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Orlando Airport Suncoast Gas station
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Recently rented and returned a car to Orlando airport after a trip to Disney. Stopped at local Suncoast gas station on Semoran Blvd to fill gas tank before return and was horrified to discover that gas was $4.59 a gallon!! Other stations in Orlando were charging $2.70 a gallon!! How unfortunate that the city of Orlando has chosen to allow tourist (who drive their economy)last memory of their vacation be a blatant ripoff by a local merchant!!

Shame on Suncoast and the city of Orlando for allowing human greed to soil their image and the experience of travelers to the area!!

BTW it would have been less expensive to return the car empty and pay the penalty fee of $4.02 a gallon that the rental car company imposes.
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Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
I find airports, anywhere, charge more for gas than any other gas stations in any particular city.
goduke on 01/14/2010:
Anytime you see airport and gasoline station in a complaint title, you know exactly what it is!

Unfortunately, the city of Orlando really can't do much to stop this business from pricing gas as they see fit. I've never actually seen the layout near the airport, though, so I wonder if there are other stations who have cheaper gas in the same proximity to the airport, or is this outfit kind of the lone ranger?
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
bearkakitten, I agree gas stations around airports tend to charge more but it's usually just a bit more not $1.89 more.

This has to be the most complained about gas station in the United States. I feel for the OP but in the end I'm a firm believer in charging whatever the market will bear. The guy has a primo spot right across from the rental return and taking full advantage. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't do the same.
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
BK: (BA)
GD, ever heard of supply and demand?
Why would a neighboring station miss out on the profits if the tourist will pay the higher prices?
This is a common practice everywhere.
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
agreed. The op neglected to check the price of the gasoline before pumping. If it was illegal, it would have been stopped by now. I would have made an effort to drive to the next available gas station to save myself the 15-20 dollars extra.
goduke on 01/14/2010:
I seem to recall supply and demand coming up in a class I had to take in college. I probably had a hangover through most of it.

What does supply and demand have to do with my question of whether there's another gas station in the proximity? I've never been to the Orlando airport. It's a legitimate question.
Nohandle on 01/14/2010:
Godduke your are correct: What does supply and demand have to do with my question of whether there's another gas station in the proximity? If memory serves from complaints in the past, individuals would see hugh signs at other stations posting the prices and unfortunately assumed that particular station offered near the same price. From prior postings I learned if I was traveling and no price was listed outside, I should look at the price on the pump first.
Ytropious on 01/14/2010:
I understand the OP wants a full tank, but you could have brought along a little gas can (cheaper than or equal to one gallon of expensive gas) and filled up at one farther away then topped off when you got to the rental place. The guy has a great spot. It's no different then movie theaters or amusement parks gouging on refreshments. They do it because they can. That's how supply and demand goes.
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
GD, it is a legit question.
Perhaps the location and less competition in the area plays a bigger part.
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
Ytropious, are you serious?
PepperElf on 01/14/2010:
you should have either...
1) looked up the prices online - there's a ton of sites that have have daily updates on gas prices all over the states

2) Driven to the military base - I think there's still one in orlando. usually any gas station right outside of a base will have the cheapest rates because they're priced to compete with the base's rates.
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
And the third option is to drive around with a gas can until you find the cheapest gas.
Ytropious on 01/14/2010:
OP already pointed out they saw cheaper gas outside this station. There would be no search. I fail to see how my idea wouldn't work. Yes it sucks that this station chooses to gouge based on location but if people choose to pay it then he's going to continue being in business. If the rental place absolutely requires a full tank, then unless you pay this guys outragious prices then you better have a gas can.
GenuineNerd on 01/14/2010:
At least at Cleveland Hopkins, you have three gas stations a mile south of the airport (in Berea) that are always in a gas war...gas was $2.61 tonight. The other close gas station to that airport is a Speedway on Brookpark Road that was $2.69. I assume that at other airports, even Orlando's, there are gas stations within a mile or so that are a lot cheaper than the on-airport gas station. Suncoast Energys is a rip off joint that victimizes travelers coming home from their Disney World vacations.
GenuineNerd on 01/14/2010:

noandyes (01/14/2010)
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And the third option is to drive around with a gas can until you find the cheapest gas.

