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Banned from Playing Blackjack for "Getting Lucky"
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Hello all,

I just wanted to post a quick story about getting banned from playing blackjack at Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, NV. I believe I was suspected of card counting, and believe me I have no idea how to card count. However, I have played blackjack for several years, I pay attention to the cards, and when I have a “gut” feeling that I will Win the next hand I will sometimes increase my bet by 500% or more. I usually average about $50-$150 per hand and never play more than $500 in a single hand.

So last night, I was playing at Sunset Station. I started with $500 at a $25 table and slowly worked my way up to about $1500. Once I have winnings I like to vary the amount of my bets quite a bit since I’m now playing with “the house’s money”. Sometimes it goes great and sometimes I lose all my winnings. So anyway, I got all the way to being $3400 up and decided if I got to a point where I was up $5000, I would quit. Of course, as soon as I decided that I started losing and lost everything down to $300. Now, getting impatient and wanting to get back to where I was, I started playing mostly $100 chips, betting $100-$200 per hand, with an occasional press to $400-$500. So fortunately I hit another hot streak and got back to a point where I was up $1400. Now comes the fun part. I go to press my bet and put $500 on the table, and the casino manager pushed my bet back and told me I was done, and that I was no longer welcomed to play at Sunset Station. What kind of cheap ass, classless casino makes a big deal when you’re winning less than $3k? FYI, the incompetent casino manager’s name is Vinny - be aware when playing at Sunset.

So word of advice, if you like to play blackjack and don’t know how to cheat (count) and are a legitimate player such as myself, watch how you swing your bets. I do it for fun because it’s an adrenaline rush for me, but the casino could likely view you as a counter and ban you from playing…especially if you’re winning. If you’re losing of course, the casino couldn’t care less.

I just wanted to share my story and advise against playing blackjack at Sunset Station. They’re classless, have poor, incompetent management, and don’t value their guests like their mission statement says on their website. There are many better places to take your business in Vegas, other than this poor excuse for a casino. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 13 years and have never been treated the way I was last night, and I’ve played, won, and lost much more than $1400 in the past without any problem.

If anyone has ever had a similar experience, please share. I’m interested in knowing if anyone has ever been through something similar.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/13/2011:
That's the way casinos are. Sore loosers. They would have had no problem taking your bet if you were on a losing streak, but they have the right to deny any bet they want. Does it make them look good? No. I don't even get why card counting is considered "cheating" anyway, I mean if youre able to remember what cards came up in your head, then how is that really considered cheating? Think of it as you still left a winner, anyway.
Anonymous on 03/13/2011:
I wish Chris513 would come around more often. I bet he'd have some advice for the OP, seeing as how he's a Blackjack dealer and all
old fart on 03/13/2011:
Casinos don't like winners even though that's what they'd like you to believe in their advertising.

Their winners are "losers"...
dan gordon on 03/13/2011:
in my gambling days I used a 'system' where I varied my betting a lot. Same thing happened to me multiple times and that was 30 yrs ago. I wasn't 'banned' but they would just come up and raise the table limit to more than I would ever bet. Sounds like nothing has changed.
DebtorBasher on 03/13/2011:
Man-O-Man, I sure miss Chris513 too fact, I just knocked on his blog door yesterday but he didn't answer :(
Anonymous on 03/13/2011:
I've had similar experiences before in my past at the local casinos. Local, Henderson, or Vegas, they're all the same. They just want your money, like any other business in the world does.

I've had pit bosses become downright ugly and rude, and even curse at me during certain hot streaks. I just stopped going to those particular locations and choose to spend my money elsewhere for entertainment.
Venice09 on 03/13/2011:
Prince, I see what you mean about card counting. It doesn't seem like cheating to me either. It's a strategy just like any other strategy. And it can't be proved, can it? But casinos aren't just going to sit back and let someone clean out the house. I understand why they bid the player farewell.
Anonymous on 03/13/2011:
We were playing craps once in Vegas at Green Valley. It was just me, my husband and son at the table. We were all winning and had accumulated quite a stash of money. Suddenly, they closed the table and told us to move to another one. We did move to another table and, luckily, kept winning. We had a good laugh about it later. We left with our winnings. We were even kicked out of one casino because the dealer said our son was throwing the dice at him (what?). So, not true. We did leave with their money--laughing all the way.

Any casino can shut you down, at any time, for any reason. That's part of their operating rules, which you can request. It may not seem right, but it's not against the law.

There are plenty of casinos to choose from. Just go elsewhere.
trmn8r on 03/13/2011:
They can shut you down, and they did. I wouldn't take it personally. Look at it this way - by asking you to leave they were asking you to take their $900 with you.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
lol threw the dice at the dealer? How is that possible? I mean you can only throw the dice on a craps table one way lol
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
I know, Prince. The guy definitely had a problem. It wasn't even that great of a casino. We laughed all the way to the bank.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
I mean I play craps too, I've had the dice bounce off the side and come up and hit me in the forehead before, it was a good laugh around the table. Just sounded like a disgruntled dealer.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
Yes, he was, Prince. I think anyone whose played craps have seen the dice fly in many directions, but this guy took the cake. They not only lost us, but the entire table of people left too. Everyone had been winning, so this guy lost quite a bit for a very small casino. He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed!
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
I always tip my dealers, too.....I tip more if they are a good and helpful dealer too.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
We do too, Prince. It could bring good Karma! Craps is a fun, sociable game, especially when everyone's winning.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
Me too sing. I like craps because we're all against the house, mostly betting at least the pass line bet. I also like roulette. but when you get to blackjack and poker, or even slot machines which I hardly ever play any more people get a little up tight, since they're all basically playing against each other.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
ahh great. Now I'm getting my gambling itch. I may have to go out on the casino boat this weekend!
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
We never play anything else--just craps. We haven't been in several months, but it's definitely always fun--as long as you know how much you can afford to lose.

Where's the casino boat?
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
I live in Myrtle Beach. There's no gambling here, but there's 2 boats, the suncruz Aquasino, and the big M. They go out to international waters, and you can gamble there. Its a fun time. especially on a nice day, they have music on the top deck, sit back, have a few beers while sailing out, then go down and play your favorite game for about 3-4 hours, then they sail back. Last time I went, I ended up a hundred bucks ahead. Having mostly free drinks too all day, makes me a winner in my book! even breakin even is a winner! I'm not a high roller, but I do enjoy the thrill of the game. Once my bankroll is gone, I go up to the deck and sit and relax outside.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
Sounds like a good way to spend a relaxing day, Prince. Have fun!
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