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Sunbeam Electric Blankets are not good quality
Posted by on
This is the fourth Sunbeam electric blanket we've had in 4 years. It has dual controls and does not work properly as it does not get warm. This has happened to the other three blankets also. They work for a month or so and then "crap out"! Each time I have complained to the company and they tell me to ship it back to them - at my own cost - and they will "evaluate" it and make a decision as to whether it can be repaired, or if it is even coverd by warranty. It is only a few months can it not be covered, but....even more come it does not work properly?

I sent one back already (at my own cost) and they wanted to charge me to repair it. sir....not again!

I'll never buy another Sunbeam electric Blanket, and let me tell you....."buyer beware" of this company.
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sarahnkrystal on 10/14/2009:
I agree with you. I have to buy a new one every year. It's very disappointing
PepperElf on 10/14/2009:
I wonder what brand I have. mom gave it to me... so it was probably at least a year old before it became mine.

it's still in the cedar chest tho. personally I rarely ever used it by itself. it is always used on high, and usually with another blanket on top, to help trap the top-heat too.

it works best with my Woobie. (a military style poncho liner that's omg warm) electric blanket + woobie = awesome defense against upstate NY winter
bcd on 10/14/2009:
We purchased a Sunbeam electric blanket (dual control) three years ago. We live in Florida and only used it for two or three weeks in January 2007. When we attempted to use it again in January 2008 it was only about 30% as effective as it was a year earlier. It had a two or three-year warranty but the receipt was lost. I totally agree with this review but I don’t understand why the OP purchased three more. Good review.
jktshff1 on 10/14/2009:
stupid question, but why an electric blanket anyway? Heat on, put dog in bed to warm up, kick dog out, cover up...sleep..not hard. Unless you are bouncing around enjoying yourselves and throwing blanket everywhere!! LOL!
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
Do you have kids bouncing on your bed? That'll do it every time.
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Poor customer service
Posted by on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- The above referenced cord has failed to retract and is within the one year warranty period. Attempted the customer service line and after following numerous prompts, was told a customer service representative would be on the line-- and the line goes dead. Tried three more times, all with same result. Called number again to get the contact information for the nearest repair center. which was located in Louisiana. Tried their number and reached a recording saying to connect required a $5.95 connection fee. Terrible customer service. Never again will I purchase a Sunbeam product. Never could speak with a real person.
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User Replies:
Mrs. V on 10/06/2009:
Try this url:
msnanny on 10/07/2009:
Use Mrs V's link if you are in Australia. If in the US or Canada try this one.
Mrs. V on 10/07/2009:
Whoops. Thanks for catching that, msnanny ^_^
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Electric With Fan Heater Stopped Working.
Posted by on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- The heater stopped working, the power light comes on but no heat and the fan does work. I followed the instructions on the back of the unit, but it still does not work. What is the fix for the unit?
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/30/2012:
On of these contacts may help you with this question: [email]
800-786-2326 [phone] [web site]
madconsumer on 12/30/2012:
how old is the unit? could it be returned or exchanged?
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Plastic lid crumbling bits of plastic in coffee
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA -- Plastic lid crumbling away. Spoke to Sunbeam who are prepared to give 30% discount on new kettle. Parts like lid should be made of a material that lasts.
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KevinTX on 04/19/2012:
If they have a Facebook page, post this. I bet you get a better response.
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Electric heater
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- Have used electric Sunbeam heater for two months model sqh310, heater will not shut off like it should at certain temp. keeps running. danger of over heating and fire. please do not buy this heater for your own safety know help from there customer service
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Carafe exploded
Posted by on
We have a Mr. Coffee maker TCX83. In washing the carafe today it exploded sending glass flying everywhere. I did not realize this was a dangerous household item. Very scary DO NOT buy this item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/30/2011:
Was the carafe still hot from use, then cold water applied? I'm thinking maybe an abrupt temperature change or something.
Slimster on 05/30/2011:
Yeah, that had to be it, hitting anything glass that is hot with COLD water will shatter it every time - has to do with quantum physics or something.
azRider on 05/30/2011:
thermodynamics can be such pain. just remember, next winter do not take your new Carafe and fill it with hot water and pour it on your frozen windshield! its amazing how melted sand reacts to heat and cold.
Anonymous on 05/30/2011:
Same thing happened to our coffee maker a few years ago. The carafe was still hot and my friend (thinking he was helping by cleaning my kitchen) ran the carafe under cold water and it cracked.
GenuineNerd on 05/30/2011:
The carafe needs to be cooled down before cleaning-when you apply cold water to a hot carafe, the thermal shock would cause shattering. Same story if you put a carafe full of ice cubes on a hot coffeemaker hotplate (if you're making iced coffee or iced tea.) As for pouring hot water on a frozen windshield, I only apply the hot water to the washer nozzles or wiper arms (if the nozzles are on the wipers) to thaw out a frozen windshield washer nozzle. I try to avoid getting hot water on the windshield itself for that reason.
Slimster on 05/30/2011:
Oddly enough, my high value escalade has heated nozzles for the windshield wipers
FlShopper on 05/31/2011:
I agree with all of the above that if the carafe was still hot and you ran it under cold water, it was a natural reaction. Can't blame Sunbeam for it.
I always take my carafe off the coffeemaker hotplate and leave it on a trivet to cool down completely before attempting to wash it.
Nohandle on 05/31/2011:
We have a Mr. Coffee at the office and coffee drinkers have learned not to place a near empty carafe back on the burner because they are too lazy to put it aside and in a short while start a fresh pot. There's nothing like a carafe bottom with burnt on crude. That one takes a while to clean.

