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A Company That Limits Sales to Foreign Customers?
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GREENFIELD, INDIANA -- While on vacation last month I stopped at Swifty Gas Station in Greenfield, IN to get gas. While the attendant was pumping I told her that I'd also like a pack of cigarettes. She asked me if I had ID so I showed her my passport. She then rudely told me that it has to be state issued.. so I tried showing her my Quebec drivers license which she again couldn't take because instead of state issued it's province issued... That is just completely rubbish. How can I have a state issued ID when I don't live in the states?
Is it the company or the attendant that is too simple minded to realize that it's federal government as well as other governments also have to ability to provide identification to it's citizens? Or does it just want to limit its sales to its foreign customers?
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Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
Sounds like that attendant didn't know what she was doing.
Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
Why would they want to limit sales to foreign customers? She just didn't know what she was doing.
tnchuck100 on 08/01/2009:
There are many clerks that exhibit a total lack of a cognitive thought process. I once observed a Wal-Mart cashier refuse to accept a driver license as proof of age because the license was expired. She did not possess the intelligence to understand a birth date does not expire and only the DMV is concerned with its expiration. Some people simply flaunt their ignorance in such matters.
GenuineNerd on 08/01/2009:
Swifty's is wrong. A Canadian driver's license should be just as valid as a US driver's license when it comes to buying alcohol or cigarettes. You probably have many Canadians going into the Indian reservation stores in Irving, NY (near Buffalo and Niagara Falls)to buy cigarettes because they are much cheaper than buying them in Canada. The clerk there probably has an attitude. Also, do you look young enough to be "carded" in the first place? I assumed that after the Swifty incident, you probably went on to the next convenience store to buy your smokes without any problem.
Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
Where I live the casinos won't let you in if your license is expired.
tnchuck100 on 08/01/2009:
dlakers, another case in point. Your driving privilege has nothing to do with gambling. They are simply mentally challenged.
Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
Personnel at establishments in all states are trained to accept as valid only current, undamaged government issued identification. A trained person knows that an expired ID card, depending on how long it has been expired, probably does not truly represent the bearer's identity. A very common practice among underage drinkers is to present an older sibling or other look-a-like's expired ID card.

That being said, it is impossible to say one wouldn't find lenient or poorly trained personnel
tnchuck100 on 08/01/2009:
And yet another one surfaces with an inability to use common sense. Damaged, undamaged, fake, not fake, expired, not expired. Anything can be faked. Expired does not alter the date of birth on the instrument.
Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
From a legal point of view, an expired ID is unacceptable in all 50 states. If someone chooses to accept it as an ID, they are giving you consideration above and beyond legal requirements, because legally an expired ID cannot be accepted
Anonymous on 08/01/2009:
lol. You may not understand that I am agreeing with you half way. But if you don't like the "rules" or "polices" or whatever you would like to call them, tough.
tnchuck100 on 08/01/2009:
ID as proof of age does not expire. The privilege provided by the instrument can expire. Many states issue ID cards for persons who do not drive. They do not expire. The concept is the same. Just because the driving privilege expires does not mean your birth date changes. Use your head man!
DigitalCommando on 08/01/2009:
I could see a bank not accepting an out of date ID during a financial transaction but not for buying cigaretts. As long as the picture matches the person standing there exactly it proves the person is of age and should be sufficient to process this low level transaction. But some stores post a sign that requires the ID presented to be valid, and in that case your out of luck.
tnchuck100 on 08/01/2009:
What is really happening here is these corporations have neutered their employees. Barring them from using any form of common sense. This has nothing to do with legal or not legal. Just corporate policy.
spiderman2 on 08/01/2009:
http://www.servercertificationcorp.com/state.php?statecode='IN' this is what is considered valid ID in Indiana to purchase alcohol. The clerk should have taken the OP's passport as identification. Everyone selling beer or cigarettes requires a non-expired ID. When you have a license to sell something on the line that costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase you follow the government rules or they will shut you down and fine the heck out of you,birthdates don't change, but the instances of fraud go up with an invalid form of identification.
ticia232 on 08/01/2009:
tnchuck100 tell my friend who was arrested in a sting in TX for selling cigarettes to someone with an ID expired for ONE DAY that you should take the ID no matter what.

It's the LAWS that state this not some stupid company policy.
Fufu487 on 08/02/2009:
Unfortunely guys, ticia232 is absolutely correct. I work in a business that requires me to validate customers with ID before beginning ANY transaction, and the GOVERNMENT sets out what we are ALLOWED to accept as ID. Making exceptions to this can results not only in losing my job, but serious legal fines. VALID ID refers to ID that is CURRENT and NOT EXPIRED. even though the ID has your birth date on it, does not mean the cashier can legally accept it. Your arguments here are with the powers that set out ID guidelines, not with the companies and cashier that follow them. Please remember this when dealing with the people that serve you :)
Anonymous on 08/02/2009:
People who have to deal with IDs are told 'Here is an acceptable list of IDs, there are no exceptions". There is no such thing as common sense in matters like these.
Anonymous on 08/04/2009:
lol..finally some people whow could explain it better than I could
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