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Driver yelled at me...
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ANAHIEM, CALIFORNIA -- I was already at my destination in Anaheim. I called in the morning for SUPERSHUTTLE to pick us up so I can get a rental car. I remembered that I told them the destination was John Wayne airport, not LAX. I Was supposted to go to LAX... So I called back less than 5 minutes later and Daniel answers the phone. He told me that He needed to cancel out the first Confirmation number and CHARGE ME AGAIN for the SECOND CONFIRMATION NUMBER! This is only 5 minutes ago people!!!!!(The itme was 0602) Then Daniel says that your suttle will be the in like 20 minutes. (I have a 0750 shuttle arrival time) He said that he cancelled it but still charged me even though I through a tip on it.

He transferred me so a customer service agent "TISHA". All she asked was how she can help me. I informed that I was requesting my funds back. He immediately put me on hold until my cell phone battery died. I called again as I acually got Daniel back. At first he totally denied helping me. Then transferred me to Trish and she belittled me by saying that I hung up the phone... TYPICAL!
I was transferred like a ping pong ball to their buddies desks with on guys telling me," What the hell???"
I FINALLY SPOKE TO SOMBODY WHO I THOUGHT HAD COMMON SENSE. Camillia Williams. She was very nice and helpful. Until the FIRST SHUTTLE the SHOULD have been cancelled arrived. Williams that told me that she contacted dispatch and he was changing his route to LAX. However, the driver had other needs. While having Miss Williams on the phone, the driver in van #803 started to yell at me and tell me that His empty van is full. In broken English," I am going to John Wayne!" GOODBYE... As I was crossing the front of his vehicle he throws it into drive. The van creeps forward a few inches. ( Attempt battery with deadly weapon )
I tell him that I have A CSA Agent on the phone and she said for me to tell you that your itinerary has changed and you are taking a party of 2 to LAX. He Yells again," No, what da F***! Do I speak ARABIC?" He gets on the phone to dispatch who should have canceled his route to this area in the first place. With my arms crossed and leaning on the drivers side window, the unbelted driver speeds off spinning me around causing me to loose balance. And to think that this guy got a tip from me.
As far as the refund goes:
It is Aug 11th 2010 and I just got off the phone with Tereasa who was very nice. I had to call back because it was not 0700 hours in corporate office. (Callifornia)

Belligerent SuperShuttle Driver
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I was traveling home from Kansas City and I needed a ride to the airport. I booked it by phone and opted to pay cash to the driver. I was informed to board the 11:55am shuttle.

At 11:57am, the shuttle arrived, and four people (myself included) boarded the van. The driver could find the names of the two people who had booked by internet, however, he could find neither my name nor the name of the other passenger who also booked by phone. We offered to give him our reservation numbers, but he refused and we continued on our way.

We traveled to several hotels to pick up passengers. At the last hotel, he had three people who needed to board, yet there were only two spaces left. At that point, he said, "You need to call dispatch to find out what happened to your reservation because you're the only person who I can't find in my system." Then he slammed the door.

A few minutes later, he opened the door again and was obviously agitated. He raised his voice at me, saying "I have clients who have to get to the airport!" I responded, "I am also your client and I also have a flight to catch." He slammed the door again.

Finally, he opened the door two minutes later and began to SCREAM at me, "You made me lose three clients!! They're going to the airport in a taxi!! You pay me now!!" He slammed the door, stomped around to the driver side and boarded the van. Then he turned and began yelling at me again, "Pay me now! Pay men now! I lost 3 clients because of you!!" I told him to lower his voice--he was screaming at me in front of 7 other people--and I passed up the money. He passed back change and a receipt; however, instead of continuing to drive to the airport, he continued to scream at me. Finally, the rest of the passengers started yelling at him to continue the ride to the airport because we all had flights.

I get along with pretty much everyone I meet, and I don't really have a personality that encourages people to yell at me. This has NEVER happened to me before--especially from someone who works in a service industry. I sent a complaint to Super Shuttle, however after reading the complaints on, I'm not encouraged that they will actually follow up with me. It looks like they don't follow up with ANYONE regarding complaints!

I hope more people look at this site before booking with Super Shuttle. I would have been better off paying $60 for the taxi to the airport!
EXTREMELY BAD Customer and Transportation Service from Super Shuttle.
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Super Shuttle has topped all others with its horrible customer service.

After OVER an hour in the Van that took more customers then they were supposed to, I had to be dropped off on a corner to get my own taxi home as the driver was nowhere near finished with his route and we had ALREADY passed my house right from the start.

