes while you go through your list of sub after sub. There are other people in the universe. I know, its hard to get used to....
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
Get used to it, we are better than you, so we will talk on our phones and treat you like a 2nd class citizen if we feel like it. And no, we won't say thank you, so don't expect it.

I kid...great post, you are right, unless a person has worked in customer service, they just don't understand how rude and/or demanding and/or insensitive customers can be.

Thanks for taking the time to share your side, this is a good reminder to all of us.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
Excellent post! I know it must suck on that side of the counter.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
I frequent Subway often, and my Subway has one of the friendliest workers around. They always say hi and make people feel like valued customers. And I treat fast food employees the same way I would want to be treated.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
I go to Subway a lot too. The one I usually go to has the best employees. I usually get a free cookie when I go. They love me there cause I'm nice and talk to them like they are human beings.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
WHY don't stores, banks, and fast food places make policies about cell phone use. This is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. Honey, I will never glare at you for taking too long with the sammie, but I will indeed say something to the fool who wants both of us to wait until he's off the phone to give you his order. Stores need to get strict with these policies because people are really ignorant with their phones.
Principissa on 05/04/2009:
Agreed sherdy. It's ridiculous that someone can't put their phone down long enough to order a sandwich. Nothing is more rude than holding up a line full of people because some idiot won't stop talking to put his order in.
jktshff1 on 05/04/2009:
Good post.
On the other side, when someone is waiting on me, I don't want them answering their company phone. I took the time to drive there, they are waiting on me. Let them call back.
groveman55 on 05/04/2009:
I agree with you 100%. As A former Subway Mgr. When someone was holding up the line by talking on the phone I went to the next person.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
Excellent review! The cell phone problem isn't just in fast food lines. They do it in exam rooms too. They sit on the exam table and yak away. If I make a move for the door, they hold their finger up in the 'wait' gesture (how rude). I started walking out to see the next patient. Wow do they get PO'd.
chance two on 05/04/2009:
I have to agree with subway employee-everyone should spend a day on other end of "customer service"- cell phones made our job a nightmare- in the middle of a sale customer has to stop and answer phone with no regards of you trying to do your job or the person in line behind you--how rude is that!!!!
chance two on 05/04/2009:
It's not on food service- worked retail for 30 years when a customer comes in and helping them with a project they ask for and they stop you midway to answer phone--like the good doc I did reach a point where I would "let me know whene you are done and I would move on to next customer.
chance two on 05/04/2009:
Just checked my post -- think I need to turn light on so I can see keyboard--sorry about typing errors--eyes and fingers getting old and tired---smile--
aaronw on 05/14/2009:
I find it funny they call them "artists".. Especially after the slop we've had to deal with here masquerading as a "sandwich". It's amusing to see the inventive ways huge companies used to make their employees feel like they're actually skilled at something. This "feel good" society is a joke. Of course, with the rate of pay the least they could do is blow a little sunshine.

Second. Any store that has to post warning signs not to put your head/hands in the oven, we can't be dealing with the brightest of bulbs to begin with.

Third, you're paid minimum wage because that's what you're worth. Subway pays big money to advertise. The service we often get is crap. You're taking our money and thinking you have the RIGHT to treat us in whatever indignant way you deem fit and dictate to us how we're going to do business with you.

If you don't like your job, damn well quit and stop taking it out on us. If you don't want our money, just say so and we'll go somewhere else. And if you want to be called an "artist" make sure the thing actually looks edible and you put more effort into it than you do your physique.
chance two on 05/14/2009:
Get the feeling you think I make sandwhiches-not so management in high end retail-but you don't forget the people who do make the sandwhiches and treat them with respect as they are making an honest living or maybe helping with collage expenses-you have kown way of knowing but should treat these people with respect!!!!
Pwrtrip on 05/19/2009:
What irritates me at subway is them using the same gloves to make my ham sub as they did making the tuna and whatever gross one prior. I don't like much on mine, and I get the nice after taste of whatever oil, sauce, or other garbage that was on the previous persons. That's nasty.
ally waters on 05/27/2009:
aaronw you sound like a very insensitive person, I hope one day your wife,girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter gets treated like dirt by some inconsiderate person such as yourself. you might not be eating subway when it happens but you will be eating your words. :)
joghandi on 06/09/2009:
pwrtrip, wah wah, and amimi, so much hate!
joghandi on 06/09/2009:
looks like they don't want your money aaron
sammyjk1 on 04/11/2010:
How about when the employee is on the cell phone or texting on their blackberry? I think you should look in the mirror to find your problem.
Anthony on 05/05/2013:
You should be so bold as to tell the truth.
I owned a chain of places and the general public ( most ) could not understand why I would come out annd take up for my workers.
Some People would enter as if the the world was wrapped around their butt. No put your cap up, your no better than anyone else and if you cannot give respect, you will not receive respect. Go young man. Should be more people willing to tell the truth. If the truth hurts someone fellings to bad, if your wrong then own it.
ginger on 06/30/2013:
I went to a subway at auckland airport and the lady there had a pathetic n ridiculous customer service and I cn surely say dat waz the worst customer service iv ever had. It seemed like she waz doing me a huge favour while making my order. Looked liked the word customer service never existed for her. Nowdayz most of these fast food and fuel stationz have a ridiculous n pathetic customer service.
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Ordered a simple BLT 4/18/2009
Posted by on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- This is a copy and paste of my complaint to the HQ=

I am not a complainer. Nearly never anyway.