Only thing is, you'll need to leave the gas can with the car at the rental can't take the gas can on the plane with you, for obvious reasons!!!
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
Sorry but my last comment reflected the suggestion from another one of you fools, not me. (Can't understand sarcasm?)
PepperElf on 01/15/2010:
how is my suggestion foolish?

both are valid
1) there's plenty of web pages available that state exactly what each gas station in a given area is charging

2) have you ever seen the gas prices right outside a military base? the gas station right outside of little creek was very cheap. granted the gas on base was even cheaper, but civilians can't get to that gas station
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
And yet, that $10 burger inside the airport is perfectly acceptable.
trp2hevn on 01/15/2010:
LOL @ LadyScot- that is so true.

There is a gas station a little further down the road that has "normal price" gas. However, you can't really see it from the Suncoast Gas Station, so one wouldn't really know how much farther away it is (maybe like a mile). These people get away with this because they don't have a sign out by the road with the prices of the gas posted. You have to drive up to the pump and read the price (BEFORE YOU PUMP THE GAS). So many people just assume that they are paying the "normal price", and then get mad when they see that they have made a mistake and it's too late.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
When you return a rental car you don't have to fill up within half mile of the rental car return. You can fill up 10 or 15 miles away and the car will still be considered full. I do that all the time.

PepperElf, Yours is the best suggestion by far. It's always wise to have some idea where you're going to fill up that rental car beforehand.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Hey, its the way of the world. I for one would not have pumped there. I would have used my GPS (My own, since I wouldn't pay the 12 dollars per day to rent theirs) and looked up the next closest gas station and filled there. I hardly think you would have to bring a gas can with you, that's just silly. If there is a gas station a few miles down the road, if you fill it to the top, I hardly doubt the gas indicater on the car is going to show any noticeable change from driving that little bit to the rental agency.
redmx3racer on 01/15/2010:
You can also rent a GPS unit from most places now with your car. You can use it to find all the gas stations in the area. Of course, then you are adding $10-15 a day to the cost of the rental for the GPS....but the GPS comes in handy for many other uses too. Who wants to look a map or "drive around until you find it" anymore? Well-I do sometimes-but not when on a business trip or when on a time constraint! Most gas stations near airports/on airport access roads are more expensive.
Ripped off by suncoast Orlando on 03/10/2014:
Let the marketplace rule
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Gas price gouging near the airport
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I am an Osceola County resident and was going to see my mom for Christmas. She lives near the airport. I had over a quarter tank of gas but decided to fill it up. I stopped by the Suncoast gas station by Cracker Barrel near the airport. I didn't see any price signs but the price has never varied more than a few cents from one station to the next, so I started pumping. After only a couple of minutes, I looked up and the cost was a ridiculous, whopping $41.00 for 8 gallons of gas. I stopped pumping and thought for sure the pump must be broken because it said the price was $4.59 per gallon for regular. I walked over to another pump to make sure and found, to my horror, the pump was not broken and that was actually the price for a gallon of gas. I felt robbed, totally robbed. I got to moms and it seemed everyone in my family knew about this guy's price gouging - it's been going on for quite some time now and apparently, there's nothing legally that can be done so the word has to get out that the public is being gouged. Tell everyone you know and have them tell everyone they know.
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Anonymous on 12/25/2009:
Was this by Orlando's airport? It seems that to qualify as bringing back a car with a full tank of gas you can only use certain stations that are very close to the airport. This makes the gas station owner realize that he is sitting on a gold mine. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the car rental places have an agreement with this gas station. Unfortunately, supply and forced demand rules.
Anonymous on 12/25/2009:
AlleyS, That is not how this station operates. They don't advertise their price per gallon.
madconsumer on 12/25/2009:
it is law the price per gallon is displayed.
Anonymous on 12/25/2009:
The price per gallon is displayed on the pump. You should always check the price before you start pumping. With that said, if they don't have a sign out front that displays the prices per gallon for each grade, that is shady!
Anonymous on 12/25/2009:
Ditto with everyone else. I mean 4.59 a gallon is ridiculous, but its always wise to check the price before you pump. Seem like it would have been worth the drive to another gas station to fill up. As the others stated, youre near the airport and gas stations can charge whatever they want.
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/25/2009:
This station has been in the news for the last two years at least. He is about the only gas stop near the rental car return at Orlando's airport and has a virtual monopoly. I'm sure if it was in violation of any local laws they would have stopped him by now.
Anonymous on 12/25/2009:
That's stupid....If anyone had half brains, they would fill the car up somewhere else before returning the car....worse case, fill it up as much as you can, and if you HAD to, pump whatever gas you used driving to the airport at that station before returning.
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
Tenn, the rental companies want to see the receipt for the gas and they want it to be a certain distance from the airport (address on receipt). Otherwise, your advice would be valid.
PepperElf on 12/26/2009:
I always check before I buy my gas.