This review is a nice reminder of attempting to clean a hot carafe with cold water, even though that wasn't stated in the review. Thanks for sharing it.
GenuineNerd on 06/01/2011:
Chlorine bleach dissolves burnt-on coffee stains from carafes like magic. Just let it soak for a while, but make sure the carafe is thoroughly cleaned of the bleach before using.
mickey on 02/06/2013:
Would you like to sell the tcx83??
Anne on 05/03/2013:
My carafe was sitting under the nozzle. Just as the coffee started brewing it exploded! No answer from their help line. I'll return it but may run into problems with returning a coffee maker with no carafe.
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Hairdryer went fiery red and smoked while using
Posted by on
I was using your hair dryer when it turned fiery red and started to smell and smoke. Quickly unplugged unit from the electric outlet.
If it had been closer to my head my hair would have burnt.

I am 68, if a young girl had been using the dryer it could have been disastrous. Mrs. M. Paul
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User Replies:
azRider on 05/22/2011:
how did you get my hair dryer? seriously, why do people address it like this was the company they bought it from? you need to call the 800 number for Sunbeam and let them know. (800) 458-8407, they can take care of this and perhaps pull bad units off the shelfs if its big enough issue. but they won't know till you call them.
leet60 on 05/22/2011:
I would recommend you contact Sunbeam and make them aware this occurred - you can submit your complaint at

Is the outlet you plugged the hairdryer into grounded and does it have a safety switch? I ask because if the outlet is fine, it sounds as if the automatic shutoff for the hairdryer was defective. Almost all have an automatic shutoff feature that will turn the device off once it becomes too hot.

I am happy you were not harmed.
Nohandle on 05/22/2011:
How long was the hairdryer on before it turned fiery red and and started to smell? The reason I'm asking is because I've tossed two dryers into the trash in the past. The first one I burned up trying to completely dry a wet long haired cat. It took forever and I eventually smelled that burned odor and unplugged it immediately or perhaps it just quit working.

The other time I had purchased a hairdryer and honestly every few minutes it would shut off automatically. So much for safety but when I finally got my hair dried that one went in the trash as well.

Do contact Sunbeam if your appliance was used properly. Of course it should be reported. A link has been provided by leet60. Let us know if you get a response.
madconsumer on 05/22/2011:
this can also happen if the hair dryer has not been cleaned. the intake vents often get clogged with lint, hair, and sprays.
trmn8r on 05/22/2011:
Hair dryers have and always have been one of the most dangerous appliances. They have become safer over the years, but the fact they draw so much current and create a lot of heat and are waved around (stressing the cord) makes them hard to be bulletproof. Hair and lint buildup is an issue also.

It's hard to know what caused this, but it isn't surprising to me. I've had a few dryers in my time spit sparks and smoke. Just to be safe, you may want to report the problem.

