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Rating: 1/51

SABANILLA, COSTA RICA, FLORIDA -- I caution anyone coming to Costa Rica and AVOID like the plague because they are THE WORST transportation service. They are prone to making false confirmation, more interested in getting your money and breaking promises of being reliable. I booked a round trip in Los Yoses to Mount OSA. The hostel staff was given all information with directions, contact phone numbers and dates and time for Mount OSA. In turn, the staff emailed the information to the shuttle service a week before I was scheduled for pickup; also I requested a taxi service up and down the mountain from the eco-community.

The manager even TOLD the hostel staff, who spoke Spanish, they can arrange pickup and drop off with an arranged taxi service which was $20 extra. Thus the total cost of the trip round trip was $160: $60 one way (for round trip $120) and $20 for the taxi service (for 2 days $40). The service didn't send a confirmation regarding or reiterating the details after the phone call.

On the eve of my trip, then, and ONLY THEN, I received an email for payment only. Also, ** details only listed the dates I was leaving and returning and how much I'm to pay for my trip. Nothing else was provided as to where I was being dropped off and the name of the taxi driver or service at Mount OSA.

I sent my PayPal payment and requesting that he confirm by replying with an outline of the complete details as I provided a week ago. Before retiring for the evening, there was no response and by the next morning, still no email. Even the driver had no idea what I was talking about and the situation gotten even worse once I arrived at Mount OSA. The driver asked me, where do you need to go? The dispatcher lacked to provide a drop off and pick up location. So the driver, after several attempts, kept calling the office till he gotten ** when at that time, the driver was instructed in finding a taxi, provide direction and PAY the cab driver.

Before the date of my return, I had emailed and EVEN CALLED ** in verifying my pickup from the mountain and being dropped off at the tour office for the shuttle arrival. ** kept saying “Yes, yes” to everything I said without even acknowledging he even understood. I sent my email and requested a confirmation which should be answered by Saturday because I schedule to leave for Sunday afternoon. He never replied.

Once again, I had to arrange my own taxi service going down the mountain and PAID $40 rather than $20. The tour office manager, where I had to wait for the shuttle, was so generous and spoke to ** and explained the situation. She repeated his words that I should expect a reimbursement when the return driver arrives, however, the driver stated that he didn't have any additional funds to pay me back – yet he had money for filling up the van.

I explained to the driver that evening, also the situation about why the service owes me $40; he even called the office but spoke to another driver. He repeated that the office will pay me back via PayPal after New Year's (I left on New Year's Eve).

Well, on 2 Jan 2013, no such email regarding reimbursement was received so I sent a request for a ‘refund' which the service unprofessional completely and simply ignored. The hostel staff has called numerous of times and throughout the day, he was lucky to get ONE pick up and each time inquiring about refund; ** answer was always different. Either there was a problem with the computer or they've already sent it; whatever the case - always a lie.

As of 10 Jan 13, it's been 11 days since my return from Mount OSA and I still haven't gotten my refund. Earlier today the hostel staff, after making contact for 2 weeks, had informed me that the manager again claims he sent payment, but no such transaction has been made.

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! AVOID at any cost from scheduling for transportation service with because ** is a cheat and liar! The hostel has called numerous of times and throughout the day, the staff was lucky to get ONE pick up and each time a different answer every time; none has been ever true. The service kept insisting they made a payment, the hostel sent a two snapshot of my Paypal account and nothing indicated a refund was deposited. As of 17 Jan 2013, the company continues in refusing to answer any emails or phone calls for what he owes!

Avoid This Shuttle Company if You Can!
By -

We planned a very short weekend trip to San Francisco for our family of three. I made arrangements in advance for our shuttle both from the airport to the hotel and back again. I also included a gratuity in advance. We arrived on time to the airport, collected our bags and headed out to the shuttle service sign. The first shuttle that came said he would come back in a few minutes. When he finally returned he asked if we had a reservation. At this point he said he could not take us because we had a reservation but another van was coming around to pick us up. Finally he arrives and takes forever calling our reservation information in.

Then he proceeds to drive around the airport terminal no less than three or four times. He was having some sort of conflict with another van driver for parking his van and leaving. I think that was the issue - around and around we went collecting additional victims while he called and complained again to someone on his cell phone about this other van driver. Clearly a company issue I should not have to be bothered with while trying to get into the city. We finally started asking along with the other passengers if we were ever going to leave the airport? Finally he says we are going after about 20 - 25 some minutes of circling.

Then he pulls off to the right side of the road and proceeds to get out of the van get out his GPS, notepad and map book. Then he starts asking us where we are all going. We had all told him earlier but we started over again anyway. He fought with and restarted his GPS several times. He pulls off again to consult the GPS with freeway traffic flying by. He missed the exit for the South SF fare and drove us by the city garbage dump with the windows open trying to get back to the correct exit on the road. What a stench! Then he drives through a red light and then slams the brakes on so hard my three year old in her car seat is thrown forward and exclaims in shock.

