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Plays Games
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I was brutally sick for a year with vertigo, head pain, unable to walk, blood flow congestion in my legs and severe pain in my butt when sitting. Sun Life Financial rejected my disability claim and refused to help me.
Their rejection letter stated "there was no unifying diagnosis" and "I did not follow through on a regular basis with many of the specialist". Yeah, there was no clear diagnosis. When a doctor told me "I have nothing to offer you", I would try a new doctor. When the new doctor - after ordering new tests - said he didn't know what was wrong, I would try another doctor. THAT'S WHAT YOUR SUPPOSED TO DO! NOT GIVE UP!
One of the doctors wrote a prescription for medication and said "give it a shot". I did, it made me worse. That doctor then wrote another prescription and said "try it". I did, it also made me worse. There was no other medical advice offered.
Sun Life's letter also stated they based their decision partly on medical records from a doctor who performed an earlier operation on me. That operatrion had no relavance to my current sickness. I came through that operation relatively easy and have no idea why he was even included in the letter.
Conversely, Sun Life, ignored a doctor who actually helped me regain some walking ability - despite the fact the company made me fill out a long form indicating what diagnosis & treatment he performed.
Their letter also downplayed my symptoms claiming since there was no diagnosis it couldn't be disabling. They also downgraded my vertigo to dizziness. Vertigo and dizziness are not the same thing. Vertigo is a brutal, deadly hell - especially when it last continuously for months.
THIS COMPANY PLAYS GAMES. I do not recommend them.
Fortunately, I did not pay the premiums - my employer did. Thus, I decided not to pursue legal action.
I also had AFLAC insurance. That company was very helpful & I strongly recommend them.
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Anonymous on 09/17/2009:
There is no game. The disability insurance is clear. You did not have a diagnosis, which is required for claim. Otherwise, anybody could lie around and have the insurance company pay their bill too.
JR in Orlando on 09/17/2009:
If it were me, I would obtain copies of all my medical records, the correspondence and other documents related to my claim - AND COPY OF POLICY. Then I would take all of that to a lawyer, probably personal injury lawyer, and ask them to evaluate the policy, etc. and see if they could recommend a doctor to evaluate the medical and me.

The inherent problem with multiple doctors is that it looks like the issue is in your head. Don't give up though, just keep trying.
Anonymous on 09/17/2009:
She needs to read her Sun Life contract, especially the insurance disclosure.
tex57 on 08/09/2010:
Sun Life Financial is a horrible group of evil people. If I can provide myself any consolation it's that if there's a final judgment they will all go straight to hell - they do not care about people or whether or not you are sick, can't work, or need money to survive - they only care about how they can keep your money - after approving my claim they found a minor discrepancy on a treatment date and used that to say I "fabricated" my claim - they then ran everything through their 'medical consultant' who then said I was not disabled. It was a bunch of bull - I had three Doctors claim I was disabled, yet their Doctor without even seeing me was given the final word. To top it ALL off they're now saying I owe them for the checks they DID pay me. Because of them I had to stop chemo-therapy for my liver disease and my condition has worsened - they don't care - in fact they seem to RELISH the opportunity to be rude and impolite, inconsiderate and downright cruel when given the chance. The worst and most evil of all were the claims examiners whom I would love to name but it says not to name individuals so I deleted their names - but they were so evil it was the worst experience of my entire life. I know it's like fighting City Hall so I don't have much hope but I'm talking to a lawyer anyway just in case I have a case - but regardless of that I will say that Sun Life Financial is a greedy, evil company and there is a special place in hell for all of them.
YankeeM on 11/10/2010:
Well, see the "attitude" reflected by one of the defenders of this SCUM so called insurance company....that "tude" is what you get from the get go and any dealings with this company should be referred to your STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, AND/OR INSURANCE COMMISSIONER. That's what I did and will continue to bash this ARROGANT group of low lifes. This site and have lots to say about this NO PAY outfit. I doubt that anyone has ever received anything from them, for any reason. They purposely ask you for forms, paperwork and doctors reports to WEAR YOU DOWN, so you will give up.
PepperElf on 11/10/2010:
? how did this thing get dragged back up? it's over a year old...

is someone running through and trying to resurrect old posts again?
Disabilityrep on 06/15/2011:
I'm in the disability business and Sun is actually a competitor (that I don't like very much because they are a strong player). I was just doing a google search on "complaints" for disability carriers, and it's ALL the same for all carriers.

