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SuperCloset is a Horrible Company
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SAN FRANCISCO -- This is a full review of the Side by Side made by super closet. (Note: It does not matter which super closet you may be interested in. They are ALL complete RIP OFFS! Please do not waste thousands of dollars like I did!)

Smell: The super closet does NOT minimize smell at all! The filter that comes with the closet is the cheapest filter and is not even charcoal based. This filter will NOT help minimize smell!

Ebb and flow: Not a true ebb and flow system. A huge hassle, due to uneasy draining and while most ebb and flow systems have separate tanks for water reservoir and actual plants, making it easy to fill and keep the right Ph, this one has one tank sitting in the other. It is very hard to maintain proper pH and a pain to drain.

Maximum Growth??? Yeah RIGHT!!!! What a joke! This system is NOT efficient at all, especially due to the layout of space. The closet can either be 2x3x6 or 2x6x6 with a light rail. There is nothing special about the white boards to reflect the light; it is still very difficult to get adequate light to all your plants in such a small area.

Light rail: Does nothing for growth, just spreads what growth you would get from a 2x3 space to a 2x6 space. So, if you could get a pound from a 2x3 space and then used the Side by Side with the light rail, you would still only get a pound from the 2x6 space, as all your plants are having to share the light. You WILL NOT get twice the growth due to using the light rail!

Customer Service: Horrible, hard to get a hold of, and depending on whom you talk to they often contradict each other. They will tell you whatever they must to sell you the system, and then they don’t care…ISN’T IT SUSPICIOUS THAT THEY DO NOT OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE???

Vegetation chamber: What a joke! The two fluorescent lights will barely keep vegetative plants alive, let alone help them grow properly! What growth you do get is more of a “stretching up to try to get closer to the light” type of growth, as opposed to the “bushy growth that gives you more nodes, closer together” that you would get with a better light.

Stealth Grow: Not at all! The closet cannot be pushed against the wall, must be kept six to twelve or more inches away, so it looks strange to begin with. It is also loud. I can shut the door to the room that the closet is in and you can still easily hear it from the hallway. You can see light from around the doors, and what the heck are you going to tell people it is anyway? Add the fact that it still smells, and your whole “stealth” plan is GONE!

Fans: The weakest fans you could use and not nearly enough of them to really help keep the temp and air flow optimal.
Shelves: The weakest metal you could use, mine bent and had to be replaced by my second grow!!

Humidity: Very high humidity, leading to real mildew problems! It is difficult to get good air flow and temp, this causes problems with humidity that you would not have just turning a room into a grow room.

Nutrients: I am warning you now…they will send you the cheapest, lowest quality nutrients that are out there! They don’t dissolve properly, causing nutrient problems AND pH problems. When it’s only a few dollars more to get even decent nutrients, it really makes a person quite upset to spend thousands of dollars and then be given such cheap and poor nutrients!

Easy to follow Instructions and DVD??? Again, yah right! First of all, the DVD they send you is only for the single upright closet and they can choose to send you different set ups for the white reflective boards and other things, making parts of the DVD not even relevant! On top of that, when you buy the Side by Side, like I did, this DVD leaves SO MANY questions not answered that you are really left guessing! And lastly, the DVD is just very badly edited and it jumps from topic to topic, sometimes cutting off at very important parts. The written instructions are not much easier to understand, they are just typed out (no helpful pics), and some instructions are worded in such a way that they leave you quite confused.

So, what should a person do if they are interested in starting a grow room and wanting to be discrete? Visit the grow supply stores in your area. Explain your situation and ask for advice. Once you find someone you feel comfortable with, become a loyal customer. You will find the people at grow stores to be so helpful, they are invested in your ongoing success…unlike the Super Closet people, who are absolutely done with you once they make their sale!
Company Response 09/21/2010:
This is a COMPLETELY false review of SuperCloset written by a competitor. This person has not ever owned one, and is very obvious to you if you do, or will, own a SuperCloset. First off, SuperCloset is the ONLY hydroponics company both accredited by the Better Business Bureau AND the only one that has an A+ rating. You ONLY get this if you are an exceptional company, with exceptional products, and exceptional customer service.

I will now address these false claims to show how ridiculous they are and to show how obvious it is this "person" has never even owned one. We do know who it is, but we will only say to only deal with accredited businesses, and watch out for all others!
First false claim- the smell. Superclosets are installed with an activated carbon scrubber that works perfectly fine. We even provide our customers a 100% No-Smell warranty that if you have ANY issues with smells, we actually send you a FREE ozonater!
From here it even gets more ridiculous how obvious it is that this "person" has never even seen one, let alone bought one. Our Ebb n Flow system (that has just now been upgraded to Superponics in all SuperCloset systems) works wonderfully if you prefer ebb n flow over Superponics. The reservoir drains very easy with an actual hose, and is one of the best ebb n flows you can find since it was designed to combine the functions of ebb n flow with some DWC and your roots grow all throughout the reservoir, versus only growing in the cubes, unlike most ebb n flow systems. You can still opt to get the ebb n flow but the new Superponics 2.0 system is a free upgrade and fuses the best of hydroponics technologies, including top feed, DWC, bubble, and aeroponics, all in one! It grows up to 2X faster than any other single method of hydroponics, all with full hands off automation.

