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Faulty Sunbeam Heaters-SQH310
Posted by on
SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK -- I have been using the Sunbeam Electric heaters, model SQH310 for the past 3 years and have been very satisfied. However, this year I purchased one at our Walmart Store and found it to be faulty. On the past heaters I owned when you turned it off the red indicator light went off. On the new heater, it stayed on even though the switch was in the off position. The thermostat did not work. I took the heater back and got a replacement. The identical problems were with the 2nd model. I called the Sunbeam consumer line and was told by the representative that the light should go out when the heater was turned off. He said to go back to Walmart and have them open another heater and plug it in at the store. Again, the light stayed on and the thermostat did not work. I informed Walmart that these heaters seemed to be defected. They couldn't care less!! They said it was Sunbeam's problem and they are the ones to do a recall. I called Sunbeam again. This time the representative said it was alright if the light stayed on. Apparently it lets you know the unit is still plugged in. I can somewhat understand this even though I like the old design where when you turn it off, it is off!! No current is running through it!! I then questioned why on all three heaters the thermostat is not working. On the 3rd one I asked for my money back. These WERE great safe heaters. Apparently there has been a design change and I no longer trust them. They had a great product and for some unknown reason, they trashed it. I will no longer be buying Sunbeam products. They are having problems with ALL their products-heaters, electric blankets, electric heating pads and coffee pots.....etc etc etc. I no longer trust this company. What infurates me also is how the Walmart "managers??" show absolutely no interest or care about the problem. Even when I told them these things could cause fires-three heaters with broken thermostats?? If fires results from these heaters can Walmart be sued?? If not-why??
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clutzycook on 01/28/2012:
The light stays on all the time or it goes off eventually? If it goes off eventually, it may just be a warning that the unit is hot (I've seen that with flat top stoves). What indication did you have that the thermostat was defective (other than the light)?
trmn8r on 01/28/2012:
The light staying on could be a safety feature, because I believe it is recommended to unplug these before leaving unattended.

A good owner's manual SHOULD include the operating modes and explain how the light is supposed to work.

When you asked about the thermostats not working, what explanation were you given? If all the units had non-functioning thermostats, the manager should have shown at least an interest in letting someone know.
gimpychris2763 on 03/20/2012:
In answer to the two comments on my report for the SQH310 Sunbeam heaters.-In answer to the first question, the light does not go out after a time-it stays on until unplugged. The 2nd question-when you have obtained a comfortable heat, you slowly move the thermostat dial to a lower heat until it shuts off-this maintains the temperature the room was at when you lowered it. As the room cools down, the heat will go on automatically to maintain the desired temperature you selected and shut off once reached. . As stated, I have been buying these heaters for the last 3 years and they all worked this way. The three I bought this year (and returned) the thermostat did not work-it did not turn itself back on to maintain the heat. And yes, I have read the instructions and yes, the thermostat is to work this way, but doesn't. Why is this happening on the 2 I bought and the one we tried in Wallyworld?? Who knows-did they leave a part off in the manufacturing of these units this time? Who knows!. I am totally disappointed-I heat with oil and these heaters were great to keep the oil use/high price down. They WERE great heaters
oldman on 11/20/2012:
in the manual it states light may remain lit until the heater is unplugged
northernlites on 01/02/2013:
My husband and I had bought our SQH310 Sunbeam Quartz Heater about 3 months ago, at Wal-Mart also. The first 2 months or so it worked fine I was able to use the thermostat feature and all was good. Now it constantly shuts itself off. When it's not on the thermostat setting it is supposed to run continuously. It will run for maybe 5 minutes, then shut off. According to the directions you are supposed to unplug it for 30 minutes for it to reset itself. This does not help at all! I have also been wondering why that light stays on at all times unless I unplug it. I am so not happy with this heater and now question its safety since it is not performing properly.
Nancy on 11/07/2013:
I too had the older Sunbeam heater and it worked great for a few years. I had to buy a new one this year. The one that the light stays on. It stopped working today and the unplug for 30 minutes to reset didn't work. I took the heater apart, took off the front grill and turned the 2 tubes that get red around and around. Apparently they are like batteries and get oxidized or dust in them. Anyhow it is working like new again. Hope this helps someone that has this problem.
Kee-Kee on 01/06/2014:
I too had the old Sunbeam heater since my daughter was about two and she's now ten, I bought the new SQH310 model and it has been a terrible experience. First of all it want come on 2 however when you put it in 1 and set the temperature it only stays in for about a minute and a half. I will NEVER buy a Sunbeam product again.
Robert Robinson on 03/05/2014:
I have the same thermostat problem with my Sunbeam heater. I'll set it to 70 before I go to bed and when I wake up it can be 55 and it still won't turn itself on. I have to turn it off and back on and sometimes even then it won't "realize" that it's freezing. I emailed Sunbeam about it a year ago and they said I had to send it to them. I'm not paying for shipping to send them a product that they made defectively!
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Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads and Heated Blankets Suck!
Posted on
MISSISSIPPI -- Are you serious?