I just came back from at 3336 West 10th street Indianapolis IN 46234

I had pulled into the drive through. I asked " Is the BLT on the 5 dollar menu?". She nodded yes. I said " I will have that then please. She said " what would you like on that?" I replied, "It's a BLT. you know...Bacon" and nodded my head motioned my hands of what the continuation default ingredients would make a successful BLT sandwich.

I can't believe this. I can't say this sort of thing has never happened in life before in some way or form or another, but it's always a sort of Twilight Zone episode that leaves your head spinning..... I am dumbfounded.

Not only was I borderline starved from not eating in 24hours, but I ordered a BLT. I was looking forward to this BLT. I love BLT's. I was going to share the BLT with my dog. We would have enjoyed it together very much. I love my dog too. Not as much as my half of the BLT that we would have shared however. I would cherish my half while he normally inhales his...... Instead:

I opened the ***' bag and there was 6 slices of bacon in between the bread of a 12 inch footlong!!!! What the *** was this B thinking?! A BLT is a BACON LETTUCE AND YESSSSS TOMATO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My apologies if I sound rude in any way to the innocent person who has to be entertained by such letters, but in all honesty, I think I am bordering my 10 minutes of glory on the news.

Can you help me? In lieu of not hating your franchise for life and telling everyone I know not to go there because of the skills aptitude of the workers, will you make right right?

I do not want to return to that store again. I would not be happy with the BLT I ordered alone either. I would be happy however with the BLT originally ordered and a restitution sandwich of my choice for making me lose my sanity for 20 minutes and having to write this letter to you explaining you need to have a regional update the owner or deal with it if it's one your stores.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/18/2009:
First...Subway has a drive through?!?! and second...I call shenanigans on your story. For a bazillion reasons.
DebtorBasher on 04/18/2009:
I can't see that this is the woman's fault. Yes, you ordered a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sub...but when she asked what you wanted on it, you said, "It's a BLT. you know...Bacon". So, she must have thought that bacon was all you wanted. You have to be specific. Yes, I've ordered their BLT's many times and when asked what I wanted on it...I'd tell them Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. And that's what I got. If I only said bacon...then that is all they would put on it. Not really your fault, not her fault...just a mis-communication. Subway is a place you really have to walk into order and see what they are putting on your sammie...I wouldn't go through a drive through for orders where I have to state each ingredient.
Novus on 04/18/2009:
She asked what you wanted, you said bacon. What's the problem?
jktshff1 on 04/18/2009:
DB +1. OP..did ya get anything to make amends for the misunderstanding?
Anonymous on 04/18/2009:
Doesn't Subway market a sandwich called the BMT? She probably gave you what she thought you were asking for.
BokiBean on 04/18/2009:
Hahahahaha! And the learning curve continues...
BokiBean on 04/18/2009:
hit and run
tander on 04/18/2009:
I'll take that sandwich as I don't like lettuce or tomatoes..LOL
Anonymous on 04/19/2009:
"I love my dog too. Not as much as my half of the BLT that we would have shared however."

Maybe it's time to find Fido a new owner?
WestSideIndy on 04/19/2009:
wow. There are a lot of followers on the board!
I see some of your points are valid, but really people....
Honestly, unless your a senior citizen or a really picky eater who "customizes" a pre made sandwich on the menu?
Do you go to Mc D's and customize your Big Mac?
I was too tired and frustrated to drive all the way back up to the store to negotiate a solution. Miscommunication??? You might be right. As far as the person goes that called this false for a bazillion reasons? Are you pyschic? know what I'm thinking......
The best advice I heard from the response is don't go through the drive through anymore. I haven't made up my mind yet on ever returning....Quiznos is a pretty awesome place and Penn Station Rocks!!!
Thank you to all for your input(expept for the bazillion reasons person)
Anonymous on 04/19/2009:
I love BT's.
DebtorBasher on 04/19/2009:
Actually, I do know people who customize their McDonalds' orders...One of my friends order a Big Mac with no meat. She doesn't eat meat, and I've heard of others who do the same.

Penn Station really is the best for the Philly's ... but I stay away from their pizza subs because they use Hormel Pepperoni...but that's just me.
Anonymous on 04/19/2009:
Ummmm, Hormel. Food of the god's.
BokiBean on 04/19/2009:
I thought it was cute. One of those things you'll never forget and never repeat.
Anonymous on 04/19/2009:
I order my Big Macs and my Quarter Pounders with no onions and no pickles.

