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Dumped at Midnight
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- BEWARE! I was dumped at the curb at midnight at the LAX Airport by a SuperShuttle driver who had spotted a better fare. I paid for a reservation months before and after checking in and waiting about 20 minutes my luggage and I were loaded into a van. I was the only passenger. The driver picked up another passenger and then called the SuperShuttle representative and said he didn't want to drive me all the way to the ocean and that he wanted the four walk up passengers who were waiting next to me at the original stop. He then pulled over; unloaded my luggage and told me to get out.

I am a 69 year old woman and, therefore, a target. I was horrified that my safety was put at risk by dumping me far away from the departing passengers from my flight to an isolated location to wait to see if perhaps another SuperShuttle driver was willing to pick me up. During the 20 minutes I waited, the only person I saw was the SuperShuttle representative, a small woman. I called the 800 number but never heard a single apology. This tells me that SuperShuttle corporate ethics are not focused on customer care or safety. You may want to trust them, but me, never again.

Really Disappointed With Their Service
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Super Shuttle in other cities had always provided a very reliable and great service. You would book easily online. A 20 min. notification would be given to you prior to the shuttle pickup. Another call notifying you that the driver was near would also be included and the entire trip to and from the airport would be a good experience.

However, today was the 2nd time I have had a very bad experience with the Pittsburgh Super Shuttle service. First, I did not receive a 20 min. advisory call from them, notifying me that the shuttle is about to arrive. Then, the shuttle does not appear or lets me know that they have arrived as if the service had never been setup. I end up having to call the Super Shuttle customer service line to find out, that they don't know where the shuttle is located.

As a last minute courtesy, Super Shuttle books a cab to come pick me up. The first time around, the cab ends up on the other side of town and so another cab is dispatched to come and pick me up at the nick of time. I barely made it on my flight on that occasion.

Today, Super Shuttle books a cab, and 20-25 minutes later, the cab has not shown up. I call the cab company and they did not have any idea about the service provided by Super Shuttle. The cab company was about to dispatch a cab for me, and I went on to cancel the service, because if I waited around, I would probably miss my flight. I ended up having to drive myself to the airport and using the extended parking at the airport. I do not recommend the Super Shuttle service in Pittsburgh at all. Give yourself some peace of mind and try anything else, but them.

Thieves and Liars
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I forgot my purse in one of the vans. Soon after I contacted them to see whether it would be possible to return them to the bag. Kadisha, the attendant, treated me very badly on the phone and said I would have to contact the supervisor of the lost and found on Monday. I called William, the supervisor, but known as Will, I told him that I did not live in Miami and asked him if was ok they send me the bag by shipping. Will told that he'll check and he'll call me back with some answers, but he never did!

I called him again, and they told me that I have to send someone there for pick up the bag, since I didn't know anyone in Miami. I told him I need time to find someone to do me that favor. He told me was ok, because that bag was lock in a special room and I had 3 months to figure out what to do. After a month, I had a friend going to Miami and he was able to do that favor for me. I called Will to let him know that I found someone, and for my surprise they give away my personal belongs. I got so upset because the bag was not lost anymore because I looked for the bag at the same day and they have all my information and contact.

I asked to Will if I can talk with his supervisor. Will told his supervisor that I never got in contact with him. And his supervisor told that can be shipping if I pre-pay. So it's look like that Will is a lazy ass. He is a liar. Beware from those Super Shuttle staff because they don't care about customer support. If you forgot something in Super Shuttle van, call 800 number and open a case. Never call direct to the office, because they don't give a **!

Horrible Company - Stay Away
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Rating: 1/51

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA -- I have used their service on 5 separate occasions and was not picked up on 3 of these! Incident 1: Arrival at LAX on 8/17/2015. I had a confirmed reservation for my American Airlines flight 1092 to be picked up at LAX (11:04pm).

Upon my arrival, I contacted the dispatcher on the ground, who told me they wouldn't be able to honor the reservation, as there wouldn't be any van available and no contacted driver wanted to take me. His recommendation was for me to take a cab and pay for it myself. I then escalated the matter to the call center supervisor, who arranged a van with 5 other parties that picked me up at LAX 80 minutes later. It took me an additional 3h and 40minutes to make it back home to Riverside.

