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Buyers Beware when dealing with Summerville Ford
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SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- The first weekend of 2010 I went into Summerville Ford to look into trading in my vehicle and purchasing a newer one. I had been in contact earlier in the week via email to investigate what the possibilities would be. I let them know what my trade was, how much I owned on the loan and how much I had to put down (Which was 0) I was informed by one of the sales staff that I needed to stay around 10k in order to keep the payments where I needed them to be. On Saturday Jan. 2, 2010 a 2008 Pontiac G6 was in their ad in the paper. We went into the dealership at 12:00 and spoke with the salesperson and asked if he felt we could work something out on the car and he said that a deal was probable. We took the car for a test drive and while we liked the car we discovered that the engine light was on and the volume on the stereo was not functional (no sound was coming from the stereo at all). I told them that if we could get the numbers right and the stereo repaired and take care of the engine light I would take the car. They told me that because they were not a Pontiac dealer they would be unable to find out why the engine light was on and they weren't sure about repairing the volume, but insisted on working the finances out. I told them that I did not want to purchase a car for that much money when they could not disclose what issues the car had; and that if I were to purchase the car and found that there were extensive repairs needed I would be returning the car. The response was let us take it around back and see what they could do, meanwhile the haggling over price continued. I am on a budget and was well aware of where my payment needed to be but that was ignored and they continued to haggle. A third salesman came into the office and suggested that if they could give me some cash on the front end to pay off other bills could we work something out. I agreed to that if the repairs were made. They then returned and let me know that they had successfully gotten the engine light turned off ( I was later told by the salesman that they had disconnected the battery cables and reset the car to make that happen. No repair had been done so the issue remained) and that they would replace the stereo. I asked what they would replace the stereo with and the response was "Whatever will fit into the hole because they were not a Pontiac dealer". I asked that since the stereo was the information center for the car would that negate all the features operated by it? The response I got was a blank stare. I was then urged to drive the car again. On this trip I discovered the driver's seat was reclined too far back and I was unable to raise it. The car being a 2-door sport coupe this would be necessary in order for passengers to enter the back seat. When I asked the salesman to show me how to operate the seat he was unable to. At this point he had someone contact the previous owner to find out how it worked. The previous owner stated that the seat had been in working condition when he brought it in but that there was an issue with the stereo. I was then offered a "We Owe" as part of the deal; it stated the amoutn of cash I would be receiving as well as the repair of the driver's seat and repair of the stereo. I consented and we went forward with the deal. I began to sign paperwork and my partner emptied out my trade-in vehicle. I was then taken into the finance office; the time is now 3:30 P.M. I have benn here three and a half hours. The finance manager starts by asking for references, which I have already provided but he asks for more. He then asks for paystubs; I gave him the info my company provides for verification of employment and wage verification. I was told that it wasn't good enough and that he needed hard copy, insulting me and my company. He then told me he needed cash down, this was not part of the agreement. When I told him this he appeared perturbed and wanted to know what the details were; I told him and he left the office returning momentarily stating that they had written it wrong. Then he told me about the payment, again wrong, when I told him what the deal was he asked who told me that and when I told him who the salesmen were he called them into the office. I asked them what happened to the agreed upon payment and then they offered more money on the front end to make up the difference. I reluctantly agreed and the paperwork continued; it is now 4:30.... Then the finance manager received a call and he and the salesmen involved were called into the general manager's office leaving me there to stew. They returned 10 minutes later looking beat down and informed me that the general manager refused to do any repairs that the car was "As_Is". At that point I asked for the keys to my original vehicle and let them know how unhappy I was; that I had wasted four and a half hours with them missing other appointments. If they had explained this to me from the start and I would not have wasted my time or theirs. As I was leaving they urged me to stay so they could see if the bank would come up with some money to cover the repairs. I told them not to bother. Deals were made, agreements reached and papers signed; how is it fair for them to treat customers this way? I sent them a letter the next day explaining the situation and how unhappy I was. I did not receive a response until 5:00 Monday. I returned the call and was connected to voicemail, I left a message. 2 more days later I received a call from one of the sales managers and his response was not an apology but an offer to come in and see if we could work something out on the car. At this point I had already found another dealer that treated me with respect and helped me find a vehicle that fit my budget with no haggling and honestly was a better car and a better deal. I let Summerville Ford know of my intentions to post my experience on consumer websites as well as in my neighbor of 400 homes across the street from them. I hope that the cost of the repairs that they refused to do was worth the potential cost of business they stand to lose when people see and read my reveiws. Buyers Beware!
Company Response 02/09/2010:
No business is perfect by any means. However, this review is one person's account of an isolated experience. IT IS HIS OR HER OPINION. NOT FACT. And it does not represent day-to-day reality at Summerville Ford.

