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Don't Use Super Shuttle if You Actually Need to Catch a Flight
Posted by on 07/27/2005
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I had arranged and paid for a Super Shuttle trip this past month. My credit card was billed accordingly. On the day of my scheduled flight, I was waiting outside for my shuttle for over an hour. I finally called Super Shuttle and was informed that there were no drivers in my area that day so there was nothing they could do. This was for a ride I had already paid for!

Needless to say, the experience was horrible. I was told I would be reimbursed for my shuttle fee and cab fare, but to date I have not seen any of that money. The customer service rep I keep getting sent to doesn't return any of my calls, nor does her supervisor.

This is a poorly run company. I've used them several other times in the past and each time I would get a late shuttle with a driver that did not speak English and did not know his way around the DC Metro area.

Just pay for the cab, folks! This company is not worth your time or money!
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Posted by Big Michael Around Houston on 2007-09-06:
Super Shuttle is so retarded they hire too many drivers so each driver makes less and then they can't make enough money so the workers quit then they hire more new people and then the new people are slow and stupid because they
don't have any experience driving around the city. I think
they want new employees because they can rip off new employees before they begin to understand the system. Drivers have to pay for Airport fees, van maintenance, gas
oil, insurance $100.00 a week $275 system fee(phone),$168 van rental,10% outboound fee, 25% outbound fee
Posted by Big Michael Around Houston on 2007-09-06:
Super Shuttle drivers are so under paid and ripped off by their employers that they have to live in their vans. When
they get off work they live in their vans
Posted by Sherpa007 on 2007-09-09:
Super Shuttle has also not performed well for me. Although I've found the staff at airports, and most drivers, extremely valuable, what I found behind them--when there was poor performance---was entrenched management that has clearly lost sight of the fact that they are a service company. I won't go into great detail here, but my opinion is that the Super Shuttle company is in crisis. I've seen this before when a good, core concept company grows too large and then looses its quality control. Someone at the top of the company either needs to get a wake up call or be replaced. If they are publicly traded, I feel sorry for shareholders. They also are in line for a bumpy, bumpy ride.
Posted by redlegsmed on 2007-09-15:
Super Shuttle is the worst service of its kind in the country - I will never use them again and I intend to spread the word about how substandard they are to everyone I know so that they will not be victimized!
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Posted by Howaboutsomequality? on 10/12/2005
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I booked Super Shuttle online - round trip. The website suggests a gratuity of 18% I believe it is. Numero uno: I don't tip in advance. Numero two-oh: I am a generous tipper, but I realize that service employees would rather have cash in hand rather than go on record for the actual gratuity. So I entered no gratuity in the website slot. Time came for my SS pickup and I received a call on my phone that SS was downstairs. It took me less than 6 minutes to get to curbside and there was no SS. I waited a 1/2 hour and went back up and called SS (this is one of those times that a cell phone would have come in handy). The dispatcher told me I had "missed the first van." I said, "Baloney (not the real word I used). I was right down at curbside." I did not rebook. I took a cab. Later, I realized what probably happened - the SS van driver saw that the online gratuity was entered as zero, so she just didn't pick me up - and then lied about it, saying I had "missed the first van." I emailed SS with a complaint but never heard from them. I copied the email and sent it with a letter to the corporate headquarters, and only then did I hear from SS. I may be wrong about the motives of the driver not picking me up, but it certainly is possible. My advice: don't book your SS reservation online and always "go corporate" via snail mail if you have a SS complaint. Too bad - they've always been more expensive, but they've always been the most dependable. Now, they're just more expensive.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2005-10-13:
Having taken shuttles from hotels to airports I know that they can fill-up very quickly. Could it be possible that this is what happened to you? Last time I flew there was a huge line before the shuttle even showed up.
Posted by Big Michael Around Houston on 2007-06-24:
This gentleman is right. Don't ever tip before receiving your service. I work for Supershuttle and hate seeing pretips on a boarding pass purchased at the airport or purchased online.

