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Avoid this shuttle company if you can!
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We planned a very short weekend trip to San Francisco for our family of three.

I made arrangements in advance for our shuttle both from the airport to the hotel and back again. I also included a gratuity in advance.
We arrived on time to the airport collected our bags and headed out to the shuttle service sign.
The first shuttle that came said he would come back in a few minutes, when he finally returned he asked if we had a reservation, at this point he said he could not take us because we had a reservation but another van was coming around to pick us up.
Finally he arrives and takes forever calling our reservation information in.
Then he proceeds to drive around the airport terminal no less than three or four times. He was having some sort of conflict with another van driver for parking his van and leaving.
I think that was the issue - around and around we went collecting additional victims while he called and complained again to someone on his cell phone about this other van driver. Clearly a company issue I should not have to be bothered with while trying to get into the city.
We finally started asking along with the other passengers if we were ever going to leave the airport?
Finally he says we are going after about 20 - 25 some minutes of circling.
Then he pulls off to the right side of the road and proceeds to get out of the van get out his GPS, notepad and map book.
Then he starts asking us where we are all going.
We had all told him earlier but we started over again anyway. He fought with and restarted his GPS several times. He pulls off again to consult the GPS with freeway traffic flying by.
He missed the exit for the South SF fare and drove us by the city garbage dump with the windows open trying to get back to the correct exit on the road. What a stench!
Then he drives through a red light and then slams the brakes on so hard my three year old in her car seat is thrown forward and exclaims in shock.

I was honestly afraid of two things: my daughter's safety because of his erratic driving and if she was going to have to go to the bathroom after so much time wasted going around and around the airport.

We finally get dropped at the hotel and I am just seething. We have been tortured by SuperShuttle no less than an hour and 20 minutes at this point.
I waited to call and cancel our reservation for our return trip and file a complaint until the next day. I was afraid I would take out my anger on some poor phone clerk who was not at fault.
I called the next day cancelled and filed a complaint.

I return home and on Monday I still have no reply from them.
I call and get hung up on several times and disconnected.
Finally I get through and they give me another number to call for complaints and tell me 3-5 days to be contacted about my request for a full refund.

I check my bank account and we are credited some monies.
Our trip dates were July 9th returning on the 11th.
On July 13th I am credited for the cancelled return trip. After calling again because I never received a call back in the 3-5 days I get a credit of the gratuity from the nightmare inbound trip from the airport. The credit for that appears July 22nd.
I call and state that I want all of the money back for the entire trip, the service was so bad that I don't feel I should have to pay for any of it.
3-5 days and I should get a reply.

I called again today August 19th because of course they never called me. So today they are resubmitting it to their accounting office. It seems according to his GPS he got us their within the hour. Who is he trying to kid?

I guess they were hoping to avoid having to refund me or even talk to me.

Customer service is not a priority for this company. I will not book with them again.
I have traveled all over the world and thus far this was the worst experience I have had.

Refused to Drive Us Home and Denied Refund
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I booked round trip shuttle service to and from airport for 3 women and 2 kids. The trip to the airport went off without a hitch, the driver picked us up on time and got us to the airport with no problems. On the return trip the driver refused to take us home. He stated our 7yr old needed a booster seat. I tried to tell him that they drove him to airport without one and that he is heavier than his 9yr old sister and almost only 1" shorter. He told us sorry catch a cab its cheaper anyway and went back to flirting with girl at the counter. I asked for refund for the portion of the service I did not receive and after week of the run around I was denied a refund. I did learn one thing he was right cab was 20.00 cheaper. I recommend using a cab and save the headache.

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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- SuperShuttle cancelled my pre-paid reservation and left me stranded with three young children, at night, 70 miles from home. Immoral and unethical

I paid for a Shuttle service for my wife and 3 children. Upon landing at LAX at 10:00 on December 31st, their representative told me my pre-paid reservation was cancelled. They said they no longer could assure me that any drivers were available. They offered to fulfill their agreement if I waited at the airport for up to 24 hours. They did not even see the ridiculousness of this statement.

I was forced to negotiate with other shuttle services and other taxis for a ride. None were available as it was late on December 31st. Ultimately I caused enough grief that I secured another shuttle but I had to pay extra to get home on a shared service that took several hours longer.

I would like them to give me four things:
1) 5 hand-written apologies from the CEO addressed to me, my wife and three minor children.
2) The apologies should state that what they did was unacceptable and they are sorry to scare, and frighten the children.
3) I would like a full refund of both legs of my trip.
4) I would like three $2500 payments, payable to my children, for their college fund as a further gesture of their regret for their immoral behavior

Left Hanging by Driver & Had to Pay $50 More!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- HORRIBLE experience. I had a confirmed prepaid reservation for 11:30PM on a shared van ride from LAX to Brea. Our driver never showed. Several vans passed by and said they were going elsewhere but that ours would be along. After waiting 45 minutes one pulled up and he said our driver was too tired and went home. He said he was the only remaining bus for the night. He said he would only take us if we paid an additional $50 cash!!! What choice did I have?! Totally shady! He said he wouldn't take a credit card. Cash only. I wrote to Super Shuttle and called to complain. They totally ignored it. The company is shady. Use someone else.

