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Norton Antivirus Seems to Be Messing With My Startup of My Computer and I Have to Constantly Download Updates I Already Have
By -

I needed to take my Dell desktop in for repair to Best Buy, aka, Geek Squad after purchasing it only 15 months previously. It could not start up, and after 6 weeks of trying to find the source my motherboard needed to be replaced. It seemed to work fine till I purchased and downloaded Norton Internet Security Software after just a couple of days. I removed it and reinstalled but now my computer is once again out of service which requires me to be without it again for how long I do not know.

My sister also was told she has a very nasty virus that Norton told her would cost an additional 100 dollars to clean from her computer. Norton did detect the downloader virus yesterday from my computer and cleaned it, but as I said, now the computer is dead again. There may be two different problems but I wonder if anyone else has had these type of issues with Norton. Of course I was silly to purchase it anyway as I just recently found out I get McAfee free for being a Comcast customer. I have also been told that Norton is not recommended by computer savvy people.

Norton Symantec HP Mobile
By -

Norton Symantec HP Mobile If you are charged cancel it within 60 days. Do not touch this virus software if it comes with your computer. They will charge you without your permission. By registering your laptop possibly? This is the second time I've bought an HP computer and both times I end up with a Norton Software charge that I have not approved. $59.99 this time.

Once I realized I'd been charged, it was too late to be reimbursed. AVG is free with no hassle whatsoever and one of the top performing online virus detectors. Remove Norton Symantec immediately or have someone do it for you. Norton is really slick, 60 days or they keep your money even though I did not use their software. If HP continues to use this low-down company I will not buy another Hewlett-Packard computer. I've also told Costco the same. Costco has more clout.

Customer Service?? What Customer Service?
By -

So, my 'protected by Norton' laptop contracted a horrible virus. I contacted Norton for help and they pressure- sold me a $99 package where a 'technician' gains access to your system remotely and removes the virus. They assured me that it would be fixed to my liking before the process was complete. Well, four hours later, my system was inoperable! I tried to contact them via online chat and telephone chat for hours, constantly being booted off, put back into the endless queue, or giving some half-witted 'excuse'.

I even scheduled a call from them one evening... Which, surprise, never came! I did this for four days straight and finally took my laptop to a local repair shop who told me that the virus was still there! So, a week later, I am still fighting with them to get my money back... Just today, I was transferred to three various reps when I went online to get a refund. Are they kidding?? Horrible software, horrible company, horrible customer service. Avoid at all costs!!

Norton 360 Stinks
By -

I bought Norton 360 in July and installed it on my two computers. In December, one of my computers got "hijacked" by a bot that sent out over 400,000 emails a day. I only learned of the security breach because my ISP shut down my service. Norton technical support was no help. They could not understand my problem and kept telling me that the problem was with my ISP. I went with another security provider, OneCare, and they solved my problem. When I returned Norton 360 to get my money back they refused because it was passed the six month refund period. Stay away from Norton 360.

Beware of Downloading From Symantec
By -

I kept encountering problems while trying to update my Norton Antivirus program. Symantec suggested contacting their consumer service dept. which I did. After three separate attempts the technician asked to take control of my computer which she assured me would be perfectly safe. One and one-half hours later, with no progress I suggested that I could find a different supplier. She requested fifteen minutes to make one last attempt. Unfortunately I agreed.

I then saw folders flying across my screen and some were erased. In short order I found that I could not even get on the computer. The reason, it turned out, was that she had completely erased my hard drive. The manager who responded to my complaint (after I found the problem) offered me a one year free subscription to one of Symantec's products. Given that I have now spent approximately $2,000 to recover my data and purchase a new computer I feel that his offer was a bit insufficient.

Symantec And The Big Issues That They Have
By -

We recently had to upgrade from Backup Exec Version 8 to Version 12. The IT Manager was hesitant of upgrading, as there had been massive problems with upgrading to Version 10 which eventually got axed. "It will be fine" I told him. My God was I wrong.

As an IT professional I have never had to deal with such a horribly managed company. Even after 6 months, our Backup Exec 12 software is still not working correctly due to continuously being issued incorrect Installation Keys.
It got to the point where the Upgrade process was so complex and mixed up by Symantec that we had to involve the Distributor from whom we got the software off. 3 months he has been working with Symantec to get us 11 License Keys. This is not a joke, this is real... unfortunately.