The problem with this is simply for the fact that the drivers DO NOT GET REIMBURSED. If we are, it is a big secret to me. I have been told that we do get reimbursed, but it is not shown on our paycheck stubs, although every other imaginable deduction is taken, like the lease of our vans, insurance, toll tags, airport percentages.

Posted by redlegsmed on 2007-09-16:
Super Shuttle is the worst "service" of its kind I've ever had the grievous misfortune to have used. They got me good once - but they will damn sure never get me again - or any one I know for that matter. Under no circumstances would I recommend them to any travelers in the Houston, TX metro area! Sorriest business on earth.
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Reserved Share Ride To Manhattan - Midtown
Posted by Madconsumer on 10/21/2011
Recently I spent the weekend in NYC shopping. I arrived at JFK airport on time, placed my call to SuperShuttle to check-in, and was told the shuttle would be there to pick me up within 25 minutes. As I waited at the baggage claim area, I got lost watching people. Before I knew it, the driver came inside, and called me by name, as well had a sign with my name on it. The gentelman grabbed my bags, placed them in the cargo holder, introduced me to the other riders, and off we went to the next terminal. I noticed the time, and the driver arrived to collect me in about 15 minutes from the time I checked in.

Once we had collected all the riders, off we went to Midtown. The couple I sat beside had never been to NYC before, so they were asking the driver about the areas we were traveling thru. The driver was friendly, knoweldgeable of the city, and pointed out all the sights. I was even able to display my NYC knowledge too.

At each stop, the driver assisted the riders out of the van, as well as handled the bags carefully.

Over all, my experience was positive, and saved me about $75 dollars by not using a private car as I normally do.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-21:
Good to hear a compliment about them, Madconsumer. When someone does something right, it's great to know that side of a company, too.
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Drivers Don't know the City
Posted by Natejardine on 03/11/2014
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Booking process was easy however the transportation and pick up part was terrible. We had to wait 30 minutes for our shuttle at the airport and the driver had no knowledge of the city and relied strictly on this GPS, took us 1 hour and 15min for what should have been a 30-40 minute ride to get to our destination. He would not take us off his programmed GPS route even though there were faster alternatives that I could even see as a visitor.

FYI all the shuttle services from SFO are the same price, pick another company.
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Bad Service and They Could Care Less.
Posted by Johnhz2 on 01/17/2014
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I emailed the following complaint to Super Shuttle on 12/28/2013. Their automated service promised a response in 3-5 business days. It has now been over 3 weeks and I have heard nothing from them It is obvious from my experience and the multiple bad reviews on many sites that this company has no concern for customer service.

After traveling over 30 hours straight from the Middle East, I arrived at LAX with a confirmed, prepaid reservation for transportation home from the airport. My flight was delayed approximately two hours and at about 1 AM, when I went to the SS station outside of Terminal 7, there was no one there, so, as advised on your confirmation sheet, I contacted the supervisor. He came and told me that there was nothing available at the moment but that he would "work on it." Without giving me any estimation of a time wait, he disappeared and never returned. Over the next two hours various vans came by but no one would help me. (I have a photo of 5 vans lined up outside Terminal 7 at 2:30 AM, none of whom would take me). One driver (Van #597) told me that my options were to either sit there until 6 AM or pay him an extra $120 ($98 + tip) for an "exclusive" ride home. Eventually at 3:25 AM a driver from the 500 area "felt sorry" for me and drove me even though it was outside his franchise district. According to the blog on your website, "there is no need to cancel or rebook your ride if your flight is delayed a few minutes or even a couple of hours." It also states "Our vehicles are available 24 hours a day." Obviously this is not true. I had assumed that by booking and prepaying a ride you had a contractual agreement to provide me with transportation within a reasonable time frame and I do not think that over two hours is reasonable.
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Posted by Peter41 on 01/03/2014
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- SuperShuttle cancelled my pre-paid reservation and left me stranded with three young children, at night, 70 miles from home. Immoral and unethical

I paid for a Shuttle service for my wife and 3 children. Upon landing at LAX at 10:00 on December 31st, their representative told me my pre-paid reservation was cancelled. They said they no longer could assure me that any drivers were available. They offered to fulfill their agreement if I waited at the airport for up to 24 hours. They did not even see the ridiculousness of this statement.