"gas discharge devices in the connector at the foot of the blanket"


" (Low E) feature every blasted blanket manufacturer seems to feel is necessary to shield the paranoid public from those 'hazardous' electromagnetic fields."

First of all there are NO "gas discharge devices in the connector at the foot of the/any Sunbeam blanket!!" That is 100% plain bullcrap - whoever is trying to pass that GAS DISCHARGE DEVICE garbage around, and that "hazardous electromagnetic fields" crap as well. The latter supposedly being AC related to 60 cycle line transmissions IF it were even present in any present day Heating Blanket / Mattress Pad device - which it is NOT! Small 12-14" personal Heating Pads YES - as they are purely AC line powered unless otherwise stated as being DC powered.

What you are trying to describe as related to "gas discharge devices in the connector at the foot of the blanket" is VERY OLD blanket technology that was around in the 50's & 60's, and possibly even the 70's, but by the end of the 70's and into the 80's new PTC technology took over the industry! If you are still using a 40 or 50 year old Heating Blanket then you are a FIRE accident waiting to happen!

I don't care who it is saying that rubbish, but it's totally FALSE - whether it's some so-called EPA Engineer type who is spreading this manure around or whoever it is - they are full of crap and know nothing about what they are saying here or anywhere else online in forums or otherwise.

Here is why I say that.

If you were really up on your Electronics 101 classes then you would KNOW that the PTC Heating Elements found in many of these current day Sunbeam model "Heating Blankets and Mattress Pads" are actually driven by a switched DC Microprocessor controlled voltage sense and an AC controlled via a TRIAC! The double (split) PTC flex Heating Elements (or virtual heater wires if you like) in and of themselves are approx 24 ohms each BTW (as by actual Ohmic measurement and being low resistance in nature). They are now sensed and feedback loop driven via a pure "non-mechanical" electronics Microprocessor controlled circuit (non bi-metallic contacts that is) through a heater switch (actually a Triac) that is a variably switched AC voltage and current source found in the latest redesigned main Digital Display Controllers. The newer present day PTC Heating Elements have NO "gas discharge devices" - period!

I have myself personally taken apart my present day Heated Mattress Pad's "Heating Element Sensing Module" that was recalled under that CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Sunbeam for faulty Heating Mattress Pads & Blankets. (see lawsuit settlement info further below)

Of course the/any warranty was voided out at this point unless you were actually sending in the defective "Heating Element Sensing Module" for that $15 settlement check. At which point if you wanted to open it up it was just a matter of 4 screws is all.

This was on my very last supposed 5-year warranted Full Size "single controller" Premium Heated Mattress Pad that was replaced not once, but 4 times under full Factory Warranty, and with a return shipping RGA label each time as I requested and demanded - notice I said "demanded". I surely wasn't paying for any shipping on something that was their fault to start with!

Btw - each time the new replacement Premium Heated Mattress Pad was washed only 1 time after 1 Winter season (approx 4-5 months use at best), and it was washed as per their washing directions btw - ONLY ONCE.

After the washing and drying the Heated Pad's power output was always down approx 1/3 to 1/2 less that of the full 180 watts of rated/stated factory designed output power. From a normal 3 or 4 setting I'd have to crank it up to a 7 or 8 just to get the same heat comfort. On my latest (degraded) Heated Pad (that I'm still currently using) I actually have to crank it to a MAX 10 setting after just 2 machine washings, so every time it was washed it seemed to degrade by roughly 33% or there abouts.

