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Quartz Heater Caught Fire
Posted by on
Purchased a new tower quartz heater last week, model SQH310. I had it on right before I went to bed and the top right corner of the unit caught fire... flames were coming out of the top. The unit wouldn't shut off while it was burning so I unplugged it from the wall. Called Sunbeam 888-264-9669, but all they are doing is replacing it. I asked if the unit had any problems but couldn't get an answer.

I'm glad I didn't fall asleep.

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MDSasquatch on 11/15/2010:
I had this happen with the plug of a Sunbeam Warming Blanket; the customer service was very willing to replace it, but they weren't to eager to admit that there might be a problem with the blanket.
RestaurantGuy on 11/15/2010:
They are offering to replace the defective product for you. What more would you like them to do for you?
MDSasquatch on 11/15/2010:
When they replaced my warming blanket, I wanted a little bit of assurance that it wouldn't happen again. Is that too much to ask?
Anonymous on 11/15/2010:
Definitely faulty. Nowadays, most things have an automatic shutoff / fail safe to prevent things like fire and overheating.
Anonymous on 11/15/2010:
New unit or not, I would be afraid to use it.
dan gordon on 11/15/2010:
I would be letting the Consumer safety commission or similar and notify them of this inciden t. Replacing the unit is nice but others may have had the same situation so contacting another agency and voice your concerns will help others.
trmn8r on 11/15/2010:
This unit has been sold for a long time now, and I found no other complaints of fire.

An electrical heating device, by its nature, has a higher degree of risk than the average appliance. Think Revlon 1875 hair dryer with sparks and flames (google it). But this heater should be more reliable than a handheld dryer.

I assume you were hoping either to get a refund or find out there is a widespread problem. My guess is you won't and it isn't.
consciousconsumer on 11/17/2010:
I believe this will be a widespread problem.
Bought my SQH310 8 months ago, used it last winter and this last week for the first time this year. Today, when I turned the power switch to the low wattage setting sparks lit up the inside compartment under the switch then caught fire.
Okieyankeegirl on 12/10/2010:
I just filed a complaint with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding the near fire with my Sunbeam SQH310 heater. I'm sure they will have to do something about this heater if/when they receive enough complains. I have a second heater (we bought 2) that I'm now afraid to use for fear it too will short.
C. Spencer on 01/04/2012:
Six week old SQH310 Sunbeam quartz heater. Strong "electrical source" odor from heater and thereafter there was no difference between 750 or 1500 watt heating. It operated at 1500 regardless of setting as evidenced by heat output and the brighter orange color of quartz tubes. At 750 setting the tubes did not glow as brightly. Called Sunbeam and first lady gave me run-around and told me I didn't know how it operated, etc, and that nothing was wrong with it. I knew better! Asked to speak to her supervisor and when I told the supervisor the problem she immediately offered a no cost Holmes heater replacement w/ same 750/1500 watt rating and did not want the Sunbeam heater returned.....kind of tells me there is a manufacturing defect they would rather not admit or deal with, but wanted to have it quietly go away.
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Heating Pad Does Not Work
Posted by on
The first one I bought only heated up around the neck area so I took it back & got another one. I had the same problem again - after 2 hours it only heated up around the neck.

I called customer service & they said it should heat up all over. They said the store must have gotten a bad shipment when I asked how two heating pads didn't work.

I am very disappointed in this product & will not buy another one. They offered to send me one that worked - it would take 8 days or more to get it - I need it now so I said no thanks.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/08/2010:
I would have let them send me a new one.
MDSasquatch on 04/08/2010:
You got a bad blanket or two, they admitted that there may be an issue and offered to make good; how is this a bad thing?
JONSIE on 04/09/2010:
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Jonsie, what did you use as a replacement? I am just curious.
Skye on 04/09/2010:
Jonsie, you say in your review, they offered to send you one, that would work. Why not just accept that??

I understand you are aggravated, as well as annoyed, but it seems silly to refuse the offer.