On this subject, I wonder what the incidence of seriuous injury is with hair dryers. I almost electrocuted myself back the 40's with a metal-cased one.
Skye on 05/22/2011:
How old was the hair dryer? I've had hair dryers that eventually failed. They would start to overheat, and then that was the end of it. I do have a great Revlon hair dryer, that after 10 years, recently stopped working. 10 years is a long time considering many appliances have such short life spans.

As mentioned, contact Sunbeam directly. Here is all the contact information at this link:
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LIning of Mr Coffee peeling
Posted by on
Granted I have had the Mr Coffee for at least five years but I have owned many different brands over the years. This is the first one I have ever had where the lining is peeling away. Inside the filter basket and the upper lid where the hot water comes out the lining is blistering. I am concerned about the safety of drinking the coffee. Are chemicals leaching out? Certainly a matter for concern.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/15/2011:
I wouldn't worry about it, but if it is a matter of great concern to you, replace the coffeemaker. You could also contact customer support and put the query to them. The old percolators brewed the best cup, hands down.
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Sunbeam quartz heater caught fire!!!
Posted by on
I bought this quartz heater a month ago. All these days it was working well and does a pretty good job in heating the room. Today morning I turned it on. After 5 minutes the top left corner of the unit caught fire... flames were coming out of the top. I turned off the unit but the fire didn't stop !!!
Then unplugged it from the wall and blew the fire to stop !!! Please don't buy this heater.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/11/2011:
Several different brands of mini-heaters are notorious for shorting, sparking, etc...and leading to severe fire damage. It is a good idea to try to never leave them unattended.
Anonymous on 01/11/2011:
There have been many complaints about Sunbeam heaters and electric blankets lately. Try contacing the manufacturer and use an alternate heat source if you are able.
gbreisch on 04/27/2013:
Same thing happened to me. How do we collect for damages - almost caught house on fire.
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Heater a fire hazard
Posted by on
We run the Sunbeam heater to take the chill off the master bedroom and have owned it almost a year without any problems. Last night about 3 minutes after I started the heater, I smelled the distinct burnt electrical odor but didn't see any smoke. Out of fear of a fire I turned off, unplugged and transported the heater into an area that had no combustibles. My husband removed the casing and found that the wiring around the switch was burned. I'm glad I was awake and not asleep when the unit shorted.
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User Replies:
fast327 on 12/10/2010:
Quick action may have saved your house and life. Wonder why the breakers did not trip when the unit shorted out?
Venice09 on 12/10/2010:
Smart and quick thinking on your part. You really should let Sunbeam know about this. Thanks for the heads-up on this model.
trmn8r on 12/10/2010:
This is not uncommon with portable electric heaters, so much so that as I read the letter I anticipated it was the switch before you stated it.

The problem is likely the switch contacts failed - they made intermittent contact. The resistance and current being drawn caused them to heat and melt the body of the switch. Electricity can do nasty things.
bcd on 12/11/2010:

A circuit breaker trips when the load attempts to draw current (measured in amps) above the rating of the breaker. A device does not draw excessive current when electricity arcs at the contacts of a switch. There never was an electrical short.

Space heaters should not be used while sleeping.
trmn8r on 12/11/2010:
Correct, bcd, a circuit breaker won't help here. I forgot to mention that. And you are correct - using a space heater while sleeping is asking for a problematic wake-up call.
natb1 on 11/29/2012:
I have owned a lot of Sunbeam space heaters. They generally don't last more than 1 season. Some fail within a month. I keep getting sucked in by the $15 price tag. would think a ceramic type heater would be "safe" compaired to standard heating elements. I do run my ceramic at night, keeping them AWAY from ANY combustibles. I even place them on a spare piece of ceramic floor tile. I own 2 traditional heating element types, also made by Sunbeam. They both have failing themostatic switches which open and close rapidly, causing steady pulsing of surge currents. This caused the lights in the house to "flicker". Traditional heating elements all have significant surge currents when FIRST engergized because they have very LOW "off/cold" resistance. I had one ceramic type fail where half the element burned up, while the other half was putting out heat. I don't know if ceramics fail so quickly because of their "nature" or if its just crappy Sunbeam? can start a fire with LOW electric current. Circuit breakers DO NOT protect against electrical fires caused by "shorting" equipment.
Stephen on 12/17/2013:
"trmn8r on 2010-12-10", Exactly, I had the same situation. Very scary. Very cheap on/off/1/2 switch.
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