That Power Loss was determined by taking an actual DVM Ohmic measurement of the PTC Heating Elements themselves when brand new against that of a similar Ohmic measurement after washing it just once, which when brand new it will measure approx 50-55 ohms across the 2 pins farthest away from the NOTCH in the newer 3-pin connection blocks. I measured this same or very close Ohmic reading on a brand new Heated Mattress Pad in a Walmart store for comparison, and everything still measures the same as far as design goes. One Pad I measured actually was about 45 ohms or less if I remember right.

One of those prior 4 replaced Heated Mattress Pads mentioned above actually measured closer to 40 ohms, so I guess there is a bit of an Ohmic variance even when they are brand new factory wise. Again - all mine were the FULL SIZE model, so I'm just guessing that the Queen & King sizes will measure a bit differently in Ohmic value.

I've never had one fail on me just from normal use and/or from not washing it, as mine all seemed to fail (degrade) right after actually washing them. Unless everyone here and elsewhere online is just fibbing about that failure part, and they too are washing them to make them fail as well?? Just guessing on that last part though, as if the washing part truly is not the cause of degradation and failure - then something else definitely is wrong with all these CHEAP "Made in China" Mattress Heaters and electronic products in general, and at that point our own Government should just pull the plug on all this cheap JUNK from even coming into the USA from China to begin with! How this crap can even get a UL listing here in the USA is beyond me!

What really got me to wondering as to what was actually happening there at Sunbeam as of late was what actually happened there some years ago around (1997/98). See - some years ago after they almost went bankrupt the actual employees ate their pride and losses, and then more or less bought out the company to save it from going totally under and losing 6000 more jobs. It was the focus on 60 Minutes I believe it was. A big turnaround company wise in or abouts 2001/02, and with no real product complaints at all.

Then a few years later in 2003/04 is when all these present day problems started to arise, especially with all the defective Heating Blankets and Mattress Pads, etc. Probably all due in part from lousy Made in China electronic sub-component parts, and then those products flooding our store selves as a result. It's been getting worse and worse ever since the mid 90's - as to all this CHEAP failure prone "Made in China" crap hitting our shores!! It's always something new! If it's not LEAD found in their painted products then it's something else like tainted MILK products, or tainted TOOTHPASTE of all things! What nest?

I doubt that it's only Sunbeam Corp (or whatever their new company name is now - I forget) that is feeling that flack right now, as I'm seeing more and more cheap ass electronics based products failing shortly after purchases. AND - it's all Made in China too! Go figure huh? Just think about the huge landfill burden all that cheap Made in China failed junk is now causing us by filling up all our landfills with more worthless toxic mess!

Btw - The very last time my Premium 5-year Heated Mattress Pad was replaced - guess what? They replaced it with a lousy cheap ass made 1-year warranted replacement instead. When I received that lesser quality replacement I complained to them about it, but it just went on deaf ears, as the CS gal there was very RUDE to me to say the least, and didn't even want to talk to me! Instead they just gave me a CHEAP 1-year warranted model so they could just write me off and get rid of me permanently no doubt!

That last time around was just before the lawsuit of 3-4 years ago, and it proved to be a breaking point for me too - as to never wanting to buy another one of their products ever again!

There was a bright spot to it though, as it worked out quite nicely to be in my favor in the end. The good part about it was that they sent me out 3 more QUEEN size Premium 5-year Heated Mattress Pads (by mistake I think?), but they also never wanted them sent back either. Each time they just said to keep it. Weird huh? I'll say! I took all 3 and sold them for $45 each, as the store price was like $60-70 at that time. Their loss my gain! Oh well.

That right there was just another strange turning point as far as I saw it, as it just added to the continued poor Sunbeam service for one reason or another. Either that or they were just trying to get rid of more defective product stock?? POINT BLANK - Anyone's guess?

This was also the 5th time that the 4th prior defective Heated Mattress Pad was replaced FREE OF CHARGE with another Premium Heated Mattress Pad of same quality. Only problem with Sunbeam this last time around was that they BALKED on replacing the defective Heated Mattress Pad with an identical 5-year Premium warranted model, and for good reason. See - it was right in the mist of that Class Action Lawsuit that I didn't know was going on at that time. That's why!

BTW - In that lawsuit Sunbeam lost big time, and in doing so I too was contacted by them - as to that Class Action Settlement decision or outcome. They lost another ton of money (or company revenue as it were) in as little time as 4-5 years from that company's recent bankruptcy restructuring. One bad turn after another!