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Iron shoots sparks - Sunbeam's response: "Stuff happens...!"
Posted by on
We've had this iron for years but I wouldn't say it's antiquated - always worked well, no problems, and we handled it well -- no drops or any other abuses.

Last week I was ironing a shirt and sparks started shooting out of the cord base where the cord enters the handle. It burned a hole in my ironing board, so I immediately unplugged it. There is now a hole in the cord where the sparks flew out, rendering it useless.

When I called Sunbeam to report this, the customer service representative's response was, "Stuff happens." She offered me a discount coupon on a new iron, which I declined because, A) I already purchased a new iron, and B) Why would I purchase another from this company.

Amazing -- if you have this product, get rid of it before someone gets seriously injured or worse.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 07/27/2009:
You had the iron for years. If you didn't want a coupon or wouldn't own a Sunbeam again, why did you even bother contacting them at all? The heating element got old and shorted. We had a hairdryer do the same thing a bit ago. Put on a nice spark throwing show before the element gave completely. We threw it out as old and chalked it up to.. stuff happens.
skelly39 on 07/27/2009:
I'm with Slimjim-it's an iron. Did you expect it to last forever? If you want that, then go get one of those irons that are actually made out of iron and heat it up in your fireplace.
Now, aside from your undue anger, I think it is a nice thing that you warned people about what could happen with irons, and I'm glad nobody was hurt.
andbran on 07/27/2009:
I've had a Sunbeam iron for 10 yrs no problems. maybe u just need to throw it out
Anonymous on 07/27/2009:
"We've had this iron for years"

That's why you'd buy another iron from this company.
BokiBean on 07/27/2009:
I don't think this OP wanted a new iron at all, he was calling Sunbeam to report a fire hazard...which it was.

A 10 year old iron can quit on your and that's expected..but for it to flame out like could potentially burn down your house. Very helpful.
Anonymous on 07/27/2009:
Boki, you do have a good point there. Things usually do just stop working and don't shoot sparks out--at least in my experience. I have noticed fraying on cords before and, at that point, that's when I get rid of them. If there's no warning though, that's a little scary.
herndondad on 07/27/2009:
Thanks BokiBean and knowitall2 for recognizing the danger of this situation. Naturally, like all appliances, it wouldn't last forever. That was not the point. Yes it lasted for years. And then nearly burned my house down. So I should buy another one from this company? Sorry KenPopcorn, I don't share your logic. Especially when the manufacturer is so nonchalant about it, characterizing the incident as "stuff happens."
sparkrov on 05/09/2010:
This happened to me this morning while I was ironing next to my 2 year old.. Luckily the cord-end was facing away from the ironing board and most importantly my toddler! I think I'll spend the extra and get a better product. Buyer beware of the Sunbeam Iron 3985!!
PepperElf on 05/09/2010:
I've never seen sparks from an iron
but I do know they affect the current in the line

back at my old apartment the brightness of the lights would change a little when I was ironing

I don't notice it so much at this apt.. but it may be because it's a different brand, or it could be the wiring here. no idea what brand I had then... or what I have now actually... hmm

o. current one is a Sunbeam steam master. (yeah I had to get up to check hah)
wbcook on 02/05/2013:
It's been a few years since the last comment, but I have report the same incident to everyone. After ironing a shirt I set the iron down properly and heard a steady loud buzz. I looked at the iron and my ironing board caught fire under a shower of sparks. I stamped out the fire with my hand without much problem. I noticed that the swivel for the cord was sticking and the sharp collar around the cord may have cut through the insulation. Buyer beware!!!
pam on 11/16/2013:
Today a spark came from the cable under the protective cover near to my irons base plate. It is under a year old. The spark burnt my wrist like a cautery hurts! Morphy Richards will hear about it on Monday to be sure
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Customer Service No Help
Posted by on
In February of 2008 I purchased 2 Sunbeam warming blankets from JC Penny (excellent customer service)

On December 7th I returned one of the blankets back to Penny's because it would not heat up. One week later it stopped working along with the second one I had purchased in Feb. Today I contacted Sunbeam, only to be told I have to ship the blankets back to them for repair and wait till god knows when for it back or a replacement since their factorys are closed until January 2009 I spent almost $400 on both of these blankets, and Sunbeam is giving the public the shaft on honoring their warranty.

