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Caution! Stay Away from Superior Walls
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- We recently had Superior Walls of Hudson Valley NY deliver and set up our foundation walls for our new modular home with Breezeway and Garage. After the Superior walls finished their installation, I inspected the walls and found a large arc type crack in the foundation wall for the garage in the base corner of the wall. There was also damage in the back of the Superior Wall, a piece of the wall was actually broken off. After I immediately advised Superior Walls of the Hudson valley about my findings and they said the damage was cosmetic not structural. I advised them that I believed that any damage, structural or not was still damaged and the section wall needed to be replaced. Superior Walls made a poor attempt to cover it up. But the damage is still visible and the completion of my home is still being delayed. I don’t see why Superior Walls does not stand by their product and replace the damaged walls.
What good is a 15 year warranty if they refuse to properly repair the wall. Anyone interested in seeing the photo’s, email me. I would be glad to send them to you. My town building inspector also wrote a letter to Superior Walls, advising them that the wall was damaged and I would not get a C.O. unless it was properly repaired. The owner Art Akert Senior promised me he would meet with me on the property so we could both discuss and look over the damage together. He also stated he was going to get a certified engineer to check out the damage. But he changed his mind, and stated he was not going to do anything else. I would never ever recommend Superior Wall of the Hudson Valley to anyone. Iam very disappointed.This has cost me lots of time and money. I WOULD STAY CLEAR OF SUPERIOR WALLS OF THE HUDSON VALLEY.

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Anonymous on 07/04/2005:
I hope you haven't paid them all the money!
RHS on 08/25/2005:
Can't you contact corporate headquarters? This is a franchise, maybe headquarters wouldn't be too pleased with the way you've been treated.
Kym on 02/21/2006:
I built a house with them. Having huge problems and it has been over a year that they have done nothing. It seem that this is very common. I am going to find out why they still have a franchise!
SteveR1960 on 03/28/2006:
Folks - I work at Dow Chemical and am trying ot understand customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with products that use our Styrofoam brand. Would you be willing to talk to me for a few minutes about your problems with your basement wall? If you click on my username, I have enabled emails to be sent to me.
CTHomeowner on 05/06/2007:
Hello 'tominick97',

Please contact me. I am going through some major issues with my Superior Walls foundation system and with the same folks in the Hudson Valley franchise office. I am very interested in seeing your photos and learning more about your situation. I have several 'arc type' cracks in several places. I find this amazing, since these walls are constructed in a controlled environment, etc., etc. Thank you in advance!

P.S. Anyone else out there that has an issue with Superior Walls, please email me too!
superiorwalls on 06/04/2007:
As one of the owners of Superior Walls of the Hudson Valley, I am responding to tominick97 regarding the issues with his foundation. Superior Walls of the Hudson Valley does stand by our product and what was written about us is not true. Mr. D'Angelo(tominick97)chose to complete his review without stating all of the occurrences. Art Ackert Sr. did visit the site on two occasions to inspect the area of concern with Mr. D'Angelo. It was concluded that the issue was cosmetic and not a structural issue. At this time we did make the cosmetic repair to the foundation panel. In addition to this, Mr. D'Angelo also failed to include in his review that Superior Walls did send a NYS Licensed Engineer on June 27, 2005 to inspect the foundation. The engineer concluded the same, it was merely cosmetic and not structural. We have in hand the sealed engineer's report on this inspection which was completed 7 days prior to Mr. D'Angelo's review on our company. This report is available to anyone who is interested in seeing it. I can only assume that the building inspector also concluded that the foundation was structurally sound as it is two years later and I'm sure Mr. D'Angelo has received his CO by now. We do give a 15 year warranty on our foundation system and stand by it 100%. It is unfortunate that postings on sites, such as this, cannot be monitored for truthfulness. My email address has been posted with this response and I welcome all correspondance in regards to this issue or anything else regarding Superior Walls of the Hudson Valley. Thank you.
superiorwalls on 06/04/2007:
To CTHomeowner;