And Subway is NOT a "pre made sandwich" place. They have the main ingredients, in this case, bacon, lettuce and tomato, then you add what you want. Or, take off what you don't want.
Starlord on 04/19/2009:
Apparently, you never ate at a Subwaay before. YOU determine what goes on your Subway sub. The lady asked what you wanted on it, and you said bacon. Now don't gripe because she gave you exactly what you asked for. I was born and raised in Indianapolis and you make me embarrassed to admit it. People think because of your post that Hoosiers are even dumber than usually portrayed on TV and in the movies. call me 'Movin' on up to the West side,' of the country, that is.
WestSideIndy on 04/19/2009:
OK. All of you win on this one.
If I want a BLT I shall make it at home. Probably better anyway. I am an embarrassment as a Hoosier? hahaha I've lived and grown up in more than 8 states and lived in another country as well. If I order Cow skin soup or chicken feet, I know what I am getting. I thought if I ordered a BLT, this is what I would get.
The one point is, your right that I am not fit to have to deal with that kind of nonsense in ordering something. This is a problem for the company and should be remedied. Most of you work for the company, I appreciate your patronage, but again - if someone ordered a blt from you, what would you give them? If you answer Bacon and bread, this is where the problem is. You may order a Quarter Pounder w/cheese and remove the onions, but what you should not be troubled with is being asked when ordering a QP is " what would you like in between the bread? "
Anonymous on 04/19/2009:
*SIGH* I believe the Op is now just plain refusing to "get it".
jktshff1 on 04/19/2009:
"I thought if I ordered a BLT"...short version:
little boy THOUGHT he had to poot and shat all over himself.
joghandi on 06/09/2009:
subway the home of subs MADE TO ORDER you have to order it.
WestSideIndy on 06/10/2009:
yea.....Made to order BLT.....Right!

To top it all off, the manager nor the Regional never called me. I got ripped off for $5 and will never return again. I have told everyone I know about it.

If I cannot' simply order a BLT at your place, then I will go elsewhere. Why don't you check yourselves and admit there was a problem if your people can't simply make what was asked for and it is a B.L.T (AKA Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato)
joghandi on 06/10/2009:
back up cowboy, don't call it my place, I'm busy educating the youth of America. I still say that if someone ask's you what you would like on your sandwich It's not a rocket science question and I personally don't care if the chain goes out of business. All are independently owened, and owners are some good, some bad, but my opinion is that on the coporate level the company is poorly organized. "BLT" as far as I know is not even on the core menu. In my day it was just something the customers would occasionaly ask for and we made as a customer curtesy.
joghandi on 06/10/2009:
back up cowboy, don't call it my place, I'm busy educating the youth of America. I still say that if someone ask's you what you would like on your sandwich It's not a rocket science question and I personally don't care if the chain goes out of business. All are independently owened, and owners are some good, some bad, but my opinion is that on the coporate level the company is poorly organized. "BLT" as far as I know is not even on the core menu. In my day it was just something the customers would occasionaly ask for and we made as a customer curtesy.
Ponie on 06/10/2009:
Circus City...
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Grilled chicken
Posted by on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Subway's slogan is "Eat Fresh"--but order the Grilled Chicken Breast and Baby Spinach Salad, and you'll get defrosted, precooked chicken strips that have been mechanically branded at a factory to look like they're hot off the grill. Which isn't quite the same thing.

Americans love grilled chicken, a low-fat protein source recommended by everyone from Atkins to the American Heart Association. But fast-food restaurants shun actual grilling like the plague. Rather than install expensive equipment and pay for a dedicated chef, most chains outsource the cooking to giant processors such as Tyson, Pilgrim's Pride, and Keystone Foods.

And the brave new world of industrial grilling is a wee bit different from firing up the Weber in your backyard. First, naturally low-fat, low-sodium chicken breasts are submerged in a giant "tumble marinator" and saturated with a hearty brew of salt, oil, sugar, chemicals, and fat. Burger King's Tendergrill fillet contains added chicken fat and more than 30 other items. McDonald's Grilled Chicken fillet has up to 20% "solution" by weight. The chicken in Panera Bread's Chicken Salad Sandwich includes beef extract, for extra chicken-y goodness.

In a typical factory, the fattened-up breasts are dumped onto a conveyor belt moving at about nine inches per second, where a crack squad of sous chefs lovingly positions each breast on its own patch of real estate. This process, known in the trade as "spreading," is the sole personal touch on a 100-foot-or-so automated cooking line. Next, the evenly spread breasts roll under a press and into a long stainless-steel "impingement oven," which bakes the chicken with jets of hot air. Convection cooking, as opposed to actual grilling over an open flame, provides the highest "yield," retaining the marinade and maximizing the weight of the final product.