I again contacted JC Penny and all I can say about them is FANTASTIC, they said bring both blankets back and they will happily exchange them for me (and it doesn't even have to be for another Sunbeam product) That just goes to show you that some companies still care about the consumer.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
I live in paradise...we don't need electric blankets to stay warm....

MRM on 12/15/2008:
But the poster doesn't live in CA. Any other constructive suggestions?
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
yeah......Don't move to Ca...

thank you

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Heating Pad Burned a Lazyboy Chair
Posted by on
PETAWAWA -- My mother-in-law recently bought a Sunbeam heating pad that adhears to your body that is supposed to have an automatic shut off after 2 hours. Well this is the very first time my father-in-law used it and it was left sitting on his lazyboy chair and it didn't shut off. After about 6 hours my mother-in-law smelled something burying and went to investigate in the living room. The top of the heating pad was burnt as was the chair and it was only set at medium setting, can you imagine how hot high setting is? I took pictures of both the heating pad and the chair and I still have the receipt. I wrote to the company last week with no reply from then and then again today, so we will see if they reply back. There is no email address to send the photos to and I asked for one so they could see the damage the heating pad did. If no one had been home the whole house would have burned down. I say either Sunbeam starts making quality and safe products or they should be shut down for good. I will never ever buy a Sunbeam product!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/30/2007:
My guess is that there are probably a list of precautions included with the heating pad.

Like...CAUTION. Heating pad will get HOT. Or, don't leave heating pad on and unattended.

Of course, nobody ever reads them.

rhondam718732 on 03/30/2007:
Robf I'm sure you're right but since a heating pad is designed to be placed on skin, it shouldn't burn through fabrics!
Sparticus on 03/30/2007:
I'm always fearful of those things when I use them at night and fall asleep... they do get pretty hot... but to actually burn through some fabric... that is a bit too hot... unless it was buried under something that trapped the heat... but it sounds like it was just sitting on the chair.
Anonymous on 03/30/2007:
Try going to your local fire department for some help. If you can get them on your side Sunbeam will take notice as they do not want the bad press if it makes the news. See if you can get the fire department to write up an incident report so you will have something in writing.
MRM on 03/30/2007:
Defintely send Sunbeam the pictures of the burnt blanket and the incident report from the fire dept, and they may respond back to you
poppapia on 03/30/2007:
Give them a little more time. One week isn't long enough for the company to investigate.
Noneill on 03/30/2007:
I have a friend whose mother being a diabetic had little feeling in her feet. She put a heating pad on her feet and it burned her. I don't know how long she had it on - probably a long time. She had to have her foot amputated.
Shakra on 03/30/2007:
As a diabetic, you are told to never use heating pads. I don't know what she was thinking. It's for that very reason that she wasn't supposed to use one.

Sparticus, I hope you are kidding about falling asleep with the heating pad on at night. Otherwise, Robf is correct about people not reading the warnings.

Also, no one should use a heating pad more than 20-30 min. at a time. I wonder why they have a two hour shut off time. That's just dangerous.
Renfrewite on 04/03/2007:
I have a contact phone number for Sunbeam in case anyone wants to contact them. 1-877-327-0016. They called me today but I wasn't home so they will be calling me tomorrow, I will let everyone know the outcome.