Also if you go online, there are hundreds of web pages that give daily notices of what the gas stations charge, so you can look up the cheapest one where you are and go there.

Of course the last time I rented a car, it was just because my own car was being repaired, so I knew the area really well and knew where the cheap gas was - and of course the gas station was within 5 miles of the rental place.
zedcon on 12/27/2009:
Of course, I take personal responsibility for assuming the price would be in line with other stations. There's no sign posted and I had to cup my hand to even read the instructions on the pump. Another distraction to keep from reading the price per gallon. Each and every person that pulled in later that afternoon and had begun to pump was in the same boat. They had no idea they would be paying double the price for a gallon of gas. The owner counts on idiots like me - we're making him rich - but that certainly doesn't make it right, does it?
Skye on 12/27/2009:
That's a huge ripoff.
Anonymous on 12/27/2009:
Being expensive is not price gouging. price gouging is when you have something that is in short supply and price it way above the average or reasonable price.

Not reading the pump is all on you. Funny how the price of gas at an airport location is a complaint but a $10 burger and a $5 soda inside one is not.
Nohandle on 12/27/2009:
If memory serves you aren’t the first member who has complained about this particular station and the price of gasoline. I honestly think many among us have been fine tuned to top up the tank before returning it to the rental place at the airport since their prices are so high. Even though you didn't have a rental car, if in a different area I check the price before adding gas unless clearly posted on a big sign out front. Before the warning from other members I honestly would have thought all prices were about the same within a particular area. I learned that lesson from other members who found out the hard way.
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Price Gouging near Rental Car Agencies
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Most Rental car agencies expect you to return the car as you received it - with a full tank of gas. I stopped at the Suncoast Gas Station on Semoran Blvd. which is very close both to the airport and several Rental Car Agencies. I could not believe that Suncoast was charging $4.59 a gallon! I don't think I have ever witness this kind of blatant greed. I would think that the state of Florida would have something to say about this as they base so much of their economy on tourism. What a terrible message to send to those visiting Florida and what a terrible message about simple human greed!
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sunshine619 on 02/28/2008:
Yikes! That is about a dollar higher than even the highest place out here. Its obvious they are taking advantage of their geographical situation, knowing people need to fill up to return the car, they can charge what they want. I mean...if you really needed say, a tampon (for lack of a better example) if someone was charging 10 bucks for one, you'd buy it. I do think its crappy that they take advantage this way.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 02/28/2008:
When I was traveling through FL during Christmas, I noticed major differences in gas prices from one block to the next. The highest I saw was 4.99/gal...What a rip off!!
Anonymous on 02/28/2008:
It's not just Florida, that goes on everywhere. Ever price a Big Mac at an airport?
Hugh_Jorgen on 02/28/2008:
This place has been written up many times - it's very convenient to the airport and if you want convenience you will pay these folks dearly for it. There are many other stations five or ten minutes away, but people still frequent this place.
CaptainSpaulding on 02/28/2008:
zzrokk: I know exactly what you're saying about Airport price gouging!

I was at JFK Airport in New York last Thursday, and I went looking to buy a can of Coke. The "Hudson News" stand, just before the security check point at Terminal 4, wanted $2.75 (including the sales tax and the 5 cent bottle deposit) for a 20 oz. bottle of Coke!

