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Rude And Insensitive Practices Abound
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- My elderly mother recently adopted a cat and scheduled an appointment at Sycamore Animal Hospital in the Greater Cincinnati area to have the cat neutered. When she arrived to drop off the cat, the reception staff were extremely rude and told her that she would have to pay before she could drop off the animal. They did not inform her of this when she made the appointment and she was on her way to work so this left her in a terrible bind.

In an attempt to solve the problem, she phoned me and asked me if I would put the bill on my credit card and I agreed. The hospital, however, refused to take my credit card on the phone. Now, my complaint is not so much about the payment policies (although most of the other vets I have talked to in the area consider "services rendered" to mean AFTER the procedure has been performed and not before).

I can also understand their policy of not taking the credit card on the phone (although, again, charge backs can generally also be made if the card is presented in person with a signature). My problem was the way they treated her. Here is a elderly woman with a cat she loves and they totally did not appreciate or care about the bind they had put her in.

She was only moments from being late to work, did not bring the money for the procedure because she was not informed that she needed to, and was treated insensitively, dare I say in an extremely hostile manner, by the staff. I phoned the supervisor who told me, basically, that I did not have the right to complain because I was not there. Thanks to modern technology, however, I did hear everything through the speaker feature of my mother's cell phone, the tone of the woman's voice alone would drive even the most patient and kind person to anger.

Again, their payment policies are not really at issue here, but given the circumstances they could have offered some sort of solutions. I would strongly advise everyone against using Dr. Stephanie Cable's Sycamore Animal Hospital. Fortunately, I was able to connect my mother with another area vet who has a kind and patient staff, knows how to handle elderly clients, and truly cares about animals.

Sycamore Animal Hospital Boarding
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Recently, I boarded my 3 dogs for 2 nights with Sycamore Animal Hospital located on Montgomery Rd. out of Cincinnati. I was horrified when I returned as someone in the clinic had cut several inches of hair on my dogs tail very bluntly. What would I have done if my dog were entered in a show? There was no reason for this action whatsoever! Upon arriving home with the one dog, I went to pat her back and she screamed in agonizing pain! Boy, I wish she could tell me what went on there.

I did call the clinic and the vet saw her for no charge but she was so frightened when he touched her back she didn't respond. The vet told me that they didn't cut the hair on her tail but obviously, someone did! Now, about a week later all three of the dogs have kennel cough. (All the dogs are up to date on all vaccines.) Believe me, this boarding experience was terrible! I honestly believed my dogs would be safe with my vet but I was sure wrong! Please, consider another alternative to boarding your beloved pets!

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