To create the "appearance that the product may have been cooked on a backyard grill," the newly baked chicken fillets are often branded with "char marks," explains Jan Gaydos, director of marketing at FMC FoodTech, a manufacturer of industrial cooking equipment. The company's CM-40 II Charmarker uses red-hot branding wheels to burn grill marks onto the surface of chicken breasts as they emerge from the oven. FMC's Charmarker can work a lot faster than a short-order cook, grill-marking a row of breasts in about a second, before they hit the freezer. (A Subway spokesman says the char-marking "enhance[s] the appearance and appeal of the product.")

Char-marking is a big business. Pilgrim's Pride runs 45 lines in 10 factories to produce 2 billion pounds of cooked chicken per year. Asked whether it char-marks for fast-food chains, vice president of marketing Dan Emery says, "They don't really like us to name names, but we do 9 of the top 10, all except McDonald's."

In fact, the only chain we could find that actually grills chicken in the restaurant is Chick-fil-A, whose Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich is the rare fast-food offering that approaches the nutritional benefits of home-grilled chicken breasts. As for the rest, well, it's not exactly diet food. But it does look terrific.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
Today I am much smarter when it comes to fake char broiled chicken. Maybe I can parlay that into something beautiful. Good info~~thanks.
bargod on 05/01/2008:
It is fast food. You want fresh grilled chicken try a sit down restaurant. If they offer fresh everything then they would have to jack up the prices big time and I'm sure you would complain about that too. You can't have it both ways. I like subway food. I don't eat that often to care about how they make it.
Principissa on 05/01/2008:
I'm sorry but I wouldn't trust a teenager working for a fast food chain to grill a raw piece of chicken. I'm happy when they remember to put everything we order in the bag.
bargod on 05/01/2008:
Very good point, Princi.
heaven17 on 05/01/2008:
"Rather than install expensive equipment and pay for a dedicated chef..."

Okay, let's say Subway does this. In the long run, who do you think ends up paying for this expensive equipment and dedicated chefs?
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
when I want a grilled chicken salad,I fire up my own grill.
Ponie on 05/01/2008:
Connie, when quoting an article from an Internet magazine (, isn't it customary to name the author and issue? In this case, it was written by Greg Spotts, June 2006, Issue 106.

Just MHO.
Amberlynn on 06/21/2008:
I eat the oven roasted chicken breast every day I work at Subway, and no matter how good it may taste I'm most likely never going to eat another thanks to this! Thanks for sharing this, and I agree with awspie, I am much smarter too.
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Subway's roasted chicken breast is NOT REAL CHICKEN
Posted by on
I just got a footlong roasted chicken breast sandwich. I hadn't had one in years but was looking forward to a nice juicy chicken breast sandwich. I try to avoid processed foods and chose Subway because they seemed like a healthier choice then the local fast-food-drive-through options. I am soooo disappointed! I started eating my sandwich and decided to check out the chicken breast. Big mistake! I could immediately tell that this was not a REAL chicken breast. This is some sort of conglomerate of probably a speck of chicken and some fat and possibly sponge or Styrofoam! Like I said, I hadn't had a roasted chicken breast sandwich in years, but I don't remember it being FAKE chicken. Has it always been this way or did Subway change out the REAL chicken while I wasn't looking?

Regrettably I ate 6 inches of my footlong simply because I was hungry and didn't have the guts to take it back. Now I feel sick about it and am writing you this complaint while I ponder the injustices of processed foods and how the American people are killing themselves due to misleading advertising such as "Eat Fresh". That's a joke when you serve processed Styrofoam and call it "chicken breast."

Needless to say, I will not be ordering another "roasted chicken breast" nor will I consider Subway a healthy alternative to fast food. It is the same as all the rest.

P.S. My husband just informed me that he refers to this type of fake chicken as "chicken PUSS meat." Appetizing eh?!
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 04/26/2008:
I have had chicken breast sandwiches at Subway many times...they ARE real chicken breast. I've been happy-although Subway's chicken breast sandwiches aren't the best, they're OK to me. The chicken breasts, I believe, are pre-cooked; the "sandwich artist" will either microwave or toast the chicken breast, if the sandwich is ordered toasted. Nothing appears to be chopped, pressed, ground chicken, like the Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's.
madconsumer on 04/27/2008:
they have different chicken breast meats. one is deli sliced, which you ordered and ate, the other is chicken strips. not sure what they call it, but they also heat that one up.