No Pick Up, No Money Back!!!
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Rating: 1/51

SFO, CALIFORNIA -- Like many other people that wrote reviews on this huge screw up of a company. If I could I would give them negative 5 stars. My wife and I had a reservation for them to pick us up at 3:50am downtown SFO for our early morning flight, we were downstairs ready to go with our luggage 5 minutes early. During the 15 min wait time one of their vans went whipping by our hotel at about 40 miles an hour, the driver not even looking for us. So we figured oh OK maybe that's not our van. 20 minutes later I decided to call. The guy on the phone checks the status on our van and says " sorry sir your van was there at 3:56am and you were not there so you are marked as a no ride". Excuse me I said we were there ready to go 10 min before that and the one van that went by sped right by us. Well sir he says it looks like you won't make your flight then. WTF who are you to say that, and thank you for not even trying to get us another ride. We ended up taking a taxi for $2.00 more than the cost of the shuttle. I recommend taking a taxi before using this [snip].

Left at Airport With No Ride HOME
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I called on July 2, 2013 to get a ride home from the San Jose airport. I arrived on time and called, per instructions, to meet my driver. The operator put me on hold and after several minutes got back on the line to tell me there was no one available to pick me up due to the BART strike that was going on.

The strike was in its fourth day, which meant Super Shuttle knew there might be no available drivers when I booked my reservation, but there was no indication that there would be any trouble. I was left stranded at the airport after a full 14 hours of travel. UNBELIEVABLE. I will not be using Super Shuttle again.

Double charge me
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I prepaid my shuttle service through my credit card. I had my service early in the morning 5am. When I got to the airport the driver requests me to pay. It was early in the morning and I was hurrying to flight I didn't have tie to check whether I was paid. The driver then took my money and left and didn't even let me ask for receipt.

I now found out in my statement they charged me on card long time ago already. I tried to contact customer service but they said no receipt no refund. They don't even help me try to contact the driver when I request that. Nor they are willing to give me the name of the driver so that next time I travel with Super Shuttle I can avoid him. They just keep on transferring me to other department and told me to wait 5 to 10 business days each time. I don't want to spend months to get $17 back.

This is not big money. But because of Super Shuttle low quality customer service and their unwillingness to contact the driver nor give me the name of driver so that I can avoid him during reservation in the future, I decide now to just avoid Super Shuttle.

Reserved Share Ride To Manhattan - Midtown
By -

Recently I spent the weekend in NYC shopping. I arrived at JFK airport on time, placed my call to SuperShuttle to check-in, and was told the shuttle would be there to pick me up within 25 minutes. As I waited at the baggage claim area, I got lost watching people. Before I knew it, the driver came inside, and called me by name, as well had a sign with my name on it. The gentleman grabbed my bags, placed them in the cargo holder, introduced me to the other riders, and off we went to the next terminal. I noticed the time, and the driver arrived to collect me in about 15 minutes from the time I checked in.

Once we had collected all the riders, off we went to Midtown. The couple I sat beside had never been to NYC before, so they were asking the driver about the areas we were traveling through. The driver was friendly, knoweldgeable of the city, and pointed out all the sights. I was even able to display my NYC knowledge too.

At each stop, the driver assisted the riders out of the van, as well as handled the bags carefully.

Over all, my experience was positive, and saved me about $75 dollars by not using a private car as I normally do.

Super Shuttle Houston
By -

Was supposed to be picked up from the hotel at 11:45 A.M. A shuttle arrived at 11:55 A.M. and I went out to meet it. The guy asked for my name and said that I was not on that shuttle - he called the office and they said that my shuttle was about 5 minutes away and it was #398. I'm looking that his shuttle and it says #398... So I ask him if they are all labeled #398 and he gets very confused. In any event, his shuttle is full and I'm not on his list. So he leaves and I begin waiting again. I called Super Shuttle about 12:15 p. m., never spoke to anyone for approximately 15 minutes before hanging up. Called back and spoke to someone 10 minutes later and they put me on hold for another 10 minutes before I hung up the phone. Then another Super Shuttle arrives to the hotel close to 1:00 P.M. I basically just climbed inside and told the drive that he was taking me to the airport. It was only by the grace of God that I didn't miss my flight as it was departing the airport at 1:45 P.M. I had about 3 minutes to spare with virtually no wait from homeland security.

Will never use Super Shuttle again.

Walk before you use this company
By -

I have used this company twice. Both times I was appalled by the service. Obviously I should have read some of the other reviews first.

My first trip was a reserved ride in Pittsburgh. I was promised a wait of 15 minutes. I waited 30 until my name was called and then waited an extra 15 minutes until the driver had packed as many people into the van as could possibly fit. It then took an hour to drop me off. Unacceptable.

#2 I flew into Newark. Again I made a reservation in advance. Again, I was told I would wait 15 minutes and to just call the service desk when I arrived at the airport. I asked if there was possibly any other information that I could learn and was told no. I called and was told a driver would be at the airport in 45 minutes. I explained that I had made a reservation and that I needed to be somewhere. They said too bad. 1.25 hours later, my van still hadn't shown up. I called and was made to feel that I was being deeply annoying. Eventually my van showed up and I got my ride to the city. The driver seemed surprised that I had booked a ride. He told me that usually they don't pick up anyone until after 10 am (I arrived at 8:15).

I called Super Shuttle to complain and was told I would be given a refund. I then received an email from a customer "advocate" who told me that they were sorry for my inconvenience, that the customer service agent who had spoken to me had obviously not offered me a refund, and that they hoped that could expect my service again in the near future. I responded that I was amazed that they would rather totally defame themselves than reimburse my fair that they had promised me and have yet to hear back. I have my case # and all email correspondences!

So, in summary, please do not give these people business. There are alternatives. Some of which cost more, but if you think about the extra "baggage" that accompanies SuperShuttle, I would encourage you to think about any and all alternatives.

This comapny needs to realize that customer service is not something to ignore. I am disappointed and angry about the service I have received and I would like to think that by writing this review I am making a difference.

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