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Tired of Getting Old Bread Not Fresh
Posted by Classic712010 on 01/17/2013
I have recently been to Subway in Hazel Park and Madison Heights most recently. .Bread was not soft and fresh and sandwich just doesn't taste fresh and good with what felt and tasted like day old.

This has happened too often and will not return as don't like getting old bread. The fresh advertising just doesn't fit.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-01-17:
did you file a complaint with the location owner?
Posted by Tezrien on 2013-01-17:
It is the way Subway wants their bread stored. They want it to be a bit hard on the outside so the bread cabinets have a vent that stays open. I used to manage for them and got in trouble often for closing it so the bread was soft but I sold a LOT of sandwiches that way.
Posted by petely on 2013-01-27:
Eat fresh my ***, A frozen log and meat, whats fresh the onions, Sorry I don't eat at barfway anymore.
Posted by Stewart on 2013-07-29:
I had a subway foot long turkey and ham that was ruined by stale bread! Such a shame as the other ingredients were perfect! The stale bread sticks out like a sore thumb! I emailed subway to complain and received a phone call from the franchise owner of the store basically denying the bread was stale! I will be visiting him this week to assure him that the bread is stale! If I do not receive a satisfactory response I may take matters further seeing as subways motto is EAT FRESH........... MY ARSE!
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Order Was Wrong
Posted by Elle74 on 10/24/2012
FT. MYERS, FLORIDA -- I recently went to the local Subway around the corner from my house to get three foot long subs--one of which was B. L.T. The girl made all the subs, I paid and then went home. When I got home, the B. L.T. did not have any lettuce or tomato on it. Now, it's been my experience that a B. L.T. is bacon, lettuce and tomato, right?

I called the girl to tell her she didn't put the lettuce or tomato on it, and she said that some people don't want all the veggies on their sandwiches. Who orders a B. L.T. and doesn't get lettuce or tomato on it?

I went back there, and after explaining that I expected lettuce and tomato on a B. L.T., I guess she called the manager and told her what was going on. After she got off the phone, she made me a new sandwich and I was on my way. This girl was trying to tell me how I should have my sandwich, and I seriously tried to be polite, but I was also assertive.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-24:
Usually when the "sandwich artist" gets to the veggie part of the sandiwch making, they ask the customer what kind of veggies they would like. Did the "sandwich artist" not ask you? Did you watch her make all the sandwiches?
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2012-10-24:
So it was just bacon and bread? LOL!!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-24:
How old was this girl? Even a 12 year old should know that a BLT routinely has lettuce and tomato.

Very strange experience.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-10-24:
Did you place this order over the phone or fax? Because if you ordered it while there, you can see what they are putting on it at the time they are making it.

There are people who order a BLT without lettuce on it...but they shouldn't just assume that's what a person wants unless they are told to not to put lettuce on it. That doesn't make sense...Many people doesn't eat meat, so what would they do, not put meat on their meat combo subs? That's crazy...but, glad they made good on it.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-10-24:
very great to hear there is still valuable customer service at subway!!

very helpful review, and voted as such.
Posted by Elle74 on 2012-10-24:
There were a few minutes where I wasn't paying attention, and I think that's when she wrapped up all the sandwiches. I never even thought to check and ask if she put the right things on the sandwich. Serves me right for not watching the whole time ....
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Bad Food and Service
Posted by Hpmillsboro on 10/08/2012
REHOBETH, DELAWARE -- My family and I was shopping at a Walmart and wanted something fresh for a quick meal. We stopped in the Subway and ordered our food, that's when we noticed our food was warm, flies galore and employee was not very nice when told about it. Flies all over, fruit flies all over the soda fountain. And the lady wasn't even in uniform. This was the only time we ever had a problem with Subway but its enough for me and my family to ever go to another. So shoppers beware of this problem at this store.
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Posted by Breesentkowski on 06/07/2012
This Subway has very good management, very impressed! I had a card for discounts and it was only for the Subway on national which I didn't know, and the manager accommodated me by giving me the deal anyways. Very good customer relations!

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Swiss Cheese
Posted by Rdref8 on 06/25/2011
I own a Subway, and I do have Swiss cheese in my store. Every month I get written up by Subway auditors for not being in compliance. It baffles me why they do not let us exceed expectations.
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Posted by redmx3racer on 2011-06-25:
I wish subway had cheddar cheese, not just the mix cheddar jack. Oh well I guess.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-25:
i love swiss cheese. just wish our subways had it here.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2011-06-25:
I agree Swiss cheese should be an option. I always end up putting my own swiss cheese on my Subway sandwich when I get home. I still ask
for it everytime I go to a Subway. I figure if they get enough requests for it, maybe they will finally offer it.
Posted by Slimster on 2011-06-25:
No offense, but I like Quiznos better
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-25:
If swiss cheese isn't on the menu, it isn't surprising you get nicked for it.

My impression of a franchise is that individual differences aren't valued. Independent people can open their own sandwich shop with a different name on it.
Posted by CharlesInCharge on 2011-06-25:
The Subway that I go to has Swiss. They even have that sticker on their glass case right over the cheeses saying American, Provolone or Swiss.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2011-06-25:
Ours have colby jack, so I thought I'd get that for a change, since their provolone has no flavor at all. I was expecting sliced colby jack but they put that shredded crap on it instead.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-25:
i have never liked quiznos. they heat everything on the sandwich, lettuce and everything else.