Don't forget it was only set on medium setting and was supposed to shut off after 2 hours and didn't.
Renfrewite on 04/03/2007:
And in reply to Robf, yes there is cautions printed on the label, but it says nothing about leaving it on unattended (it's supposed to shut off automatically) And says nothing about getting so hot it will burn through fabric, especially only on the medium setting.
mh1234 on 10/26/2007:
I purchased a Sunbeam electric heating pad. I hadn't noticed that it had been made in China or I wouldn't have purchased it. The cord is so stiff I can barely wind it up for storage and it has overheated to the point that I had to toss it out. I'll never purchased another item from Sunbeam again. used to be a good company but not
Timi Headley on 06/10/2011:
I also have the same problem!!! I bought a Sunbeam heating pad at Walmart. I set it on L with the two hour timer. I sat on the couch with it on my back because I have deep joint pain from Lupus. I ended up with a large blister at least 1 inch across and a bit deep.
I went back to Walmart and bought first aid supplies. Then I stood in line and returned the heating pad and chose a new (Sunbeam) heating pad thinking that may be it was just a fluke because the timer didn't shut it off!
So, then I was on my 2nd Sunbeam heating pad from Walmart. I set it to Low on the two hour timer again. I received another blister on my back from the 2nd heating pad. When I returned this one to Walmart I asked for a refund and I asked to speak to the manager of the store thinking that he would likely pull them from the shelf for liability reasons and send them back to Sunbeam for a refund on THEIR purchase. The manager treated me terribly. Because of that, I offered to let him see the burns on my back. They weren't in a spot that would compromise my dignity AT ALL! He was rude and said that he didn't want to see my back but he yelled those words at me!

Because of that manager and because I thought they should know so they could protect other people by changing their product, I called the Sunbeam manufacturer! I asked them to refund my costs for the first aid supplies and the third heating pad I would have to buy. They asked for pictures and copies of my detailed receipts. I did what they asked and I DID receive that refund from them.

I went to WALGREENS for a 3rd heating pad! I chose the Dry/Moist optional pad w/2hour Timer! However, I HAD TO choose a Sunbeam pad because that was the ONLY ONE they carried!!! Yesterday I woke to a 2nd or 3rd degree burn on my hand. It's a circular burn bubble that popped yesterday with the skin coming off it as well and it has a 2nd layer of blister with a 3rd layer of blisters even other those!!! I don't know if I'll be able to get it healed before it becomes infected!

The only thing I want is for these pads to stop burning people. I am not a person who jumps the band-wagon and sues people! I am NOT sue-happy! Were I sue-happy I'd have done that instead of calling Sunbeam about the 2nd burns!

I called a personal injury/faulty product injury attorney today! They told me to Goole and Yahoo etc. search this under every thing I could think of. I entered Sunbeam Heating Pad Burn and there were so many hits that I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Why is there no class action suit about this?
Rhonda on 01/06/2012:
It is unimaginable that someone could burn so bad (2nd or 3rd degree burns) without knowing they were being burned! And if it burned that bad, it shouldn't take overnight to find out it occurred. The 2-hour shut-off is for those who forget and leave it on. NO ONE should apply heat (or cold) to their body for more than 20 minutes at a time. According to my physician and physical therapist, you can do 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, but you shouldn't do it for 2 hours straight.
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Faulty Product
Posted by on
WICHITA, KANSAS -- I purchased a Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker, Mdl ESX33 on August 3, 2005 to replace a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker Cat No. DCM 180AWH that I had for over 15 years.

The new product although it look nice was a piece of crap and I should have returned it within the week, but I did not. The problems I had with this coffeemaker were:
1. Would not turn off automatically in two hours as stated in the users manual,
2. It was almost impossible to pour liquid from the "drip-free" decanter without having the liquid run down the side of the decanter;
3. The "brew basket" would not stay shut and opened some when the machine started up. Today the "brew basket" opened enough to cause the hot liquid and coffee grounds to spill all over the counter top.

Mr. Coffee used to be a good product, and I have used this product for over 30 years with two different Mr. Coffee brewers, both the same model that operated without any problems. The last one which started to leak after 16 years was replaced with the ESX33 model. That was a mistake.

I will not use this new model any more and it will be designated to the trash after 6 months of use. I will not purchase a Sunbeam Product again to show my total dissatisfaction with the crap that Sunbeam is making.