their meats are real products, no immitations.
DebtorBasher on 04/27/2008:
They are considered the "Healthier" choice for fastfood because all of their luncheon meats are all turkey based meats. I've never had their grilled chicken or their other subs, I only buy the combo meats sub. If they weren't all turkey based I wouldn't eat it.
Ponie on 04/27/2008:
DB, question: How can a chicken breast sandwich be made with 'turkey based meat?' Why not just order a turkey sandwich, or don't they offer them? I'm not a Subway patron so I don't know their menu offerings. Just wondering...
b@nkerdude on 07/16/2008:
Well, I can't say for what their meats are nowadays, but about 18 years ago my friend worked at a Subway and I used to help her open the store. The crab meat is imitation and comes in a huge block. They would cut it into smaller "chunks" to look like leg/claw meat. Secondly, the tunafish is made with flakes out of a box. A lot of the meat was not truly what it seemed. That being said, if it tastes good, I'm not one to complain. :-)
joghandi on 07/26/2008:
Of course its real chicken,silly. I managed a Subway for 13 years. Its made of nall whtie meat chicken, with a little saline to hold it together. the reason it is made that way is; It would be too costly to only use pieces cut off the bone exactly 2.5 ounces each. you MUST, to support your nutritional claims, have a standard portion size. What they do is cut the breas off the bone and form it into the proper size portion. So Subway can rightously claim that its CHICHEN BREAST. It may sound processed, but it saves you having to pay for all of the chicken they would waste in the processing plant for not being able to cut off a 2.5 ounce piece. That's why you only pay(around here) 6 dollars for a footlong chicken made to order and at Wendys you pay 4 dollars for a chicken on a round bun with a leaf of lettuce and 1 tomato. You get what ya pay for.
joghandi on 07/26/2008:
Oh I forgot, all of Subway meat comes in pre-cooked. that protects you from cross-contamination yuckies like salmonella, E-coli, etc.
atm01 on 09/25/2008:
the reason why I'm on here adding this comment is because I just partially ate (and then threw out) one of those "grilled chicken" sandwiches. anyone that has ever eaten real chicken meat will see the stringy fibers that make up the actual meat tissue. biting into a Subway "grilled chicken" sandwich, you see air bubbles, glops of dense matter, and not a single string of actual meat fiber. I'm sorry, taking a bunch of chicken parts, chopping it up, adding god-knows-what and forming it into a breast shape is just plain disgusting. no thanks subway!!! now I got to go back out and get something else to eat.
skyrazor12 on 02/23/2009:
Honestly, I hate to be mean but... no. I don't think that it's fake at all. I love it! EVen if it is fake, whatever. I love. I think the chicken is juicy delicious and yummy! Mabey you just got a bad sandwich or something.
Anonymous on 02/23/2009:
".....Regrettably I ate 6 inches of my footlong simply because I was hungry and didn't have the guts to take it back. Now I feel sick....."

Addy: They said it, I didn't!
Anonymous on 02/23/2009:
".....Regrettably I ate 6 inches", you might want to rephrase that one LOL.
preston32 on 07/11/2009:
The fake chicken breast also has MSG in it! MSG is very bad for you, yet it is in almost all processed foods nowadays, disguised under other names to hide the fact. look it up on youtube. It's an addicting neurotoxin which excites the tastebuds into making food taste good.

Subway ingredients:

Hydrolyzed corn gluten + autolyzed yeast extract are both MSG!

Hidden sources of MSG:

Plus Subway has food dyes in the veg! Ick, I must not eat there anymore..
JoyS on 05/18/2010:
I agree that Subway's chicken breast is not real and should NOT be advertised as 'chicken breast'. It has nothing in common with the texture of chicken breast and it looks disturbing (more like a sponge than meat). Why are consumers not made aware of all the additives that are in the what-looks-like chicken breast. Sure 'oven roasted chicken breast' sounds healthy but is it really?
This is why I'm going to direct my complaint to Subway.
ChemistTest on 09/11/2010:
So everyone Kkows Subway Does use Real Chicken I actully verified it is This Exact Make and Nutrition Information Found at the web Site below. The Brand is Tyson® EvenCook® chicken breast filets and the Website is so everyone knows Chickfla and Mc Donalds also us Tyson Products
jktshff1 on 09/11/2010:
What is today? Post on old story day?
kdcrms06 on 10/11/2010:
I actually just complained about the same thing to Subway Corp. I was hoping that it was just one location but it is the chicken that subway services. What happened to healthy doesn't have to be tasteless? I just wish it tasted differently. It literally tastes like water that chicken was boiled in. It has that faint taste and smell but really it's just water. It hurts my stomach every time I eat it. I have all but given up on subway. I have to call the owner of the local one back today because he has called(twice) and emailed me to discuss my complaint.
Rustabust on 12/10/2010:
I eat more than one of these sandwiches per week. It just occurred to me how unlike an actual chicken breast this is. I don't care all that much though.

