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Sun Delivery Ripoff
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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- We purchased a curio cabinet from Cymax Stores, located in either Bellingham, Wa or Vancouver, BC and was guaranteed free shipping and delivery, by Sun Delivery Inc. After waiting the amount of time needed for the item to be shipped, Sun delivery did call, and made the first of 4 attempts to deliver our cabinet. They FAILED to meet ANY of the delivery appointments that they called and made with us. We are busy people and they were advised of that fact prior to all of this. The final delivery was supposed to be delivered at approximately 10:00 pm. We live in a manufactured home park for 55 and older, and this last request was totally out of line and when we refused the delivery, they are now keeping the $400 plus that we paid for the curio cabinet under the guise of "standard return policy" of which we have never been enlightened about until now.

DO NOT USE EITHER CYMAX STORES NOR SUN DELIVERY, INC. They will rip you off. We are in the process of registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau re Cymax Stores as well as the ICC/DOT against Sun Delivery Inc.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/12/2009:
I would send them a certified letter stating the fact that they missed making their appointed delivery times and 10 p.m. was not an acceptable time to make a delivery for you. I would ask them to contact you to schedule a specific delivery time they know they will be able to keep. If they don't respond, take a copy of the letter and file a small claims suit. You deserve the product or your money. Good luck!
Edward Ellis on 11/26/2011:
We had two deliveries from Sun Delivery and the service was great. The communications were great and both delivery teams were very polite and professional.
acehigh on 01/09/2013:
This is a horriable company to deal with. The delivery teams mostly consist of convinced felons for various reasons making these in home deliveries. Please do your research before hiring Sun Delivery to handle your furniture delivery needs!!!
private on 04/21/2013:
I am a current delivery driver for sun and your comment that we are all fellons are not true they do record checks on everyone fellons don't get hired so before you spread these rumors do some research
CM on 08/24/2013:
I've had Sun Delivery deliver a few items for me, and this time around I am disgusted with them. They were carelessly arranging my furniture upon delivery and put a chip in the pain in my freshly painted wall with one of the items being delivered.

It seems small, but if they had been careful it wouldn't have happen, and now I have an unsightly marking on an otherwise perfectly painted wall.

I pointed this out and didn't even receive so much as an apology. I will not be using them again.
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