For details about the Sunbeam Electric Blanket Class Action Settlement contact Sunbeam® Bedding at 800-892-7684

Also see online articles regarding the same:

Class Action Settlement: Texarkana Gazette
Lawyer Turns Up The Heat on Sunbeam
Objection to Notice Successful

That lawsuit involved over 30 MILLION blankets btw!! So at $15 each that was one BIG hit in the pocketbook.

$450 million dollars give or take!


Participants in that lawsuit must be owners of a Sunbeam blanket manufactured before May 1, 2000, and they must also destroy their old blanket (read why further below). Again - It is estimated that more than 30 million of these blankets were made and sold to consumers in the United States alone.

Again - as I said before earlier - the/any implied warranty was voided out totally once that defective "Heating Element Sensing Module" was cut out of the defective Heating Blanket or Mattress Pad. That or else after it was opened up for any other reason other than sending in the defective "Heating Element Sensing Module" for that $15 settlement check - esp if you weren't returning it under the settlement terms at that point.

Beings that I am a highly degreed Electronics Super Tech myself I knew that if there was any way possible to fix/repair my (degraded) Heating Mattress Pad myself then I was not going to sacrifice it by cutting out that supposed defective "Heating Element Sensing Module" - that what was in my mind the soul culprit of the Heated Mattress Pad's failure to begin with, and that it was at the very heart of the failure itself. AND I surely wasn't going to send it in at my own cost btw, not for no lousy $15 in settlement. NO WAY!!

I also now know EXACTLY what is in that "Heating Element Sensing Module" that Sunbeam is now asking you to PHYSICALLY cut out of the defective Heated Mattress Pad or Heating Blanket, and then send (it/them) back in to their Settlement Claims Office (I forget where it is now?), as per the terms of that Class Action Lawsuit (again at your own cost I might add) just to supposedly get a $15 settlement check per each defective module. My original Heated Mattress Pad had cost me $40-45 at either Kmart - Target or else Walmart - I forget which.

I decided NOT to waste the postage and time to do this if I could indeed fix my own Heated Mattress Pad myself, and then hopefully get more use from it - as you yourself or anyone else for that matter would surely hope to do. These are the latest ones that come with the digital display heat controllers and the 3-wire "sensing" connector!

AHHH - therein lies the problem, and it has nothing to do with NO bullcrap "gas discharge devices in the connector at the foot of the blanket" either - as there are NONE!!

There are only 4 electronic components inside that small (white in color) "Heating Element Sensing Module" - (3) resistors and (1) Amplifier transistor. That's it! All are SMT mounted on a micro PC board, and the (3) resistors all checked out OK to spec. The Amplifier transistor though is still in ?, as I have yet to locate an exact replacement part so I can eliminate that as being the problem with LOW wattage output.

It's very possible that it's a bad Chinese made Silicon semiconductor product/component to begin with - either that or else it is indeed leaking electronically while in use. That or else water from washing the Heated Mattress Pad has damaged that transistor somehow. If that transistor checks out OK then the PTC Heating Element itself is bad, and that is what is causing all these Heating Blankets and Mattress Pads to fail prematurely!

The reason I say this is because I already ruled out the Digital Controller being bad, as I swapped out Controllers with a known GOOD spare, and the same problem persists. The supposed bad Heated Mattress Pad's Controller worked just fine on my "yet to be used" brand new warranty replacement Premium Heated Mattress Pad. I'm still working on that "Heating Element Sensing Module" transistor part, and I think I have found the SMT device if the p/n is correct. Lets hope so anyway. Watch for my updates online, or contact me via email here if that is even possible.

These PTC Heating Elements that Sunbeam is using in their Heating Blankets and Mattress Pads design do have some drawbacks and inherent failure problems just by their very design to begin with. I won't go into them here, but the online Patent Spec outlines them in the various PDF files, and they can be viewed for free online by doing a Google search under Heating Blanket Controllers or else PTC Heating Elements for electric Heating Blankets.

When I find out more I will try and post the results here if that is possible

Hang in there and try and stay warm this Winter!

Frank - in Venice, FL
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/22/2009:
Like I've always said in the past - "if you are not part of the solution then you are just part of the problem" - in other words you're just a whiner.

People such as myself are professional TROUBLESHOOTERS (Due Diligence Inspectors of sort) that go out of our way to make sure that cheap Made in China garbage never reaches our shores, and never rips people off of their hard earned money - such as is the case as to what Sunbeam has been doing for years in selling DEFECTIVE Heating Blankets & Mattress Pads as well.