Next, the Side2Side with a light mover works incredibly well by automatically moving a strong dimmable (400/430/600) SuperCool Lumatek light back and forth so you get perfect light coverage, and yes, you do increase your yields up to double. A 600HPS is very strong for that size of area, and since you double your square feet, and get light rays showering your plants from all sides you can nearly double your yields. If you want even more light, go with the famous Trinity that has a 400 on one side and a 600HPS on the other for 3 completely separate growing chambers (one vegetation and two flowering for a harvest every 30 days instead of every 60 days)

We welcome anyone to visit us in San Francisco at our warehouse to see all our systems in action! You do get maximum growth from all our systems and we will outgrow and outperform ANY hydroponics cabinet in the market per size, quality and price. The reason is stated in our website, and they include dimmable Lumatek SuperCool lights on yo-yo's, Superponics hydro systems, completely air tight AND light tight (another obvious reason this "person" never had one. Plus, if you have ANY issues whatsoever, you get lifetime customer service and a FREE 3 year warranty on everything and anything, so that you grow the absolute best you possibly can without any prior growing knowledge.) SuperClosets are also the only systems that have a DUAL air cooled light, internal circulation fan for perfect air flow, an adjustable vegetation chamber, a SCROG trellis for 40% more yields, highly reflective magnetic walls, a SuperCloner for perfect cloning and vegetation, (the lights work perfectly well for vegetation as well. They are two 4100K Cool Whites, and grow you very bushy nodes with 100% cloning success!). All SuperCloset cabinets are also 24 inch deep "Infra Cool" high quality 18 gauge powder coated, triple locking, black steel cabinets that are actually cool to the touch, even with the lights on. They are light tight and air tight (remember, you get a 3 year warranty on EVERYTHING) Also, your SuperCloset is quiet as any other system on the market, and you can put your SuperCloset within 4 inches of any wall, and the controls are out of sight for incredible stealthness that was designed to fit into ANY home/apartment. In fact, our SuperLocker just won "Most Stealth System" for 2010.

I feel very sorry for companies that have to write fake posts like this. Another funny thing to read from all "his" false claims is about our DVD and customer service. Our systems are SO easy to use and our DVD goes through every possible scenario, and even provides "Grow Tips" including everything you need to have a continual harvest cycle with the maximum yields; including cloning, mothers, vegetating, flowering, how to tie plants down/up, adjusting light cycles, nutrients, ph testing, and on. Plus, you get LIFETIME customer service so you have a lifetime partner to grow with. Once again, all of this is why we have an A+ rating. Please call us with any questions you may have and check out our new videos on our new website, with all of our products. We are starting to put out more and more uploads and videos with all of our SuperClosets, Superponics systems, and Verticalponics systems fully in action!

These are many of the reasons SuperClosets win awards every year for nearly 8 years, and how SuperCloset is known in the industry and growing community as the leading automated hydroponics leader in the world. We always strive to always be at least 2-3 steps ahead of the competition, and our record and products show it. Please come by for a personal tour in our warehouse in beautiful San Francisco, and/or call one of our very informative, helpful, and supportive sales partner today or visit us at You will grow easier, bigger, and better with SuperCloset. Guaranteed. Happy Growing!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
Out of curiosity, what are you growing in there, that you are concerned about your "stealth" plan and the smell?

BTW, I'm not really expecting an answer.

Slimjim on 02/25/2010:
Considering poster mentions discretion more than once, describes the by-product's yield in pounds and looks for "bushy growth that gives you more nodes", I could take a wild guess.
It's too bad this closet thing has these flaws. Quite an interesting item otherwise- worthy of perhaps a corner in my garage if it was better built to suit my.. er.. daisy growing needs.
I vote this well outlined review very helpful.
madconsumer on 02/25/2010:
the item is sold for a pot growing cabinet.
jktshff1 on 02/25/2010:
recon you could use it for organic gardening and they are trying to supply their customers fresh veggies year round! lol!
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
Yeah I remember seeing a SuperCloset advertisement in High Times although I don't recall them ever doing a SuperCloset review.

