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Super Shuttle? NEVER!!! STAY AWAY!!!
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I only wish I had taken the advice of so many of these reviewers that service had severely deteriorated. However, I ignored them since I never had a negative experience with Super Shuttle, and I scheduled a pickup to LAX.

The van was to pick me up at 5AM, but never arrived until 6. They never called me. I called the company twice and was told he was "in the area". When he finally arrived, he stood at the van and never offered to help with my luggage. (I'm 66 with my share of aches and pains.) Never apologized for being late.

Finally we were on our way to LAX, but he got a call to pick up yet another passenger. When I asked him where we were going to pick up this new passenger he said, "I don't need this cr*p". Then he got lost. Turns out she had also been waiting for an hour.

When we finally got on the main blvd to LAX, I noticed that our driver was having considerable difficulty in staying in the lane, wandering several feet at times. As it was getting close to flight time, I was particularly concerned when I saw the police black-and-white behind us and felt that we could very well be pulled over.

Fortunately, we did not hit anyone when he swerved into an offramp from one of the freeways.

I was relieved when we finally arrived at the terminal. Unfortunately, the quiet retired couple in back missed their flight.
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Super Shuttle Miami Florida
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I was outraged when my husband and I had to take this shuttle from Miami to Fort Lauderdale Airport. The driver did not speak a word of English and he took several other passengers (Cuban and Mexican) to their destinations first (each person stop was way beyond where we were to be dropped off). He did not charge any of them a fee (as we were charged $64) for what was supposed to be a 20 minute ride. The ride turned out to be over 2 hours! This company has refused to reprimand the driver and has also refused to refund my money! What is this country coming to? Citizens and legal Americans no longer have rights and the Illegal’s are running rapid through our Country and taking over all of the jobs! I have demanded a refund and the driver to be fired without a positive response!
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Alain on 08/09/2011:
How do you know the driver is an illegal? If you wish to file an official complaint you can do so via
MissLeopard83 on 08/09/2011:
Some passengers reserve the shuttle online. My mom and I did this while in LAX for SuperShuttle. You pay online, as well, which is why you did not witness the other passengers paying a fee. I don't think it's appropriate to assume that the driver is illegal if he can't speak English. Not all non-English speaking people are illegal aliens and I try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I agree with Alain. Either report them on MyFlorida or to the BBB. Good luck!
Guest on 11/20/2011:
Miami SuperShuttle does not allow online reservations since it is independent. That is what I was when I kept getting an error message when trying to book online and then had to call instead. On my trip, I paid the driver after I got out and was handed my luggage. I have to agree with the sentiments above in filing a formal complaint.
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Horrible Service
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ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- In January I planned a trip to California to take my sister for her 18th birthday to Disneyland. When I made the plans with Disney they had already set me up for Super Shuttle to take me to my hotel. I thought it would be nice and safe because it was set up by Disneyland. When I got to the shuttle the driver was very rude, my sister and I had to sit in the shuttle for at least 30mins. While the driver waited outside trying to get more people to use the shuttle. While we waited we watched two other Super Shuttles come and leave the airport. Once it was full enough for him the driver took us on an hour long drive to drop a guy(last person on the shuttle) off at his house. Ironically me and my sister were the last to be dropped off. The whole car ride was very scary. The driver was a horrible driver and when on the freeway the shuttle shook. I will never use Super Shuttle again. I would rather use a taxi. The shuttle going back to the airport wasn't as bad but it was because it was 5:30am and it was only us and one other guy that was also going to the airport. I would recommend finding a different shuttle company. Super Shuttle is very unprofessional!
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MissLeopard83 on 07/27/2011:
Wow, another Super Shuttle hater! My mom and I went to LA last week and used their service. The guy we had from the airport to the hotel was a horrible driver--going over speed bumps without slowing down and trying to cram as many people in as possible. The one who took us from the hotel to the airport was a bit antisocial. It was so hot in the back of the van that I asked him to turn the air on. He looked at me like I was nuts and almost made us too late for our flight. We were scheduled to depart at 1:15pm and didn't get to the airport until 12:40pm. Thank God we didn't have bags to check.
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Stranded at 4 AM
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had several voicemail confirmations/reminders that I should be ready and out on the street at 4:50AM for my pick up. I received the last reminder about 1:30AM, just before I went to bed. When I woke at 4AM, I had a voicemail message -- left at 3:28AM -- cancelling my pick up. It took three phone calls to get someone to talk to me. The fellow said, "We left you the message so you could find alternate transportation." At 4 AM? He laughed, and said the rest of the day was booked and it was my fault I'd selected that time slot. As soon as I had internet access, I cancelled my return trip. I still have not received my refund.
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madconsumer on 07/13/2011:
I have never had any positive experiences with SuperShuttle.

review very helpful!!
trmn8r on 07/14/2011:
Boneheads! What a nasty experience. This should be helpful to others when they are choosing the company not to use.