I was honestly afraid of two things: my daughter's safety because of his erratic driving and if she was going to have to go to the bathroom after so much time wasted going around and around the airport. We finally get dropped at the hotel and I am just seething. We have been tortured by SuperShuttle no less than an hour and 20 minutes at this point. I waited to call and cancel our reservation for our return trip and file a complaint until the next day. I was afraid I would take out my anger on some poor phone clerk who was not at fault. I called the next day, cancelled and filed a complaint.

I return home and on Monday I still have no reply from them. I call and get hung up on several times and disconnected. Finally I get through and they give me another number to call for complaints and tell me 3-5 days to be contacted about my request for a full refund. I check my bank account and we are credited some monies. Our trip dates were July 9th returning on the 11th. On July 13th I am credited for the cancelled return trip. After calling again because I never received a call back in the 3-5 days I get a credit of the gratuity from the nightmare inbound trip from the airport. The credit for that appears July 22nd.

I call and state that I want all of the money back for the entire trip, the service was so bad that I don't feel I should have to pay for any of it. 3-5 days and I should get a reply. I called again today August 19th because of course they never called me. So today they are resubmitting it to their accounting office. It seems according to his GPS he got us their within the hour. Who is he trying to kid? I guess they were hoping to avoid having to refund me or even talk to me. Customer service is not a priority for this company. I will not book with them again. I have traveled all over the world and thus far this was the worst experience I have had.

Bad Service and They Could Care Less.
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Rating: 2/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I emailed the following complaint to Super Shuttle on 12/28/2013. Their automated service promised a response in 3-5 business days. It has now been over 3 weeks and I have heard nothing from them. It is obvious from my experience and the multiple bad reviews on many sites that this company has no concern for customer service. After traveling over 30 hours straight from the Middle East, I arrived at LAX with a confirmed, prepaid reservation for transportation home from the airport. My flight was delayed approximately two hours and at about 1 AM, when I went to the SS station outside of Terminal 7, there was no one there.

So, as advised on your confirmation sheet, I contacted the supervisor. He came and told me that there was nothing available at the moment but that he would "work on it." Without giving me any estimation of a time wait, he disappeared and never returned. Over the next two hours various vans came by but no one would help me. (I have a photo of 5 vans lined up outside Terminal 7 at 2:30 AM, none of whom would take me). One driver (Van #597) told me that my options were to either sit there until 6 AM or pay him an extra $120 ($98 + tip) for an "exclusive" ride home.

Eventually at 3:25 AM a driver from the 500 area "felt sorry" for me and drove me even though it was outside his franchise district. According to the blog on your website, "there is no need to cancel or rebook your ride if your flight is delayed a few minutes or even a couple of hours." It also states "Our vehicles are available 24 hours a day." Obviously this is not true. I had assumed that by booking and prepaying a ride you had a contractual agreement to provide me with transportation within a reasonable time frame and I do not think that over two hours is reasonable.

Beware of SuperShuttle
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Beware! Drivers can refuse to take you if you are the only one going to a particular area of the city. It is in the financial interest of the driver to fill the shuttle; thereby having as many people to drop off as possible. We had no problem getting to the airport (Houston Hobby) from a suburban location, but leaving the airport was another story. Even with five shuttles lined up, three refused the dispatch order to take us. Finally, one driver said he was tired of seeing us "bounced around," and agreed to take us home. The attendant at the SuperShuttle counter inside the airport checked us in (we had a pre-purchased reservation), and after about 15 minutes, gave us a van number.

We walked out to the van, but the driver said he was finished for the day and going home. The attendant told us to wait for another van. Another half hour passed, and she sent us back out to a second van (the previous guy who was "going home" was now sleeping in his van). The second driver said the dispatcher made a mistake because he was already assigned to another call. Another 15 minutes passes. The attendant sends us out again.

The third driver at first tells us he has not been assigned to our call, then re-checks his monitor and admits he is assigned to our call, but won't be leaving for another 15 minutes because of "company policy." I asked him if there was a company policy for how long a customer has to wait before being taken somewhere on a prepaid reservation? No answer. We were about ready to blow off the $30 and take one of the many cabs that were lined up, when a forth driver waved us over, and agreed to take us.

SuperShuttle has no customer service policy. The drivers are independent contractors, and frequently refuse to take customers if the van is not full. If you are traveling to a popular area like downtown or a convention center, then you may have better luck, but if you are going to an area where you most likely will be the only customer (i. e. suburban home), then be prepared for a very long wait and possibly, like us, for some level of confrontation.