This review stands out as one of the most informative helpful reviews in the history my3cents. Excellent job!!!
PepperElf on 02/27/2010:
ooo I would suggest contacting the police to file a complaint against the company then...
ksee1819 on 06/05/2010:
SuperCloset has more than exceeded my expectations. I bought the Side by Side a few months ago and was just beginning to get into horticulture growing. The boxes are very expensive but well worth the cost! They have people to answer your growing questions during any daytime hours and will replace anything that breaks within the closet within 24 hours. Their customer service alone has set them apart from others. they know what they are doing and are willing to answer even the most beginner questions. These phone calls alone have saved me countless trips to grow stores around town and a lot of headaches. Very good purchase and topped with remarkable service!
HookedOnPonics on 01/16/2011:
I am very surprised to read that negative review. I actually feel obligated to post because I don't think that this is a real review. If you actually owned the cabinet, it would be very clear that this doesn't really sound like this person has the just doesn't make sense. I love mine. I don't know much about this website, so I won't post any pics here or anything, but check youtube and some forums and you can easily see how well these things work.
HookedOnPonics on 01/25/2011: mold or mildew at all...perfect environment and easy cleaning...once per cycle.
ILoveOrganicFood on 01/26/2012:
You all are insinuating that these closets are used exclusively for growing Canabis. One trip to the grocery store for a few genetically grown peppers with no nutritional value at $2.50 a pepper and $4.00 for a head of organic lettuce gives a lot of folks good reason to buy one of these. I love fresh salads and the fact that I can have my fresh vegetables on daily basis without pesticides, without driving to the store, with a hydroponic system that fits nicely in the corner of my laundry room with no rotting smells and I can leave it for a week to take a trip gives me just a few good reasons to love this system. I've had mine now for almost a year and I love it. Yes it was pricey but the price more than compensates for the convenience of a daily trip to the grocery store so it fits my needs and works flawlessly. I don't partake in Canabis but if I wanted to, I should be free to do so. It's time to get that unconstitutional archaic law off the books forever.
CannabisZenMaster on 04/04/2012:
Wow, I just went to and looked up superponics, and yeah, there they were w/ that A rating. That's pretty good evidence that this review is bogus. I am researching to buy one of these. What an amazing invention! And yeah, I am going to grow tomatoes in it, haha.
Jeff on 11/15/2012:
EVERY response in this thread that said Supercloset works is actually Supercloset themselves. I just purchased a Deluxe and the original review is spot on. Superclosets overheat, don't stop the smell and leak light like mad, your house will smell like wild green tomatoes all the time, mine does :(
i'll tell ya on 11/20/2012:
for those looking to have a stealth cabinet that produces quality yields, that is easy to use, that minimized odors completely, that is extremely efficient
ben on 02/09/2013:
It is pathetic the 'tug' and 'pull' tactics. either positive or negative. I have a great idea. TRY IT YOURSELF! you will never really know if it works for 'you' unless you try. in looking at all the components of the system it is everything you need. trust me if the company and products were crap. then why would it be around for so long? and wouldn't there be more official INDEPENDENT negative reviews? if you are tight with money then stick with your cfl's and cardboard box. you would still get a little something. but if you have the money, it is worth it because the kinks have been worked out. and there are some people to help you out. I purchased a superlocker 3.0 and yes I was nervous that I just wasted my money. but the main reason I purchased it was because 2 of my friends have them as well. and needless to say it is not making me nervous anymore. and to all the scrubs out there constantly asking, 'WHAT'S THE YIELD, WHAT'S THE YIELD' yields come from your nutes, lighting,cleanliness,genetics, and air. and keeping very strict on the feeding schedule and not overdoing it. yield comes best from working with what you got. if you want 5 pound 'tomato' plants. then I suggest growing outside in a field somewhere in the hills. your only going to get so much from these systems. but is enough for the customer that would need this to begin with. Another thing to keep in mind when buying from these peeps, is they are the main leader for these type of units. I spent so many hours researching online. and no one else is like these guys. much less an A rating with BBB. yes, it does give peace of mind. no one else gives a damn and provides no support, the other people just want to overcharge you and make money of course. so what if SUPERLOCKER is somewhat expensive. Ide gladly pay for the kinks to be worked out and a support team with warranties. YOU GOING TO GET THAT FROM HOME DEPOT? lol ya right.. keep growing people.
Anonymous on 06/04/2014:
I've purchased and used their products on several occasions for different purposes and have had NONE of the above issues. No light leak, no smell and no issues setting them up via DVD. BTW ... The nutrients that they send with their products are NOT the cheapest on the market. I prefer to make my own stack but in the meantime I've used the provided nutrients with zero "dissolve" issues. As a matter of fact, I've given some of these nutrients to a friend using a similar setup and they [friend] have been satisfied with their results using the provided nutrients!

On the matter of Customer Service ... I've called and harassed the crew at Super Closet several times and have been taken care of immediately with NO HASSLE. They've been more then helpful, even after the fact of owning their products for well over a year.

My resolution of the above poorly written review is that it's bogus and sounds like it originated from a competitor perhaps. Reasons why: I have several friends since my purchases that have been affiliated with the company as well and love their product. I myself have used a few of their products and have had none of the above mentioned issues and lastly .... If you're gonna write a negative review .. Please check your terrible spelling whilst reaming a well known and, in my opinion, GREAT company.


Super Closet Customer for life ...enough said
Jim on 06/27/2014:
I actually ordered one of these things to grow heirloom tomatoes and real herbs and stuff to save money and I can not get exotic produce that I like being a gourmet chef in my area so I figured I would grow my own produce and some edible flowers and I can say that I am disappointed because they answered questions before I ordered it two weeks ago and I have emailed them back twice asking why it had not shipped yet and had a few more questions and I have been totally ignored by Rory the COO and using the support email on their website. I am very disappointed in getting no response because I hate being baited and when someone gets my money they could care less about your questions like where Is my item I paid $2500 for two weeks ago and why has it not shipped yet? I give an F so far and I do not even have the item I ordered yet.
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