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False Advertising
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA -- My son and I each bought a Norton bundle pack: (Internet Security 2011, Utilities, Ghost.) It is marked on the side flap, "1 year protection for up to 3 PC's" then lists each of the 3 products.
I took out the discs and the Security and Utilities is marked, "for 3 PC's"
The disc for Ghost is marked "For 1 PC."
I called their tech support and got some guy out of the country who had no idea how to help me - just kept saying, "Ghost is only for 1 PC."
I called Symantec corp. in Mountain View CA and their Customer Support there gave me a case # BIG DEAL and transferred me back to India or where ever. NO HELP. I called back and the receptionist said she will email someone. Not sure I will ever get this resolved.
Doesn't a company realize things like this drive customers away?
I have used Norton 360 for years but this will make me consider Kaspersky next time.
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getoverit on 12/30/2010:
Depending on what OS you are using, you might not really need Ghost. For example, I've been using the regular Windows 7 backups lately and that seems to be OK, though I can't honestly say that I've had to recover anything yet.

The concept of maintaining a full physical image of an entire machine is becoming sort of last generation. If something did fail on your current hardware, are you really sure you'd be restoring to an identical replacement? Or you you buy a bigger and better hard drive, or even a entirely new machine, before you restored your system?

I'm no expert but things seem to be going in the direction of file backups, as opposed to system images.

That said, I've been using Norton products for a number of years and I'm not really sure that they're really keeping close track of who's running what on how many machines.

My suggestion is get things insalled and running as you need them to be. Then, if it looks like Norton licensing is an issue, get in touch them and see what they will do for you. They're don't seem to be unreasonable folks.
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