SuperShuttle -- SFO/San Jose -- Horrible
By -

Horrible experience with SuperShuttle San Jose! Upon arrival in San Jose airport about 9:30pm on 7/24, we called the dispatch 800 number as instructed to notify, only ended up waiting for more than 20 minutes to be answered. Told to go to the ground floor of garage and a SuperShuttle van would be waiting there. We did see a van waiting when got there, got into the van, but only to be told that the van was not for us. Since other passengers already sitting in the van were all going to the same direction as we were (Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto), the driver called the dispatch to request taking us instead of waiting for someone whose flight got delayed for one hour.

The dispatch insisted that the driver wait, making us get out and wait for next van. We waited 15 minutes before another van showed up, with a rude driver. The van circled around the airport once, back to the same spot, to wait long for a last-minute assigned passenger from another flight. In the end, passengers going to three different directions (Mountain View/Palo Alto, Fremont, East San Jose) were thrown into the same van. The driver decided to drop off the person to East San Jose first, then to Fremont, and finally come around to Mountain View/Palo Alto.

The worst part is that when we expressed frustration and suggested alternative route, the driver got rude and hostile and spit out long stream of insult and racial slurs, threatening to kick us out, saying "he does not care about SuperShuttle, not about where you are going or how to get home, not care if you are …" While on the van, I noticed that the dispatch was constantly paging drivers about no driver / no van / passenger waiting. In the end, it took us more than THREE hours to get from San Jose airport to home in Mountain View. HORRIBLE. Do yourself a favor. Don't ever use SuperShuttle again!

It Is All About SuperShuttle, Not You
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I had a business trip in central Denver and I thought that Super Shuttle might be a good deal, hey I have Scotch in my blood. This service in Denver is all about maximizing passenger load and minimizing customer service. The driver to my hotel accepted two additional passengers and I suspect all the money went directly to the driver. I finished my meeting early and as any air passenger, I wanted to get to the airport ASAP so I could spend money getting home earlier.

1.75 hours later (with a cohort going to a different designation, but with the same prearranged pickup time which would deliver us to DIA maybe in time to take an earlier flight) with only three shuttles (they printed one every 15 minutes) I called "SuperShuttle":). I called "SuperShuttle" and requested an early pickup. I burned at least 10 minutes on the cell phone and they said that a van would pick us up. After watching the vans refuse our service and another just ignore our location they told us that they would dispatch a van in another half hour. We decided to travel by taxi.

I was less than 2 miles from the hotel when I was requesting a cancellation that a van was within 0.2 miles of the hotel. We were seeing the control towers when they sent a text to my co-rider that they were within two minutes of the hotel. It is TOO EXPENSIVE to allow a stupid computer to bulk rides to maximize profits and cut out the drivers than to allow the customer the ability to change their reservations. I wasted more than 20 minutes on my multiple calls to customer service.

THIS "SERVICE” IS ALL ABOUT SUPER SHUTTLE AND NOT THE CUSTOMER. I called customer service and requested a free taxi and they asked what can they do for me. :( I will be sending my opinion to my corporate travel agency to let they know not to recommend this service!

Terrible Service/Experience
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Rating: 1/51

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Our flight was delayed twice and I was able to call the first time to give the updated info. (Isn't that why we enter the flight numbers in with the reservation in the first place?) Once we arrived at the Long Beach Airport we checked in with the shuttle attendant as stated on our reservation. We were told to wait with another passenger from our same flight at the pickup spot. We waited for an hour. The other passenger we waited with stated she had just called and found out our shuttle was on the way. When the shuttle arrived we were under the impression that this shuttle would take us to our hotel.

The driver took the info for the other person and did not even acknowledge me and my party of 4 adults and 2 children. The shuttle attendant asked him what was going on and I was shocked at how rude he was! He said he wouldn't take us, didn't know where our shuttle was and didn't care, and went on complaining about how he had gotten out of bed and lost his keys to come make this pick up.

At this point I called customer service to find out where our shuttle was and was told he didn't know how long it would be and wouldn't even give a time estimate! (Keep in mind here we are traveling with a 3 and 1 year old, and our flight was 3 hours delayed).

The shuttle attendant was about to leave as her shift had ended, but didn't want to leave us stranded and thankfully had a phone number for a standby driver, so we called him and he said he could pick us up in 5 minutes. I called customer service back to cancel the pickup and was told that I could cancel, but would not be refunded because we could wait for the shuttle.

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! He couldn't even give me a time estimate for pickup and said we could wait?! We had already waited for an hour! We could not wait any longer on the street corner in the middle of the night stranded for whom knows how long! I am shocked and quite unhappy about this situation and promptly cancelled our pickup for the return trip. We travel often and frankly, as far as I'm concerned we will never use SuperShuttle again.