The unfortunate truth is that people that aren't in the disability business just don't understand the way disability insurance works. Most of the "complaints" I've read seem to deal with a medical issue that is very difficult to truly pinpoint. For example...a common "disability" we hear is for back problems. Well, if a doctor can't tell there is a problem through MRI, X-RAY, or other medical techniques, why should a disability carrier pay the claim? It's understood it may hurt...but there's a reason behind it. It would be nice for all of us to walk in one day and say our backs hurt, and then stick it to the disability carriers and receive 60% of our income while we head to the golf course...right?

Fibromyalgia is another common "disability"...again, hard to diagnose and leaves the big bad insurance company holding the club over the dead baby seal in the public's eye when denied.

Bottom line, you can't complain about something until you fully understand it. Problem is, most of the complaints I've seen are always very gray, and I find myself siding with the carrier.

Regardless, ALL claimants should be treated fairly and with absolute respect and compassion.
Duncan Yates on 07/29/2013:
Call your MP and add your name to the list of complaints agfainst SUNLIFE Canada. This company plays games and it should not be rewarded with additional Miliions of $ from Treasury Board Canada.
cj on 08/07/2013:
I have been denied now by sunlife after a hysterectomy for my mortgage disability. to send my uterus in a jar in order to get any one's attention. This company is a scam and I was sold this scam by my bank. I am cancelling my insurance with them as there is no way to win against a huge company and I am just going to let them have my money. Lesson learned....they are horrible people to deal with, nasty and mean and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. I had to go to my MP for my EI disability and now I will do the same with this tired of paying for an insurance that doesn't exist. NOT a business to deal within any way.
Rob on 03/13/2014:
Obviously that first person that commented works for them. I was also cheated by Sun life. Had to go out on a short term disability from work and these jokers said the same thing others on here said. My doctor clearly diagnosed me disabled and Sun life said they disagreed. When I asked what their medical training was that they knew better than my physician, they said they have no training and it was based upon what THEY thought if I should be off or not. Stay away from these clowns. All they'll do is steal from you!
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Sun Life Financial short term disability Insurance Complaint
Posted by on
WELLESLEY HILLS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have been on medical leave since 07-29-2010. I have sudden and severe RA symptoms. There are many illnesses that can cause these symptoms and I have a few Doctors doing many tests, trying to make a diagnosis. I am unable to work. I can barely do my adult daily living skills. I have had no income since mid August. Sunlife delayed paying the fee for my medical records and are still delaying my insurance benefits. They say they couldn't review my case without my records. I have received 8 days of benefits. That money allowed me to pay my utilities (to keep them from being shut off for now) and my insurance co-pays for my doctor visits and my medication. I have been terminated from my job since I exceeded my emergency medical leave act benefits. I am unable to pay my mortgage and need to take over my medical insurance ($760.00 a month} as well as pay my vehicle insurance and have no money to pay for anything. Sunlife told me they could not tell me what they require to evaluate and approve my claim. They referred me to my employee benefits office and the benefits office said only the Insurance company has that information. 2 emails to Donald E Stewart, Sun Life CEO have gone unanswered. I read that disability insurance companies are not punished for bad faith handling of insurance claims and frequently only pay up the day before you bring them to court. They know that many people give up before court action.
It doesn't feel like justice. I have worked in emergency psychiatric services for over 30 years. It is important work and I was good with my patients. I worked with kind, dedicated elite staff. I have a horribly disabling illness that is extremely painful. I am allergic to the medications that might manage the pain. I am unable to do the important work I loved. Because Sun Life is obstucting my claim I will not be able to afford health insurance, automobile insurance, medical treatment, medications or drive anywhere and will also face foreclosure soon. If anyone thinks someone would go through all of these problems for the subsistance insurance benefits they must be disability insurance executives. I will try to find a lawyer to sue for the benefits I paid for and am qualified for.