I passed on this colossal rip-off and just waited to board the plane where I received a free 12 oz. can of Coke!
Anonymous on 02/28/2008:
Poodle, it really isn't just Florida and the State's don't care either why you ask? Because the Fed's, State's and Local government in truth make more money on the gas taxes then the gas stations and/or the oil companies.

Why would they care about you or me?
JCE22 on 06/03/2008:
Funny you should mention this, I also got hosed by this "Suncoast Energies" crook, so I wrote the Mayor of Orange County, FL who is different from the Mayor of Orlando, and he basically told me in a reply email that I could file a complaint with the state myself, but that they weren't interested in filing a complaint themselves. I explained to him that he was supposed to be the Mayor, and was this the kind of impression he wanted to leave in people's minds as they leave Orlando, shortly after returning their rental car???? Keep in mind this place has absolutely NO sign anywhere, saying what they charge for gas, and they're the only gas station around the 3 bussiest rental car return places right next to the airport. Not only that, there are numerous hotel's in the area, Wendy's is right next door in the same bldg, so you automatically think it's a legitimate business. It's clearly a scam to rip off people, and clearly the Orange County Govt is completely aware and obviously doesn't care. It's funny, I have posted my opinion and the conversation I had with the so called mayor in various forum's all over the place as well, and they've been removed within a few minutes. So more than one person is being paid off here, at the expense of the average person, that's for sure.
JCE22 on 06/03/2008:
By the way, yesterday on 6/2/08 they were 5.19 cents a gallon for Regular/Unleaded, and the following week on a Thursday thyey were at $5.24 a gallon. The higheset gasoline anywhere in the entire country right now is California, and that was $5.60 on 6/1/08. People please be aware!
mabaustx on 07/07/2008:
I just got ripped off by this same gas station this morning. I was in a hurry to get to the airport at 5:30 am and paid $5.499 per gallon at this station (average price in the area is $4.199). What is the most deceptive and trapping is that this station does not have their price advertised on a large sign like most stations. Very sneaky indeed! I will be writing a complaint to the State of Florida!

The station is Suncoast Energy, 5928 Butler National, Orlando, FL 32822. Avoid this station and beware of all stations that don't post their prices. I learned my lesson!
donut44 on 08/05/2008:
Well, I got hosed for a while as well at this station. Didn't realize it till I looked down and noticed I was at 10 dollars so quickly. Of course, since there is no sign, who would have thought. Have no fear, there is a nice warm spot for these guys in you know where. Speaking of these guys, they are Charles Letchworth and Raymond Pannone.
skiing on 02/11/2011:
I was warned about that gas station there are acutally two right across the street from each other same price. There are several gas stations within two miles of those stations that are reasonibly priced for the area. I gas up at one of them every week returning a rental car and never have any issues with being charged for not a full tank by the car company.
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Price Gouging in Orlando
Posted by on
OLANDO, FLORIDA -- The Suncoast Station at 5928 Butler Ave. Orlando, FL is charging almost twice as much for gas as the other stations in the city not next to the airport. As an out-of-state traveller this reflects badly on the city, the state, and the company that franchises this location.

It's one thing to charge a premium for refueling, it's another to grossly overcharge.
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Anonymous on 07/13/2009:
When rental car companies make it mandatory to fuel closest to their location and provide a receipt it makes it possible for the gas station to charge what they want.
madconsumer on 07/13/2009:
file a complaint with your state. a simple search will yield you the correct website.
tnchuck100 on 07/13/2009:
Filing a complaint with the state will accomplish nothing. This particular station has been charging exorbitant amounts for some time. You are not the first to complain here about them.

As far as "gouging" is concerned the state only steps in when prices jump as the result of an emergency. Such as tripling the price of plywood when a hurricane is imminent.
jktshff1 on 07/13/2009:
A business can charge as much as they want for a particular product, the exception being in times of a declared "emergency". Then it's gouging. Let the buyer beware.
timjb31 on 10/13/2009:
I was going to report this to the Florida State's Attorney, but apparently they are operating within the law. Perhaps a new law/regualtion is needed! Maybe one requiring them to post a sign out by the roadway (like all other gas stations) showing their prices. No one would stop. I figured when I pulled inthe price might be 20-30 cents more per gallon because it is close to the airport, but I didn't realize the actual price untilI was almost done pumping my gas. $35 for 7+ gallons! Highway robbery!