subway is so much better.
Posted by Petulance on 2011-06-25:
I worked for Subway for almost 3 years as a GM and after our owner sold to another I lost my job in the "Clean out the old and in with the new" phase. But as far as Subway Corporate, that has to be the most anal retentive company on the planet. I can see wanting things to be uniform within your whole company, but the extent to which they take it is ridiculous. You are aware that after, i think it is , 3 straight times of being out of compliance the corp. can and will take your franchise rights to your territory and open it to someone else. And after that they can and will take your Subway franchise itself and sell it to someone else at your loss?
Posted by Starlord on 2011-06-25:
Thanks for the info, Petulance. None of the Subways we have been to in Washington have Swiss or Provelone, and we have been told at all the Subways except one that they do not have Mozarella, and the one that did have it stated it was shredded and kept in a cabinet, and the nother store's staffs were just too lazy to get it for you.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2011-06-25:
I do not think it is anal retentive at all. Franchises need to consistently serve the same product. When I order a Big Mac I get 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame bun no matter what McD I go to. I come to expect it. Franchises adding/carrying/substituting items is not a successful recipe for building a brand.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-25:
I agree Vinnie, well said. You took the words right out of my mouth, must have been while I was opening it to take a bite of my Big Mac w/ signature 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on an industry standard sesame seed bun.
Posted by raven2010 on 2011-06-25:
I am confused. Subway not only dictates which suppliers you use, but what you can order from said suppliers. Franchises do not have an option. Sooooooo if your store has swiss cheese, it is because it was approved by corporate
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-25:
Madconsumer> I too never cared for Quizno's. To each their own, I suppose. But your comment reminded me of the 80's products from McDonald's...the McDLT. Remember that one? Hot side hot, cold side cold? LOL! My how time goes by so fast...(sigh)...
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What? No Swiss Cheese anymore?
Posted by Big-Daddy on 05/05/2010
I am upset to say the least! I have been going to a Subway in Riverside California for quite awhile. I always order Swiss Cheese on my sandwhiches. Always!

I like Swiss on my Tuna or other sandwhiches. I don't ask for any other kind of cheese, only Swiss.

Now I am told no Swiss cheese at this store anymore.
I requested to have my complaint sent to the owner. I was told it would be passed on to them. Ok, I go in again, still no Swiss cheese.

I sent a complaint directly to the corporate site with all the info where the store was. I thought I'd at least get a reply of an explanation. Nothing.

So, I try again at the store I like to go to. After all, it's on my way to work.
Still no Swiss cheese.

I will not go there anymore. I like Swiss cheese. I'll go somewhere else where I can get what I like.

The real sad thing is everyone there is great. always nice, always polite and helpful.
But no Swiss cheese.

I think it is wrong to ignore a customer. Corporate should have contacted me. The store should have contacted me. They had my information.

I'll not go back. I'll go somewhere else.

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Posted by andbran on 2010-05-05:
if the cheese was not a popular item that might be the reason they dont have it anymore. you should try the pepper jack cheese.
Posted by Flexanimous Fellow on 2010-05-06:
I would just get my own swiss cheese from the grocery store and put it on myself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-06:
Cheese isn't part of a healthy diet in my opinion.
Posted by Alain on 2010-05-06:
Gnuaqui, you are right about cheese, but it taste so good! The Pepper Jack IS good and there are a lot of varieties of Swiss a the store. I wonder if Swiss has gone up in price or something? I am somewhat surprised they don't have it.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-05-06:
I understand Big Daddy's complaint. My wife and I like provolone, and since we moved to Washington, we have discovered that there is no provolone at Subway in Washington, or Swiss for that matter either.
Posted by Alain on 2010-05-06:
I'm tossing out objectivity here. Provolone and swiss are excellent on a sub and subway should have them. I've given up chocolate (for the most part), I exercise, and lots of healthy stuff, but don't mess with my cheese. Sorry for the rant. I just had to.
Posted by goduke on 2010-05-06:
I always get swiss on my subs at Subway. Would definitely be a downer if they pulled it out.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-05-06:
I rarely see provolone or swiss at a Subway, so I am thinking it is not part of the national menu.
Posted by Alain on 2010-05-06:
It should be! (Again, an emotional response).
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-06:
We have Swiss at our location. I'll tell them to put on an extra slice just for you ;) I'd personally curl up and die from starvation if they get rid of my pepper jack cheese.
Posted by goduke on 2010-05-06:
A bit off topic, but if your local store has Cabot cheese, they have this amazing horseradish cheddar. It is the best cheese I've ever had in my life.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-05-06:
My husband likes swiss but none of the local ones have swiss anymore. It's a part of life that things change and under performing condiments get booted for different ones. Complaining doesn't automatically mean they will bring the cheese back.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-05-06:
I must not have set foot in a Subway for a long time now, because the last I remember, your choices were "cheese...". They didn't have Swiss or anything else. I don't even know if you got to pick the color-yellow or white.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-06:
As long as they have my american cheese I'm happy.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-05-06:
Whats funny is the American cheese is the white one and not the yellow one.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-05-06:
blah i hate american cheese
Posted by andbran on 2010-05-07:
has anyone tried Krafts Jalapeno American cheese? it has a bite to it.
Posted by Tyleeeer on 2010-07-06:
[snip - please respect the author's opinion] I agree that corporate should have sent you a courteous notification though. However, you don't even consider the workers at Subway who try there best to be helpful and they have to have you make there day difficult over cheese by having them consult the manager. I work at Subway and have to tell people all the time we don't have provolone or swiss, and I don't appreciate the snootiness I get. Provolone and swiss cheesees are foreign cheeses that cost more per slice than the regular cheese offered. Besides, most people used to complain that the cheese should be more american and not imported. Hence, American, pepperjack, and cheddar cheese.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-07-06:
"I requested to have my complaint sent to the owner.

I was told it would be passed on to them. Ok, I go in again, still no Swiss cheese."

