Surface Source Laminate

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Surface Source Laminate Flooring
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Worst flooring in flooring history.. Never will I install this flooring..You couldn't pay me enough for the hassle it gave me and a good customer of mine, that's no longer a customer of mine because of this flooring. The good, its fairly hard to scratch, yet it can be scratched just like any flooring..THE BAD, edges break when tapped together when installing(had to tape the first four rows together to start.)It buckels, moves, shifts, makes noice, warps, crushes upon itself at edges and at the seems, floating or if you glue it or nail it which surface source don't recommend glueing or nailing. It moves so much you want to glue it or nail it down. Takes on moisture and heat and cold like you wouldn't believe. They just change the name of it to fool the consumer. ((((Because they know its garbage!))))Lowes loves it because its the cheapest flooring ever and they sell a ton of it. Been doing constrution for over 38 years and I wouldn't put this flooring in a doghouse as another consumer had said.(good one) take this review as serious as a new born child
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User Replies:
wrangler on 03/08/2013:
its a poor product. sorry you had to loose a client over it.. did your client read the bad reviews about this flooring???
allalone69 on 03/16/2013:
I read Consumer Reports on this thin plastic flooring. have your client read this may be she won't be so upset with your install??? pennys per sq foot that's why they sell a lot of it. consumer get what you pay for. copy the reports if you go to court,I would show it to the judge..Don't feel bad it looks like other people are in the same boat over this flooring..
candy cane on 03/17/2013:
I'm watching the flooring do the same..
randel flooring on 03/20/2013:
I started a kitchen with this Surface Source flooring. By the time I headed down towards a bathroom I was going to put it in ,,,I STOPPED and ripped it up because it had risen up in the middle of the kitchen with plenty of room to move. I installed flooring before and never seen other flooring expand so much. Lowes said call the manufacturer so I did and they said they would send someone out..3 times and the rep didn't show. They changed the name of this flooring. will not trust LOWES and the floor people there.. I heard through the grapevine that a whole development placed this flooring in all the units and it buckled. I couldn't find out who the contractor was for the development.. DO NOT USE THIS FLOORING. THANK YOU
trip and fell flooring on 03/21/2013:
I made a canoe out of the flooring as a project for my sons school. you can shape it fairly easy with water and a little heat. People actually use this for flooring???? (you have to be kidding me)I call it plastic cardboard.(made in China)
chip do it yourselfer on 03/27/2013:
I agree with ALL the bad reviews about this flooring..Yes,I notice they change the name of this product almost every year.. I wonder why they do that????? I DO NOT recommend this flooring for ANY application thanks
b ram on 11/06/2013:
I bought this flooring about 3 yrs ago for four bedrooms unfortunately I became ill and was not able to install it right away. Three years later I went to install it and it would chip n break easily needless to say it was pure fustration.Lowes would not take it baack because time had lapsed so I went ahead n laid it down.I wasn't able to do all the rooms because lowes just so happened to give me the wrong color in about four of the boxes and I cannotfind it anywhere in order to finish the last bedroom. As a single mom I cannot affordto replace this flooring so I will just have to live w it
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Surface Source Winchester Oak Laminate Flooring
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MASSACHUSETTS -- Worst flooring in flooring history. buckles, lifts during expansion and stays lifted and buckled no matter what temp or moisture. Doesn't stay locked together, slippery with socks on, edges chip when tapped together lightly during install. Glue it or nail it down because it moves over floating foam padding. Don't use it in a basement, don't use it on stairs just don't use it AT ALL!!! Lifted and buckled under a skylight, near kitchen sink and front door and in the middle of living room...Gave plenty of expansion room and still lifted. Blame the product not the installer..
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User Replies:
omo5717 on 03/17/2013:
did you have a solid sub-flooring? I have had mine laminate for six years NO problem. But first I had a solid strong wood sub floor put down.
Can't get water on it!!! Not good in damp climates or damp houses.If water gets between joints it starts to pucker because it is essentially pressed wood.
Rich on 07/28/2013:
I agree, I have installed multiple floors. Worst you can buy..
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