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Super 8 Motel
P.O. Box 4090
Aberdeen, SD 57401
1-800-454-3213 (ph)
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Dirty Conditions
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Rating: 1/51

11610 WEST DODGE, OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- We stayed at the Super 8 motel on 11610 West Dodge Road in Omaha, Ne. When we arrived they put us in 4 different rooms before we had one that had hot water. Very frustrating. When we came back to our room the next evening a broken light had not been fixed, the empty shampoo bottle still on the tub, dirty washcloth on the sink, floors had not been cleaned.

The fire alarms went off, only to find that there was someone upstairs smoking pot and burning incense to kill the smell. They should have been asked to lease. When we went down the next morning for breakfast, the lounge was filthy. Spilled cereal all over the counter, waffle batter all over the counter, and the floor was filthy. We have always stayed at this motel because it is handy for the places we need to go, but not any more. We should have gotten our room for free after all we went through.

Shocked... a CRACKPIPE
By -

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- I stayed at the Super 8 in Pasadena, CA on 12/22/10. My home was evacuated due to flooding and I needed a last minute place to stay that could accommodate my lab. Since I only had 2 hours to get out and the price was great, I chose Super 8. The evening manager was great and helped me find a smoking room that did not have too much odor, they require a smoking room if you have a pet. I'm almost 8 months pregnant so I appreciated this.

About 11:30 PM I went to get a Kleenex, there were some bugs on the walls-really gross and I wanted to get rid of them. Pulled out Kleenex from the dispenser and as I pulled a CRACKPIPE and a paper baggie came out. I was absolutely shocked and called the night manager, his English was terrible and couldn't understand exactly what I was saying but agreed to come up. Meanwhile the phone rang and it was the general manager who said that his assistant was coming to pick up the item. He then told me it was a medical device and not a crack pipe. I said you haven't seen it! How could you know that?

I hung up and waited for the assistant manager. He wouldn't come in the room, and finally I raised my voice and told him to get the item and that I was extremely upset. He got the item and left. By this time it is midnight and pouring rain outside. This was the only room that was "acceptable" in terms of the smoking status. The others I toured reeked of smoke. I was exhausted, had my dog with me and with the horrible storm outside, I didn't feel safe at 7.5 months pregnant changing hotels.

I slept for 6 hours and got up to speak with the manager about the evening and to request a refund. The same assistant manager was there in the morning, incredulous that I wanted my money back. He called the manager, who said to me over the phone that he could give me 20% off and that I should not have stayed in the room. He was terrible to me on the phone, did not apologize or offer to make it right.

I explained to him that I am 30 weeks pregnant, evacuated from my home, my husband was out of town and there was a raging storm outside. He said that I was offered a refund last night--totally not true and I called him on it. He refused to admit what the item was and told me to call the paparazzi he didn't care. Huh? I am absolutely taking this to the corporate level. I took a picture of the item and am so glad I did. I understand that they may have not known about the activity in the room, but to not apologize?

Terrible Place to Stay! Stay away!!!! Stay anywhere else!!!
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- We had the most horrible experience at the Super 8 Motel-San Francisco/Fisherman's Wharf Area (2440 Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA!!! My husband and I brought my 87 year old mother on a trip to San Francisco with us. We started off with no parking spaces remaining at the motel. The manager/desk clerk suggested we park down the street at the Blockbuster after they closed at 10:30. Parking spaces are given on a first come, first serve basis. We arrived at about 4:00 P.M. but all spaces were already full. Inadequate parking!

All of the motel rooms are located upstairs on the second and third floors. We were given a room on the third floor. The motel had no elevator and we all climbed up the most unbelievable flight of stairs I have ever seen in my life. This was not near to code. The stairs were so steep and the height of the steps varied. I am not a tall woman but some of the steps were as high as distance between my ankle and knee making it quite a venture just to get up the stairs to our room!!!

When my mother and I got to the top we felt like we had climbed Mount Everest!!! Just absolutely unbelievable! The ADA (American's With Disabilities Act) would never allow for a place like that to exist without an elevator to accommodate disabled or elderly people. They just haven't had a lawsuit yet!!! The included Continental breakfast was served on a tiny counter in their tiny, tiny lobby. My husband brought us three cups of coffee up that steep, steep staircase!

To top it off they even placed an addition hold of fund on my credit card after I had already paid for the room. It took a few days to get that straightened out with my bank. This place does not represent San Francisco and all of the lovely, wonderful places to stay there and at much, much better rates. My suggestion is to never, never stay there! I stay in the Bay Area about once a month and have for the last 20 years. This place is the worst motel I have ever had the displeasure of staying in.