CJ on 05/28/2013:
Totally agree. Just had a subway chicken breast sandwich and searched on google for subway and chicken as I assumed that I cannot be the first one who thinks this is a big joke - and found this website. It tastes like NOTHING. Not good or bad just no flavor at all, which of course is disgusting given the fact that they sell it as chicken breast. Also, the texture of the meat is more like a cheap white sausage. Even the chicken meat of McD / KFC can at least be identified as such based on the texture (OK, maybe this is fake too) but the Subway chicken is only disgusting.
Don Quijote on 05/28/2013:
This "chicken patty" has similar qualties to a brat burger. It's ground up chicken breast and cartilage. Not far from a chicken mcnugget. Oh and this substance slides out of a tube. Yum
Joe on 06/09/2013:
I would never eat that disgusting looking chicken patty. If you're looking for grilled chicken, this is certainly not an alternative. Eat at your local deli. Better for the local economy and I'm sure it's healthier than this junk.
Carlos Brito on 06/21/2013:
I was very disappointed today with Subway and will probably not go back. I ordered Oven Roasted Chicken and to my surprise it wasn't real chicken. The sandwich had two chicken patties. C'mon Subway, you'll lose your customers this way. Also, they should never advertise that as chicken if it's processed food. Anyway, one less customer plus the people I may influence.
J on 07/28/2013:
It is processed chicken meat. About 82% chicken. They've been pulled up in Australia for advertising their 'chicken fillet' sub and have given the exact breakdown of their 'fillet' . They've had to rename the sub. Look it up.
Binford on 08/06/2013:
Subway is as far away from healthy as you can get if you consider what your putting in your body, calorie wise, yes its healthy in that sense because of the low calories but lets be honest. Everything in subway is processed to the max including their breads which contain over 30 ingredients while the average bread contains 7, their bread has a chemical in it that's banned in the uk that's punishable bu 15 years in prison if caught using, its the same chemical that keeps the bread stretchy like plastic. Also all of their meats are more meat flavor than actual meat, the grilled chicken is chicken by products grounded up and served. Think about how long that meat stays around, from the plant, to the truck to the store and to the consumer, a legit meat would spoil before it got to the store and theres why they add a massive about of msg snd perservitive in it. Any deli meat is full of it but some far more than others. I'm sorry to say this but anyone who actually tries just the meat there and thinks its actual meat is crazy, we get fooled easily because they cover up the lack of pure taste by all the dressings,
I hate fastfood on 08/28/2013:
Sad how people are fighting for a junk food and trying to prove it is real meat.If you are so used to fastfood that u've forgotten the taste of real food, just do yourself a favor and buy a piece of chicken breast, cook it at home and taste it, subway chicken has no taste even close to a real chicken.
You disagree with me? have fun spending your money feeding yourself with such junk and don't forget eating it with Cola or Pepsi in large volumes!
Joe Pitarra on 09/11/2013:
Not only the chicken but their subs in general have no flavor - bread, turkey, cheese. They used to be good... not any more. Something has changed!
Robert on 03/24/2014:
Subway has gone downhill with its product. Sure, it tastes OK. The taste of the little product you get on your sub sandwich.
Compare the product you see on a commercial or ad, then compare that same image to the product you pick up at a Subway store. The actual product is not the same as the ad, pure and simple.
You have to have a magnifying glass to find the meat or fish on the sub. Most subs are sloppily made
Go to a good grocery stores deli. Order a sandwich there , if you feel compelled to eat a sub sandwich, you will find a sandwich made at a good local Von Pavilions, for example, is the real deal and very good.
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Charging for Extra Toppings
Posted by on
MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- About 3 weeks ago I went to the Subway located next to the CVS in Millville, New Jersey. I order 3 footlong veggie delite (no meat) subs. The first one was for my son who only eats cheese, tomatoes, pickles, sweet peppers and cucumbers on his sub. I noticed that the server wasn't putting that much toppings on the sub so I asked for extra sweet peppers which he did put on. On the second sub I was also only getting a few of the toppings so I asked for extra tomatoes at which time, the server cutting the bread rudely told me that there would be an extra charge. I nicely told him that I have never been charged extra before and he replied that a foot long sub only comes with 4 tomatoes. I should also add that these were very small tomatoes. I told the person making my sandwich, nevermind. I didn't know what the extra charge would be. I checked the sign and no where did it say anything about extra charge for toppings, it did say extra for extra meat and cheese along with the prices which I can understand. I paid for my order and left.

After getting home I though about it and contacted Subway through their web page. I got a canned response back that someone would contact me in 7-10 business days but no one ever did.

This was only my second time at this location. The first time I was there an older couple waited on me and did not charge me for extra toppings. If they do charge for extra toppings, then it should be on the sign along with the price. Also, they should take into account that they had several toppings there that I didn't want, so why couldn't I get extra of the wanted toppings in their place? Last, why have a web site to contact them with complaints or comments and then not get back to you like they said they would.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/12/2008:
You expect free topings? Toppings cost the store money. What if everyone wanted 'just a little more'. It may not seem that an extra slice of tomato or two would 'break the store'. But it all adds up. What line of work are you in? How would you feel if your customers asked you to 'Just do a little more, just for me." If the server was rude, that was wrong. But, I think 'rude' in this post means that the server did not cave in and toss in more free topings for this very special customer.
unhappy999 on 04/12/2008:
I do not think I am special at all. I was just trying to say that you need to let customers know how much the extra is. I have been to Subway many times and asked for extra toppings and was never charged at other locations. My son has even gotten extra toppings free at the Subway in Hersheypark. Also, they have many toppings that we don't want and don't get. If we were getting all the toppings that they offer, then we wouldn't need extra of any and we wouldn't ask for any.
Anonymous on 04/12/2008:
unhappy999, I agree and that is what Subway offers kind of like "have it your way" and don't feel like you are any less than anyone else, not true. Like that song says, you have just as much right as anyone else!

