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In today's horrific economy, the best thing that a company can do is inspire consumer loyalty. Our phone/cable service has been out for 6 days. Called Suddenlink 4 times today. Each time was told someone was on the way. After the 4th call this evening we were told that the first customer service representative lied and no one would be out to assist us until April. In this age of easy access where it's easy to put out a bad company review, you'd think that this kind of dishonest customer service would not occur.

I would not/will not ever recommend any one to this company. They've taken our money for years but obviously are unable to live up to their end of the agreement.

Shame on this company.
Some good and some bad
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I had Suddenlink for over a year and when I called on the phone they were pretty helpful. In the office they sucked. I went in once to tell them I had a problem and they told me I didn't know what I was talking about. I told the tech support the same thing and he knew exactly what the problem was. Their costs is really expensive compared to others. I had a combined plan and that was supposed to save me money. It didn't. I tried to take off a service and my bill doubled (sad when it's cheaper to get more than less). The last 3-4 months they went up every month and didn't notify us. That last month they took me off the "cable plan with free HBO" and started charging me extra for HBO. I should have been notified so I could have made the choice to take it off or leave it on. I wasn't until the bill came in. Their internet service was good though as was the cable. However they "upgraded" and the service was then not as good. Why fix what isn't broken? They have no competition in that area and they are taking advantage of it.
POV from Tech Support
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WEST TEXAS, TEXAS -- I can assure you not every tech support rep you come across is not looking to f*** you over or blow you off. We are there as tech support and can make it the easiest 10 minutes of your day if you are willing to cooperate or it can be 10 minutes of hell if you want to be testy and filled with attitude. Its always up to the customer for the mood and the rep who handles the call. Yeah. Sometimes we come in with a chip on our shoulders due to life, family and other things and yeah, being a professional, it should be left at the door. Same applies to customers. We couldn't care less why you are mad cause your team lost, your husband/wife's cheating, or if life just sucks in general. But what we do care about is what we are paid to care about. Your service. We are not paid to be buddies, but merely professional help and support when you need it. We can be nice and make short talk, but that's where it stays. Please remember that next time you call in and tear apart one of our reps just cause your day sucked.

Remember, we are all different people and its not me, or the rep your speaking to that is trying to mess up your marriage, life, car, kids, service, or anything related to you period. No one maliciously sits around and hits buttons and knocks out service squarely aimed at pissing you people off.

We are here as help and yes, we can help if we are allowed to by the customer. Take this into consideration and please understand, we are trying to help, not make you madder or more upset than you are.
Bad Service
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KINGWOOD, TEXAS -- Just plain horrible. Don't work with [snip]. He talks way over the average persons head and makes deals he does NOT honor. He made a rude comment as to how everyone in my complex has bad credit. Very pushy to make the sale and not clear on the details YOU are interested in knowing about. Just had my service turned on 1 hour ago and he calls to yell at me that I didn't pay enough to the installer. I paid what was agreed to yesterday. They can pick up the equipment and I will gladly go elsewhere.
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