For every individual who is motivated to hop online and attack the integrity of our company and its employees, there are dozens of happy, satisfied customers who are willing to stand up and testify why Summerville Ford is a great place to do business. We are grateful for their support.

Here are some actual quotes from our clients on the official Ford Motor Company Customer Satisfaction Surveys for January and February 2010:

"Great sales person. Would recomend others to him. He is very courteous and followed up with us several times after the sale."

"The salesperson(s), finance, management, and even the janitorial staff at Summerville Ford were exceptionally responsive to my purchasing needs. They worked extremely hard to meet my financial needs and personal desires... I have (and will continue to) recommended Summerville Ford to others who have commented on the Mustang. Thanks for an exceptional purchasing experience."

"Great job in allowing for a comfortable and pressure free evaluation and purchase experience."

"Went above and beyond to get the job done. I was a walk-in and they were able to help fix multiple issues in the very short amount of time prior to the service department company closing. Excellent service, I will recommend to others."

"Went above and beyond what most sales people would have done. Both of the salesmen were very concerned about helping my wife and I make the right choice. The dealership went above what other dealers had offered us for our trade. The overall experience was very pleasant."|

"My overall experience with Summerville Ford Mercury was excellent. I must give credit where credit is due and the team there was excellent."

"Very happy with the salesperson and the experience."

"A totally pleasurable experience!"

In closing, there is a reason Summerville Ford-Mercury is now one of the largest volume Ford dealers in the region. There is a reason 95% of survey respondents would definitely recommend our dealership to a friend or relative. There is a reason we have clients who have returned to us for third, fourth, and fifth vehicle purchases. So, give us a try, and see the reason for yourself!

Take care, and God bless!
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User Replies:
memoryx57 on 01/11/2010:
Good for you !! You did the right thing by picking up your keys and walking out the door. The whole deal from the get-go sounded shady to me.
Good luck on your new car..
Trylfox1 on 02/09/2010:
While it is true that my experience with Summerville Ford-Mercury is just one person's account I seriously take offence at the suggestion that it is only an opinion and not fact. I assure you that this situation did occur and I have the emails before AND after the situation occurred to back this up. And while it may be true that they do have customers that are happy with their purchasing experience with Summerville Ford-Mercury why would any company that works with the general public be satisfied with having even one dissatisfied customer? The company that I'm employed by goes out of their way to make sure that if a customer is unhappy with our service or products that we do whatever possible to win that customer's confidence back instead of taking an "Oh well, we have other customers" attitude. Which, by my experience, is what Summerville Ford-Mercury is content to do. In the month since I had my experience with this dealer I have continued to receive automated emails from the sales department asking if I'm still interested in a vehicle from them even after I have told them I have purchased another vehicle from another dealer with a much better buying experience. I guess they do really pay attention to customer service and details..... I'm not in any way trying to deter folks from shopping with them, but everyone has a right to hear the good AND the bad so they can make an educated decision on where they spend their money especially in a challenging economy. Good Luck and God bless....
cardude on 06/29/2010:
Moved From Other Review: I read the whole story on the guy that wanted to buy the Pontiac at Summerville Ford and I had to give my three cents on the subject. I understand how tough it can be to buy a used car but his complaints are unclear to me. If he had so many concerns about the vehicle then he should have forgotten that car and looked at another one. They have a large inventory. Also, he sits here complaining about the dealership and never bought the car from them anyway!! So what's the problem??????