Do you actually think they're going to bring back an obviously not profitable ingredient for one customer? Doesn't work that way. If its not profitable, it gets dropped.
Posted by Behr6 on 2010-09-30:
Wow , I wish I had time to worry about something so tragic and terrible! seriously If that's all you have to worry about in life then, aww poor you! What did you expect the outcome to be? honestly? You think one person complaing about the loss of a clearly non profitable/over expenive to produce item will warrant the cost of brining it back - just for you? That's why stores have alternatives- what makes money, stays on the menu, what doesn't-gets chopped.Sucks, yeah but complaining ain't gona bring it back, that's life.
Posted by TexMex on 2013-04-16:
The Subways here in Texas stopped serving provolone a couple years ago, which I had been ordering at Subways all over the country for at least 2 decades. For months, I continued to ask for provolone and heard many other customers do the same. I finally just stopped eating there much. However, I was pleasantly surprised last week to discover that provolone is back! I've gone 3 times since then, and every time I would estimate that at least 1 in 3 people were asking for provolone. It may cost a little more, but clearly it is a popular choice.
Posted by Jim on 2013-04-21:
I shall also be taking my business elsewhere! Imagine! This chain is too cheap to stock an item as popular as Swiss cheese! Ridiculous!
Posted by banner on 2013-06-29:
Boy cot them i like my provolone and i just found out that they stoped serving it lol
Posted by Robert Totten on 2013-07-07:
I won't go to subway anymore.I only went there for SWISS CHEESE..I always ordered the SUBWAY CLUB.They have made a mistake in my oppinion by cutting it out.I thought this was AMERICA ,Where we get to CHOOSE what we want to have on our subs.I sent a comment to their website also,But guess what NO ONES home.Just remember SUBWAY that there are other PLACES to go to get what we want.I was paying good money for these SUBS.And GOD FORBID that you should ask for more LETTUCE or TOMATOES or GREEN PEPPER or BLACK OLIVES or ONIONS.I am done with SUBWAY..!!!JIMMY JOHNS,MANCINOS,WALMART DELI,MARKETS OF MEIJERS,ETC ETC ETC,HEREI COME.
Posted by Robert on 2013-11-26:
Tyleeeer.....Wow....you actually said that Swiss Cheeses were foreign.... What the heck? I believe you need to read up on your cheeses. Swiss cheese is a generic name for several varieties of NORTH AMERICAN cheese.
Regardless, I also miss swiss at our Texas Subways. The franchise owner tells me that Subway only allows him 2 cheeses. But, other research seems to indicate that a local store can indeed go "off the grid" and offer something more or different. Provolone, to me, has little taste when compared to swiss.
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Subway Sandwich's: Employees/Customers
Posted by Whatever Subway on 03/23/2010
So Subway, Miserable Subway, everyone complains about Subway.. obviously it's the end of the world right? We just can't get through the day without putting in a complaint about Subway. So anyways customers want to know why Subway employees are so rude right? and employees want to know why customers are so mentally impaired right?... Well I can explain. The problem starts with the employer/owners hiring in minimal employees to work for minimum wage ..why? because that's less people they have to pay for work, Which means these few employees are working 12 hour shifts everyday of the week..On that note one Subway owner at least owns 2-3 stores so they feel sending their employees back and fourth between stores is a GREAT way to avoid 40+ overtime. These employees are run into the ground working for penny's with out seeing the light of day.. no benefits + barley any customers tip their tip jars when they clearly work harder then the average server. I'd personally rather tip hard work over a hustlers smile any day. From what I have witnessed customers are 90% of the problem. Seriously, you don't need a college degree to order a Subway sandwich, It's not rocket science. For example a customer is holding up a Subway line because he has 7 sandwich's but only informs the employee of one instead of making things simple accomplishing all 7 at the same time. If this were to hard or a problem for the employee to remember/ accomplish 7 sandwiches at once, which most have probably been there for years staring at the line up with the bane image burned into their brain..There's no way they'd still be employed. Subway is not McDonald's nor is it a 5 star restaurant (Prissville) but apparently its the Soup Kitchen considering everyone orders 7-10 sandwich's per person in the middle of lunch rush, Have phone orders gone out of style?

Not to mention half of those customers don't even know what the 7-10 people at home want on their sandwiches. "cheese sir?" "oh ugh let me call back..okay American." "Veggies sir?" "oh ugh let me call.." [snip] after 5 times of that I'd lock myself in the cooler too, Wright it down on paper NOT TEXT (whats wrong with you) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU STAND IN LINE.

So it's not only employees who need to clean up their act its also the customers,Honestly it can be looked at through both sides of the glass, we all have effect on each other.
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Posted by andbran on 2010-03-23:
i dont understand most people either. if i have multiple orders i make a list before i leave the house. i dont why anyone thinks thats a hard thing to do.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-23:
So, is this a complaint about Subway or about customers of Subway?
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-23:
hell the subway on base had a rule that orders for more than 3 sandwiches had to be called in or faxed in.

and when we did a subway run we wrote down what everyone wanted, etc.

though i learned quickly to go there before 1100 cos if you went at 1100 the line would be forever
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-23:
I have never experienced a mean subway employee they are courteous and good at what they do at my location.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-23:
Wallyworld, consider yourself lucky, then.
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No help from headquarters or Regional office on RUDE employee
Posted by Outraged1 on 08/05/2009
APACHE JUNCTION, ARIZONA -- I visited Subway located inside the Walmart Supercenter on Apache Trail in Apache Junction AZ on July 1st 09. I couldn't believe the rude behavior of the "customer service" representative behind the counter named Dawn. I stood waiting to be served and I saw she was leaning and relaxed in the back (I thought she was socializing). After calling for service with no response, I stepped behind the counter so she could see me. She came out very angry, shooing me away, griping that I had no business standing where I was behind the counter. Her attitude provoked me to respond by telling her that she should be in front waiting on customers instead of back there chit chatting. Her response was filled with the worst 4 letter words that you could hear while telling me she was on a break eating. She went on to tell me that it was none of my business whether she was eating or talking and it went on. I couldn't believe her behavior and mentioned I would be speaking to the manager. Her response was "Want the number"?
She didn't let it end there. As I went through Walmart shopping, she was spotting me and pointing me out to her co-worker and laughing. She had an obvious disregard for being reported and now I know why. I have called headquarters several times and filed a complaint. I was always told they would forward to the owner of that store and will get a response in 3-5 days. Never have I gotten a response. After several attempts - they gave me the # to the regional office and I have also called several times and left messages for a call back explaining my situation. Again, no return call. I can see now why this girl Dawn was very confident in behaving barbaricly - there is no accountablility and she obviously knew it.
I am very frustrated with the Headquarters, Regional offices and the owner of that Subway (I know he has received several of my messages) because I have been a business owner and also in customer service. Although I don't necessarily believe in "the customer is always right", I do believe that as a customer service representative - a person should alway maintain a professional demeanor. Not sure if it's the day and age or if it has something to do with the area (I come from New England where customer's being treated with respect has alway been the policy), but I do want to take this opportunity to express my disappointment in Subway at the executive level for hiring such rif raf. Shame on the owner of this subway - Dawn has no business in customer service.

