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Eco Lake View Sewer Fund Billing
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
What goes on with this company. Last month I received statement due by Aug. 20,2012. Because I was on vacation when bill received I was after the 20th remitting my payment. The statement clearly stated if not paid the charge would be $54.50 which I remitted. I received statement on Sat. Sept.8,2012 showing Account Summary Previous bill amount $49.50, payment received $54.50 with a $5.00 credit. Current billing and other basic charges: late charge $15.00 Sewer Base $47.00, mailing fee $2.50, total current charges $64.50,Total amount due by 9/20/12 of $59.50,Total due after 9/20/12.

Previously they have billed me for $25.00 late charges, which I refused to pay and threatened with turning over to Public Service Commission of Al. That time the statement was very late arriving at my house, and I remitted when I received statement. There have been several occasions when stamements make no sense at all. I am sure I am not only person with problems with this company.

Once I was near due date and carried my payment to Lakeview City Hall, which is across street from my house, thinking I could pay there and not be late due to mail delivery. They refused to take my payment, but gave me and addressed envelope to mail my payment. This was prior to Billing being turned over to SWWC Services, Inc. This certainly amounts to "screwed up billing" by screwed up people.

I am remitting my $49.50 this month so that it will be received by SWWC prior to 20th of month. If things continue to happen as before, I will follow through with contacting Al. Public Service Commission.
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User Replies:
ticia232 on 09/11/2012:
You should call and ask if there is somewhere where you can pay in person. If there are none most check cashing places have deals in with the public utilities so that you can pay them and they put it in the computer. Also Western Union has a quick pay for many public utilities.
Kara on 10/13/2012:
I have had the same problem with them..recently I didn't receive a bill for a month in a half. So, I called them and they told me that they had a new company that would be sending out the bills and it might be late. I finally got the bill and wouldn't you know if had a late payment attached to it...what??? the bill is normally 49.50 and they charged me 74.50 and it was due a month later. very confusing and ridiculous.
bobbielgarrett on 01/10/2013:
Just got my January 2013, sewer statement, which indicated an increase in rates from $49,50 to $56,50per month. I live in Tuscaloosa County and my rates are higher than if I lived in Jefferson County. Also the bill has always included a mailing fee of $2.50. Why do I have to pay a mailing fee,I put stamps on my remittances,if not the post office will return undeliver. Why should a mailing fee the $2.50 when the price of a stamp is $.45 cents. This fee should be charged to the company that contracts SWWC Services, Inc. to do their billing. Is Eco Lake View Sewer Service not regulated by The Alabama Public Service Commission,if not they should be regulated by someone. This is a rip off. As far as I can tell, no action has been taken on my prior complaint. Should I carry this complaint to Public Service Commission. The people in this area needs some help with this matter. Bobbie L Garrett

Toni - Tannehill Preserve on 01/17/2013:
I called SWWC this morning to ask about the increase and the $2.50 mailing fee. SWWC is only a billing/collection service for ECO Lake View Sewer, and they say they were told to add the $2.50 to the bill. SWWC can't take a payment by internet, but you can drive to their Pelham to pay. to save the $2.50. About the increase - SWWC said there was a community meeting in January and the increase in rates was shared with the community. I asked them to get me the info about that meeting, as well as any information that was discussed. Our sewer service went from $30 to $49.50 to $56.50 and I'd like to know why!!
Bobbie Garrett on 01/18/2013:
These rates are higher than Jefferson County rates,and Jeffco rates are one of reason that I moved to Tuscaloosa County. Toni,were you advised of this meeting. I have not been advised of any meetings. If you can go to Pelham and pay and not have to pay billing fee,what is difference. Think we should get together as neighborhood and go to Public Service Commission.
Tannehill Townhomes resident on 03/07/2013:
Yea the sewer service prices are getting out of control now. I was not advised of any meetings either. I would completely attend any gathering to protest against these fools.. just waiting for my flier in the mail..
Leslyn on 02/20/2014:
I feel your pain. Check out the Facebook page titled Tannehill preserve and unincorporated Tuscaloosa and Jefferson counties. You need to go to the next town meeting which is March 13th at 6:30 pm
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