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Symantec Corporation
20330 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014-2132
408-517-8000 (ph)
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You Don't Get $30 on Norton's $30 Rebate
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Rating: 3/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I purchased Norton 360 internet security because it had two $30 rebates in the form of VISA debit cards. While registering the cards, I discovered that there will be a $3.00 a month maintenance fee on each card until the card's balance is $0.00. This information was not previously disclosed. So much for a $30 rebate. If you don't blow it fast, there's no telling how much less than $30 you will realize. If you try to find a Norton person to discuss this rip off, lots of luck. Shame on you Norton!

Poor Customer Service
By -

My Norton Internet Security for up to three computers was automatically renewed in the spring of 2009 with a new expiration date of March 29, 2011. I downloaded it to two computers. Four months later, I began to have problems with my DSL. A computer technician I retained diagnosed the problem as the Norton software and replaced it with Viper. The problem disappeared.

I then replaced one of the computers with a laptop that I use primarily for travel. I decided to use Norton Internet Security on it as I had 18 months left on my subscription. I could not access my account because my number was said to be invalid. That despite the fact that I have a written confirmation with that account number, the expiration date, and the coverage for 3 machines.

I tried for days to reach customer service, but could not get into "chat," the only option the Website offered. When I did finally get through, it was told after a dozen exchanges that I could not get partial refund after 60 days. But my payment was for a subscription that was only partially used. The company has not only lost a customer, but I am on a mission to get the word out that one should avoid dealing with it.

Problems and Unable to Uninstall Etc
By -

Don't use Norton 360!!! I installed the new Norton 360. All of a sudden, I couldn't access the homepage of my ISP. I spent over 12 hrs. on phone with RoadRunner, Dell and my cable company. No one could fix the problem. Finally, after 3 hrs on phone with Microsoft, they determined it was Norton 360. We tried to remove it - impossible. I had to call Symantec (waited 42 minutes on hold) who spent another few hours uninstalling, then downloading a free trial version of Norton Internet Security 2007.

When I tried to get updates to Norton 2007 - message said my "subscription had expired." So I called Symantec again, they took control of my computer and it took over an hour to resolve. Reps were very helpful, but their product causes too many problems - will use another vendor next time. Symantec service is horrible… you have to search to find a phone number which is 1-877-832-2810. They want to charge you, but I said "No, your product has bugs, and you have to fix it!" They did.

Poor Customer Service
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I've been a customer of Symantec for over 3 years, and I'm so frustrated with their service I could scream. On June 1 I tried to upgrade online, and I was not able to do so (even though I entered the correct product key number directly off the package from 2006). I called Symantec customer service, and waited on line for 10-15 minutes. Then the customer service agent was not able to record the information correctly. My name is not was not spelled correctly in a subsequent email (** vs **) and that's likely why he was unable to process my valid credit card number provided at the time we placed the order on the phone.

I received an email notice six days later, with a statement that the order would be processed 8 days after my check is received in the mail (is that prompt customer service?). Perhaps Symantec has outsourced their customer service operation? When I called, I reached someone with limited limited English and customer service skills. McAfee will be my choice from now on. I'm no-longer repeat customer.

Customer Service Billing
By -

Purchased renewal of Symantec Norton Internet Security 2007 update product. Unable to update the product after purchase. Unable to get support response in the 48 hrs as promised on line. No response for online chat when trying to get assistance. Order no. ** -

Poor Customer Support
By -

Symantec's Live Updates gave me 2 uploads. Then I couldn't access the web unless I disabled Norton. Then I noticed that there was a $9.95 for a 30 minute talk with a tech. That was pure crap. It was their upload that caused the problem. So I took the free e-mail deal that takes about 2 days for a reply. And when I got the reply from some guy with more letters in his name than once through the alphabet I knew I was ultimately screwed. I mean after months of trying to get something resolved with "New Dell Computers, Inc" I knew I was doomed.

Sure enough. After a couple of e-mails, and not getting anywhere I filed online with the BBB in Cupertino, CA where Symantec is located and with the Attorney General of CA. The day after the BBB acknowledged my complaint I got a call from an AMERICAN. Holy CRAP… They still had AMERICANS working in customer service. What's the chance of that nowadays! So I have a phone conference set up with the fellow. He's on their "executive" tech problem team. I guess that's reserved when they get a call from the BBB and the Attorney General.

Sounds like a great guy, but I have to say, I've got 115 days left on my subscription… then it is "Sayonara, Symantec" and I'm going with my ISP's recommendation for a product whose phone calls to techs are FREE as are most products I found out. They had warned me about Symantec. Now I know.

Norton Rebate is a Joke

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I purchased the Norton Internet Security 2003 Pro software. A rebate of $30 was offered as an incentive. The necessary rebate card was completed, the proof of purchase seal, front page from the user manual of a previous version Norton product, and the rebate cash register receipt were all stapled together and mailed as directed. I received a post card from Symantec informing me they had not received any of these items.

I contacted Symantec @ 1-800-494-8825 (rebate center) and was told to write a letter of explanation, a fax cover letter in addition to faxing a photo copy of the information I had already sent. Jump through hoops? Why? Obviously they received my rebate materials or they would not have sent the post card. Either honor the rebate offer or quit ripping customers off with misleading advertising and incentives.

I purchased the original product at Fry's Electronics. I have now contacted them, faxed them the info, spoken with at least 5 different people who promise to look into the matter, none have returned my original calls seeking help with a vendor. One individual's refusal to purchase future products from Symantec or Fry's won't put either company out of business… it will increase Best Buy's, Circuit City's or McAfee's profit margin slightly and it will make me smile.

The Auto Protect Feature of Anti Virus Component of Said Software
By -

The Auto Protect feature of the Anti Virus component of Norton Internet Security 2007 software no longer functions. The information obtained from the Symantec web page is insufficient to enable me to turn on said feature.

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