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My experience with Surplus Floors Outlet
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- We chose Surplus Floors Outlet to install hardwood laminate in our living room, hall and master bedroom. The sales process went fine (doesn't it always?) and the price was competitive.

That's where all satisfaction for SFO ends. The installation process was a mess. I took the day off work to have this work done. The install team didn't show up on time and when I called I was told by [snip], the customer service representative, that there was a problem where the techs took the wrong product but they were fixing the problem and should be there within 1 1/2 hours. No problem, it happens. 90 minutes later, still no installers. Another call to the SFO office and still I'm being told that they are on their way. I wait some more. Finally, I call back and speak with the Installation Manager, [snip] who puts me on hold, comes back and tells me he has actually spoken with the techs and they are on the way to my home. Throughout the day, I’m told repeatedly by Lisa that they will work however long into the evening to get the job completed. Another 90 minutes later, still no installers. Please note that the SFO facility is about 25 minutes from my home so there are no excuses here.

I finally call my salesman who calls the install team, calls me back and also tells me the team is on the way. I explained to him that I was frustrated because I had already been told that all day by the install group. Still no show. At 5:00 PM we finally give up and are trying to think over our options on getting our down payment back. At 5:30 a group of workers show up, but state they are only here to drop off materials, not to work. Furthermore, when we tell them they can stay and get started (as [snip] promised us) they said they couldn’t because they still had another job that night. Lastly, I overheard them talking to each other about other jobs they had done that day so in my mind there was never any intention for SFO to install my floors on that day. It was all just lies and put-offs.

The team came back on Saturday and installed our floors. They are beautiful and the install crew worked hard and did a good job.

However, I will never recommend Surplus Floors to anyone and I will continue to share my experience with whoever will listen. The decent price you get on the product it not worth the absolutely horrible customer service received. Regardless of what story they told (which really was no story at all. They just kept telling me they were on their way), I truly believe they overbooked the day and never intended on installing my floors on that first day.

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Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
Sometimes, things happen. SFO sounds like they were at the mercy of their installers. It is likely that every time you were told they were on the way, that message was being relayed to you from info the installers were giving customer service.

Were they scheduled to INSTALL that day or just drop off materials? I ask because I have worked in roofing and they schedule the materials to be dropped off one day, and the work another as there are people before you who were previously scheduled and materials have to be ordered first. Granted, this is flooring, but it could be the same situation and perhaps a miscommunication.

If not, then yes they should have rescheduled the other job, but in the end, you got the flooring and it was acceptable. While you have a complaint, you also have a good review. Sad that the bad always outweighs the good.
Disaster Worker on 11/19/2009:
ARhodes, thanks for your succinct post. I've seen their advertising here in Dallas and thought about using them. Maybe I'll hold off!

Good post.
ARhodes on 11/20/2009:
Hi LadyScot,
Thanks for your response.

I was scheduled to be installed that day, not just have materials dropped off. I called and confirmed the installation prior to the day so I know I was on the books to be installed.

I don't know if I agree that the problem was the installers. They are only laborers who go wherever the dispatch tells them to go. I still stand by my belief that the problem was with the office install group, who made promises and commitments they couldn't or wouldn't uphold.

Yes, I got the floors, but if I had the option to cancel the order and go somewhere else, I would've in a heartbeat. They problem was they already had our down payment so there wasn't much we could do at that point.
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Ripped Off @ Surplus Floors Outlet in Frisco
Posted by on
Don't know if anyone else has experienced going there but here's what happened to me just this past week:
6-29-10 - picked out flooring that was stated to be "In Stock". Was asked to give a $700 deposit. I agreed and setup July 8th, 2010 as my pickup date and would then pay a balance for $700. Was also notified the wharehouse was in Irving, TX and was going to be given address upon paying balance.
7-9-10 - Show up at the store and was asked to pay for the balance of $700 so I gave my debit card. Upon payment I was given the address of 8101 Tristar Rd. Bldg 112 Irving, TX 75063. I drove out there from the Frisco store and upon arrival, I noticed the building was empty with no tenants and the door had a "For Lease" sign. I called the store number continuously for 1 hour but no one would answer. I called other stores in Allen, Dallas, etc. and was told they do not know where the Frisco store's wharehouse was located. I called my wife to visit the Frisco store only to find the store locked at 3pm which is normal business hours since they closed around 6pm. They finally opened the store for certain customers which was the same time I arrived back at the store. I approached a gentleman who claims to be the store manager and when asked about my paid invoice, he simply tells me he could not help me. Asked if the owner is available, he simply shakes his head and says he can't help me. Another customer gets up from the office chair and tells me she's been trying to get a refund for the past 3 months and was told no one is available to cut her check. We were then escorted out of the store and locked out. I decide to sit outside the store and call the police. Frisco Police arrives only to tell us that this is a civil matter and was not able to do anything but ask us to report to the constable office. As we continue to sit at the front of the store, more customers asking for refunds arrive.

We all were convinced there is something wrong with Surplus Floors Outlet. I have filed complaints online with the BBB, Attorney General's office, and with the Constable office on Monday. I cannot believe Surplus Floors Outlet continues to operate their stores even though they do not have any inventory. They closed several of their stores and now supposedly use the Frisco store as headquarters.

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User Replies:
Venice09 on 07/12/2010:
It's amazing that a store can get away with something like this. I wish you had used a credit card instead of debit. I'm not sure if you can dispute this with your bank. I actually have no advice at all, and I hope someone else here can help you. I'm curious to hear what the others have to say.
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