Refunds can take 1-2 weeks with even the best companies. How long has it been? If it goes over that time, you might consider disputing the charge with your CC company.
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Super shuttle _ The VAN that makes everybody BLUE
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My son had booked with Super Shuttle for a ride from Houston IAH to his hotel. His flight was scheduled to arrive at 12:30 AM on Saturday 4/2. He went to the Super Shuttle counter and no one was there. Called Super Shuttle and no answer for 15 mins. Finally got tired and took a cab to his hotel.

I called Super Shuttle after learning what had happened and it took me over 15 min to speak with somebody. The lady who answered was nice but as usual they couldn't do anything. I ASKED TO SPEAK WITH THE supervisor...AND GUESS WHAT...FIRST THERE WAS NO SUPERVISOR AND THEN I WAS TOLD SUPERVISOR WAS THERE BUT WAS ON BREAK...WOW IMAGINE THE COINCIDENT....SHOULD HAVE PLAYED THE LOTTO....I WOULD HAVE WON IT..


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User Replies:
Alain on 04/02/2011:
Some people have used to find other shuttle services (such as Suvana's IAH Shuttle-haven't used them, but I've heard they're okay) at IAH Houston.
getoverit on 04/02/2011:
Airport transportation can really be a pain, especially during off-peak hours.

For what it's worth, we've used Super Shuttle a number of times and always found it to be a well-run, useful service. I don't doubt they've made mistakes from time-to-time but they always got us were we needed to be, as arranged.

I also don't think that it's scam aimed at bleeding working people. The OP didn't say whether the son paid in advance (I don't think you usually do) and, if so, that they refused to refund his money, or anything like that. If that were the case, I might feel differently.

dan gordon on 04/02/2011:
problem with
SS is they pay their drivers as 'independent contractors'. They pay to rent the van, pay gas, pay all airport fees. They get no salary. When you book after hrs no one is going to pay $150 in fees to collect a $35 fare. Don't know if this was the case or the hrs were after their normal close, but good hunch this is what occurred.
topher63076 on 04/04/2011:
the op needs to stop yelling
anonymous on 05/01/2012:
A bit of a ripoff to report. Got a receipt for $14.15 from LGA transportation desk for SuperShuttle. At the end of the ride driver says "$17" but I forgot the original amount and say OK, but I want to use Mastercard. Driver says "Charge cards take a long time to process, you pay with cash, yes?" So I give him $20 cash and the driver pockets a tip, plus does not have to report the extra $3 he charged for the fare...pretty sleazy, but if I had remembered the original fare I would only have paid $14.15, my fault...buyer beware.
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Super Shuttle Credit Card Rip Off
Posted by on
Super Shuttle wouldn't take our over-the-phone reservation without our giving a credit card. When the driver arrived, WE TOLD HIM WE WERE PAYING IN CASH instead of credit card. When he dropped us at the airport, WE AGAIN TOLD HIM WE WERE PAYING IN CASH, which we did. Days later, we found a charge on our credit card bill for this very same Super Shuttle trip. We immediately called the company and found them to be greatly uncaring. We sensed they were actually going to do very little. We doubt we will ever see our money.

To protect ourselves, we have also written a letter to our credit card company about Super Shuttle's egregious charge to our card. We have a bit more faith in them, but who can ever really trust a big bureaucracy ...

We have indeed found so many Internet complaints about Super Shuttle and their lack of appropriate refunds that we are about to write the Attorney General of the State of Arizona.

DON'T USE SUPER SHUTTLE -- EVER. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD, no matter what. Take a cab instead, even if it costs a bit more!!!!

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User Replies:
BEJ on 01/27/2011:
Call your credit card company and protest the double charge--that you used credit to make the reservation but paid in cash. Did you get a receipt for the cash payment? They might it as proof.
tnchuck100 on 01/27/2011:
Life would have been easier to have just left the charge on the card and pay them.

Just curious, why didn't you do it that way?
momsey on 01/27/2011:
Chuck, they didn't know about the credit card charge until after they already paid in cash.