I was forced to negotiate with other shuttle services and other taxis for a ride. None were available as it was late on December 31st. Ultimately I caused enough grief that I secured another shuttle but I had to pay extra to get home on a shared service that took several hours longer.

I would like them to give me four things:
1) 5 hand-written apologies from the CEO addressed to me, my wife and three minor children.
2) The apologies should state that what they did was unacceptable and they are sorry to scare, and frighten the children.
3) I would like a full refund of both legs of my trip.
4) I would like three $2500 payments, payable to my children, for their college fund as a further gesture of their regret for their immoral behavior
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Posted by clutzycook on 2014-01-04:
If you dispute the charge with your credit card company, you might get your money back. As for the other three things, they'll never happen.
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Left Hanging by Driver & Had to Pay $50 More!
Posted by Rdickens on 12/31/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- HORRIBLE experience. I had a confirmed prepaid reservation for 11:30PM on a shared van ride from LAX to Brea. Our driver never showed. Several vans passed by and said they were going elsewhere but that ours would be along. After waiting 45 minutes one pulled up and he said our driver was too tired and went home. He said he was the only remaining bus for the night. He said he would only take us if we paid an additional $50 cash!!! What choice did I have?! Totally shady! He said he wouldn’t take a credit card. Cash only. I wrote to Super Shuttle and called to complain. They totally ignored it. The company is shady. Use someone else.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-01:
That does sound *very* shady. I would definitely demand a refund for the prepaid fare.
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Rude and Disorganized
Posted by Carolinewatkins67 on 12/31/2013
NYC -- Booked Super Shuttle to pick up from NYC hotel to JFK. Advised pick up time 6.20-6.35. At 6.20 saw van driving away from hotel. Rang immediately, told that GPS positioned driver at hotel until 6.31 ( he was not) reception staff say he called my name at 6 pm, they never recommend as this happens frequently. On three occasions since have found call center staff consistently rude, unprofessional and unhelpful.
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Driver Over 1 Hour Late-Almost Missed My Flight
Posted by Jack.mcclellanjm on 12/08/2013
Be cautious using this service. The drivers I have experienced are dangerous drivers, rude, and never on time for departure or arrival. I do not recommend this company. I am now using their competition.
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No Pick Up, No Money Back!!!
Posted by Burnhamcourtney on 10/09/2013
SFO, CALIFORNIA -- Like many other people that wrote reviews on this huge screw up of a company. If I could I would give them negative 5 stars. My wife and I had a reservation for them to pick us up at 3:50am downtown SFO for our early morning flight, we were downstairs ready to go with our luggage 5 minutes early. During the 15 min wait time one of their vans went whipping by our hotel at about 40 miles an hour, the driver not even looking for us. So we figured oh ok maybe that's not our van. 20 minutes later I decided to call. The guy on the phone checks the status on our van and says " sorry sir your van was there at 3:56am and you were not there so you are marked as a no ride". Excuse me I said we were there ready to go 10 min before that and the one van that went by sped right by us. Well sir he says it looks like you won't make your flight then. WTF who are you to say that, and thank you for not even trying to get us another ride. We ended up taking a taxi for $2.00 more then the cost of the shuttle. I recommend taking a taxi before using this [snip].
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-09:
I believe that all Super Shuttle operators are independent contractors. Chances are driver in your case probably got a call for a more profitable fare. If you paid in advance then dispute with your credit card for a refund.
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