I have owned over 30 cars in my life. My wife and I, my Father-in-law and my son all bought 5 cars at Summerville Ford in the past 3 years. We paid competitive prices and the service dept. has been spectacular. Summerville Ford sells more used cars than almost all dealers in this area. The reason for that is their awesome reputation.

I usually do not get involved in these types of articles but I felt impelled to give my opinion on this complainer. I guess you can't satisfy everyone!!!!
chris carroll on 08/03/2011:
I bought a 2006 f 150 paid 15000.00 with 100000 miles nice truck truck was lowered the wrong way on the rearend with some home made brackets that was welded on the rear end ast for it to be fixed the wright way would have cost 220.00 so I know my wife and kids would be safe in it but SUMMERVILLE FORD WOULD NOT PAY FOR IT that tells me they don't car if there custermers get hurt or not.BE SHURE YOU GET YOUR CAR CHEEKED OUT BEFORE YOU SING THE PAPERS.BE SHURE YOU STAY AWAY FROM THE SALESMAN ELVIS BECAUSE HE WILL NOT HEL YOU ONCE HE GETS HIS MONEY FOR SELLING YOU THE CAR.
el_borracho9190264 on 10/24/2011:
Tried to scam me into running my credit even though I had already gotten financed by another bank. Steer clear of these scammers.
agitated on 08/21/2013:
We purchased a 2006 Dodge Dakota from Summerville Ford, it was cold at the time of Purchase (January). 2013 was a long winter it really didn't warm until early May. As we started to use the air conditioner it lasted 2 weeks and then nothing, there was a leak and had to add freon. Then evidently with these models the computer system has had issues, when it gets real hot the truck just shuts down, the first time going 65mph on the freeway it could have caused an accident. This happened several times not only that there is a knocking noise underneath and sometimes it just won't start. We brought these problems to the attention of our salesman, and he said if we would have reported them sooner (right after the purchase) they MAY have helped us out. Mind you these issues did not start until it got hot 4 months later. Then I asked if they would buy the truck back because it was a money pit, with the reply "bring it in we will see if we can help you" or we can trade it for something else. There was nothing on their lot we wanted. I again waited about a month constantly looking on their site for a possible trade and still nothing. I again email and he stated " I am out of town"..then I said well is there anyone else you can refer me too, again short response "Dana is out of town too"....OK who is Dana and why is this person the only one out of 50 people I can talk to??? No explanation or anything just that they were out of town..Go figure. To top it off I wanted to buy the extended warranty and they said they could not sale it to me for this vehicle, I should have known then. We now know not to do business here and will not forward any business there as well. So now we are stuck with a truck that is a LEMON and paying for something we can not utilize, is it fair to trade somewhere else and make this someone elses problem, and us having to pay the depreciation when trading it in???? If you purchase from here just expect the run around..and expect to be at their site for a whole day
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Scam Artists
Posted by on
LADSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Went car shopping here for a new Ford Edge and found the vehicle we wanted at a decent price. Everything was going well until we started to work on the paper work. I had already been approved for a loan by my bank and wasn't interested in farming my information out to the myriad of banks that the dealership deals with. The salesman slips me a form and tells me I need to sign it. The form says it is permission to run my credit. I asked the sales representative why I needed to sign the form and he said that they needed it for their records. I told them that I would decline to sign the form but would like to continue purchasing the vehicle. The salesman kept insisting that the dealer would not run my credit but could not tell me what the form was needed for. Finally the finance manager came out to discuss it with me and could not explain to me the reason for the form. Finally, I had them bring me all the previous forms that I had signed so I could leave. Conveniently enough the forms had been shredded, so I had them bring me the shredded papers. Oddly enough they were hand torn. Either these folks are a bunch of scam artists or extremely incompetent. Will never go back there for my vehicle needs.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/24/2011:
Sounds like they were attempting to take you for a ride.

Great review!
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