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Posted by goduke on 2009-08-05:
$50 says the owner asked Dawn about it and she gave a very different version of the events, and he closed the books on it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Oh, to be Dawn for a day. I would have GIVEN you the most tasty sammie that you ever had.
If the service is bad then leave. You had no business going behind there nor sassing her about the chit chat.
Get over yourself for you initiated the rude verbal exchange. JMHO
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
No soup for you!
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-05:
You really shouldn't have gone behind the counter. She may have been on break which she is certainly entitled to. She should have been more professional, but you did initiate it.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-08-05:
Perhaps Dawn was the manager.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
She might even have been slightly frightened by you coming into employee territory..you never know.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-08-05:
For all she knew you could have been a robber, you had no business going behind that counter.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-05:
Mscantbe wrong, Best Answer!
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-05:
whoo hoo...thanks Eloise
Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
I merely stepped behind the counter opening so she could see me. She came at me with such an ugly vengeance...I responded with the chit chat comment but it should have ended there and not turned into what it did. If I was the owner of a store, I would certainly want to know what kind of help I'm hiring and that kind of behaviour would never fly. Yes...I'm guessing she is a corporate daughter or something. Otherwise..it's a shame business owners are not expecting more these days. May be a day and age thing..
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
She went overboard, no doubt about it. Cursing from an employee is verboten..completely. I'm sorry that Subway corporate didn't handle this like professionals.
Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
Well, I made my last attempt with headquarters today and got a much better response. The rep I talked to was pretty outraged herself at the whole incident after reading the notes on file and made a few phone calls on my behalf. I have been assured I will be receiving a phone call from whoever is responsible for that store. It might seem like a petty issue to some, but to those who witnessed the incident...it was outrageous and definitly warrants a complaint.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
Glad you got some resolution. Not all Subways are like that, needless to say. The girls in the one I go to work like absolute dogs, and they are always helpful, sunny and giggly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
"....it was outrageous and definitly warrants a complaint."

A meal coupon and an apology should suffice, correct?
Did you let management know of your deeds?
Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
Actually, myself and other family members like subway. They are always pleasant and greet you as you walk in the door in most all of the subways. That is why it is important for me to get the message of my experience to this owner. He needs to do better at hiring especially in this economy where there are hundreds of people in that area who are anxiously waiting for the opportunity to be employed.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-05:
Boki, the ones at my store are the same way. They even put up with my kids building their own sandwich.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
outraged, indeed. Subway corporate doesn't want some employee screaming the F word, amongst other stuff, at customers..you can be sure of that.

Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
Oh I'll bet your kids are cute as bugs building their own sammiches!

I love to watch kids at buffets...they'll put like a piece of pizza, maybe a chicken leg and some gummi bears on a plate. Add sprinkles. :D
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
It is much harder to be a "sandwich artist" than it is to build a burger plus you are dealing directly with the public which at times can warrant an employee earning hazard pay let alone the working conditions.
It takes two to Tango.

Signed, My Daughter and former Subway employee.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
They make good sammiches.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
I was so relieved when she left that place, Boki. It was right off of the highway. They had no male employees working at night so sometimes my Daughter would have to "close" by herself. Luckily she wasn't there the two times that it was robbed!!!
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-05:
you had no right going behind the counter. you could have shouted out and got her attention.

froma health point of view, you violated the health code. non employees are not allowed in any service area.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
zz, almost anywhere is vulnerable now!! I don't know if you caught it but I mentioned that 16 dollar stores of various kinds have been robbed her since the first of the year. Freakin' dollar stores!

I'm so glad your daughter wasn't there when it was robbed and sorry for anyone else's daughter who was. :(
Posted by bargod on 2009-08-05:
I remember a few years ago at a Subway in a neibouring city had a 19yr old girl working by herself late a night. It was robbed and she was killed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Thanks Boki. The Dollar store by my Mom has gotten "hit" numerous times. Don't for a minute think that they don't have a nice little piece of change for the crook, though.
Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
Read the intitial complaint. I did call for her and she did not answer. I saw her relaxing in back and simply wanted her to see me as well. I did not walk back there or cause the kind of trouble you're suggesting. There is also no way she thought I was a robber as I was politely calling to her to notice me from where I stood which was not directly behind the counter but only at the opening that led behind the counter. Stick to the real issue...
Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
That comment was for "madcomsumer"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Out1, were you ever served?
Dawn was very rude and unprofessional BUT you had no business 'baiting' her with the chit chat, quip.
Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
The chit chat comment came AFTER she came out and attacked me verbally. I only paid for a milk my 4 year old wanted. I certainly would not have wanted a sandwhich from her at that point and never will be going in there again anyway. My level 1 violation did not justify her level 10 violation for more than one reason..
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-05:
I suggest that you also file a complaint with the management of the Wal-Mart. Since Wal-Mart owns the lease to the in-store restaurant, they have the ultimate control over their facility and have the capacity to kick Subway out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Yeah SC, that'll happen.

Okay Out1, you win on the strength of not eating anything from there. Good luck and enjoy your meal coupon from corporate. (VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Hey outraged, Apache Junction is well known for all the tweakers that live there. Put two and two together.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
MethHeads or Crackheads?
Are you calling Out1 one of those names? Hasn't she been verbally abused enough by, Dawn?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Methheads, and I wasn't calling outraged that. I was referring to the employee.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
I know. I was being sarcastic.....Again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Us Zonies refer to Apache Junction as Acrackie Junction, or Dysfunction Junction. The people out there are a class all in their own.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
I've been thru there on the way to Bisbee. It is in the middle of Nowhere, AZ.
Posted by andbran on 2009-08-05:
i would have just gone somewhere else. dont they have a Mcdonalds there as well?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
Andbran, the Subway employee's dealer probably works at Mcdonalds.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-05:
best answer andbran!!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-08-05:
No offense, but I'm glad I'm a Southern boy and don't have to deal with a guy like you from new england. Sounds like you were typical, I am more important that anything else jerk.
Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
1st of all jktshff1, I find several things wrong with your comment. You start off "no offense" and then finish with a real offensive remark. I'm not a "guy", I'm a female and I had my 4 year old with me at the time when she started swearing at me. And I simply stated that when I lived and worked in NE, the level of customer service was very high. I moved out West and noticed a big difference. I also stated that I wasn't sure if it was an area difference or just this day and age. I don't think that qualifies me as a stuck up New Englander but I do think you're comment qualifies you as an ignoramous (southener or not)
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-05:
"I stepped behind the counter"

You stepped behind the counter when you weren't suppose to. When you were told not to be there you were rude & obnoxious.

