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Boycott All Suntrup Dealerships
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MISSOURI -- In Noveember of 2006 my wife and I drove to St. Louis Mo. to pick up a Blue 2005 Sante Fe w/ 13,000 miles for a $2500 d/p. We live in Jefferson City, Mo which is a 4 hr drive round trip from St. Louis. When we arrived Suntrup Hyundia tried to convince us that we were there to pick up a Black 2004 Sante Fe with 60,000 miles, although we had all paper work that identified the right SUV. After these deceptive tactics failed, Suntrup then tried to convince us that the SUV was not there. They told us that it had been sold 3 days earlier. If we were fools we would have believed them but, at the time my wife was sitting in the SUV we were to pick up. Suntrup then told us that we could buy the SUV if we gave them a $6000 d/p, although we had an agreement for $2500 d/p. For the third time deceptive tactics were used.

My wife and I did not purchase any vehicle from this dealership, nor will we ever buy from any Suntrup. We wrote a letter to Mr. Craig Suntrup and asked that he address the issues in our situation. Since November until today June 25, 2007 ours situation has not been addressed. I have started a BOYCOTT against all Suntrup dealerships. I have been traveling to St. Louis once or twice a week to stand in front of different Suntrup stores to alert the public about how my wife and I were treated at Suntrup Hyundia. I am asking that no one buy from any Suntrup dealership. Suntrup Hyundai is EXPELLED from the Better Business Bureau. Not because of me. They were EXPELLED before I tried to purchase. I did not know this. Their e-mail is or, These are the owners.
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Anonymous on 06/26/2007:
Did you send them the d/p for the 2005 Santa Fe before you went to pick it up? If all you had was an agreement but no money exchanged hands then you had no contract to purchase the vehicle. Some dealers play this game in order to scam buyers in to buying a more expensive vehicle or something they didn't want in the first place. It's like the ad in the paper offering a fantastic deal that when you call about it they say it's sitting on the lot. But when you get there they say it was sold days ago.
Ponie on 06/26/2007:
I wish I were independently wealthy as you seem to be. No way could I afford to spend 4 to 8 hours per week driving, plus the extra time to stand in front of a dealership to 'alert the public' of your perceived wrong. Nothing better to do with your idle time? Dealerships manage to pull these schemes quite often. That's life. Look on the positive side. You spent 4 hours of 'quality' time with your wife. Hope you took her to lunch/dinner while in St. Louis.
runaway on 06/26/2007:
Wow, welcome to today's auto dealerships. that said, are you really wasting that much of your time over a deal that didn't happen? Try a hobby that will bring some happiness; maybe one you can enjoy with your family.
Ponie on 06/27/2007:
'Maybe you are one of the stupid people in the world. Or maybe you are one of those who just don't care. By the way I have 25 years with the same wife. Many lunches over this time.'

Aw, come on QUEBOOSE, can't do better than that? So you wasted 4 hours' time driving to St. Louis. But you seem to be cutting off your nose to spite your face if you're spending 4-8 hours per week going back. I agree with runaway. If you don't have a job, get a hobby which would probably be more enjoyable than driving.
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