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No Sympathy
By -

I was hired as a Field Coordinator by Barbara with Sunflower Group on 08/09/2011. She was trying to trained me in a McDonald's for 3 hours. Barbara couldn't even get on the internet and asked a man that was sitting across from us to help her. Barbara then called her boss Charles to help her.

It took her 2 hours to get on internet. She spent an hour with me complaining about the internet instead of training me. I went home and tried to learn the system myself. I did schedule lots of demonstrators myself for 08/20/2011 and 08/27/2011 my husband got sick was admitted in the hospital with a heart attack.

I called her and told her I have an emergency that I was not going to be reached by phone. The hospital has bad reception and you loose the calls. She text message me and told me to call her right now. I went outside the hospital and called her and she gave me a choose between my husband and my work. I told her my husband comes first then my job he was very ill dying. SHE FIRED ME THE SAME TIME ON 08/28/2011.

You all know how I felt when she did that lost my job because my husband was in the hospital and he did not got out of hospital till 12 days later. You never want to work for a company that do not care for their employees. I even WROTE VP TO SUNFLOWER GROUP AND THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO ME.

That is shame and we are in America. Never work for Sunflower - they are not good. No feelings or no sympathy for their employees just for money. I would not recommend any company giving them any kind of events or promotions. There are a lot out there like Advantage Sales and Marketing (ASM).

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