At least you are honest about how horribly you treated the worker. But that's not saying much.

This should be retitled ASAP to:
No help from headquarters or Regional office on RUDE CUSTOMER.

When you are rude to them first, you can't play the victim card & pretend the employee was an evil demon out to get you. The employee gave you back EXACTLY what you gave her. As far as I care she deserves a raise for having to deal with people treating her like poo - especially the customers who treat her like poo and then pull the "well you deserve it" attitude.

Posted by outraged1 on 2009-08-05:
PepperElf...I think they have an opening as Subway in AJ. They are looking for people just like you.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-05:
and i'll be honest...

about the 4 year old...

I honestly think seeing how her mother treats employees will have more of an affect on how she acts later then will a random encounter of swear words.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-05:
No thank you.

I do not want to work in any job where a customer will force her way behind the counter and then treat the employee badly.

Because if I had been the person working there I would have told you to leave.

I am a nice person, but... I do not tolerate anyone who treats me badly and then pretends their actions are my fault.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-05:
Pepper, Best Answer!
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-08-05:
"There is also no way she thought I was a robber as I was politely calling to her to notice me from where I stood" somehow I doubt that you were politely calling to her since you admit that you thought she was in the back socializing. The woman shouldn't have talked to you the way she did, but frankly, you had no business going anywhere but on the customer side of the counter.
Posted by Littleanna on 2009-08-06:
out still lives in a nicer area tahn I do. If you were to try that around here you would get cut along with a cussing.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-08-07:
You should have just left! At that point walking behind the counter for a dang sandwich isn't worth it, just take your money else where, it ain't that hard.

Also are you aware most subways are FRANCHISES? Meaning the manager/owner calls the shots, corporate probably can't make him fire anyone. A lot of the subways around here are run by families, so it could have been the owners daughter, knowing full well she won't get fired. I would have treated you the same way. Rude customers = rude employees right back.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2009-08-10:
Also, keep in mind that headquarters can't always update you on the situation. So calling 7 or 8 times may not have helped as much as going into the location itself and asking for the manager.
Posted by myownindependence on 2009-08-28:
Despite the fact that you should not have been so close to behind the counter, but it doesn't exactly justify the employee's rudeness and disrespctful attitude towards. Especially when your 4 year old kid was with you at the time. It shows that she lacks the ability to maintain her professional attitude, as well as not being able to act appropriately and mature in front of your child.

Also... this employee has got such nerve to just started pointing and laughing at you just because you were reporting to subway about her unprofessional attitude towards you and your child. I don't see how she got the right to just do that to you in public like that. That type of attitude should never be tolerated.

Lastly, for future reference, I can gaurantee you that whoever filed a complaint about a particular subway restaurant, there's only a handful of people who actually get responses back that is considered as helpful. Oh and just so you know.... chances are.... the headquarters probably can't really do too much about it, most likely because of these 2 reasons:

1) each subway restaurants are being runned by indepently runned and the headquarters couldn't really do too much about on how it's being run...


2) The head quarters are actually cowards and trying act professional to hide the fact that they don't really care about anything or anyone else except themselves and trying to earn money. And they don't really want to deal with any of the problems, and if THIS was the case, then they would most likely try to erase the complaints in order to maintain their reputations...

Basically, what I would suggest is that you shouldn't really have bothered the headquarters about it considering that nothing will really change, so I would recommend that you simply start eating at another location.
Posted by klobbersaurus685 on 2009-09-21:
I'm with most of the people on here. You started the situation. You expected a TEENAGER to be the adult.
You are at fault and I don't feel one bit bad for you
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To The General Public (Our Beloved Patrons)
Posted by J Money on 03/15/2009

I will choose to remain anonymous, though I will share that I am a Subway employee. I am also an American citizen so I know what it's like to go into a fast food restaurant and receive less than desirable service. This type of service would include making a mistake with my order, over charging me, or leaving some type of foreign object (ie. hair, fingers etc.) in my food. It makes no difference to me if the employee is wearing his or her whole uniform(apron, visor...), is cleanly shaven, or is even artificially polite to me as most employees are instructed to be. I hardly ever have the ability to even force a smile while I'm at work, but that doesn't impact the quality of food that I provide for my customers. This site is filled with complaints from customers about how bad the service is at these restaurants. Many times the employees act that way so you leave. Believe me, we don't get paid on commission, so ask your self how happy we are when a line is so long it stretches out the back door. I have heard many complaints from customers before and I'm left rather un interested. I do, however, have a couple insightful complaints of my own as an employee.

1. Customers talking on their cell phones while ordering is certainly the most aggravating. This is so rude. I couldn't imagine doing this while I was ordering at a fast food place. Put the phone down. Come on. You specific people know who you are that always seem to be doing it. Just stop with the phone and don't be rude to me when you order.

2. Customers who think they are better than me because I work at Subway is another bothersome topic. I am a full time college student studying civil engineering. I also happen to work at Subway. This job has given me a big wake up call in judging people by their job. I don't know their situation and neither do you. People who work at fast food places aren't always stupid. Many times they are, but not in every case.

3. Pointing at the glass while telling me which vegetables you want. Oh my god. I know where each one is. I have been there since I was 15. I got it under control. Stop pointing and getting greasy finger prints on the glass.

4. Making messes at the tables. I have cleaned up messes at tables that I would have had to work hard to make when I was 3 years old. These messes are often made by adults. I know I am a loser that works at Subway, but couldn't you have some respect for me and at least try to pick up after yourself a little bit?