Good review.
Anonymous on 04/12/2008:
Also, they don't charge for extra toppings unless it is meat or bacon.

For your toppings, you can select EVERYTHING or just select the toppings you would like. Everything includes lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, green peppers, olives, cheese, light mayo, mustard, oil, vinegar, hot peppers, salt and pepper. You can also add double meat or bacon for an extra charge.
Anonymous on 04/12/2008:
IF you thought Subway is cheap with toppings, try Quiznos they make subways toppings look huge.
Anonymous on 04/12/2008:
Sorry 'unhappy999'. I did not mean to imply that I thought you were acting 'special'. I meant the comment to infer that everyone who asks for 'a little more' thinks they are the only one asking. It appears that 'extra toppings' and the charge for same varies between stores. The one you are complaining about obviously has a policy to charge for any extra toppings...a policy which will spread as food items become more expensive. Interestingly, there is no standard policy for how much more to charge for 'extras'. I hope this clarifies my initial response.
PleasedAsPunch on 04/13/2008:
Each Subway is an independently owned franchise and subject to what ever the owner deems worthy of practical business practices, so, the fact that you were charged extra may be due to the owner's own substanciation (sp?) that: you want extra, you'll have to pay for it. Not all owners feel the same way. It all depend on how they do business and how profitable this business is for the owner.

Nothing personal, strictly business.
sparkler on 06/17/2008:
Subway policy says that every footlong sub should have 6 tomatoes, so I don't know what was wrong with that guy. And the only extras we charge for are meat and cheese, that restaurant can get in lots of trouble with corporate for that..
Jess! on 08/13/2008:
I work at Subway. There is a "rule of 6" that you have to follow for a 12" sandwich.

6 tomatoes, 6 cucumbers, 6 pickles, 6 olives [people get very upset when you only put 6 olives on their sandwiches, however]. Then it's 1.5 oz of lettuce, etc.

I do not believe they are allowed to charge for extra toppings except for cheese, extra meat, bacon, or avocado.

Sounds like you just got a jerk =(

JustanOwner on 09/06/2008:
Extra veggie toppings you are not allowed to charge extra for. Clear and simple.
healthychocolateowner on 09/07/2008:
My family is in Subway too....NO WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARGE for any extra toppings requested by a customer! The way I look at it , as an owner ahould, is that there are some people who want extra of some things, but then WHAT ABOUT those who get almost NOTHING on their sandwiches??? We have many customers in our stores that get JUST MEAT AND BREAD and that's how they like it! Never worth losing a customer over a few veggies!! And yes should be 6 tomatoes on a footlong anyway ....
slappy0825 on 10/04/2008:
I was the manager of a Subway for 4 years and I would not even think about charging a customer extra for extra veggies. First off-It is strictly against Subway's policy. Second-I had many loyal customers that I wasn't going to sacrifice for a freaking olive or cucumber.
Anonymous on 10/05/2008:
"After getting home I though about it and contacted Subway through their web page. I got a canned response back that someone would contact me in 7-10 business days but no one ever did." You won't ever hear from them. It's been months since I wrote about the lack of hairnets at my Subway, and no response, and I walked by there yesterday-still no hairnets. Nasty! I am very happy to see both owners and employees responding here. This might be of some help to the OP, because corporate Subway will never be.
bunkabunk on 10/21/2008:
Hello, I manage a Subway in Columbus, OH... allow to apologize on behalf of the franchise. You should have never been charged for extra veggies. Also, customer complaints are forwarded directly to the owner of the company, and then to the management. If they failed to respond to your complaint, then I would say that they do not deserve your business. We work for you.
Woody on 07/04/2012:
Subway avacodo is a joke they just spread a small amount on the bread , and you can't even taste the small amount just look at their picture not even close screw them. Just be honest or go away.
Chuck on 05/07/2013:
I'm from Canada and have experienced the same BS. Most subways will give you extra toppings free of charge, but there are a few that say there allowed to charge. I only get tomatoes , pickles, and banana peppers and they try to charge me for more toppings when I ask for extra. Hummmm.... No green peppers, onions, olives, lettuce, and whatever else they have but guys like the first response say it cost more. Loser.... HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!!! Well I want it my way
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My Subway Meat Is Green
Posted by on
CHASE, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- I just sent the following email to Subway...please read it. I am still in shock that this entire thing happened at all!

To Whom It May Concern:

I am sending this email to express my concerns about the extremely poor, disrespectful and appalling customer service and hazardous product that I received from the Chase Subway on Sunday March 9/08. For a well known organization that prides itself in serving fresh food and friendly customer service, I am very disappointed how I was treated particularly from a blonde employee named ***** at the Chase Subway in BC.

From the beginning of our interaction, ***** was very unfriendly. She did
not greet me, or even smile and it was obvious she did not take any pride in her work.