Definitely dispute the charge with your card company. Even if you don't have a receipt for the cash (but it would help), Super Shuttle will have to prove that you authorized the charge by signing, and they won't be able to do that.
tnchuck100 on 01/27/2011:
momsey, my point was why did they muddy the issue with cash at all. Any time you give a company a credit card number there is a high probability it WILL be charged. Regardless of what you think your arrangement is.
momsey on 01/27/2011:
I hear ya, but a lot of people don't like using credit at all. Even though credit/debit is the new way to pay for everything, there are still a lot of people who like cash. And they should be able to pay how they like.
tnchuck100 on 01/27/2011:
momsey, I agree. They SHOULD be able to pay cash if they want to. But as seen here a company will hit that card if they have the number. The customer's wishes be damned.
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Do not take Super Shuttle. It is TERRIBLE!!
Posted by on
Flew in from Chicago to Houston for a business trip and my company booked me on the Super Shuttle to take me to my hotel in Sugar Land. The shuttle was supposed to be there at 11:00 AM; it did not come until 11:30 AM. After picking up our load of passengers from the airport the shuttle was zig zagging to our destinations, going south, then north, then south. It took the shuttle 2 hours to get me to my hotel. Add the wait time it took the shuttle to pick me up and that's 2 1/2 hours. In essence it took as long to get me to my hotel as it did for me to fly in from Chicago to Houston. I am telling my company to NEVER use this service again. They are terrible! If my company insists on doing business with them I will gladly pay the difference between a cab and the shuttle out of my own pockets. You are all better off taking a cab to and from the airport.
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User Replies:
Alain on 01/12/2011:
There's another shuttle company there, Suvana's IAH Airport Shuttle Services that might do a better job for you. Also take a look at and see what companies they come up with.
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Walk before you use this company
Posted by on
I have used this company twice. Both times I was appalled by the service. Obviously I should have read some of the other reviews first.

My first trip was a reserved ride in Pittsburgh. I was promised a wait of 15 minutes. I waited 30 until my name was called and then waited an extra 15 minutes until the driver had packed as many people into the van as could possibly fit. It then took an hour to drop me off. Unacceptable.

#2 I flew into Newark. Again I made a reservation in advance. Again, I was told I would wait 15 minutes and to just call the service desk when I arrived at the airport. I asked if there was possibly any other information that I could learn and was told no. I called and was told a driver would be at the airport in 45 minutes. I explained that I had made a reservation and that I needed to be somewhere. They said too bad. 1.25 hours later, my van still hadn't shown up. I called and was made to feel that I was being deeply annoying. Eventually my van showed up and I got my ride to the city. The driver seemed surprised that I had booked a ride. He told me that usually they don't pick up anyone until after 10 am (I arrived at 8:15).

I called Super Shuttle to complain and was told I would be given a refund. I then received an email from a customer "advocate" who told me that they were sorry for my inconvenience, that the customer service agent who had spoken to me had obviously not offered me a refund, and that they hoped that could expect my service again in the near future. I responded that I was amazed that they would rather totally defame themselves than reimburse my fair that they had promised me and have yet to hear back. I have my case # and all email correspondences!

So, in summary, please do not give these people business. There are alternatives. Some of which cost more, but if you think about the extra "baggage" that accompanies SuperShuttle, I would encourage you to think about any and all alternatives.

This comapny needs to realize that customer service is not something to ignore. I am disappointed and angry about the service I have received and I would like to think that by writing this review I am making a difference.
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Driver yelled at me...
Posted by on
ANAHIEM, CALIFORNIA -- I was already at my destination in Anaheim. I called in the morning for SUPERSHUTTLE to pick us up so I can get a rental car. I remembered that I told them the destination was John Wayne airport, not LAX. I Was supposted to go to LAX... So I called back less than 5 minutes later and Daniel answers the phone. He told me that He needed to cancel out the first Confirmation number and CHARGE ME AGAIN for the SECOND CONFIRMATION NUMBER! This is only 5 minutes ago people!!!!!(The itme was 0602) Then Daniel says that your suttle will be the in like 20 minutes. (I have a 0750 shuttle arrival time) He said that he cancelled it but still charged me even though I through a tip on it.