5. Not being ready to order while there is a long line. This is a big one guys. The menu lists all of the items for sale and their corresponding prices. It's not that hard. And if the decision really needs more pondering, step back and let the other people go first. I have been to many fast food places and it seems to me Subway customers are among the worst behaved of all.

This letter in no way is representative of all Subway customers. I have a bunch of regulars that come in and are always nice to me. Not surprisingly, they are never guilty of any of my 5 complaints. Most customers are just fine, but there are plenty who fit the negative description to the "T." Since I was a young boy, my parents taught me the importance of personal responsibility and respect for others. If even I, a lowly Subway employee can adhere to these simple rules of life, can't you customers do the same? Go out and thank your sandwich artist today. Tell him or her how much he or she means to you. Don't make them think they fit into the common category of fast food employee. Be ready to order, hang up your phone, keep your paws off the glass, don't act as though you are superior to me, especially since I already have more education than most of you, and clean up your crap at the tables.

We are all people. Let's all treat each other with respect. And let's attempt to earn respect from others through honesty, hard work, responsibility, and compassion.

Eat Fresh everyone!!
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-03-15:
if its any consolation to you I took early retirement and started driving a bus. I'm about as white as anyone and people would get on look at me and then ask if I spoke English? What an interesting social experiment. I hope most people are nice to you. Some people on here really just rant about anything. You have to laugh. Did you read the one from the guy upset with Subway cause his sandwich didn't look like the picture? You someitmes just have to laugh. Hang in there
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
Some good points raised (except for the pointing - it is instinct for many people to point when they tell you what you want). I worked in retail on and off while I was at University and Grad school. I once had this lady who was convinced I was trying to rip her off tell me that she had a high school diploma and I had probably dropped out, thus I worked in retail. I was amused and always laugh when I hear people say similar things to people in the service industry. Remember, once you get your degree, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank :)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-15:
Well written, well thought out post. VH Thanks
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
I agree with everything this person wrote. I saw a lot of this when I was a kid working in the college lunch line. People expect manners and aren't willing to show them? Manners demonstrate the class of the person using them. The cell phone thing? I have said this before-if someone is on their cell phone, they need to forfeit their turn in line. Period. I had to wait until some idiot finished her call in Target yesterday because she couldn't talk and wrestle her purse and swipe and sign her card. She looked behind her and found four people in line glaring at her and gave us a stupid smile. I totally agree with everything this poster has said because, unfortunately, it is all very true.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
Thanks for the great post. I, too, can't stand it when someone is in line, any line, talking (usually very loudly) on their cell phone. It is so rude, especially to the customer service person. You are definitely getting a good lesson on the inconsiderate people out there. So, not only will you have a degree, you will also have some very good people skills after having to put up with all of this. Good luck on your future endeavors!
Posted by Mario The Great on 2009-03-15:
That was awesome. You should get a star just for being truthful.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-03-15:
Very helpful. Especially number 1. I hate being behind annoying cellphone person. It is beyond rude. Especially when they are the ones holding up the line because they won't stop talking. Just hang up the phone, tell the person that you will call them back.

There are just so many rude and inconsiderate people in the world today that it sickens me. The world revolves around them and only them, everyone else is just a little drop in the bucket. Take people like that with a grain of salt, force a semi smile and thank yourself that at least you're not them.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-03-15:
There is a restaurant, cafeteria style, not far from my office. As you get your tray there is a sign "If you are talking on your cell phone we will assume you are not ready to order." I love it.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-03-15:
That is great Nohandle!! I wish more places would do that.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-03-15:
great review.

very helpful.
Posted by woodsk1 on 2009-03-15:
Thank you for posting- I hate it when I am in line and the person is on the cell in front of me. Its just rude to everyone around..

Nohandle- I have seen that sign as well and now seeing it at banks. When did we become so rude and self involved?
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-15:
Thanks for all the comments so far guys. I'm new to this site so I don't know why people are calling me No handle though. I put my user name as "J Money" so I don't get it. I hope for many more comments. I don't know why I wrote this, but I was bored at 2am after another smelly shift at the local Subway. Thanks again
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-03-15:
Hang around J Money, and welcome aboard. They are responding to my comment, not yours.
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-15:
OOOps i just noticed the guy named no handle. Sorry for being unperceptive everyone.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-03-15:
J money, Does "ANY" footlong sub for $5 mean every sandwich on the menu that is a foot long? Also, if I open up a subway sandwich and actually inspect the meat portion, it seems awfully skimpy. Do they have a weight minimum/maximum?
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-15:
The actual Subway sandwiches I've seen bear no resemblance to the ones on TV...not even close...
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-15:
OLD FART- TV commercials use many tricks to enhance the appearance of the food. Cereal commercials use elmers glue instead of milk to give the cereal a better look. Most food is sprayed with water or grease to make it glisten. If you believe what you see on TV, then perhaps you deserve for your money to be swindled away by the Subway conspirators. Things on TV, and life in general, are all about money. Don't trust people when it comes to advertisement.
DIGITAL COMMANDO- All sandwhiches with exception to the feast and the philly steak. That is because the feast and philly steak come with double portions of meat and cheese automatically. There is an exact amount of meat we are supposed to put on each sanswhich. There is also a certain number of ounces for the portioned meats such as teriyaki chicken, steak, meatballs ect. Thanks guys. Keep posting
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-15:
LOL Money... I'm not that naive having worked in TV and living 69 years...
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-15:
I look back now and realize that my post toward you was a bit rude. I'm sorry sir. As I wrote it I also was thinking, 'I hope this is accurate if he has ever worked in television.' We watched stuff about those commercials in econ class when I was a senior in highschool waaaaaay back in the day. 2 years ago
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-15:
We're cool Money, as a matter of fact I will put you on my trust list assuming you are a straight arrow..
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-15:
I'm a pretty strait arrow. No one is perfect, though I value hard work and educatation. I think that makes me a strait esque arrow.
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-15:
That's the best you can do....!!
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-15:
What did you expect? I'm doing math homework old man. I haven't time for your crazy mind games.
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-15:
NO no Money , I meant that in a good way!
Work hard and everything will come your way..
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-15:
Oh. Now I get it. Thanks I agree.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-03-15:
Great post! I agree with the cellphone complaint. When I worked a teller window at the college, a girl stepped up to my window and while she was chatting on the phone, stuck a stack full of papers under the window glass for me...not even telling me what she wanted. I guess I was supposed to go through all of them and figure it out. As she continued to talk on the phone and not telling me what she wanted, I motioned for the next person in line to come up to the window (there was a FOUR HOUR wait in line...she had plenty of time to talk on the phone before coming up to my window)...when the next person stepped up, the girl on the phone said to the person she was talking to, "Hold on a minute"...then told me that she was next in line and was already at my window. I told her, "There's people waiting in line, and you don't seem to be ready yet...I'll take you when you're done on the phone"...She hung up the phone and said, "OK! I'M DONE NOW"...I think she got the "Basher Message"!

