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Number Transfer Hell
By -

I signed for SunRocket a month ago. I wanted to transfer my Verizon Wireless number to SR. I have called their customer service department every week since, yesterday I called 5 times. As soon as I could initiate the phone transfer I went to their website to find out about their phone transferring process. Click on the link on their site and it said that I was not the correct account holder and that my phone was not eligible for transfer.

Right away I called their support number. That was the first phone call. The woman on the other side informed me that it was their website's mistake and that she would email the form so I can start the process right away. She sent me the email alright but didn't send me the form. I waited for two days and finally decided to call again (phone call #2) same thing "sorry you haven't got the form I will send it as soon as possible, we apologize for the inconvenience" BS. Once again I received a survey explaining everything they've done and everything I've been calling for, but no transfer form.

I waited a full week this time and the following Monday yesterday I call again. This time it was a guy who wouldn't do what I ask and wouldn't even let me finish my sentences. I started losing it. I keep saying "Dude I want to talk to your supervisor so I can ask for him to send me the form." He finally said "let me get him", and place me on hold. I put the phone on speaker for more than 45 minutes and finally gave up.

Had lunch, continue working, and an email popped up on my computer from SR. Same old survey and this time an attachment, I opened the attachment and it was a letter explaining how to handle shipping problems. I got maaaaaad. All this time and aggravation and they send me the wrong attachment. Call again, this time I get a man who wouldn't even listen to me he made it sound like he was having a normal conversation with someone other than me and hanged up.

Call again and the woman on the other side did exactly the same thing. Went to the website to view their pages again and email to support and explained the whole thing and type in uppercase letters HOW HARD IS IT TO EMAIL THE PHONE TRANSFER FORM? Call them and the last person I talk to said "I will let them know you need the form." I complained and said "I've been trying to get this form for a month now." Today I was going to call them to cancel my account, was done. I wouldn't want a company this bad have my phone number anyway. Would you believe the form finally arrive in my inbox?

Out of Business
By -

On Tuesday, 7/17/07, SunRocket voip phone service ceased to exist. I emailed customer service thinking that I was experiencing a brief interruption in service. I received an automatically generated response saying that someone would be contacting me within 48 hours. Several of my family members use SunRocket as well. None of their phones worked either. When doing a search I found little information. MSNBC had a small blurb that stated that SunRocket had gone out of business. No communication has been sent out to customers from SunRocket to confirm the shutting down of its services.

Where does that leave me and the 200,000 SunRocket customers? I can not seem to find much information out there. I just signed up for another year in May and SunRocket charged my credit card for $199.00. Do I have a chance to get any of that money back? Will I be able to port my number to a new company? Who do I direct my complaints to? Is anyone else out there experiencing the same or been in a similar situation? What recourse do consumers have when a company goes out of business?

Crummy Service from top to bottom.
By -

Like previous reviewer Welldog I have waited nearly a year to have my number transfer from Verizon. They would initiate the transfer (which they say takes 45 days) then they would cancel it while you think it's going to transfer at any moment. I kept detailed notes of every call to their customer service. It's a joke. The "highest" supervisor you can speak with is a "Tier 1" supervisor, no one any higher up the ladder takes calls from their customers, according to **, the Tier 1 Supervisor I spoke to.

Promises of call backs were broken on several occasions. In some cases I spoke to the same person about the same issue 6 months apart! Letters to the company were ignored. I was promised by a Supervisor ** that, once the number transfer went through to call back for the appropriate months credit. I called tonight: one half months credit (new policy)! AND, I'm told that ** is no longer a supervisor. It took ten months for the transfer to go through. Do NOT sign up with them. They are in the apology business. If you want the pay for apologies, they're your guys. As for me, I'm out $200. I do plan on taking them to Small Claims Court.

Great Service!
By -

MARYLAND -- I have had SunRocket for just over a year now, and I couldn't be happier! When I found out about it, I decided to try it out. At the time, I was paying Verizon around $35/month for basic service (No caller ID, Voicemail, call waiting, etc). I also was paying Comcast for High Speed Internet, and was very interested in paying less money for more features.

For $199, I got all the equipment (including 2 free phones) and service for 12 months! That means I'm paying almost $20/month less! If that wasn't enough, I got Caller ID, VoiceMail, call forwarding, call waiting, and a TON of other great features! Not to mention I get GREAT rates on long distance out-of-country calls! (USA is free). On top of the great rates, I get a monthly allowance of free minutes! This means that I can call my family in Chile or Germany for 100 minutes free each month and then only pay $0.03 cents a minute after that! Every Month!

Since using SunRocket I have referred both of my parents to them, and I got Gift Card rewards from SunRocket for the referrals! The service is great, and it works just like a landline. The call quality is great. I'm glad this company is out there. I've heard a lot of bad things about Vonage, but why go with them when they cost more?

SunRocket Dead

If you are, or is it were, a SunRocket customer do be aware that they went belly up last night. Don't bother calling them as no one is answering. Their web page has no statement from them yet looks as if they are still in business. You can still log in to print your statement in order to port your number elsewhere.

Unauthorized credit card charges
By -

FAIRFAX VIENNA, VIRGINIA -- Buyer beware! I subscribed with SunRocket for one year's service. They have continued to bill unauthorized credit card charges, even after several emails and letters were sent to their corporate offices. They have responded to none. I have currently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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