Incident 2: Arrival at ONT on 12/20/2015. I had a confirmed reservation for United Airlines flight 5422 to be picked up at ONT (12:30am). Upon arrival, I contacted the phone dispatcher, who told me they wouldn't be able to honor the reservation, as they expected me an hour earlier (despite me having email proof to the contrary). Her only recommendation was for me to take a cab and escalate the matter to the customer service department, asking for a refund and the fare difference between the Supershuttle fare and the cab fare.

Incident 3: Pickup to ONT on 3/17/2016. I had a confirmed reservation to be picked up at home between 5:20pm and 5:35pm. Since the driver did not contact me (neither by text, voice call, or by ringing the doorbell), I called Supershuttle 3 minutes past the pickup window, i.e., at 5:38pm, only to found out that the driver had been in front of my house at 5:28pm and had since left.

The agent told me that my only option would be to hire a private cab service as the driver could not go back and pick me up. I escalated the matter to the call center supervisor Bob, who told me that my phone number was listed as “international,” although my email confirmation (attached to this email) clearly states a standard US number.

Finally, the agent indicates that the driver had no obligation to contact me. This was clearly not communicated in the email confirmation that I had received after making my booking. That message stressed that I would NOT be required to take additional action and that all I needed to do would be to be “ready” at the beginning of the pickup window, which I was! No mentioning of having to wait on the curb, which I have also never witnessed other passengers do on my previous trips with Supershuttle.

So, in sum, my experiences point to systematic service failure by Supershuttle. This company does not care about their customers and I do hope that Uber/Lyft will drive them out of the marketplace, hopefully sooner than later!

Super Shuttle Sucks Big Time!!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I booked a reservation for pick up at my home for me and my family to the airport on a van just for us, not shared to San Francisco Airport for June 8 pick up. That went okay, but on our return on June 24, it was horrible! A van showed up with other people in it and the driver said there weren't any drivers available. He said we should cancel our reservation and pay him another $75. I told him no. I called Super Shuttle again and was told that there were no drivers available. I was really ** off at this point and told them that they sure didn't hesitate to take my money!!

Another driver came by and said the same thing. Things got ugly at that point (did I mention it was around 3 am already). I told him where to go, then he started swearing at me until my 6' 4" son and I chased the ** to his van. An empty van finally showed up at 3:30 am and "agreed" to take us home. I will never use Super Shuttle again. Very unreliable and unprofessional.

Super Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

LS VEGAS -- Traveling into Vegas on business and did not arrange transportation prior to, so I bought a round trip ride with SuperShuttle and was informed it would be a few minutes. Well 30 minutes later the van left and to my surprise was dropped off first. After confirming three times the address of the hotel, since there were multiple hotels with the same brand name I was dropped off.

Upon check in I was informed it was the wrong hotel. I quickly went to the door but the shuttle was gone. I called customer service and they said another shuttle would arrive to take me to the correct hotel and it would be 30 minutes. So I jumped a cab for $10 and they knew where to take me. I later co-tagged customer service and was given an apology and they blamed the driver. No refund, no concern, no taking ownership, just a lot of BS. Never again SuperShuttle. Ripoff.

Refused to Drive Us Home and Denied Refund
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I booked round trip shuttle service to and from airport for 3 women and 2 kids. The trip to the airport went off without a hitch, the driver picked us up on time and got us to the airport with no problems. On the return trip the driver refused to take us home. He stated our 7yr old needed a booster seat. I tried to tell him that they drove him to airport without one and that he is heavier than his 9yr old sister and almost only 1" shorter.

He told us sorry catch a cab it's cheaper anyway and went back to flirting with girl at the counter. I asked for refund for the portion of the service I did not receive and after week of the runaround I was denied a refund. I did learn one thing, he was right cab was 20.00 cheaper. I recommend using a cab and save the headache.

Airport Shuttle Service
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I would not recommend using this service. We booked round trip travel to and from the airport for $64. During the return home trip we were left at the airport and told “take a cab, it will be reimbursed.” A charge of $34 was found instead of reimbursement. Below is full story. 12/23/08, booked round trip travel from south San Jose CA to San Jose Airport. Agreement was $32 to the airport on 12/25/08, then $32 home on 01/01/09. 12/14/08, a charge of $64 was placed on my debit card. 12/25/08, we were picked up and delivered on time.