My recommendation for anyone considering purchasing the Sunbeam Product "Mr Coffee" coffeemaker is NOT TO DO SO.
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User Replies:
Mad Eye Moody on 01/30/2006:
Maybe you just got a bad one, Joe. There's a defected unit or two in every so many shippments. If you want to get a quality coffee maker that isn't Sunbeam...try Krupps. They're very well made.
spiderman2 on 01/30/2006:
A few years back I bought a Mr. Coffee that was just terrible. Water sloshed out the back because the overflow hole was too low and the basket didn't stay in place among other issues. Unfortunately I didn't save the receipt. I contacted Mr. Coffee directly, just to let them know of the issues with that particular model (not asking for anything because I had no receipt for it) and they sent me a brand new, different model coffee pot that has worked wonderfully ever since.
Ponie on 01/30/2006:
I've had a couple of Mr. Coffee's in the past. In fact one that's about 20 yrs. old is back in the box as a 'just in case' coffeemaker. Only reason I ever put them out to pasture is I wanted to upgrade. Now you can't make me part with my HB Brewmaster. But if it goes, I've got my spare Mr. Coffee to carry me over until I get a new coffeemaker.
Mad Eye Moody on 01/30/2006:
I've had the Krupps Coffee Maker for almost seven years. Granted, that's not THAT long...but I've left it on all day numerous times and it's taken some beatings and it's still kickin out the mud.
ejack053824 on 01/30/2006:
I have a Bunn coffeemaker that's lasted 19 years...was given to me by my father. Its still kicking ass!
miketech on 01/31/2006:
We just got a Cuisinart that grinds the coffee then brews it all in the pot :) wonderful yes. Will it last more than a year? I doubt it.
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Quality Control
Posted by on
HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA -- Since September 2004, we have had three different NEW Sunbeam Queen Size Mattress Warming Pads. The first one lasted about 5 weeks, then one side of the pad ceased heating. The seller replaced the pad, but within three weeks, again one side (not the same one as the first)failed to heat. The seller again requested that the unit be replaced. This was done and this time, the pad lasted 4 days then it failed totally, nothing would work. Previously, about 4 years ago, we purchased the warming pads for all our beds (3), for our daughter's family (2) and my wife's parents (1). All of these with the exception of one, are still working as though they were brand new. So something has declined in the quality of materials being used in the construction of the pads.
When we replaced the defective one for the fourth time, we purchased a warming pad made by another manufacturer and it has been working perfectly now for over a month, so it is not something that is happening when we get it home.
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User Replies:
compwiz on 01/25/2005:
The "Sunbeam" name has been leased to so many different companies, (China) so you get what you pay for
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Sunbeam space heater
Posted by on
I bought a Sunbeam space heater that shorted out... caused burn in wires in the outlet and at the base of the prongs. Scary.
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bcd on 12/13/2010:
Did the plug fit snug in the outlet or was it loose?
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Very unhappy
Posted by on
I just wanted people to know to wait until Sunbeam works out the kinks on the convertible Iron and steamer because it doesn't work very well at all! I tried to Iron a few things with it and it took 2 times as long and it was still wrinkled and the steamer wasn't very good either you have to hold it right up to the fabric to do anything and if it's thick don't even bother. Also it is very heavy. I love most of their products but this one still needs some work.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 11/13/2010:
This is an excellent review. Good information in a straightforward way. I love that you said to wait until they work out the kinks and that you love most of their products. That's very good advice.

I have yet to see a steamer work the way I though it should. I've been disappointed in the ones I tried. I hope you can return yours for a refund.
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Tea Maker complain
Posted by on
I love iced tea and purchased a Sunbeam tea maker several years ago, and that one had a vacuum sealed pitcher that couldn't keep the vacuum and got tea inside it. The next one I purchased is the one I am using now, and if you remove the pitcher immediately after the light goes out, tea goes all over the counter because the tea-maker is still putting out.
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