Also, if I am not ready to order, I stand to the side until I know what I want...or, If I am in line, I will tell the person behind me to go ahead and order until I decided what I wanted. I usually know what I want before I go to place my order...but if it's a place I'm not familiar with, then I have to look over the menu.

I love our Subways around here...the employees have always been very friendly and they won the "clean plate award" when the inspectors from our local TV station went to inspect...they found NO violations!
Posted by Starlord on 2009-03-16:
J Money, excellent post. I used to be a deputy sheriff,and if I had a dime for every time some arrestee made the comment that I was probably too stupid to hold a regular job, it was all I could do to keep from making a snarky rejoinder. I told one guy that our department was considering requiring a college degree for hiring, and he couldn't wrap his head around the concept of police officers being able to handle complicated concepts. I respect sandwich artists, because Lord knows, I make a lousy sandwich.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-16:
Great post J Money!! I can't stand people who think they are better then others.
Posted by JennyO on 2009-03-18:
Rock on, subway employee!! Many of your co-workers are second rate. People are pigs. Some feel as though they have "earned" the right to be slobs at the table and rude to employees. It stems from lack of dicipline as children. It also is a result of inconsideration of others. What if you were their relative??? Surely they wouldn't trash the restaurant, nor blab on the call in line and smear the glass! I believe the book, "Everything I need to know in life I learned in Kindergarten" should be mandatory reading in school and by everyone in the USA! The world would be a much better place!

By the way, I received excellent service from a Subway employee here in Las Vegas recently and emailed his manager. They posted the email for all his co-workers to see and thanked me for taking the time to be considerate of their employee. I must add lastly that the 32oz. drinks at this location are way too expensive! Over $2.29!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-18:
I agree with that last point. I always seem to get behind the person who has no idea what he wants. It's frustrating, especially if I am on my lunch break. I always know what I want ahead of time.
Posted by J Money on 2009-03-18:
Thanks jennyo for taking the time to write that much. I really do appreciate when people comment on things I write whether the comments be posative or negative. Wow on the 32 ounce drinks. Our 44oz drinks are only 1.88 so u guys really get screwed. It is probably the single most expensive city in the world though. Just think of all the waste that goes on there.
Posted by Chris721 on 2009-03-19:
J Money, that was an excellent post. I think you have definately changed some attitudes. About 20 years ago, I gave up a good job with a large company and went to work part-time as a waitress. I did this because my children were toddlers at the time and I wanted to spend more time with them. Fortunately, at that time, I was able to make that decision. I figured my time would come to resume my career. My previous co-workers would come into the restaurant to eat and the sympathetic looks I got were pitiful. I was VERY happy. People make many wrong assumptions.
Also, I happen to love Subway. They offer an excellent healthy choice recession-buster. Footlong veggie delight on whole wheat - $5.00. Eat half for a quick dinner and bring the other half for lunch the next day. You can't beat that.
Posted by Jenny_tran1982 on 2009-03-22:
thanx for sharing
Posted by nankpax on 2009-03-23:
The subs are wonderful, but the salads are pretty overpriced. Subways are almost always really clean places to eat. It seems people are just really rude to clerks types in general. I am a nurse at a walk-in, urgent care clinic. There are about 10 signs "Please have photo ID ready" Nobody has it, they wait in line for 10 minutes and then when they get to the desk, it's "OH, an ID?" get out a huge wallet and take off the rubber band and have to go through 76 cards to find what they are looking for. Everybody watches them impatiently, but when it's their turn, it's the same scenario. And they are often really rude to me or whomever is at that desk. We are all registered nurses with years of experience. If someone is too ill to wait 5 hours, we have a small ER. The same people and their families that are so rude at the check in desk are suddenly very normal when they see us in the nurse role. It makes me feel really sorry for people that have to work with public in that role all the time. And the cellphone thing? I just say "Next!"
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-03-23:
lol@wallet w/ rubber band...

On the other hand, sometimes people are accepting and nice about long medical waits to the point of disbelief. I was at the ER here two weeks ago waiting for almost 6 hours to be seen for a kidney stone.

Amongst the people in the waiting room were an old man who had fallen face first and tried to brace his fall, breaking his arm and nose in the process...he waited close to five hours. Also, there was a little boy who was hit directly in the eye with a fast pitch at baseball..waiting quietly.

People that deal with sick or hurt patients have my sympathy, because they're going to get the cranky, whiney and downright mean episode every now and then, but that's the exception and certainly not the rule.

Posted by CyberTech on 2009-06-10:
I work retail and find that people that work retail treat other people in retail so much better.....and or work with the public like Subway or other places to eat. We know what it is like on the other side of the fence.
Posted by J Money on 2009-06-10:
I would have to agree. Everyone should experience it once.
Posted by myownindependence on 2009-08-28:
I totally agree with you!!! I think customers needs to show a bit of respectful attitude towards people who works at a fastfood restaurant, such as subway. But the only thing that I sort of disagree with you is the end of the 2nd point you were trying to make.

I'm talking about the part where you said: "People who work at fast food places aren't always stupid. Many times they are, but not in every case."