She continued to be disengaged through the sandwich making process. I
became really concerned when I noticed that the turkey to be placed on one
of the sandwiches looked spoiled. There was a dark green spot on it larger than
the size of a loonie that appeared to be mold. When I brought this to her
attention, she was agitated and snapped at me that she did not know what it was and in an exaggerated "huff", she grabbed the metal container of turkey and took it to the back, brought another container of turkey back, and slammed it into the slot of the serving area. After seeing the spoiled turkey, I decided to change the meat on the sandwich as the sandwich was for my toddler, and I was concerned about him getting food poisoning. I requested that she remove the turkey from the sandwich and put ham on. She ripped off the turkey and threw the ham on the sandwich obviously irritated.

Despite her disrespectful behavior, I thanked her for making the change.
She then replied "You are NOT welcome". I was uncertain if I correctly
heard what she had said so I asked her, "Did you say you are not welcome?".
She replied "Yes! You are NOT welcome!" I then asked her if she was
serious or being sarcastic. She replied "I am very serious. You are
WAS my product!"

With that, I left the Subway, not purchasing any of the 3 sandwiches I had
ordered, because of the horrible service I had received and the
questionable quality of the food. I told the girl I would be calling her
boss. Her response, at the top of her lungs was "Go ahead, B###h! I am the f#####g boss!".

I take great exception to being treated this way. I was not rude or
unpleasant during this interaction at any point. I should not have to
justify myself or worry about Subway's loss of revenue from having to throw
out spoiled product. In reality, rather than only the rotten turkey meat
being discarded on my sandwich, the bun and cheese should also have been
disposed of because of cross contamination. At no point during this
situation, did I see ***** wash her hands despite touching spoiled meat.
This really makes me question the safe food handling and storage practices
at the Chase Subway.

This girl obviously does not understand the seriousness of this situation, she was willing to server rotten turkey to a customer. My 3 year old could have become seriously ill which would have landed this Chase Subway a MUCH greater loss that the two pieces of rotten turkey! This is unacceptable and this girl as well as this Chase Subway need to be dealt with immediately.

I look forward to hearing a response from the Subway organization informing
me as to what actions will be taken to address this situation.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/11/2008:
***** sounds like a nightmare. You did the right thing leaving those sandwiches behind. Maybe ***** was just having a bad day but it sounds like this wasn't an isolated incident. I'd probably would avoid location in the future or at least while ***** is still working there. Thanks and keep us updated.
Anonymous on 03/11/2008:
SLAM! That was the door as I was walking out.

(after a couple of choice comments)
Anonymous on 03/11/2008:
It would have been better if you just cut a big **** and then left after calling her a few choice names like ^^^^ and >>>>>> >< then you could have just reached across the counter an smacked her upside the head.

But the truth is you handled yourself in an adult manner and did the right thing. Very good review and a good out come for you, bravo!
thensider on 03/11/2008:
Very good review. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience there. You did the right thing by leaving and not keeping the food.
Anonymous on 03/11/2008:
Dames, I am deeply disturbed by the actions of this Subway employee. My gawd, if someone hates their job that bad why don't they go to the US and find something that they like. Perhaps picking fruit or mowing lawns...Landscaping. You know, the jobs we AMERICANS won't do.
Stewart, as Asst. Manager, I want this woman fired immediately!!!
PMSNBC on 03/11/2008:
It was wise to walk out the do not want to get ill. I hear the Canadian (socialized) healthcare system is terrible. This review was very helpful.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/11/2008:
Dear Subway Customer - We are sorry you didn't enjoy our St Patrick's Day turkey sandwich special. Thanks, Jarrod.
madconsumer on 03/11/2008:
umm excuse me? all subway meats are supplied by a vendfor. subway does not cut their own meat slices. has it occurred to anyone this could have come from their vendor this way??
thensider on 03/11/2008:
it COULD have, but that is no reason for the employee to be so rude. if it were me, I might have still gotten my sandwiches (with different meat) IF the service was still good.
fa1rven on 03/11/2008:
lol nice one jorgen. Yes, subway has a vendor and yes the turkey may have came out that way when subway got it but every restaurant big or small has a duty to inspect the quality of their products before they put them out there for the consumer specially if it is supposed to be edible. I say this from experience as a former restaurant manager. Yes, employees and even the "boss" has bad days but that should not in any way affect the qulity of service. What happens behing closed doors stays behind closed doors. Personaly though I would have gotten her even more irritated to the point where she physically put her hands on me first. Then I would have kicked her behind till she begged me to stop. But that's just me. :)
forcomplaintsonly on 03/21/2008:
Yes, you did the right thing by leaving, chances are that since she was upset, she only threw the bad piece out and kept the rest, also, if it was molded, it means they either weren't rotating stock or their walk-in refrigerator is not keeping things cold enough or they leave it sit out too long while getting things ready. If the turkey was moldy, then their other meat is probably not being kept good either.
Samuel Jackson on 04/02/2008:
it was probably her last day
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