They KNOW they were doing it all along, but finally got caught and slapped with several Class Action Lawsuits that they thankfully have lost. Unfortunately they are still doing the same thing today - only now under a NEW Company name of sort for Insurance purposes.

Obviously none of the follow-up comments to my original post represent anyone who has a Degreed knowledge of Electronics, much less any Electrical smarts as well. Some would even have a hard time finding the wall outlet just to plug the heating device into much less understand how to use it properly, and that's because they are either TOO LAZY to even read the product's instructions (user manual) to begin with, that or else they are too illiterate to understand what is said there. I'll guess it's the latter - as by what I've read here in follow-up comments. I rest my case!

Whiners don't count I might add, as I've had my share of them throughout life. They do nothing in so far as solving any of today's problems, much less any of those of the past - all lawsuits aside that is. Take a look at our own country the past 8 years prior to Obama, and the 2 GOP idiots who ran it totally into the ground the way they did, and then ask yourself if it is any little wonder? There you go!

When I see 30 million Heating Blankets/Pads fail prematurely I have to ask myself - WHY? You might not, but then again - I AM NOT YOU! I am not a WHINER like you are! I AM A DOER! I get to the bottom of faulty products, I get things fixed, and I get results! That's the difference between me and you!

If more people took the time and learned how to read and buy QUALITY products that are made in the USA and even Canada then this country wouldn't be in the mess that it's in right now!!

When every house in the USA sports a "high tech" PV "Off the Grid" Inverter system I can just see all you posters here freaking out as well. If you can't figure out how a simple 110VAC Heating Blanket works (or in the case of Sunbeam doesn't work) then I wonder how you'll ever figure out how the ELECTRICAL POWER in your home works! Or in your case DOESN'T WORK!

I rest my case - not trying to be overly sarcastic!

Enjoy the reading if you can get to this point....
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Mr. Coffee is just another scam foisted on the public
Posted by on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I have just repaired the third Sunbeam made Mr. Coffee – all with the same problem. This has taken place over about a three year period. I have also read some descriptions of problems with the coffee maker that probably are a result of the same issue. (Poor water into the receptacle at the top of the machine, only to have the water drain out the bottom all over the counter and floor.) This is an FTX43-2 - a very popular coffee maker – but nevertheless a piece of junk – seemingly engineered to fail in short order from a very simple engineering problem. There are two rubber like hoses interior to the coffeemaker. They are connected to metal water inlets or outlets. In no case is there a ferrule impressed into the metal male inlet/outlet intended to keep the hoses from easily coming off – especially if the hose is just barely long enough – as in the case I found today (this is my daughter’s coffee maker and she asked me to look at it for her). Well this is clearly a user fixable thing – though in this case I had to add a hose clamp because the hose really was just too short. Well, it would be fixable by anyone with reasonable fixing skills – except for one thing – you have to remove the base cover – which is secured with 6 screws – no problem you say?? Four of the screws are ordinary Philips Head screws, but two, under the two rubber “feet” in the front that are accessible my prying the rubber feet off – well a very clever profit center at Sunbeam decided to make these two screws (seemingly for no other reason than to throw road blocks in the way of someone aiming to fix this thing themselves ) are not ordinary Phillips head or even ordinary Torx head screws – but they are SAFETY TORX HEAD screws. A torx head screw is a relatively new screw head type that is shaped like a six pointed star. They are readily available at most Hardware Stores. BUT, Sunbeam decided they needed to be SAFE – so they use the Safety Torx – this makes it impossible to insert an ordinary torx driver head into the screw because right in the middle of the six sided depression in the screw head is a steel post/pin that keeps the driver from seating in the screw – rendering you helpless – now you have three choices – decide it isn’t fixable and throw it away, and BUY ANOTHER one just because you can’t push the hose back on and secure it with a hose clamp. The other solution is to buy a set of safety torx drivers – sometime they are hard to find because they are used primarily by technicians who have a need or authority to breach safety screws. If you can handle hot water in a coffee machine you should (should !) have enough intelligence to know if you are going to open up the coffee maker – you should un-plug it from the wall first. Water and electricity do not mix happily together.