SuperShuttle Super Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

ASTORIA, NEW YORK -- I hate that my first review ever is a negative one, but this experience was so horrible I feel like it's my duty to warn you. In an effort to avoid a long, ranty message, I'll just list all the things that went with their service. My driver left me behind. After arriving in Manhattan, I called from the baggage claim for my 3:00 shuttle. Around 2:50, I use the restroom and when I return, I see the driver going out to the shuttle. I walk up to the window and explain that I booked the shuttle in advance. I checked in from the baggage claim, as they asked. I was told I was on the 3:00 shuttle.

As I'm explaining this, the driver gets in the car and drives away slowly until he couldn't hear me pleading. There were 3 other people in the van - plenty of room. Two other drivers yell at me for not understanding the system, without actually explaining the system. After the 1st driver left, I saw more drivers and asked if they were going to Manhattan. I was told that yes, but they can't take me because "it doesn't work that way."

A 4th driver leaves me. At this point, I called the SuperShuttle dispatch to find out what was happening. She was nice enough to say my ride was free, since everyone kept leaving me behind. A personal driver was called to come pick me up "in 10 minutes." After 20 minutes I had not been picked up, so I called and they said "I'm not sure why the driver left without you." (That was the second time I heard that from them). After TWO HOURS of waiting for the SuperShuttle, I ended up taking a cab to my hotel.

Upon my request, they confirmed that my return trip was cancelled and I was fully refunded, yet they STILL sent a driver to pick me up at my hotel on Sunday and also charged me for BOTH legs of the trip even though the first half was already "comped" since their drivers kept leaving me behind. I will never, NEVER use SuperShuttle again and you shouldn't either!!

I Waited Outside for 80 Minutes Just Told Be Told That There Won't Be a Shuttle and Call the Cab!!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I waited out on the street for 82 minutes just to find out that shuttle van I requested and was promised to receive won't be there. I made reservation ** online for pick up in pacific heights area to sfo on 08/07/2012. I called 32 minutes after my scheduled pick up time. Male dispatcher said the van is 2 miles away from me so it should be there in 2-10 minutes. I called again after 55 minutes of my requested pick up time. A female dispatcher put me on hold for minutes.

To make my painful story short so you can save your time (and won't have to read a great american novel), female dispatcher told me to call taxi on my own and submit for reimbursement after I am already 82 minutes late. I refused to call taxi on my own and demanded the dispatcher to call taxi for me. However, SuperShuttle refused to direct bill for my taxi service but asked me to pay upfront and "request a reimbursement" to them at later time. Since I was already late for my flight, I didn't fight for that.

On 08/08/2012, I called "quality control' unit of SuperShuttle. A female representative took my request and gave me a reference number ** but said it will take a few days for someone to call me back to get my taxi money back. She sounded surprised that I was made to pay for taxi upfront. I am not sure what is going to happened with my $63 taxi fare which was totally part of SuperShuttle's responsibility and liability but it was sounded very "irresponsible" of them to just make me wait and see what happened. A female representative stated to me that I can't email my (scanned) receipt to SuperShuttle but just wait for the call (until and if that happens).

There is no one in charge there or sounded like it. Even "quality control" was like... “Oh well. You just have to wait.” I was very polite when I called but there was no "I am sorry about not able to deliver our service to you as promised." Most conversations from dispatchers & customer services are recorded on my phone as my record so I have proof and am not just making angry statement about the service I supposed to receive.

Nearly Missed Transatlantic Flight Because of SuperShuttle
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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- To be honest, I have used the Supershuttle company several times before, and had no problems. They were fine. But this last shuttle was a disaster. The driver was on time and picked us up from Fremont, Ca. He started towards San Francisco airport (our destination), but in Hayward we accidentally learned that he was going to pick up a passenger in San Ramon, CA. Now if you know the San Francisco bay area, you will know that this is way out of the way. I actually work in San Ramon, and in good traffic it takes 40 minutes each way.

Well, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) had shut down this day, and bay area traffic was getting really, really bad. This always happens when BART shuts down, and today was no exception. So not only was the driver going to go hours out of our way, it was during a BART shutdown. At this point, I realized that there was a very real chance that we would miss our flight to Europe. The driver repeatedly refused to drop us off in Hayward, and only did so after strong demands to let us out. He would not cancel the trip. We had to call our daughter, who had to leave work, drive 20 minutes to get us, and then she took us to the airport.

We made the flight with only 20 minutes to spare. The San Mateo bridge had already gone into meltdown mode and it took us 30 minutes just to cross the bridge! And this was at noon! Not peak traffic at all. But this was because of the BART shutdown. Oh, the driver told us blithely that Supershuttle would pay for the flight if we missed it. Yeah, sure and I'm sure pigs can fly too. So yes, I have taken Supershuttle multiple times before without a problem, but after this I am looking for a new shuttle service. This was a total disaster.

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