Symantec Portals and processes are so tied up with trying to prevent piracy and copyright infringement that they have made it too hard even for the IT professionals to get what they require. Stay clear of Symantec and Backup Exec. The worst company I have ever seen, and I have seen some real shockers!

Horrible Customer Service From Supervisor.
By -

On 09/10/07 I purchased Norton 360 from Symantec from online. Upon installation my computer completely changed. All Icons were changed and many other things. I won't waste your time with the small things. I spent two days chatting with techs, Printing forms from links on how to fix the problem, I installed and uninstall Norton 360 three times. That was on day one. After 12 hours of dealing with them I gave up. The next day I tried again. Still not able to receive a live update (error code 5) I received a message that Critical components were missing from Norton 360. Please contact support for help to fix these Issues.

When clicking on the support button (to avoid charges) IE 7 would not let me connect forcing me to call customer support. The Tech explained that they would be able to fix the problem at the cost of $69.99. I told her that I did not have this problem until I installed Norton 360 and under NO circumstance would I pay one penny for any service to fix what Norton 360 caused. At that time she gave me a number in which I was able to speak with a very knowledgeable Tech. He was very patient with me and explained exactly what I needed to do to get IE 7 back online.

At that time, the tech gave me a url that allowed him to share access to my computer. He began removing all information that I was told to do by the tech on day one. We were on the phone for 58 minutes. At that time the he explained he would have more to do and that we could disconnect the call. About one hour later, Norton 360 was working properly.

I switched screen names to check my balance with my checking account. It would not allow me access. Once again I had to call the 1-877-832-2810 number. After holding for more than 30 minutes, I spoke with a female tech that explained to me that you have to do a live update on each profile. 48 minutes later the service was up and running again. I felt as if I had spent two days in which I could have been making money on my computer that I should be compensated. I ask to speak with the supervisor.

He heard my complaint, he indicated that he had a bad connection and would call me right back. (He was in India because we talked about the time frame and it was 6am there and 9 pm here). About 20 minutes later I received a phone call from New York. He explained that he was told I had a problem with Norton 360. I agreed. He continued with “The problem is fixed now so what is the problem?” What is the problem? I have sat here for two days trying to fix my computer from a product I purchased from you. I feel as if you should at least be understanding that my time is just as valuable as yours.

The supervisor offered me 60 additional days of service. I explained that is not going to work. He then stated 60 days or nothing and then hung up. No goodbye, sorry sir that you have had this problem, Nothing but a major attitude. I then called to speak with the original supervisor and told him that I wanted to cancel my subscription as well as I wanted a phone call from someone that could handle the supervisor and his attitude. He agreed. Stated it would take two weeks to put the money back into my account. He would have someone call me within 24 hours. Time passed and I did not hear from anyone.

I called again HOLDING for more than 15 minutes. Spoke with the representative, gave him the priority ID number and allowed him to read the updates. He informed me that a refund had not been processed. He explained he would process the refund and I would receive the funds in my account in 24-48 hours. A little different than what the other supervisor stated. I have placed a complaint with the BBB. I also intend to write Mr. John W. Thompson (who states they are the best in customer service in article above.)

In my position I would have stayed with the company, the last tech was excellent and made everything right. However, to pay 79.99 and a supervisor (that part of the 79.99 went to his paycheck) treat me with disrespect, never say sorry for the problem, and then have the nerve to say 60 days or nothing and then hang up on me. That helped me make my decision really fast. To me it seems like Mr. Thompson is not working in the real world he must be in his own bubble where everything is perfect. I guess I will have to be the one to break the bad news to him, as if he will care. My advice, if you see Symantec or the word Norton, run as fast as you can.

We Are Doomed. Norton and Microsoft Are Destroying Our Computers. Save Yourself! Save Your Data!
By -

A few weeks ago, Norton's Liveupdate informed me and a friend of mine that it has some new modifications to download. My friend and I live in different parts of the country. He has a tower and I have a laptop. My friend's and my computers are around 6-8 years old. Both of us are running Windows XP and Norton internet and virus protection 2006. This new update downloaded Norton's Liveupdate Notice. This is another useless software package that hogs the system resources and provides notices if Norton has some new features and whatever other BS they want to notify you about. I immediately started having problems.