He transferred me so a customer service agent "TISHA". All she asked was how she can help me. I informed that I was requesting my funds back. He immediately put me on hold until my cell phone battery died. I called again as I acually got Daniel back. At first he totally denied helping me. Then transferred me to Trish and she belittled me by saying that I hung up the phone... TYPICAL!
I was transferred like a ping pong ball to their buddies desks with on guys telling me," What the hell???"
I FINALLY SPOKE TO SOMBODY WHO I THOUGHT HAD COMMON SENSE. Camillia Williams. She was very nice and helpful. Until the FIRST SHUTTLE the SHOULD have been cancelled arrived. Williams that told me that she contacted dispatch and he was changing his route to LAX. However, the driver had other needs. While having Miss Williams on the phone, the driver in van #803 started to yell at me and tell me that His empty van is full. In broken English," I am going to John Wayne!" GOODBYE... As I was crossing the front of his vehicle he throws it into drive. The van creeps forward a few inches. ( Attempt battery with deadly weapon )
I tell him that I have A CSA Agent on the phone and she said for me to tell you that your itinerary has changed and you are taking a party of 2 to LAX. He Yells again," No, what da F***! Do I speak ARABIC?" He gets on the phone to dispatch who should have canceled his route to this area in the first place. With my arms crossed and leaning on the drivers side window, the unbelted driver speeds off spinning me around causing me to loose balance. And to think that this guy got a tip from me.
As far as the refund goes:
It is Aug 11th 2010 and I just got off the phone with Tereasa who was very nice. I had to call back because it was not 0700 hours in corporate office. (Callifornia)

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User Replies:
SaMoore on 08/11/2010:
OP this sounds like a mess. When the driver threw the shuttle into drive and pushed the gas while I was in front of the vehicle I would have contacted the police. This is no joke. I had a friend killed in this exact way by an angry city bus driver who did not get the break in time. I would suggest placing a complaint with the shuttle service but it sounds like they would not care one way or another. Don't use this shuttle again.
Anonymous on 08/11/2010:
Seems like this super shuttle company is a wreck from all the complaints they have.
Helpful on 08/11/2010:
I can sure appreciate the frustration. No question. Even through you admit you made the mistake, you'd think it could be an easy problem to rectify. I guess their logistics just doesn't work in that way. Ultimately, this may mean you're on the hook for the unused shuttle service.
Anonymous on 08/11/2010:
I wish I could hear the other side of the story on this one.
Obsfucation on 08/11/2010:
I'm with Chevy
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Belligerent SuperShuttle Driver
Posted by on
I was traveling home from Kansas City and I needed a ride to the airport. I booked it by phone and opted to pay cash to the driver. I was informed to board the 11:55am shuttle.

At 11:57am, the shuttle arrived, and four people (myself included) boarded the van. The driver could find the names of the two people who had booked by internet, however, he could find neither my name nor the name of the other passenger who also booked by phone. We offered to give him our reservation numbers, but he refused and we continued on our way.

We traveled to several hotels to pick up passengers. At the last hotel, he had three people who needed to board, yet there were only two spaces left. At that point, he said, "You need to call dispatch to find out what happened to your reservation because you're the only person who I can't find in my system." Then he slammed the door.

A few minutes later, he opened the door again and was obviously agitated. He raised his voice at me, saying "I have clients who have to get to the airport!" I responded, "I am also your client and I also have a flight to catch." He slammed the door again.

Finally, he opened the door two minutes later and began to SCREAM at me, "You made me lose three clients!! They're going to the airport in a taxi!! You pay me now!!" He slammed the door, stomped around to the driver side and boarded the van. Then he turned and began yelling at me again, "Pay me now! Pay men now! I lost 3 clients because of you!!" I told him to lower his voice--he was screaming at me in front of 7 other people--and I passed up the money. He passed back change and a receipt; however, instead of continuing to drive to the airport, he continued to scream at me. Finally, the rest of the passengers started yelling at him to continue the ride to the airport because we all had flights.

I get along with pretty much everyone I meet, and I don't really have a personality that encourages people to yell at me. This has NEVER happened to me before--especially from someone who works in a service industry. I sent a complaint to Super Shuttle, however after reading the complaints on, I'm not encouraged that they will actually follow up with me. It looks like they don't follow up with ANYONE regarding complaints!

I hope more people look at this site before booking with Super Shuttle. I would have been better off paying $60 for the taxi to the airport!
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 06/06/2010:
I work occassionly in the towncar business and do airport runs. Shuttle Express rents their vans to these drivers. They pay a fee, all the expenses etc out of pocket. I've had similar experiences in SF where there are 4 shuttle companies and very competititve. There is no excuse for his behavior but the company will no doubt explain that these are 'independent contractors' and not employees...........
Ben There on 06/06/2010:
I gave up on using shuttle companies like this a while ago because they all had horrible service. I just budget extra for a taxi or car service, take the train or subway if possible, or book a hotel with a shuttle.
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