We were coming from SF airport. We went past the Mission, Caesar Chavez, my neighborhood and proceeded into Downtown, because they put me in a DOWNTOWN Van. So I was screwed basically. The driver kept getting lost and circling blocks twice before he would find the place.

Finally, after an hour of this and, because I should have already been dropped off on the way into Downtown, I got so frustrated I asked to be let out. The driver apologized and gave me a card, told me to call Super Shuttle for reimbursement and that they will pay for my taxi home. Yeah, right. I should have made the driver call. He was basically lying to me then apparently went on to lie to his manager about the whole situation. He knew he had blown it by not dropping me off already.

Now, and additional 13 dollars later and 2 hours of time, I was finally home.

Super Shuttle denies the whole incident. They told me 6 people were in the Van when it was 10. Hello, I was there. They told me the driver finished his route in 1 hour 10 minutes. AN IMPOSSIBILITY when I left after an hour and two more customers had to be dropped off in two different directions. So they basically said, too bad, sorry.

Instead of saying, you know what, yeah, sorry, we were short drivers, had you go on a Downtown Van, we understand this presented problems and delays, etc..etc next rides on us. No, forget it, they just lie about the situation and basically take no responsibility.

Never again. Don't use them. Pay a little extra for reliable service. These guys do NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL.

Super Shuttle? Stupor Shuffle!
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NEW YORK -- Super Shuttle? Stupor Shuffle! Your mileage may vary, but if your travel situation is similar, be warned.

around 4PM - Flight arrived on a Friday at JFK Int'l. Airport
by 4:30PM - picked up checked bags
by 4:40PM - used Terminal 4 courtesy phone to call about reservation
by 4:50PM - the first estimate of van arrival passed. Was redirected by a driver to sign in with Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (never mind I had given my reservation # on the phone, and had talked to someone on the basis of that reservation)
after 5:25PM - Got fed up with the Port Authority people who operate separately from the call center, and had no info. to help me. Called
again the call center who assured me that the van would arrive in another 15 mins. Got the van number this time.
by 5:40PM - we got in the van
We asked around the van while the driver was out, and found one lady got picked up in 17 minutes with no reservation, and one couple had waited an hour like we did. Most in the van were foreigners (who feared a taxi driver would cheat them?)
by 6:00PM - the van picked up its final of 10 passengers at Terminal 8, and began to leave the airport
by 8:30PM - finally arrived at our destination, the last of the 10 passengers to disembark.

What we learned: Unless you are broke or a risk-averse foreigner, and have a couple of hours to waste, I cannot imagine why you would not take the Airtrain&subway or a taxi from JFK. If you still want to take Super Shuttle, note that having a reservation is a liability, as you will not be able to walk away without losing your fare.

We immediately canceled the return half of our reservation, and loved the subway-Airtrain combo. we took early Mon. morning, which got us to
JFK in both a fraction of the time and cost of Stupor Shuttle.
Victims of SuperShuttle Unite! You have nothing to lose...
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JFK AIRPORT, NEW YORK -- I must begin with a thank-you note to this site where I can find my fellow victims to commiserate with.

What my wife and I thought would be a long-time-in-coming dream vacation ended up in a small nightmare, all thanks to the negligence of SuperShuttle.

After reading the distressing accounts of others posted here, I have little more to add except to say that we had to suffer a delay of nearly three hours from JFK to home. It was especially hard for my wife, who had to rely on the airline wheelchair service to move from the plane to the pick up area, only to watch this incredible scene where their vans were passing us by one after another picking up new customers, who we learned were paying a discounted fee.

We the victims must unite to fight SuperShuttle together. We can let the Big Guys in DC and Wall Street fix the economy they tanked, but we have to deal with the little injustices around us to make our community a little better. I suggest these things:

File a Complaint
as I did after getting no response to my complaint.
Thanks to the consumer movement initiated by Ralph Nader, we now have consumer protection agencies in our local governments. Here in NY City, there is the Consumer Protection Law forbidding "deceptive or unconscionable trade practices" in sales of goods and services. You can get more info about the law at:

and about how to file a complaint at:

Similar legal protection should be in place outside the City as well. I have no doubt SuperShuttle will Win an 'unconscionable trade practice' award hands down.

Cancel Payment

Remember, you can always cancel the payment with a charge back through your credit card company for cause. Indeed this can be more effective than fighting them to make the company pay attention and correct their abusive ways because it hits where it hurts them most: their wallet. Enough complaints can take away the company's credit card privilege.