I get so fed up with our capitalist industrialist who turn out such junk – they are not interested in producing a fine product – but a product that produces a fine profit at the smallest investment they can make – I call this cheating – and there are way too many of us in the middle class seem to have no problem with this scum class who get all kinds of tax breaks, incentives, and outright favors – and still want more profit by sending the production of their half-assed products to China to be produced by under paid workers.
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werelucky on 10/06/2010:
Buy a French press.
jgrimes227 on 10/07/2010:
Excellent suggestion. I have one, just don't use it. Will pass this on to my daughter - it is her coffee maker. I use a Jura Capressa. Rediculously expensive - but got it at an estate sale. Extraordinary service - but again not cheap (nothing from Switzerland is cheap but usually great product)
Sfsdj!@ on 02/23/2014:
Absolutely correct. This is done on Mr Coffee to defeat home repair of simple problems and make you buy another. Last one I'll buy.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I was using my Sunbeam heating pad on Nov 10 2012 when the control unit "popped" and "flashed" leaving my left hand black, a hole in my comforter and black on the control unit. I was able to put water on the comforter - avoiding a possible fire - washed as much of the "black" off my hand and noticed a slight burn down the side of my little finger.

Product: King Size pad - 17" X 24"
Model # 7640403
Purchased: approx 1yr ago - unfortunately I cannot locate the receipt.
The comforter was received as a gift last Christmas therefor I do not have a receipt for the cost of the item. I have taken photos of the damage/injury however I cannot get in contact with anyone to complain to the company which is "handled" by Jarden Consumer Solutions.
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leet60 on 11/16/2012:
If you have not already tried this option they can be contacted here:

Jarden Consumer Solutions
2381 Northwest Executive Center Drive Boca Raton, FL 33431

There have been reports of issues such as this, you can find information on these reports here:
(561) 912-4100
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Heating Pad Leaves Scar
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Sunbeam heating pad is supposed to have a 2 hour shut-off, but this product burned a hole in my back the size of a nickel. I sent two letters concerning my burn, but felt brushed off by their representatives, one even stating, "Our lawyers only speak with other lawyers." So I contacted a lawyer. Unfortunately he told me that Sunbeam is under so much litigation now, it would take a long time to get to court. Also they will wrap lawyers and individuals up in so much court fees (filing, requiring specialists, etc), it wouldn't be worth money or time.
What type of justice is this in our country when large corporations can force consumers into financial ruin just to get justice?
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leet60 on 10/02/2012:
You should be able to locate an attorney that would take this issue on a "contingency" basis if you have a good case. This is normally no up front money from you, but they will take a percentage of any award you may receive (around 1/3 of the award) and if they lose you owe nothing.
melissa253 on 10/02/2012:
My question is and may as well be Sunbeam's question: When you felt the heating pad getting too hot for you, why didn't you turn it off/remove it from your body?
clutzycook on 10/02/2012:
They probably fell asleep with it on, which most owner's manuals warn against for this very reason.
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Waste of Money Sunbeam Heater Product
Posted by on
AYR, NEBRASKA -- Purchased the heater last winter after Christmas to keep chill off basement laundry room and plumbing. No strong demands were put on heater. There it sat working fine until spring when it was turned off and put away for the summer. Here we are another winter and the heater's fan doesn't work on the first try. It growls and groans and shuts off on its own. It's a shame this product was good for only 1/2 of a season. Can't seam to trust any products anymore these days it's just a shame an old name like Sunbeam is included in the list of shabby products being sold these days.
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Kris10 on 12/05/2011:
It sounds like it needs some lubricant to the fan motor. If you know someone savvy with this kind of thing, I'd ask them to take a look at it and see if they can lubricate the parts for you.
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Electric Kettle Fire Hazard
Posted by on
I bought the Electric kettle SEK17 a little over a month ago and used it only a few times. I turned it on and the water boils very rapidly before turning off. The last time I used it it was boiling so rapidly I turned it off manually and the rapid boiling stopped and the light went out as it should when its off. However I later got up from bed and walked by the kettle, reached above it and noticed it had not turned off but boiled all the water out. If I had not got up and noticed this it could have been disastrous. I will not have another Sunbeam product in my home after reading the reviews and forums about their products. How does this company survive with all the complaints and bad products? where are the "American standards"? Forget fixing or replacing a defective product like this for fear of burning down our house and placing my family in this kind of danger. Thank god I got up.
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Anonymous on 03/13/2011:
Word of advice...just because you turn an appliance off, doesn't mean it's off. Unplug it! Limit thermostats and such are notorious for malfunctioning and causing heating elements to overheat and cause damage.
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Not recommended
Posted by on
I have been searching online for information about this heaters warranty. I have found enough to know that I am throwing it away. They have a one year warranty and mine is not one year old yet. I have read two other reviews on it and my problem is the same. I had this heater on, in the living room, to take out the chill. Luckily I was looking directly at the heater when I heard a loud pop and saw sparks. I immediately pulled the plug and stopped it from catching fire. It smoked until I removed it from the room. After it cooled I opened it to see what the problem was. In the top right hand corner I found what I believe is two "diodes ?" in the middle of a wire that popped and began to catch fire. This is the same location as one other reviews here and I feel it is not coincidence that there was two units with same problem. I would definitely NOT recommend this unit to be used without supervision if you choose to continue using it. I have many other Sunbeam products that I love and have had many years of service from but will not give this model of heater a second chance... I will be looking for another but it will not be the economy model this time.
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Alain on 01/22/2011:
Call the Consumer Product Safety Commission safety hotline at 800-638-2772 and report this.
Emmalo on 03/28/2011:
I,too, purchased a tower Quartz Heater, SQH310, and it shorted out in three days. I have written Sunbeam's Customer Service address and have not received an answer. From previous reviews, it appears that no answer will be forthcoming. If you have not purchased one of these heaters, please do not do so.
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Posted by on
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Fufu487 on 01/08/2011:
So you purchased a $30 heating pad over a year ago. Were you trying to return it to the store or manufacturer directly? IMO you get what you pay for. $30 is fairly inexpensive isn't it? I agree, it shouldn't burn you, but this IS a hazard with these pads. Check online, it happens often enough. I won't use one for this reason.
jktshff1 on 01/08/2011:
I would think that if I was receiving 3rd degree burns, I would wake up.
Skye on 01/08/2011:
You never should use heating pads for more than 20 minutes at a time. Twenty minutes on, 10 minutes off.