Worst Hotel Experience in 20 Years of Travel
By -

LANTANA, FLORIDA -- The staff and management of this hotel did everything in their power to ensure a miserable stay. The evening I checked into the hotel, I was told that I would receive two nights' accommodation. The next morning the front desk called me to confirm the fact that I would be staying a second night. When I returned that night, however, I could not gain access to my room. I asked the front desk clerk to update my key. She said, "You only reserved the room for one night, so we have to put you in another room." I pointed out that I had, in fact requested a two night stay -- and this had been confirmed twice by the hotel.

I told the clerk that I would be happy to stay in a new room and that I would like my property transferred from the original room to the new one. She then told me that the hotel could not return my belongings until the next day! I asked to call the manager. The clerk said she didn't have a phone number for the manager. I told her that I didn't believe her, but she persisted. When I told her that I was ready to call the police, she suddenly discovered the manager's number.

The manager refused to fix the problem. "I have a life," he said. "I can't worry about that." Eventually I did have to resort to calling the local police in order to retrieve my belongings. Though the desk clerk had claimed that she had no access to the property, it had miraculously appeared on her desk in time for the police. Amazingly, the front desk clerk had apparently asked the attending officer to arrest me, because, in frustration earlier in the day, I had disconnected the handset of her phone and placed it outside! Altogether hideous.

Discount Misrepresented
By -

ATHENS, OHIO -- Late December 2004, I made a reservation at the Athens, OH Super 8 using the 800 number for Super 8 Motels and providing a CC number to hold the room for a late arrival. When I asked about discounts for AAA or AARP, the agent at the 800 number said she could not pull up any discount information on her computer screen - which I would have to check with the front desk at check-in.

At check-in, I asked the desk clerk about an AAA or AARP discount. The desk clerk said the discount was already reflected in the price. I later found out that was NOT true. I complained to the OH BBB and the motel and requested a refund of the 10% discount I was told was reflected in the price. To date, 3/18, I have had two letters from the motel, through the BBB, saying they were not honoring any discounts that night. That may well be true, but I also know what I was told - that the discount was reflected in the amount I was being charged.

I do not expect to see the requested 10% refund and am not going to waste any further time, effort or postage on this incident. I just want to let folks know that I will never do business with the Super 8 in Athens, OH again, and I strongly recommend that others spending time in the area avail themselves of other housing options.

Oh, do not bother to complain to Super 8 corporate, either. I emailed a complaint on their website; it was ignored. I followed-up with a call and was basically told that all Super 8's are franchises and Super 8 corporate could take no responsibility for how they were being operated.

I followed my call up with a letter and was told that Super 8 corporate could do nothing, that I should contact the franchisee directly. I do not think they even read that letter, as it contained clear references to my two previous contacts with the franchisee. I am NOT impressed. One bad franchisee and an unmotivated corporate customer service department have soured me on all Super 8's. Go Motel 6!

Wouldn't Cancel Reservation
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Rating: 1/51

CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- I tried to cancel my reservation and was told we needed to give them 24 hr notice. How do you do that when you get a call on the road that there is a family emergency? I called them at 5:00 to cancel and they told me NO. I called again when I got to my destination and again was told it had to be a 24 hour notice. This doesn't seem logical to me and we will NEVER stay at a Wyndham Hotel again. Thanks for listening.

Awesome Costumer Service Very Friendly Staff
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Rating: 5/51 - Consumer improved rating by 1 stars

STERLING, COLORADO -- Very friendly ladies, always smiling. Great service and cozy rooms.

Dirty and Filthy Room
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Rating: 1/51

GALLUP, NEW MEXICO -- The room was just dirty, the carpet had holds and the sheets were soiled.

Terrible Hotel and Manager
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Rating: 1/51

ROANOKE RAPIDS -- Bad place.

This franchise is out to rip you out, drive a little further and you will find many better quality motels at BETTER PRICE where you can sleep peacefully and comfortably.
The commotion and loud arguments in their parking lot right through the night had us worried if bullets would come ripping through the walls while we tried to sleep.

Very Dirty and Rude
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Rating: 1/51

COLDWATER, MICHIGAN -- Very rude and dirty. Manager has all kinds of people living here and them guys/kids bombards the meal time. Never any food or coffee left. All kinds of dogs and the manager said he was going to charge everyone 10.00 a night for pets. Like I said people hanging around out front all the time.

Thank you for your time but I'll never stay here again and a lot of people said the same thing.

Good day.

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