I don't know if you've contacted us regarding the issues you are having with your foundation as I am unaware of who you are. Please call us so we can assess the problem for you. Thank you!
pripra on 10/04/2008:
I have a similar problem with Superior walls cracking from a corner of the house. 3 year old house. The cracks are running horzontally on two walls adjacent to the corner of the porch. The porch is back filled with dirty. The walls are exposed 6 feet about ground to the floor of the porch. The cracks are 1 foot from the top of the concrete floor of the porch. One wall seems like pushing out, by 1/2" at the crack line. I wish I can add a picture to this forum. Any ideas on what is the best way to repair them.
g&j on 10/21/2008:
Well my house is falling over! Walls are all cracked --one in half-- I have braces and cables holding it all---Superior Walls put them in to hold it but they will not fix the problem--they said it was the contractor who designed our basements fault the contractor says the opposite --well 9 months have gone by still broke ---- We have a 10' basement with a back walkout they built a 6' wood wall on a 4' Superior Wall "key word is walk out so no backfill " well the wall bent in half at the joint and was pulling the house with it. Superior Wall said it should have been made with an 8' wall with 4' of it buried in the ground for support. So anyway I talked to the contractor and he says we are not basement builders that's why we hired it out and that one of Supieror Wall sales reps. which has now quit or been fired designed it for him. Superior Walls say "think of us like Home Depo we just sell you the walls you order we don't build the basement for you. How are we supposed to know you are not going to backfill the whole back of your house which caused all the problems" I said "because it has a Walkout" at least they did come out and brace it until the court finds out who is guilty.
expinstaller on 06/13/2009:
not having all the info you need is the problem .I think if you are going to use Superior Walls or any type of concrete foundation you need to have a person that is not affiliated with the company doing the install to ensure it is done properly .the most common problems with Superior walls is a improper install or not following proper guidlines.this usuallt falls to the contractor but if he don't know then how will he know it wrong. lot of peeps don't like the sealing process but if done properly it is fail safe .companys trying to save money might scimp on proper applying procedures which allow leaks .HIRE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY BY NOT KNOWING!!!!
Wiggles on 09/20/2011:
I have read quite a few interesting and negative posts about Superior Walls or more specifically Hudson Valley. We are in the final decision making process of SW or poured foundation. Our GC is pressing SW, but every excator is very unwilling to prepare the site for them. Ours too will be a walkout and there are 3 different install types for the frost wall. SW of PA has been very helpful and we have yet to speak with SWoHV. It seems two things - Excavotors uneasyness with something that "is not the way they've done it for 20yrs (which just pisses me off) and SWoHV install team. In theory, the system makes a lot of sense. It seems as though the more sotne you use, the better. It makes only sense that the seam or buttjoint between panes / caulk is the weak link. We are planning on adding a thin crete brushed to make it look uniform and add another layer. It also appears that everyone has used the R5 system ( 2 piece por v. Xi single pour) is this also part of the problem? Most posts have been over 5 years old, so I am anxious to here of any updates. On board or direct is great

Ted on 03/01/2012:
I see the company will send out and engineer, Peoples opinions tend to reflect the opinion of those paying the bills. When the engineer comes out does he take any cores or perform any ultra sound or raiographic test to determine the depth or extent of the cracks? I doubt it. In cases like these the home owner should hire and engineer at customarily acceptable rates for and opinion. I was skeptical but highly optimistic of the system, I have worked on formed concrete for many years, residential foundations to 6 story bridge piers. I would say the system is very dependent on getting a well placed and compacted base on soils that are compatible with the system, some soils just aren't going to yield good results. Now for the average home owner the SW franchise is going to tell you we don't dig the whole, the contractor is going to tell you we sub out the digging and placement of the stone, and the excavator is going to tell you he didn't make the walls. Point being with so many people overlapping you could get old while the buck is passed and the fingerpointing goes on. Even with legal action it could take years to settle if you have a problem. Unless you need your foundation in 1 day or have to build in the coldest weather , go with a proven method, cast in place concrete with a good footing and proper drainage. And I don't consider the styrofoam forms very good either,They are a real pain to brace and as we know they have to be pumped and to be pumped the concrete has to be wet out, less strength right there.
jrslmsch on 05/10/2012:
What is the goal of having a "superior wall"? Especially if it is only warrantied for 15 years? A normal, three piece foundation can be warrantied against any ground water seepage for the life of the home if you go with a Basement Systems company. The strength of the poured walls seems superior, the water proofing with this system is superior, and the basement finishing is superior if you go with Basement Systems products. Ask your self a basic question, do you want to live in your house only 15 years? What kind of warranty is that?
steve on 08/23/2013:
Superior Walls foundations are a great product. Superior Walls of the Hudson Valley are out of biz. There are literally hundreds of thousands of very happy and satisfied customers throughout the region. There is a new company taking over that area and they are all about customer service.If these issues were addressed and repaired you would be satisfied and happy w/ your foundation. It is not the product but the quality of the people who offer Superior Walls.
steve on 08/23/2013:
I have been in construction my entire life. I do not know nor have I ever heard of a foundation contractor giving a guarantee for even 1 day that it won't leak. If you want a lifetime guarantee you can apply a coating. Superior Walls foundations are much better than poured concrete between 2 pieces of plywood. in fact they can achieve up to a 50,000 lbs point load. they have a nice clean broomed finish as opposed to the marks left over from pouring concrete between 2 pieces of plywood which is exactly what a traditional foundation is.
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Faulty Product
Posted by on
Superior Walls are the biggest rip off company I have ever been associated with. They say they guarantee their walls but the first rain syorm I had there was water in my basement..I have had over six floods from foundation problems due to this horrible product..To fix would cost several hundred thousdand dollars..I have horrible mold and will never be able to sell my home..
Is anyone doing a class action against this company?
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 08/11/2011:
was the outside of the walls sealed? did they install a french drain around the foundation?
Venice09 on 08/11/2011:
This is a serious problem. You are correct in saying you will never be able to sell your home if it is infested with mold. And getting rid of it is expensive and difficult.