Please post your ideas and progresses made on this front. Who knows? Some day we may come here in appreciation for the valuable service provided by an 'honest and conscionable' company that the Shuttle had become.
I Missed The Flight
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I am a passenger of Supershuttle. My flight is Jan 26 8:00am 2009 from phoenix airport to Beijing and before that I booked the Supershuttle through the phone. A guy answer the phone and I told him all my flight information. Then he asked me whether my flight is international one. I said yes and at the same time I told him that I would take my plane in terminal 2. Then he said shuttle will pick me up at 5:50 in the morning. I thought it was too late, but I don't have a lot of experiences about take the plane and I believe Supershuttle very much so that I say nothing about the time. At that day, I waited in front of my apartment till 6;00am it didn't appear. Then I make a phone call to shuttle. At 6:11am a shuttle came here to pick me up. What's worse, after he picked me up he picked two more passengers, when I arrive airport, it was 7:06am. In addition, the driver put me in the wrong terminal. My flight is northwest airline but is operated by Alaska airline. About this problem I've told the drive, but he said I should go to terminal 3. Anyway, when I found the mistake and arrived terminal 2 through the airport bus, it was already 7:25am and my flight would take off in 35 minutes. They didn't allowed me check in and they said even the domestic flight cannot check in at that time. Actually, no matter it is international or domestic flight, no matter it is terminal 2 or 3, when the shuttle arrive airpot, I already didn't have enough time to check in.

Now I have to rebook the ticket and pay extra $225 for that. I hope shuttle company can help me compensate it. It really bring a lot of trouble for me. First, Jan 26 is the new year day in China and I want to celebrate this day with my family. It is the most important festival in China like the Christmas day in America. But now I have to wait one more week to go back home. Second, the earliest ticket I can rebook is at Feb 4th, but I only lease my apartment at the end of January. I don't now where I can stay in next month. I am a student in China and this is my first time to take the plane alone, when I known that I miss the flight I feel so helpless. I believe Supershuttle so I chose it to send me to the airport, but I am in the plight now. I believe America is a fair country, I try to connect shuttle through the phone for many times, but the only thing they ask me to do is waiting. I hope you can help me when you read this email, and thank you very much.

But no one reply to this letter till now.
Complaint plain and simple
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MARYLAND -- I had a reservation for Supper Shuttle on 1/20/09 - coming back from Michigan. My flight landed on time and I had reserved a reservation for 1/20/09 from BWI airport to my home in Suitland, Maryland.

I had a discount coupon and was told when I made the reservation that I could use this coupon when I paid at the airport - which I tried to do and was told that you can only use them on line - and that I should not have been told that - this was the first problem, then I was told that it would be a 90 minute wait because there were no vans - oh - I am sorry - they had 4 vans in the street - and they were still getting people and accepting reservations from people as I stood there - then finally the young lady said - I can't accept anymore because there are no vans - and no one told her that there was no vans - she really did a good job with trying to assist people but she don't drive the vans - she just take the reservations.

I have rode on Supper Shuttle on several occasions - so 1/20/09 - was not an excuse for the delay - it is always delayed - I would like to know why you have a driver that will pick up people who are not going in the same direction - they take Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. - and try to put all of them in the same van - so you get home 3 hours after your plane has landed - I am requesting a full refund of my money which is $41.00 - not including the tip - for my inconvenience for that night - I got home at 1:30 A.M. - and it was just me and a couple in the van - they were going to Falls Church, Virginia - and he was the only van available - you should not take reservations on that day if you knew the people were not going to be accommodated - if you want me to use this service again - you have to show me some kind of passion and respect - there are other types of transportation - but I think you feel because you are the cheaper of most that you can treat people any kind of way.

That is not right - word of mouth gets around on the internet or on the street - and you could fold like a lot of these other corporations
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Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Arrived at Hobby on Dec. 31. Was told by the guy at the Shuttle counter that there wasn't a shuttle for us and there would not be one coming. After speaking with a supervisor I was told they couldn't do anything to help. What kind of business are they running? They were sure happy to take my money but not happy to give us the service we were suppose to get. I will NEVER use this company again and I can promise you I will let everyone know.
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Refused Because of Booster Seat!
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Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- After an 10 hour flight from Europe we were not allowed to our pre booked Supershuttle trip from the airport to Galveston because we didn't had an booster seat for an 7 year old kid. On the website they only advised an seat for kids from 0-5 year.

The lady at the counter told us we should read the local law before make the booking?? She told us that we should take an taxi to the Walmart and buy an booster seat!! Bad, bad service!!
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Poor Customer Service. Left Me Stranded
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Rating: 1/51
LAX AREA, CALIFORNIA -- Reservation made but due to error, Super Shuttle would not take me from Irvine CA to LAX. I found out the next day they run a shuttle from John Wayne to LAX. The manager offered only an apology. Kept my money and left me in a parking lot. If you use this service, ensure you have a back up service and no time line
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