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'Thick Sliced' Are You KIDDING Me?
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CANTON, OHIO -- Lately, I've been buying 'Premium Thick Sliced Bacon' because my Dad is tired of having his bacon cook up to nothing.

Being that I only find the Premium brand in only one store...I decided to try the Sugardale Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Bacon. Why not? Sugardale is a good company. At over $6.00 for the 1.5 pound of bacon, it can't be too bad IF it's as good as the Premium bacon.

This morning I opened the Sugardale bacon and peeled off the first slice (See photo)...I could NOT believe it! It was cut so thin it actually fell apart! OK, maybe that was just one I continue to peel away the bacon slices and one slice after the other were cut exactly the same. If I wanted the paper thin slices like this I could have gone with the $2.99 per pound brand!

This Sugardale Thick sliced bacon can't even compare to Premium's thick sliced bacon!

What a rip off...and they package it onto a Styrofoam tray so you really can't tell how thick it is cut when you look at it.

I'm very disappointed with Sugardale, they usually have good products worth the money you pay, but in the case of their Thick sliced bacon....needless to say, I will be going back to the Premium brand even if it's only sold in one store.
Resolution Update 05/13/2011:
Today, I just received two packs of Sugardale Thick sliced bacon 1 1/2 pounds each as a replacement for the package in which this review was written.

Not only did they send me the bacon, it came in a nice Sugardale styrofoam cooler that I can keep in the back of my car for frozen foods when I go shopping!

Hilary Rossi has gone above and beyond to make sure customer satisfaction was reached.

Thanks Hilary and Sugardale!
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