After I got into a heated argument with the clerk, her husband came after me in the parking lot threatening physical harm. Unbeleiveable!

I don't live there, ut the locals should all be out there picketing and protesting. It creates a bad image for their city!
timjb31 on 10/13/2009:
I should have called 911!
Slimjim on 10/13/2009:
A high priced gas station makes a whole city look bad?? I'm thinking no. I've learned years and years ago when a gas station doesn't have the prices posted anywhere but on the pumps, there is a good reason. Still, the price was there on the pump by law. It simply comes down to you didn't check before pumping. A mistake a lot have made, usually just once.
Anonymous on 10/13/2009:
"It creates a bad image for their city"

I don't see how.
There isn't any place on this planet that doesn't have a gas station or two that are more expensive than others.
You just have to pay more attention before you start pumping your gas.

"After I got into a heated argument with the clerk"

Why would you get ticked off at the clerk? The clerk didn't make the prices. The clerk just works there...paycheck.

It's your own fault for not paying attention; whether it be posted for people coming off the highway to see or at the pump... it was still listed.

JR in Orlando on 10/13/2009:
We thank you for the extra money you left behind. It helps the local economy a lot. When on vacation, the motto is "protect yourself at all times." If you fail to read, or determine the price before getting the gas, you will pay more.
PepperElf on 10/13/2009:
It's from the Unwritten Rules of Common Sense for Gas Stations.

Gas stations that are near areas of great need (the throughway or an airport) will charge more.

Another unwritten rule is, "You'll get cheaper gas if you go to a gas station that's right outside a military base". Mainly because the gas station has to compete with the gas station on the base, which is almost always the cheapest in the area.

As for a pricy gas station making an entire city look bad? Perhaps you should check out the prices in your own home city, especially the ones right outside the airport etc.

I'm sure those are making your city look just as bad.
timjb31 on 10/13/2009:
Everyoen expects to pay a premium for convenience, being the closest or in the case) only gas station with 5 miles of the airport. But we don't expect to be roobed blind, being charged double the going rate. It is unethical. I bet if they put up a sign by the road like all other gas staions in the world, not one person would stop there for gas. I should have just turned the car in half-full and paid the car rental company the premium, which probably would have been less (they USED to be the bad guys)that these bloodsuckers!
JohnR998 on 03/22/2010:
Places like this are the down-side of a free society. I don't like what they're doing one bit, but I don't want to see the government making up new rules just to deal with one or two operators.

Anyway, the good news is that a new Shell station is going up right across the road. Hopefully that'll take enough wind out of their sales that they drop their prices or close up shop.
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Got Burned By This Place Too
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- I got burned today as well. Checked out of the hotel near the airport and looked for a nearby station to fill up. I did not notice that they DO NOT post a price to be read as you drive by. When I ran my credit card at the pump, I did see the 3.99 price for regular. I thought it had to be a mistake. I took about 8 gallons or so, then went inside to ask what their posted price really was. The counter attendant informed me that since they were "within the airport boundary" the price was indeed 3.99.

I guess it is buyer beware, but I really didn't have time to look for another station.
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 04/05/2009:
Soaring Consumer on 04/05/2009:
What ripoff artists... and they keep taking advantage of people like this, and nobody ever tries to stops them...