I try not to say this too often, but I'd consult with an attorney.
Anonymous on 08/11/2011:
madconsumer +107
Old Timer on 08/11/2011:
I agree with Venice, let Superior Walls pay the hundreds of thousands in damage they have caused. Just be sure you don't give them an out by changing the outside grade that would cause flooding etc. They will look for any excuse they can to weasel out of doing what is right.
Venice09 on 08/11/2011:
That's good advice, Old Timer. The OP might even want to get a second opinion.

Just curious, OP. Did you have water problems before the walls were installed?
jktshff1 on 08/11/2011:
Ya need to contact an attorney, class action would take years and net nothing.
Old Timer on 08/11/2011:
What do you mean Jkt? They would get a very valuable coupon for $10 off on their next wall purchase! Of course the bottom feeding attorneys would walk away with the hundreds of thousands of $$.
jktshff1 on 08/11/2011:
trmn8r on 08/11/2011:
Was it a faulty PRODUCT, or a faulty INSTALLATION? There is a big difference.
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Reckless Driving
Posted by on
The driver of the white pickup towing a trailer with the above tag number was wreckless and used poor judgment in nearly causing a multi-vehicle accident on I-85 southbound around 06:30 hrs. on Friday, 15 Jan 10. Speeding in the right lane and attempting to zip into the left lane between myself and a tractor trailer in the right lane. The driver of the Superior Walls vehicle either forgot that he was towing a trailer or intentionally used poor judgment to pass on the right while speeding over 75 mph. If this individual uses such poor judgment while driving, he more than likely practices the same poor judgment in executing his business.
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User Replies:
goduke on 01/15/2010:
Why wouldn't you call Superior Walls about this?
Ytropious on 01/15/2010:
Yeah seriously, I'm sure his boss is never going to see this.
skelly39 on 01/15/2010:
This really isn't a complaint about the company. Perhaps you should call them to complain about the driver. Then, if you don't get a satisfactory response, you can come back on here and make a valid complaint against the company.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
A clear cut case for justifiable road rage!
Assuming that you have military experience why didn't you pull that jerk over and let him hear about it?
goduke on 01/15/2010:
Why would you pull over a stranger and start yelling at him? He might have a gun. Especially in North Carolina. Call the company and report him.
Nohandle on 01/15/2010:
As others have suggested, call the business and ask for the owner. It's amazing the employees who are driving company owned vehicles forget in many cases the name of the company and a telephone number are listed as advertising on the outside of the vehicle. Hello. You have the tag number of the vehicle so it shouldn't be too hard for the owner to track down the driver.
Starlord on 01/15/2010:
You can call the company, and give them all the particulars, and they should have a record of who was towing that trailer that day. Calling the police is off the table, as this is a traffic offense, and there was no officer witnessing what happened. Arizaona has a process, seldom used, where you could go to justice court and sign a long form complaint, which has the same effect as a ticket. Of course, then you have to appear in court and convince the judge that your perceptions are correct. Be aware that if you are wrong, the other party may then sue you in civil court, and the transcript of the hearing will be evidence. My advice? Simply know that these things happen.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
GD, don't be such a mamby pamby.
Stand up for yourself!
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
did you perhaps alert the local authorities about this nut job, as you were witnessing his wreckless driving?
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Wasn't there a sticker on the back of the truck with a phone number to call to complain about their driving? And if bad driving is a reflection on how well somebody does their job, well then the whole city of Phoenix is in big trouble. I'll admit, I'm a bad driver, but I am good at my job. One thing has nothing to do with the other
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Why would you jump on a website and complain about this instead of grabbing your cell phone and calling the state police while you were behind the guy?
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