I have faith in God that I will get through all of this and that Insurance companies and workers that participate in harassing people will get to pay for it later spiritually, financially and medically. Please say a few prayers for me and them. Thanks Sunburnt
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Undisclosed Terms In Policy
Posted by on
How many of us when we are starting a new job and while you are filling out your paper work w-2's and such and they say that you can have disability insurance for 2.50 a week from your check just in case you need it for injury or health reasons. So like most if not All of us say Hell yes for 2.50 a week. That way you will have a check in the event of trouble. Well something does happen and you are glad you bought this EXTRA insurance just in case to help supplement your lost in come at a rate of 66% of your normal pay. Well you end up needing that coverage. After Finally qualifying for SSDI and receiving a ssdi check mind you this is money that was put in thereby you for you and now the insurance company says that because you are getting ssdi now we are cutting you benefits in half , but now you owe us over 16 thousand + dollars that we didn't take off what you get from SSDI from what we pay you a month 16 months ago and even gave me pay raises for cost of living. So now they are Demanding that I give them $16,000.00full in 14 days and full and unrestricted access to my health record all the way back and including my military record from NAM, the DMV, my bank records, and so much more. The Release is 3 pages long And they want it for 2 full years. Unrestricted access to my tax returns. I was never told of the when I singed or soon thereafter that I would have to give up my SSDI to them instead of to help me make my bills > Remember they are only paying 66% not 100% of my take home pay.This was never disclosed to me until it was too late and everyone says they can do it .How is it right there was no FULL DISCLOSER like a credit card ,etc, etc. When I was hired they didn't have any avaible so they said. By hiding this fact its too late to fight it when you aren't able to work to hire a lawyer to fight it and they know it and take advantage of it too and worse even yet is the law lets them do it. Shame shame shame . This is an abuse of the ask your bo9ss about yours. It should be disclosed to you at the get go. What do you think?I cannot collect on a lottery ticket after 1 year let alone 15 months when I knew I was supposed to do so.I there for waived my right to it by not doing so in tat time line .But corporation don't have to they have their own rules and paid for senators and congress men and the little guy get screwed again.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 06/02/2007:
I would visit your local Legal Aid Society, or even possibly the Social Security Administration. I totally understand and empathize with you. I never got the insurance you speak of, and it took me three years fighting the SSA for my SSDI benefits. Good luck, you are in my prayers.
ocnoreen on 10/07/2007:
I sure agree with you on your assessment of Disability Insurance. I was stung by Standard Insurance in Portland Oregon. Worse than that, they made me, as a condition of getting LTD, file for my Social Security Disability and when I got the Soc Sec after hiring an attorney, they took the lump sum. Here is another rub: I was working for the State of Colorado, I paid the entire premium monthly until 1997 when the dumb ass department of revenue decided to contribute part of it causing a tax implication to me! These rotten p___s actually get away with it. I think we need to let our so-called representatives know about it. I think I will go set myself on fire outside the Senator's office and mail a letter before I do it telling them how we are robbed. Only kidding about the fire but that is how pissed off I am about this; they will never stand up for the little person in this country. It is disgusting!
YankeeM on 06/28/2010:
I also had my "dealings" with this scumbag facade of an Insurance company. Loan sharks is what I would call them, as I did when I reported them to the BBB in Massachusetts where this Sun Life circus act operates.
YankeeM on 11/10/2010:
PLEASE report this Sun Life dirtbag company to your STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND/OR your STATE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER as well as your newspaper and all the other media you can muster. Do it!
PepperElf on 11/10/2010:
yeah. I was right. this one's over 3 years old.
resurrection attempt in progress I guess...
Alain on 11/10/2010:
Same name, same company. Maybe a bit of a grudge?
PepperElf on 11/10/2010:
that's what I figured.

which is odd because yankeeM doesn't actually have his/her own reviews about the company.

not to mention reporting companies to the BBB is pretty much worthless. the BBB has no legal powers. all they can do is pull their logo from a company.
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