01/01/09 our plane landed an hour late. 9:00pm called Super Shuttle to let them know we were waiting on our luggage, and wanted to find out where we needed to go for pickup. Was told by SuperShuttle agent to go across the street from International arrivals for pickup. 9:45pm called SuperShuttle again to let them know we were across the street from International arrivals, and waiting on the van, but there was no one there. We were told to wait and it would be there in 5-10 min.

10:00pm called SuperShuttle again and were told that we just needed to look for the van, and lady hung up. 10:15pm called SuperShuttle again, and was told that our prepaid ride had left, and the next one would not be available for 2 hours. (This airport is quite small so there is no way to miss a big blue van that says “Super Shuttle” in big yellow letters on the side.

We were told that since supershuttle left us, we could take a cab home and supershuttle would reimburse the “difference” between the cab fair and the super shuttle cost. I tried to explain to the lady that we had already prepaid and I expected supershuttle to either pay for the taxi, or refund my trip, then she put me on hold without a word. When she returned she told me “We will refund the difference.” I asked what refunding the difference meant and I was put on hold again.

This little dance went on until around 10:50pm with me being put on hold a total of 6 times. Neither side raised voices or got angry, however my questions were never answered and the conversation ended with SuperShuttle hanging up on me a second time. Took a cab ride and got home around 12:00am. 01/04/09 Called super shuttle and was told to email the receipt to them along with my complaint number. I double checked the email address before hanging up. However when I went send the email, the address was not valid. 01/06/09 called super shuttle and got a fax number. 01/10/09 Faxed supershuttle with receipt and complaint number.

01/19/09 checked account to see if amount of $38 had been refunded for cab ride. Found that not only had they charged me on 12/24 for round trip, but they charged me another $34 on Jan 3 for no reason. No money had been refunded. 01/20/09 Called super shuttle complaint department and explained the situation. Was given another number to call. 01/20/09 SuperShuttle head office said my complaint had already been processed and they paid me $6. I explained the situation and said you actually owe me $72 and no money has been refunded at all. The head office said “Wow, this is a good one. I need to sort this out and get back to you.”

01/21/09 called back and the same head office guy said this case has been given to someone else, I will have to find out who and call you back. 01/21/09 got a message on Jan 21st saying the complaint had been processed and I had been refunded $38. 01/22/09 Called back and thanked him for reimbursing the $38 however I had also been charged $34 for a trip I have never scheduled or taken. Was told “I am swamped right now, I need to call you back later.” They are not answering the phone any more, and have not called back.

Advertisement Is Crappyshutter
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Rating: 1/51

SABANILLA, COSTA RICA, FLORIDA -- I caution anyone coming to Costa Rica and AVOID like the plague because they are THE WORST transportation service. They are prone to making false confirmation, more interested in getting your money and breaking promises of being reliable. I booked a round trip in Los Yoses to Mount OSA. The hostel staff was given all information with directions, contact phone numbers and dates and time for Mount OSA. In turn, the staff emailed the information to the shuttle service a week before I was scheduled for pickup; also I requested a taxi service up and down the mountain from the eco-community.

The manager even TOLD the hostel staff, who spoke Spanish, they can arrange pickup and drop off with an arranged taxi service which was $20 extra. Thus the total cost of the trip round trip was $160: $60 one way (for round trip $120) and $20 for the taxi service (for 2 days $40). The service didn't send a confirmation regarding or reiterating the details after the phone call.

On the eve of my trip, then, and ONLY THEN, I received an email for payment only. Also, ** details only listed the dates I was leaving and returning and how much I'm to pay for my trip. Nothing else was provided as to where I was being dropped off and the name of the taxi driver or service at Mount OSA.

I sent my PayPal payment and requesting that he confirm by replying with an outline of the complete details as I provided a week ago. Before retiring for the evening, there was no response and by the next morning, still no email. Even the driver had no idea what I was talking about and the situation gotten even worse once I arrived at Mount OSA. The driver asked me, where do you need to go? The dispatcher lacked to provide a drop off and pick up location. So the driver, after several attempts, kept calling the office till he gotten ** when at that time, the driver was instructed in finding a taxi, provide direction and PAY the cab driver.

Before the date of my return, I had emailed and EVEN CALLED ** in verifying my pickup from the mountain and being dropped off at the tour office for the shuttle arrival. ** kept saying “Yes, yes” to everything I said without even acknowledging he even understood. I sent my email and requested a confirmation which should be answered by Saturday because I schedule to leave for Sunday afternoon. He never replied.