I saw a news story about this on the local news about 3 years ago. They still haven't changed. It is really appalling.
Anonymous on 04/05/2009:
I thought gas stations were supposed to have price signs out front? Maybe not and if the pump says $3.99 and that's what you were charged... then they technically didn't do anything wrong. Doesn't make the pill any easier to swallow and I am sure they only do this because they know they can get away with it. NOT a good way to do business.
GenuineNerd on 04/05/2009:
This gas station, which is right by the Orlando airport, has a monopoly on gas retailing there, thus the high price. They pretty much take advantage of those who are vacationers who are returning rental cars; however, the gas station price might still be cheaper than what a car rental company would charge you if you returned a car with an empty tank. Orlando gets a lot of tourism thanks to Disney and the other theme parks there. Smart travelers would seek out the closest off-site gas stations before falling into this trap.
AutomaticBlueWater on 04/06/2009:
Every station within a mile of every airport in the United States jacks up their prices because they know people will buy fuel from them. If you are dumb enough to buy from them that is your own fault. I bet the owner of the station is rich.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
Have you ever noticed that prices in 24hr places are always higher? They play on people's emergency needs, like three dollars more for a bottle of aspirin? It sucks, but that's the way it goes. The location factor with gas stations works the same way. The ones right off the highway are most always more expensive.
tnchuck100 on 04/06/2009:
Could it be this station is owned by BofA?
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
If it was BoA owned, the OP would have been charged for pulling in, for placing a credit card in the slot, for clanking the gas nozzle against his car too loudly, and for pumping the gas too slowly. They get their pound of flesh even if their customers are playing by the rules. LOL. Oh, BoA would have also charged for the receipt.
BokiBean on 04/06/2009:
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
Didn't someone post a similar complaint a few weeks back?
jktshff1 on 04/06/2009:
little, it's and ongoing thing, especially around the Orlando, FL airport.
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Price Gouging - Gas Prices Way Too High
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Stopped to fill up today (Feb. 28, 2009) and they were charging $3.99 a gallon for regular gas while every other station in town is around $1.99 a gallon for regular. How they can get away with this is beyond me.
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 03/01/2009:
Welcome to Disneyland!
jktshff1 on 03/01/2009:
This had to be a station close to the airport, or a rental return place.
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Price Gouging
Posted by on
$5.49 per gallon for regular, while prices in Orlando are $3.96 for regular. I needed to return the rental car and had to catch my plane on time. They had me over a barrel. I'd say that is price gouging!
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/09/2008:
Convenience has a price. Apparently in Orlando it's $5.49 per gallon.
Anonymous on 07/09/2008:
This Suncoast station has a lot of complaints on M3C's and all over the Internet. The only way to get them to stop ripping people off would be for people to stop paying them $5.49 per gallon for regular and gas up someplace else. Or like Hugh says pay $5.49 for the convenience.
BobJohn on 07/09/2008:
Fill up the day before, then top off at $5.49/gallon for a gallon or two.
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Price Gouging
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Don't be fooled by the location of this gas station - right in front of Hertz rental car return at Butler Nat'l drive, Orlando airport. While street price of regular gas at below 2.899/gal. This place not only did not post price but charge 4.499/gal.

It's not just price gouging but a fraud and shall be put in Hall of Shame. Same to Orlando BBB who still listed this company's practice as normal.
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User Replies:
FoggyOne on 02/18/2008:
Fill it up in town and then put in 1/2 gallon there, then you return the tank full and you don't feel so ripped off. It does seem like a deep gouge though. I've never seen anything like that when I fill my tank before returning a vehicle, even near a rental agency.
GothicSmurf on 02/18/2008:
Most gas stations will hike up the prices right by the airports and rental places. Max profit and people coming into town to rent a car won't blink an eye at the inflated gas charges on the rental agreement.
chrish on 02/26/2008:
We made the same mistake on 2/23/08, $ $4.499 per gallon. This business needs to be shut down. How can the state of FL which relies heavly on tourisum allow this kind of highway robbery. I am going to post this in as many places as I can, so someone else is not ripped off.
Donaldew3 on 05/03/2008:
I was visiting Orlando on 4/13/08 and also fell prey to this Gas Station. I paid $4.799 per gallon when the average was $3.39 in the area. It was 4am and when I glanced at it I thought it was $3.79 so I thought .40 is bad but oh well and then it sunk in that it was $4.79 and I stopped. Based on the large number of complaints it has been going on forever and they don't care.
Buyer beware.
Trudie on 09/29/2008:
I stopped in at the SUN COAST gas station and they are now chrging $5.69 for unleaded regular gas. They are taking advantage of our visitors coming to and from Orlando Inter Airport. They are not posting their prices on a bill board either. This is highway robbery and they are getting away with it. You can travel less than a mile up the road and buy gas at the 7-11 and pay $3.68. They should be stopped
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