I do agree that people who work at fast food places aren't always stupid, but you also said "many times they are. But not in every case". I gotta say... the way you phrased it was a bit inaccurate. Not many of them is actually stupid, most of them are probably just inexperienced... So if I were you, I wouldn't exactly phrase it as you did...
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Extremely Bad Experience at Subway in Brooklyn
Posted by JackieMC on 01/21/2009
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- On November 29, 2008, my mom and I went to have lunch at our local Subway at 93 Church Avenue in Brooklyn. We were treated very poorly by a staff member who claimed to be the Manager although we could not believe she was a Manager. She was rude, crude and verbally abusive and almost became physical (had that occurred we would have called the police). Another employee held her back and we were able to leave (my other is 70 years old and doesn't need to be treated in this manner). We have been to this Subway many times before without incident. However, the whole staff was new and really horrible. I wrote a letter of complaint to the Subway Customer Care Team and never received a response. I then sent a Registered Letter to Mr. DeLuca, the President of Subway and again received no response. This whole experience has been so outrageous it's mind-boggling!

Needless to say, we'll never eat at another Subway again and will discourage anyone from giving their money to this company that seems to condone this type of treatment toward their customers.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Why do I sense that you aren't telling the whole story?
What are you doing dining at a lousy chain sub shop when you live in NEW YORK?
Posted by old fart on 2009-01-21:
Amen ZZrokk... this misguided soul goes to a "subway" when there are at least 10,OO0 real SUB SHOPS IN THE "BIG CITY"...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Obviously quite a few New Yorkers go to Subway sandwich shops being that there's hundreds of Subway stores in NYC.

What kind of person picks a fight with a 70 year old woman. That's kind of a messed up. Yeah, I'd probably avoid that particular Subway in the future. Good review! (VH).
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
There are two sides to this story Crabs and while I don't condone "dissing" the elderly, WE weren't there so who knows what transpired?
As far as there being numerous subways in NY, so what? There are Starbucks on every corner but they still suk! (NH)
Posted by JackieMC on 2009-01-21:
My goodness, when I posted my complaint I never thought that it would be commented on by what I think might be kids - one or two of whom seem to have unrealistic ideas of where the common New Yorker eats lunch. Anyway, I did not put the entire story of what happened in this post - it's too upsetting. The employees were way out of line and extremely verbally abusive. I did, however, put the entire incident in my two letters to the company - neither of which were responded to. Had the company done the right thing and at least acknowledged my correspondence and perhaps checked out the incident, I would never be posting here. If what happened to us happened to you, you would be just as upset.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Without getting too precise, WHAT set this off and seriously, I must ask why a SUBWAY in NEW YORK?
That's like going to a Long John Silvers when you live in NEW ORLEANS.
Posted by bargod on 2009-01-21:
Well said, Jackie. A certain few here don't ever have any thing positive or helpful to say. They just like to come on here and rag on the poster.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Last I checked this was "my 3 cents" and I was merely expressing MY opinions and asking some serious questions.
Obviously, a "certain" few here are too myopic to comprehend what "certain people" post.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Well said bargod.

I find it funny a dude who lives in Denver and probably never step foot in NYC is arguing with a New Yorker about where to eat in New York. No doubt everything he knows about NYC he's learned from the food network or Seinfeld but by golly he's an expert on NYC all the same. LMAO.

Anyway this is a complaint about SERVICE and not food quality. Perhaps if one would read the review first before popping off smart they'd 'get it'. I don't care what anybody says physically threatening a 70 year old woman is just plain wrong.. There are no excuses... It's just wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Can you read, Crabs?!
Me: "...There are two sides to this story Crabs and while I don't condone "dissing" the elderly...."

I know what I read and I responded according to what I thought about the situation! I don't need to go to NY to know that most local sub joints or delis are superior to a SUBWAY! Just like I don't have to go to OKLAHOMA to know what a nimrod is.....
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
I'd like to know the whole story. What started it, what was said, etc. I need more details. Also, OP, you won't hear anything back from them. My review of them was about no hairnets. Some really nice owners of Subway responded on here with information about hairnets and such, but not corporate Subway. PS. If anyone started unprovoked crap with my father, they would have been calling the cops on me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
Like sherdy, I would also like to hear the whole story, as experienced by the OP.

It's plenty easy for us readers to fill in the blanks with whatever we **assume** happened.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-21:
I too would like to know what set them off.
I wouldn't stop going to ALL Subways because of this.
I like them on occasion.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-01-21:
subway offers a decent product for a decent price. a meal at mcd's or bk is generally more than any subway sandwich. and if one is counting calories, subway has em beat.

and not to make to fine a point of the above issues, in order to make a real opnion without filling in details, all the details are required.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-01-21:
To say the exchanges are much more animated lately around here would be an understatement. Didn't this review go green earlier with 5 helpfuls?
Posted by Kero_Sun on 2010-03-12:
Hi @ the topic starter (TS)
I was there at that time during the morning hours and the story is you had provoked the lady into treating you in said manner.. She was doing her job but you threw a fit. To me that is unfair, They say the customer is always right. But that doesn't mean they are allowed to disrupt buisness there. This woman is a very nice lady who is well respected by many in the community. Who are you to come here to talk BS about this subway location? I hope I didn't offend you I appologize, I'm just giving my 3 cents ;) Hope I see you at the store while I'm drinking my cup of coffee u.u Have a nice life! Got Owned Sry
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-12:
Funny how someone is so mistreated and yet, when the truth comes out, you find that 'all that was not posted as it was too upsetting' was actually the OP's instigating of the incident.

Don't throw a fit and harass an employee of a store then think you can complain about mistreatment. If you can't take it, don't dish it.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-03-12:
Wow, what are the chances of someone who witnesses the incident just happening across this review.....
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-12:
Pretty slim, imo. I hope it's not what I think it is.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-03-12:
AND remembering it after a year and a half.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-12:
jk, I don't know. I can't remember, but last year or the year before that, I was talking about a fire that my husband worked (his cousins place) with some friends at lunch at O'Charleys. We were talking about the fire department and all the rash of fires that were happening suddenly at that time and my husband's cousins fire came up.

The lady at the table behind us interrupted us and asked if we were talking about the fire on Broome Rd. Out of the blue. Turns out, she lives on that road too and was a bystander at the fire.

So...strange things can happen.
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