Safety first.
GenuineNerd on 01/08/2011:
You should also never use heating pads in bed, because of burn hazards. This is mentioned in the instruction sheet as well as on the heating pad itself.
Timi Headley on 06/10/2011:
I received burns Three times from Three different Sunbeam heating pads as well!!! Do not purchase! In fact, there SHOULD be a class action suit pending right now!
Barb on 12/09/2012:
I also receeived 3rd degree burns on my thigh and surronding areas. The WalgreensSunbeam heating pad did not shut off, as it is supposed to do. I can't sit,or wak right now because of the serious burns. After researching all of the complaints on the internet, I am stunned that this item is still an the shelves.
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Sunbeam Alkaline Batteries Are Awesome!
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I have an X Box 360 with a remote that takes 2 AA batteries. I used to get Energizer and Duracell batteries, which were normally pretty pricey. I recently went to Dollar Tree and picked up a 4 pack of Sunbeam brand alkaline AA batteries. They only cost a buck, so my expectations on how long these batteries would last were low.

I am very surprised at the life I got out of these batteries! They lasted just as long as the Energizer and Duracell batteries did, and they were only a buck!

Very impressed! Thanks for the great deal Sunbeam!
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User Replies:
raven2010 on 08/14/2010:
Those Sunbeam batteries are at the dollar store because a couple years ago there were several reports of them EXPLODING and hurting people, usually when being removed from an appliance.

Granted, I think it was just the C size, but I wouldn't use them.
Anonymous on 08/14/2010:
If they don't blow up on you then they will probably start leaking after a while.
Skye on 08/14/2010:
OP, please be careful with the Sunbean $1.00 batteries. Sometimes the cheap comes out expensive.
clutzycook on 08/14/2010:
I tried Sunbeam C size batteries in Baby Clutzy's music box a year ago because it was eating through the Rayovac's at least every 3 weeks. The Sunbeams lasted 3 days at most. Not worth the savings.
Anonymous on 08/14/2010:
oh never knew about the recall. Its not just Sunbeam batteries that have exploded. Other brands have too.
clutzycook on 08/14/2010:
Yeah, me either. She stopped using the music box not too long after that so I haven't bought a whole lot of C batteries in the last year. AAs on the other hand...
DAVID on 03/02/2013:
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