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Inconsiderate and Rude
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Rating: 1/51
PFLUGERVILLE, TEXAS -- I recently had an emergency surgery due to undetected cancer. I couldn't work for a month due to recovery. I was less than 20 days past due on my site rent and got an eviction notice. I have explained the reason I've been late but there's been no consideration or help from management due to the circumstances. I've been threatened with more fines on top of the normal fees.

This place keeps raising their site rents yearly but there is no perk to renting here. My home and my neighbors homes have been broken into and of course we have to pay more each year for an unsafe place to live. Stay away from Sun Communities and Boulder Ridge, you'd be better off elsewhere.
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Toni on 08/17/2014:
I u derstand Jessica, I live in Boulder Ridge. The pool is always filthy, even the day after they supposedly clean it, only certain people they allow to park in the street, 5 of my friends vehicles have been towed, but the people across the street do it every weekend and make it difficult for us to back out of our driveway, took pictures, sent to office, nothing was done. One weekend my kids were riding bikes and skateboards, left them in yard, to come in and eat lunch, went back out things were gone, on Monday questioned office, turns out maintenance man took stuff oit of yard, at several homes might I add, threw the stuff in the dumpster, complained to site manager and she said that we were not supposed to leave stuff in yard anyways. Now we get notice even if a chair is on porch.... I am stuck here and HATING it!!!! Do not know how to get out of this.
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Lack of enforcement of community rules
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LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- Water Oak, a property of Sun Communities, has a lack of enforcement of its Rules & Regulations. Although management has been advised of the police being called on numerous occasions because of illegal activities at a resident's home, they have done nothing to protect the other residents safety. They are lax when it comes to evicting residents who have children living with them in direct violation of HUD rules. Although there should be some time given to these residents to have children with them in cases of emergencies, not setting a time limit is the norm in this community.
Although quite a number of residents have received letters from management concerning the lack of maintenance of their lawns, other residents live in horrendous conditions without any action being taken. It seems to be "pick and choose" where enforcement is involved.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/05/2007:
Exactly how has this impacted you? Have you suffered any loss or endangement by what has (or has not) taken place?
Frick on 01/05/2007:
If HUD determines that children are allowed to live here, it may cost the community the "Over 55" status which we currently have. Since people chose to live in a retirement community, this in effect would negate our current status. This would also affect the sale of our homes as there may very well be a glut of homes on the market if our status changes.
As far as endangerment, if there is an ongoing problem and drugs are involved, I see no reason for us to wait for an incident to happen to a member of our community before action is taken. The lease we signed upon purchasing our homes had many clauses concerning the actions of residents that was unacceptable.
Since management has changed a number of our original Rules & Regulations (ex. now allows motorcycles which was strictly forbidden when we bought) to increase their sales, there is a definite consensus among many residents that they only do something when it is to their advantage. This is a large problem you face when you build your home on rental property.
Florida state laws do very little to protect manufactured home communities. I really believe that the residents must be vigilant to protect their investment.
tnchuck100 on 01/05/2007:
Is it an "Association" you pay dues to? Does it consist of a board made up of residents? If so, vote in a new baord and take leagal action. If not, I still need more information on your situation. However, as far as drugs are concerned, you need to notify the police.
Frick on 01/05/2007:
I don't believe you understand what type of community this is. Sun Communities owns and operates Water Oak. We rent the land our homes are built on. The residents have NO SAY in how it is run. We based our purchase on the information provided in the leasing agreement. Management has since changed our prospectus and leasing agreement to suit their sales needs even if it means they change the very things that other people based their purchase on.
As far as calling the police, they have been called on numerous occasions and did their job. Only management can take the steps to evict a resident and they are not following through as per their rules.
Anonymous on 01/05/2007:
I can see why you're concerned, Frick. Looks like its time to play a little hardball to get their attention.
tnchuck100 on 01/06/2007:
I think I am beginning to understand. You own this home that cannot be moved and it is on rented land? That does not sound like a desirable situation. Any any rate, if you have a contract that specifies certain conditions and Sun Communities have breached any part of it sue them. Maybe you can get with other residents that feel as you do and share the cost.
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