Once again, I had to arrange my own taxi service going down the mountain and PAID $40 rather than $20. The tour office manager, where I had to wait for the shuttle, was so generous and spoke to ** and explained the situation. She repeated his words that I should expect a reimbursement when the return driver arrives, however, the driver stated that he didn't have any additional funds to pay me back – yet he had money for filling up the van.

I explained to the driver that evening, also the situation about why the service owes me $40; he even called the office but spoke to another driver. He repeated that the office will pay me back via PayPal after New Year's (I left on New Year's Eve).

Well, on 2 Jan 2013, no such email regarding reimbursement was received so I sent a request for a ‘refund' which the service unprofessional completely and simply ignored. The hostel staff has called numerous of times and throughout the day, he was lucky to get ONE pick up and each time inquiring about refund; ** answer was always different. Either there was a problem with the computer or they've already sent it; whatever the case - always a lie.

As of 10 Jan 13, it's been 11 days since my return from Mount OSA and I still haven't gotten my refund. Earlier today the hostel staff, after making contact for 2 weeks, had informed me that the manager again claims he sent payment, but no such transaction has been made.

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! AVOID at any cost from scheduling for transportation service with because ** is a cheat and liar! The hostel has called numerous of times and throughout the day, the staff was lucky to get ONE pick up and each time a different answer every time; none has been ever true. The service kept insisting they made a payment, the hostel sent a two snapshot of my Paypal account and nothing indicated a refund was deposited. As of 17 Jan 2013, the company continues in refusing to answer any emails or phone calls for what he owes!

Avoid This Shuttle Company if You Can!
By -

We planned a very short weekend trip to San Francisco for our family of three. I made arrangements in advance for our shuttle both from the airport to the hotel and back again. I also included a gratuity in advance. We arrived on time to the airport, collected our bags and headed out to the shuttle service sign. The first shuttle that came said he would come back in a few minutes. When he finally returned he asked if we had a reservation. At this point he said he could not take us because we had a reservation but another van was coming around to pick us up. Finally he arrives and takes forever calling our reservation information in.

Then he proceeds to drive around the airport terminal no less than three or four times. He was having some sort of conflict with another van driver for parking his van and leaving. I think that was the issue - around and around we went collecting additional victims while he called and complained again to someone on his cell phone about this other van driver. Clearly a company issue I should not have to be bothered with while trying to get into the city. We finally started asking along with the other passengers if we were ever going to leave the airport? Finally he says we are going after about 20 - 25 some minutes of circling.

Then he pulls off to the right side of the road and proceeds to get out of the van get out his GPS, notepad and map book. Then he starts asking us where we are all going. We had all told him earlier but we started over again anyway. He fought with and restarted his GPS several times. He pulls off again to consult the GPS with freeway traffic flying by. He missed the exit for the South SF fare and drove us by the city garbage dump with the windows open trying to get back to the correct exit on the road. What a stench! Then he drives through a red light and then slams the brakes on so hard my three year old in her car seat is thrown forward and exclaims in shock.

I was honestly afraid of two things: my daughter's safety because of his erratic driving and if she was going to have to go to the bathroom after so much time wasted going around and around the airport. We finally get dropped at the hotel and I am just seething. We have been tortured by SuperShuttle no less than an hour and 20 minutes at this point. I waited to call and cancel our reservation for our return trip and file a complaint until the next day. I was afraid I would take out my anger on some poor phone clerk who was not at fault. I called the next day, cancelled and filed a complaint.

I return home and on Monday I still have no reply from them. I call and get hung up on several times and disconnected. Finally I get through and they give me another number to call for complaints and tell me 3-5 days to be contacted about my request for a full refund. I check my bank account and we are credited some monies. Our trip dates were July 9th returning on the 11th. On July 13th I am credited for the cancelled return trip. After calling again because I never received a call back in the 3-5 days I get a credit of the gratuity from the nightmare inbound trip from the airport. The credit for that appears July 22nd.

I call and state that I want all of the money back for the entire trip, the service was so bad that I don't feel I should have to pay for any of it. 3-5 days and I should get a reply. I called again today August 19th because of course they never called me. So today they are resubmitting it to their accounting office. It seems according to his GPS he got us their within the hour. Who is he trying to kid? I guess they were hoping to avoid having to refund me or even talk to me. Customer service is not a priority for this company. I will not book with them again. I have traveled all over the world and thus far this was the worst experience I have had.

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