When I tried to run Liveupdate, it would not bring up the Liveupdate window. After about 1 week, I found on Norton's website something to indicate that Liveupdate Notice was downloaded and could be removed if desired. I uninstalled it from my system. I downloaded the latest Liveupdate and Norton Internet 2007 to my computer. I was just getting my system to where it appeared to at least run Liveupdate again. I still do not understand why my system is running at 88% idle but it takes forever to open files and run programs.

The excuses for their inefficient code of a person needing a faster processor, more and faster RAM, a higher capacity and faster hard drive are getting old. I am a software engineer who grew up in the days before PCs. We understood the need to design efficient code that minimized RAM, disk, and processor usage while performing complicated tasks. However, this must be another Norton feature. Anyway, I was talking with my friend and he told me how his system started crashing. It eventually got to a point where it would not boot anymore.

He took it to a repair shop and was told yesterday that the system hard drive was bad but did not know exactly what was bad about it. A couple of days ago, Liveupdate indicated that it has some more updates. I let Norton update my system. When Norton needed to reboot, I let it. When the system came up, it would hang up. I determined that if I disconnected my firewire and USB devices, the system would boot up. After the laptop was running, I could reconnect the devices and use them.

My system finally got to a point that when I rebooted, it would crash with a fatal system error and try to reboot again. I was able to boot in safemode but could not access my external drives, etc. After many attempted reboots with the same problem, I decided to boot using the last know good configuration. I was able to get my computer up and running. I am not sure when the last good configuration was because it was finding new hardware that came as part of my laptop. I am in the process of backing up all of my data from the laptops hard drive to my external drives. I do not know what will happen when I try to reboot after this.

While I would not think that this would cause a problem, perhaps there is some way for them to mess up the system hard drive or software to try to force people with older processors, thus older machines, to upgrade to a newer computer and Microsoft's latest operating system. I have news for them, my next purchase will be a MAC. My time is too valuable to waste on Norton and Microsoft's garbage. Anyway, Save yourself! Save your data! Norton and Microsoft has doomed us all!€

Symantec/Norton Crashed My Hard Drive
By -

LAKE MARY, FLORIDA -- On July 19th I received an email from Symantec alerting me that a program for internet security that I had purchased and installed on my computer had not yet been activated. In the email they provided a link to go to and download and activate the program. I did that and followed the instructions. During the download a message appeared alerting me that I would have to call a technical for assistance, which I did.

I was obviously directed to the call center in India for the technical assistance. I was on hold for 63 minutes until a technician finally answered. After another 58 minutes with him, he finally told me that he could not help me and would have to transfer me to someone else. I was on hold for over 48 minutes and the someone else wasted another 45 minutes only to tell me he could not help and that he would have to transfer me to someone else. In the process of transferring me, the connection was cut and I had to call back.

When I called back I had to hold another 73 minutes until someone answered the phone and following his instructions my computer finally crashed and could not be rebooted. He then told me that he would have to transfer me to someone else with higher skill levels and that person spent the next hour trying all sorts of things to get the computer to respond and finally said that he could not help and that it was not a Symantec problem but the manufacturers problem and I would have to get in touch with the manufacturer of my computer. I asked to speak to his supervisor and I was cut off.

I called back and demanded a supervisor and after 58 minutes a supervisor came on the line and said that she had read the technicians reports on the ticket number and that she could not help me and that the problem was not a Symantec issue, rather an issue of my computers manufacturer and I should call them for assistance. When I tried to protest and explain that my computer had been functioning perfectly until I followed the instructions in an email sent to me by Symantec for a Symantec product, she said that she would not be able to help me and said there was no one else with whom I could speak.

I called the computer manufacturer and luckily found a technician who was able to identify the problem. Unfortunately, whatever the Symantec program and technicians did caused a problem with the operating system on my computer and the only solution was to do a hard disc recovery operation which caused the loss of three years worth of work stored in my computer, all my files, client data and work papers.

I lost over $900 in consulting fees yesterday alone because I was tied up with Symantec trying to resolve the problem they created, plus a loss of more than $3,000 in additional consulting that I have scheduled for Monday but with the loss of the data will take me at least a week to recreate and therefore I cannot provide the consulting services my client needs for Monday.

It will take at least a week to recreate enough of the data files that were lost in order to be back in a position to perform my consulting work and I will definitely lose some clients as I will not be able to recreate the data they provided and once I have to request it again, they will move to another consultant to work with. Today, as if to rub salt in my wounds, I get an email from Symantec indicating that the reports show that my problem was resolved and asking me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey.

My offices are in a building that Symantec has 4 floors of people and no one there knows who to refer me to about this issue and no one there could provide any assistance despite the fact that one of the floors is a technical service group. This company does not merit any confidence and I would advise anyone dealing with them to be very careful.

Norton Antivirus
By -

I am developing a conspiracy theory that Symantec has been taken over by Dick Cheney and the Bush administration. Only something that radical can explain why a culture of incompetence pervades what used to be a good company with a solid product. I give you the anecdotal evidence, which of course is all you need for a good conspiracy theory. EXHIBIT A: The company that can't build it right. If you have a product with a subscription-based revenue stream, like Norton Antivirus, you'd want to make it easy and painless to renew subscriptions, right?

Also, you'd want to minimize the cost of support calls by making the whole renewal process easy to understand and relatively fool-proof to implement, right? Here's where it begins to get interesting. Symantec actually did the opposite of what is logical, leading me to suspect that it is a branch of government rather than a for-profit company. I was using a version of Norton Antivirus for the Macintosh I bought last year when I got a pop-up message saying my subscription would expire in a month. I went to the website, fumbled around Symantec's poor site navigation, and found the way to renew the subscription online.

Rather than simply renew NAV, I opted to upgrade the product, Norton Internet Security, and downloaded it. I followed the directions, and registered the product, but was surprised when, the next day, I got another message saying that my subscription was expiring, and would I like to renew? I also got the option to enter a subscription code and make everything right.

“Surely,” I thought, “I must have a subscription code.” After all, I paid for their product. There must be something on Symantec's site that tells me how to find the subscription code. Nooo. Finally, out of desperation, I made a support call. Actually, I made a couple of them. One tech rep suggested I deinstall Symantec completely, then reinstall. “Been there, done that,” I told him. Actually, I did more than that.

When it didn't work the first time, I manually (and painfully) discovered the loose flotsam and jetsam of the Symantec product, left over after you deinstall. You'd be surprised at the rag-tag job of deinstallation it does. I didn't expect this from a company that actually looks for such odd bits of code as evidence of malware.

So, here's the thing. The product that blurts out non-useful information; the website that leads you in circles, swirling around and around; the description in the User's Manual that simply fails to describe anything, the grossly inaccurate screenshots that show how to get the product code; and the baffled representatives who don't seem to understand what is going on— all of these point to a magnificent “pyramid of incompetence.” Connecting the dots, other "pyramids of incompetence" include the Guantanamo Bay detention system and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, suggesting the same architect is behind all of them.

EXHIBIT B: The company that can't communicate. See Exhibit A. Since their web site doesn't actually explain anything, and you have to make a support call to a human who doesn't actually know anything, we have what I call “The evil loop of non-communication.” Finally, there's the issue of “When I say ‘rebate,' I actually mean something else.” (See Exhibit C). Connecting the dots, we have the Bush Administration example: "When I say 'war', I really mean 'peace.'" (George W.) Need I say more?

EXHIBIT C: The company that counts on consumers being idiots. First, let me start by admitting that 'I am a fool.' Not only did I not get their product to work upon download, but I paid good money for the boxed product, thinking it must actually contain all of the information I need to make the thing work. I became an even bigger fool when I read the User's Manual, believing it would provide more useful information, and made additional support calls.

So, if I'm an idiot, why do I believe Symantec counts on people like me for revenue? See Exhibits A and B. When we plumb these depths, we find legal twists as intricate as a knot of Calabi-Yau space, found in Symantec's rebate approach. Here's how it works. First, get people to buy your product by promising them a Big Rebate. Then (and Symantec is not alone here) put in a lot of fine print when you actually open the box, and make it really complicated to get the money.

Finally (and this is where Symantec achieves either the apex or nadir of marketing, depending on your point of view) give people the rebate in the form of a credit card. Add more fine print saying that if you don't use the card they will deduct fees on a continuing basis.

Connecting the dots, this last touch seems to bring it all together. The same people who worked out the Symantec Rebate are obviously the ones who advised us that the Vice Presidency is an independent branch of government. Q.E.D. Having exposed this major conspiracy, please excuse me while I run and hide from the 'Men In Black.' P.S. After one final support call and many angry messages, I finally found someone at the Symantec support desk who just gave me the subscription code. I hope that Symantec has the good sense not to fire him. But then, I'm an idiot. What do I know?

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